Baseball Fun

by Techsan

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: There is a world of difference between major league baseball and the Little League World Series. On year I found out that I could have a lot more fun at the later event.

I love this time of year. Kids started practicing and playing baseball in the spring and then, like now in the middle of August, they have gone through their league schedules, selected their all-star teams and played state and regional tournaments. Little League entrants have been reduced to sixteen teams representing eight regions of the U.S. and eight regions covering the rest of the world.

I like to watch kids play organized sports. For one thing, they haven't learned to be as selfish as players who turned professional. They have more enthusiasm for the game and for the accomplishments of their team mates. The games usually go faster, since they don't play as many innings but there may also be more action than in some major league games. Plus you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get in and have a hot dog.

Not long after I graduated from college, I started my own little manufacturing business, producing a series of small household convenience items. They were slow to sell but over time, with a lot of hard work, they became good sellers. I added to the line, took off some bummers, and managed to make a pretty nice living along the way. Then as I was approaching the end of my forties, a Japanese company made an offer to purchase my whole company, including my fifty-three patents. I was shocked at the figure they offered, maybe because there were eight numbers preceded by a dollar sign. After a little negotiating, I took their offer and went into early retirement, spending most of my time on hobbies I'd always wanted to try but never had time.

The last few years I had taken the opportunity to attend the Little League World Series. It was not a long drive from my home, although I had found it expedient to rent a hotel room for the week rather than make the long drive daily. I made my suite the center of my activities for the week, picked up a tournament schedule and planned my week's entertainment.

On the second day of pool play, I decided to spend the day at Lamade Stadium, which is the newest of two used for the LLWS in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I arrived in time for the one o'clock game between a couple of the U.S. teams and thoroughly enjoyed an entertaining 4-3 game. When it was over, a lot of the fans got up and began to make their way out of the stadium. A few thousand, including me, remained to see the next game between the teams from Guam and Russia.

While the teams were still warming up, the followers of each team found seats and settled in. The area around me, which was behind the Guam dugout and largely unoccupied, gradually became the camp of the Guam fans, most of them parents and family of the players, of course. Since there is no admission charge, there are no reserved seats. Some kids sat to my right and, after a few minutes, a woman took the seat to my left.

As the game started, I tried to surreptitiously get a look at the woman. She was big, probably half again as heavy as my 184 pounds and maybe twice my size. She was Polynesian although I didn't know enough to be able to tell what her real background was. She seemed to be very gregarious, talking and joking with people all around me. She was wearing a T-shirt, just like all the other parents, that touted the Guam Little League All-stars, champions of the Trans-Pacific. She was holding a small handmade sign supporting the team.

After the top of the first inning, she looked at me and asked, "Are you for that team over there?" pointing to the other dugout. She spoke with a heavy accent that made me pay close attention so I could understand.

"No. I'm for both teams. I just love to watch the kids play."

"So... are you from town?"

"No, actually I live about a three-hour drive to the west. You must have had a long flight."

"Oh, yeah, honey. It was very long. We had to lay over in Los Angeles. Altogether it was nearly 24 hours before we got to our hotel."

"Do you have a boy playing?"

"Oh, yes. He is number 17 and his name is Manu."

She pointed out a strapping young man who was taking the shortstop position on the field. He had just hit the ball well but it had been caught for an out.

Tentatively I stuck out a hand and said, "I'm Charlie, by the way. I'm pleased to meet you."

She giggled and shook my hand firmly. "Nice to meet 'cha, Chollie. I'm Emma."

Just then play resumed on the field and we turned our attention to it. The Russians managed to get two runners on base by a fielding error and a weak infield hit but then the next batter struck out and Manu, the second baseman and first baseman pulled off a double play to get out of the inning with no damage.

In the top of the second inning, the first batter for Guam walked, generating some mild jumping and shouting from the Guam fans. The second batter drove a line drive off the left field fence for a long single and the fans were jumping like they had just won the lottery. Mostly out of self-defense, I stood and cheered.

