An Affair to Remember

by Agena

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Agena

Drama Sex Story: Her cheating calls for revenge.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .


My thanks to fdkman for his editing skills and comments. His efforts are appreciated.

It's the little things that tell you, you have a problem in your marriage. The first clue was the dampness of her hair at the nape of her neck. Usually you're not feeling around back there but I was feeling a little horny as she slipped into bed and as I reached for her my hand slipped behind her head. My other hand pulled her against my semi hard on. That's when I felt it and thought, "What the fuck?" It was damp back there... She'd been out that evening to one of her lengthy, monthly, library board meetings and I was still awake waiting for her, hoping for a little bit of loving. It had been a week since we had sex and while she was gone that evening I'd been reading some of my favorite authors on storiesonline. So now I was more than ready but that feeling of dampness could spell trouble in our marriage.

My wife's name was Mona. She was 28 and not a great looker but she had a fabulous body that more than made up for any lack of facial beauty. I loved her, she was smart, had a good sense of humor and I had thought I could trust her with my life. She was an environmental biologist and worked for the state in its environmental protection department. My name is Jim, I'm 30 and a civil engineer working for a consulting outfit. We made good money between us and a year ago bought our nice, three bedroom bungalow in suburbia. We had met as part of our jobs and hit it off right away. After 6 months of dating and some excellent sex we became engaged and a few months later we were married in church, before God. We had both indicated our personal commitment to fidelity, mutual respect and trust to one another prior to our marriage so I thought we had a good basis to keep our wedding vows to one another. We were about to embark on our planned family with children. Mona had gone off the pill a week prior and this was her most fertile time.

When we moved into our house a year previous Mona had befriended a neighbor who was active in local affairs. Her name was Sally. She was a single divorcee, Mona's age, and they had hit it off, going on shopping expeditions together, movies, etc. I didn't mind as I was more of a stay-at- home person and it gave me an opportunity to read my stories while Mona was out. Sally had gotten Mona onto the local library board that met monthly and for a few months the board meetings were relatively short affairs that only lasted a couple of hours once a month. Suddenly, they became four hours twice a month a couple of months ago and Mona had explained they were trying to implement a new computer system at the library that would be more interactive. With her knowledge of computers she had been asked to work with the head librarian after the meetings to establish criteria for the new system. This all seemed logical to me so I didn't think anything about it. I do remember that after her first lengthy board meeting she had been very jumpy and distracted for a few days. When I asked what the problem was she told me that the head librarian was difficult to work with and needed special handling.

So now, what about my discovery of her damp hair. Dampness back there meant she'd worked up a sweat somehow or she'd had a shower somewhere. Why would she be sweating or why would she need a shower while she was out, supposedly at a meeting? I knew she hadn't had a shower or had time to wash her face in the sink after she got home because I'd been awake waiting for her. A quick smell of her skin told me, soap, and not the bath soap she normally uses. Where in hell would she get a shower? A motel? Suspicions aroused, my cock took a nose dive just as she started pushing back from me.

"Not tonight honey. I'm too tired. It was a long meeting, I'm exhausted and we both have to work tomorrow."

"OK, sweetheart. Have a good night's sleep."

Then she moved over on her side of the bed facing away from me and quickly fell asleep. I thought it was strange she didn't want to get as much loving as possible during her fertile period. However, I remembered she always excused herself from sex after her library meetings as being too tired. This triggered more suspicions. She probably didn't want me to find out how loose her cunt was as she did get very relaxed down there after sex.

We had been talking about starting our family. We'd been married five years and had held off starting a family until we felt comfortable financially with her not working. I'd just received a promotion and we thought that now would be the time to have a baby so she went off the pill a week ago. If she was playing around and we divorced I didn't want to be saddled with a kid that I'd have to pay child support for. I needed to think about what to do. I lay there a long time thinking about my options. First, I'd have to stall on having sex with her. How was I going to do that without raising a stink? God, what a dilemma. If I tried to confront her with only a little dampness as proof that she may have strayed she'd just laugh at me and deny it. I needed more proof and that required more time to get it before we had sex again. Then again, if there was a possibility that her lover got her pregnant tonight she would want to make sure we had sex this weekend to cover it up.

