My Evil Neighbor

by Omega

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cuckold, MaleDom, Humiliation, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Our new house was a bit of heaven but our neighbor was from hell.

My life is perfect. I am living the American dream. I had married my childhood sweetheart three months ago. I have a good paying job and we have just bought a house in the suburbs. My new wife Kathy is an angel with her long honey brown hair and cute turned up nose, her petite sexy body and bouncy breasts; she is my living dream.

My name is Bill, although Kathy insists on calling me Billie, and I am a systems analyst for HI-TECH COMPUTERS. When I married Kathy, who I have been in love with since grade three, it was the happiest day of my life. Frankly, I was surprised that she agreed to marry me, after all she is soo beautiful and I am not exactly a jock. I think that deep down inside she is shy like me and did not like the guys who were always trying to make out with her.

She wanted to wait until we were married before we started having sex. She told me only one person had done it to her before; although that person had done it quite a few times. I wondered who it was but she would never say. I was fine with that because I was a virgin and only one person made Kathy a near virgin.

Anyway, we had moved into our new house and were making plans on what we would do, like change one of the bedrooms into a nursery since both of us wanted to have children. I had ordered an easy chair and I guess no one was home when the truck arrived so they just dumped the box on the front lawn and left. When I got home from work, as I was struggling to get the box into the house my next door neighbor showed up.

"Do you need a hand little man?" he asked.

"Why yes, thank you."

"My name is Frank Hawkins and I live next door. Here, give me the box and I'll carry it in for you."

He was a big man; well over six feet tall and I would guess about 240 lbs. He carried it right into the living room while I held the doors open for him. "Thank you very much. I was having a difficult time. Would you like a beer?"


"Kathy would you bring us each a beer please?"

Kathy came in with two beers. She had been unpacking and she was wearing tight faded shorts and the top 2 buttons of her blouse had come undone. Since she was wearing no bra, I could see most of her breasts when she sat the beer before me.

"Oh my, you are a cutie," Frank said. "Take a break and come and sit on my lap while I drink my beer." Kathy was blushing and hesitant but she did as he asked.

"So are you married Mr. Hawkins" I enquired.

"Not any more. I got divorced about two years ago. I don't miss her but I miss the home cooking I used to get."

"Would you like to come for dinner tomorrow? Kathy is a great cook and we would be happy to have you join us, wouldn't we Kathy?"

"Sure," Kathy answered without much enthusiasm.

After Frank left Kathy said, "I wish you had not invited him for dinner. Didn't you see he was trying to feel me up when I was sitting on his lap?"

"Now I'm sure if he did that it was not intentional."

"Yes it was. He had my legs spread on either side of his and he would hold his beer on my shorts right over my pussy and then he would finger me."

"OK, after tomorrow we won't invite him back."

After having him for dinner the next day I had to agree with Kathy, he was a complete pig. He leered at Kathy most of the evening and at one point he said, "I bet you would be a juicy fuck." I couldn't believe my ears. He was an ex biker and while he had retired from the club he still had many friends in the club. At one point he said to Kathy, "We used to capture pretty little innocents like you and make them suck and fuck us. After we tired of them we would turn them out on the streets to make money for us."

"You are disgusting," Kathy said.

"You say that but I can see your nipples poking through your blouse. You are turned on and you did not wear a bra because you knew I was coming for dinner. Now I want you to give me a kiss or I am going to slap around your husband."

"If I give you a kiss will you go home and not bother us anymore?"

"Maybe, let's see how well you kiss."

He grabbed my wife and kissed her hard on the mouth and then he started to push her down on her knees in front of him. "You kiss good, let's see how well you suck."

I said, "I think it's time you went home." Suddenly he punched me on the side of the head.

"I'll go home after your wife has sucked me off. Now get with it bitch, pull down my zipper, get my cock out and start sucking."

I could see Kathy, with a frightened look on her face, do as he asked and started sucking his cock. "If you don't want your husband beat up you had better try your best to get me off in your mouth."

I could tell Kathy was doing a good job by the look on Frank's face. She had never sucked me before. He was holding her head and face fucking her and Kathy seemed able to take his cock down her throat with little problem. She has done this before, I thought.

A few minutes later I could tell by Kathy's throat action that she was swallowing Frank's cum. "That's a good little bitch. You are a natural cock sucker. I love the way you swirl your tongue around my cock. I can tell you have had lots of practice."

Kathy stood up saying, "Now will you go home and leave us alone?"

Frank replied, "You did such a great suck job that tomorrow I want to see if you know how to fuck." Then turning to me he said, "I want to fuck your wife. If you go along with that everything will be OK. If you give me any trouble or try calling the police I'll have some of my biker friends take baseball bats and break both of your arms and legs. I'll have an iron clad alibi so you won't be able to pin anything on me.

"Kathy I want you to show up at my place tomorrow, wearing a mini dress and nothing else, to cook my dinner. Billie you had better encourage her to do everything I tell her to do or you are going to be in a world of grief and pain. Do you understand?

"Yes," I replied in a low voice.

"Say it load and clear and call me Mr. Hawkins."

"Yes, Mr. Hawkins."

After he left, Kathy was very mad at me. "How could you give me to that sex maniac just so he wouldn't hurt you?"

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