When I turned to Emma, she had things in her shirt bouncing from her waist to her chin and I couldn't help but be impressed... I've always loved big hooters and it was obvious through that T-shirt she was wearing that she had a huge set. We grinned at each other but maybe for different reasons.

The next batter struck out and things calmed down. When the next batter grounded into a force out, everyone sat back down and yelled encouragement to the boys. Then the fifth batter lined the ball to the wall in right center field and the runner from second scampered across the plate amid a raucous cacophony of sound from the stands. Once again everyone was on their feet jumping, clapping and cheering. This time when I turned to Emma to see her jugs again bouncing freely, she grabbed me in a bear hug and began squeezing.

I heard her shouting, "That's our boys!"

But I felt her big soft boobs pressing into my chest... and then I felt my cock began to grow stiff. What th' hell! I put my arms around her and hugged her back.

By then the next batter was at the plate and the stands began to quiet down again to watch. I thought there was a little twinkle in Emma's eyes when she let go of me though.

The next batter took a mighty swing and topped the ball, causing it to bounce in front of the plate and go sky high. By the time the pitcher was able to field it, the batter was stepping on first base and another runner had crossed the plate. Pandemonium again set in among the Guam fans in the stands. Again Emma hopped up and down and grabbed me around the waist in a tight squeeze that I reciprocated. Only... I knew she could hardly miss my erection as it pressed into her abdomen.

Once again the celebration settled down as the game continued and the next batter made the third out. We settled back into our seats... and Emma's hand rested on my left knee. I looked at her with a smile that she returned.

"Our boys are playing so well, don't you think?" she asked, her hand sliding a little way up my leg.

"Yes, they are," I replied, as I leaned toward her, turning my shoulder slightly as she pressed against my side.

Emma's hand took a quick tour up my denim-covered leg, almost touching my engorged cock. I couldn't help but suck in my breath in anticipation of the contact that didn't happen. I looked at her to see if she realized the impact she had on me.

Just then, Emma leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear, "Do you like big boobies?"

At first I didn't understand because of her accent but then it dawned on me what she had asked. I could only smile and nod my head vigorously. Her hand left my leg and clasped my left hand, turning it palm up. Before it registered on my slow-thinking brain what she was doing, she had pulled her T-shirt out a bit with her left hand and plunged my hand under the shirt, giving me a handful of soft mammary flesh. She was holding her little sign in front of her so that nobody could see where my hand was unless they looked really closely. She put her right-hand back on my knee.

Calmly massaging her tit, which sported a hard rubbery nipple as big as the joint of my thumb, I glanced around and realized that nobody was watching what we were doing. As it turned out, the game settled down to a pitchers' duel for the next few innings and nothing disturbed our posture. Occasionally I would glance at Emma or make a comment to her about the game being well-played. She would respond as if everything was normal; nothing in her demeanor would let on that someone was squeezing her tit for the better part of an hour.

At the start of the fifth inning, Emma leaned over and whispered in my ear again, "Do you like poo-see?"

I had to think carefully to understand that she had just asked me if I liked pussy. I grinned and again nodded enthusiastically. She grinned devilishly and her hand made a quick tour up my leg, this time running the length of my erection and touching my balls before sliding back to my knee. If ever there was an invitation, this was it.

I leaned over and asked, "Can I take you to dinner after the game?"

Emma displayed a mouthful of beautiful white teeth... and a little bit of tongue, then responded, "I would love to, honey. I have to check with the manager after the game to see what the plan is for the parents but the coaches are usually taking care of the kids and parents are not allowed in the kids' dormitories. It should be okay."

The game began to heat up and in both the fifth and sixth inning, everyone was jumping like jacks and several times I got another bear hug from Emma. By then everyone in the area was slapping hands and hugging everyone else in the area and I got included, just as if I was one of the parents. Dads in front of me and two rows back slapped hands with me when their kids made good plays. Two other ladies right behind Emma and me bent over and gave me more of those jumping, crushing hugs, seemingly obliviously to mashing their tits into the chest of a complete stranger. Because of the difference in seat heights, I even got a couple of free feels of some really nice bottoms and neither made any sign that they noticed.