After studying all my options I finally hit on the one that might work. If she did have unprotected sex tonight with him she would be desperate to have sex with me as soon as possible I would have to get away for at least a week or longer to make sure her fertile period was over and the best way to do that was to fake a business trip and see how she reacted. I didn't often travel in my job but when I did I was usually gone for a week or so, so maybe that would fit in with any plan I came up with.

Now what else did I need. Oh yes, who was her lover? How long had it been going on? Where did they meet? If they only met on library board meeting nights it could mean her lover was on the board with her.

I needed to check out a few things so I slipped out of bed and went down stairs and found her purse. This was where a woman kept all her things of value and a good place to start looking for clues. Checking her credit cards I found one in her maiden name, Mona Spencer. The card was on a bank we didn't deal with and I wondered why she had it? I thought she'd gotten rid of all the cards she had before we were married. Obviously, she'd kept one of them. Then in a hidden pocket I found a card and pulled it out. A business card for a Derek Mathews, Head Librarian with the address for our local library. CRAP!! The head librarian was a guy. She had lead me to believe it was a woman. Damn her!

I checked the call numbers on her cell phone and Derek was listed there as were quite a few calls to him and from him. It looked like it had been going on for awhile. There were no IM messages so I assumed they took care of communications verbally. However, I put everything back I her purse and checked our PC for messages. I found she had a secured email file but I knew enough about security to by-pass her protection and found a mother lode of messages between them dating back to the time she started attending the late meetings with him. From these I found that they had been meeting at the Red Roof Inn near the interstate interchange. Some of their transmittals were very graphic and it was obvious that they had been indulging in activities she'd never done with me. I was really getting pissed. In one email they discussed me and his wife. They were not very flattering, but both claimed they loved us. The more I read the madder I got. I copied all their emails to my own file with a thought to print them later then went upstairs to one of the extra bedrooms where my clothes hung in the closet. That left the walk-in closet in the master bedroom for her clothes. I took my suit case and garment bag and packed them for a supposed business trip.

By this time it was 5:30 AM and I dressed for travel and then went into our bedroom. Waking Mona, she sat up groggily.

"What are you doing up so early Jim? Why are you dressed?"

"I've got a plane to catch sweetheart. I didn't get a chance to tell you last night but I've got a flight that leaves about 7. They called me from work last night that they needed someone to make a quick survey of some of our projects out of state. I'll get something to eat at the airport so don't bother getting up."

She looked at me vacantly as though she was trying to grasp what I'd told her.

"OK, honey. Where can I get hold of you if I need you?" she asked with a yawn.

"Just call me on my cell phone. Bye sweetheart."

I kissed her on the cheek and took off downstairs with my bags when suddenly there was a thump behind me and the sound of running feet. She came to the top of the stairs and called down.

"Jim. Jim. What about trying for a baby? We were going to do that this weekend."

"We'll have to wait until next month sweetheart. I'll call you when I get to my first stop."

I hear a loud wail behind me as I opened the garage door and got in my car. I was out of the garage and down the street before she had a chance to say anything else.

Making sure my cell phone was turned off I headed for the interstate. Two hours later I arrived at my dad's retirement home on a lake back in the hinterlands. Dad was a widower and lived alone. He wasn't expecting me but he started right in to prepare us breakfast. While I drank his strong morning coffee I told him what was going on. He was really sorry to hear what I'd found out about Mona. He and my mother had two boys and I think he always wanted a daughter so Mona filled the bill for him. He couldn't believe she would betray me.

"Son, I don't know what to tell you. My relationship with your mother was always solid and as far as I know she never strayed on me. You'll just have to play it by ear but don't make any moves without thinking them through carefully."

"I know dad. I'll go back into the city tomorrow and talk to my lawyer, Ed Wiltse. I need to know what my legal options are."

"Ed is a good man. He won't steer you wrong. We've used him for years."

"OK dad. Your coffee is good as usual and your omelets are to die for."

"Well, if you end up doing your own cooking you can practice a bit."

"I hear you."

About 9:00 that morning I called my office and talked to my boss. He agreed that if Mona called trying to locate me he would just tell her I was on the road and they contacted me on my cell phone. In fact he would instruct the receptionist to provide everyone who called with the same story. I asked to take a weeks vacation which he agreed.

When I checked my messages I found that Mona had tried to call me four times with a request to call her as soon as I could. I thought I'd let her stew awhile and waited until about noon to call her at work. She sounded a little stressed when she queried me on my whereabouts.

"Where are you honey? Would it be possible for me to fly out to spend the weekend with you?"

"I'm sorry sweetheart, I'm out of here tomorrow and I'm not sure when I'll be able to establish a place where I can hang my hat for awhile. We'll make it's a sure thing for next month. Got to go now, the guys are calling to me."

I heard her say, "I love you." as I disconnected. My dad, who had been listening, just shook his head. I then called and made an appointment to see Ed Wiltse, the next day.

The next day I drove back to the town.for my appointment.

"It's good to see you Jim. Now, what can I do for you?".

"Ed, my wife has been unfaithful to me with another man and I want to know what my legal options are."

For the next half hour we discussed the most likely options I could pursue and he recommended that if I wanted a divorce the simplest would be to pursue it on the basis of irreconcilable differences. A divorce based on adultery would place the burden of proof on me and it would be very expensive to get proof that would stand up in court. The absence of children and the fact that my wife was a well paid professional would make the financial side of the divorce a simple 50/50 split of assets. I asked about the possibility of her being pregnant by the other man and was glad that child support would not be my responsibility. I thanked him for his assistance and told him I would let him know in a few days how I wanted to proceed.

After meeting with Ed I went to the head library and wandered around until I saw an office door that said HEAD LIBRARIAN on it. Picking up a magazine I sat down where I could watch the office door unobtrusively and waited. About half an hour later the door opened and a man about my age came out. He wasn't particularly handsome and would never stand out in a crowd. I wondered why she would risk our marriage for an affair with him.

Now that I'd seen the "enemy" I left and headed for the local electronic gadget store and purchased an expensive voice activated recording device. Then I headed out to the Red Roof Inn, where they'd been having their trysts, and took a room for the night. With nothing to do for awhile I slipped back home and revisited our PC. The new emails between them indicated she was concerned that she may be pregnant from their last meeting and I hadn't had sex with her to hide her infidelity. He could be held responsible for the child. I could tell they were getting worried. Good!! I copied these messages to my file and left.

After dinner I went to my motel room and watched TV for awhile. Then I shut it off and just lay on the bed thinking and wondering why she had done what she had done to our marriage. As far as I knew we had a loving relationship, a wonderful future with plans for kids and eventual retirement but she'd thrown it all away. Our sex life was good but not as robust as when we were first married. She hadn't allowed experimenting much with oral sex or anything related to BDSM so it was very vanilla. However, our sex had always been based on giving pleasure to the other person. It was obvious from her reaction to my "business trip" that she had used unprotected sex with him and could be pregnant. Her decision to give him first chance at giving her a child meant to me that she loved him very deeply or had a hidden perverse, deviant behavior mode related to a Jekyll & Hyde type of split personality. I knew I started to tear up thinking about our life together and selfishly thought about the five years that we'd lived together that was now effectively wasted time. There was joy during our time together but the agony of the end times would wipe it all out.

I guess I finally grasped the fact that there was no way I could forgive her even if she didn't become pregnant by him. Divorce was the only answer but I would have to confront her first. I didn't look forward to that.

About 8:00 I called home using my cell phone a talked with her. It sounded as though she had been crying and I asked her what the problem was.

"You don't sound well sweetheart. Are you sick?"

"Oh Jim, I just want you home."

"Well, I'll try to get this wound up as quick as I can. You hang on there. Why don't you go and talk to Sally. I'm sure she can cheer you up."

I half suspected that Sally was part of the problem with my wife's cheating so I didn't have anything to lose now if they got together.

"OK, honey. Hurry home. I love you."

"I will sweetheart. Bye"

I hoped she noticed I didn't say I love you when I signed off.

At 11:00 that evening I went down to the motel office and found a young man alone on duty. I was glad about that as a female clerk might refuse to do what I wanted. After a little friendly conversation while we were alone I asked the young man if he would like to make $100. Knowing that his pay wasn't the greatest a hundred dollars might be a good incentive for him to provide me with a listing of the times my wife and Derek had met here. He indicated his willingness to research the motel records and I gave him my wife's maiden name and the date I thought they had begun meeting. I thought that they would probably be using the credit card in her maiden name I found in her purse to minimize the chance of discovery. He said he would work on it that night and have the list ready for me in the morning.

I went to bed still depressed and slept fitfully all night. I was down to the office early and he had my list ready and it was pretty much as I thought. They checked in after the library meetings. I showed him a picture of my wife and he remembered her as she had to register using her credit card. He said they usually only used the room about an hour or so and left in individual cars. Typical, he told me, of the many cheating spouses he'd seen.

After having breakfast I headed back to my dad's place. I spent the rest of the week fishing and then on Thursday I called Ed Wiltse and asked him to proceed with the divorce papers. He said he'd have them in a few days. I continued to call home every evening giving Mona the idea I was in a different city. She sounded more depressed every time I called and I began to feel sorry for her but I couldn't force myself to let her off the hook. I wanted my revenge. It was bitter sweet though.

I arrived back home Friday afternoon while she was still at work. From their emails since I last checked the affair was coming to an end. The fear of her pregnancy had taken its toll of their love affair. I guess I wouldn't need the tape recorder after all and I could return it and get my money back. I had enough proof of her infidelity anyway. I began printing off two copies of their email communications. I felt that Derek's wife could use a copy of what I had that documented their affair.

My next decision would be whether to confront Mona right away or wait until she determined she was pregnant.

When Mona arrived home from work she through herself into my arms crying.

"Oh Jim. I missed you so."

"Gosh sweetheart, what's the problem. Did the sink stop up again?"

"No, I realized after you left how much I loved and missed you. As soon as we've eaten I want to take you to bed and ravish you."

"If you're that hot I guess I should go more often."

"No, no. I don't want you to leave me again."

"OK sweetheart. Lets go out to eat and then come home and do some mutual ravishment. "

"It sounds like a plan to me." she said with a smile and with tears still running down her face.

God, I felt like such a bastard, but then I remembered what she'd been doing and didn't feel so bad.

We had a remarkedly calm dinner down at our favorite bistro and then we went back home. She started removing clothes as she went up the stairs to our bedroom and by the time I arrived she was already laying naked on the bed.

"Hurry honey. I'm wet and ready..."

I'm sure you are I thought as I slowly undressed... Looking at her body I knew I was going to miss her but I wasn't going to share her with anybody. She had been exclusively mine and now she wasn't.

I knew I was running out of time and this body wouldn't be legally mine soon. In almost a holy reverence for her beautiful body I bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips. She had always discouraged me from giving her oral sex before but this time I wouldn't be dissuaded. It was something she'd allow Derek to do without hesitation according to their emails. From the same source I discovered she'd sucked his cock and swallowed his cum. Something she never did for me.

I spread her legs and arranged my face over her pussy with her thighs on my shoulders. I brought my tongue to her lips and allowed it to slip between them and then plunge inside. Her body jerked as she placed her hands on the back of my head and pressed down. With this encouragement I began to thrust my tongue deep inside her as I suckled and kissed those lips with my own. Her body bucked and thrashed below my mouth as she began her climb to release.

"Oh Jim. Yes, yes. Eat me, suck me. Oh god, I'm coming, I'm cuummmimmmg!!"

I kissed her pussy again as I slipped up her body. She immediately kissed me passionately and then began to lick her cum off my face and lips. She expressed her pleasure at what I'd done.

"Oh darling. You give such great head. Nobody could do it like you do."

I wondered how many she was comparing me to.

I didn't take any pleasure in her remarks. I hoped I could get my cock up soon but in my imagination I could picture her and her lover together and I remained soft. When she reached down to put my cock inside her I could feel that she had a moment of panic but she recovered quickly.

"I think your little man needs some encouragement. Bring him up to me."

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