By the time the game was over, Guam had won 4-2 and gotten off to a good start in pool play. I moved over near an exit and waited while Emma talked to her son through the fence. Then we followed the team to a spot of grass outside the stadium where the coaches talked to the team and then to the parents about their plans.

In fifteen or twenty minutes, Emma rejoined me, saying, "The coaches are taking the team to eat and then they're planning to take them to an arcade for a while, then back to the dormitory for the night. The parents are free to do whatever we want until tomorrow's game."

"Good. Then we can take our time and have some fun, right?"

"You bet, sailor." She took my arm and then leaned closer and in a soft voice, asked, "Can we go to your place first? I'm really horny."

I led Emma to my car and we drove to my hotel, which was the nicest one in the area. She was surprised at the splendor of my suite but she didn't waste much time shucking her clothes. Naked, she turned to me and attacked my clothes when I was too slow for her. If I was less than impressed by Emma's shape, which displayed a sizeable roll of stomach above her abdomen, she soon dispelled that feeling by displaying certain worthy talents.

When she had my stiff member exposed, she ran her fingers along the shaft and said, "Oh, honey, we are going to have so much fun. This is bigger than the ones I usually get to play with."

Emma sort of pulled/tossed me onto the bed, where she followed and was quickly lapping at my erect shaft with a long wet tongue. With one hand, she controlled my cock like the floor-mounted stick-shift of a manual transmission car, working the palm of her hand over the knob of my flagpole while her tongue washed me all over. The other hand enveloped my whole scrotum and played the two hen egg-sized balls around each other like Chinese hand exercise balls. I lay there and luxuriated in the exquisite feelings shooting to my brain.

After a few minutes though, I wanted to return the favor and, by tugging at Emma, signaled for her to straddle me so that I could eat her pussy.

However she said, "Honey, it would be more comfortable with you on top, okay?"

So she settled on her back while I climbed over her and she picked up right where she left off while I lifted her legs up and out and started to lick all around her slit. Her outer lips were deeper than any other woman I'd ever had the opportunity to lick and I had to spread them with both hands to allow room for my face to get to her clit and pussy opening without being smothered. However, she was wet and slick and tasted sweet and tart at the same time. Her fragrance was heady and made my cock jump in Emma's mouth while my tongue explored everywhere I could reach.

Although Emma's crevice was deep, I found out fairly soon that her clit was up to the challenge. It turned out to be nearly as large as the last joint of my little finger and it pushed up nearly through the layers of flesh around it. When I pulled her open and it rose to attention, it was very much like sucking on an excited nipple. There was no wondering whether she was hot and horny... the evidence was in my mouth.

I got fortunate. Emma responded before I did. She began to moan and squirm her bottom around on the bed. I figured what I was doing... sucking her clit and teasing it with the tip of my tongue... was working and didn't change a thing. Suddenly her legs shot out at 45 degree angles and she shook both of us like an earthquake had hit the area.

Before she had a chance to recover, I eased my cock and balls out of her grasp and slipped off her, turned around and repositioned myself in her saddle. Just as her muscles relaxed again, I pointed my cock at the opening to her pussy and slid inside, all the way to the hilt on the first effortless push. Emma opened her eyes and smiled.

Barely able to support my weight on my forearms without resting all my weight on her body, I bent to kiss her and our tongues intertwined, jousting for position in her mouth. Then quickly they were in my mouth wandering around like two energetic puppies.

At last I had to break away to gulp air. I took the time to back my spear out of Emma's sheath and then slide back in, grinding against her clitty when I could go no further. I dropped my head, pushed one of her big titties up and latched onto the erect nipple, sucking hard on it. I was surprised when streams of warm watery milk filled my mouth. I looked at her questioningly.

"Oh, yeah, honey, they got milk. I still feed my baby."

"Oh? Is he here?"

"She. No, she stayed home with my mother."

"Oh. How old is she?"

"She's... uh, she will be one month more than four years day after tomorrow."

No wonder her tits were so big! I picked up the pace of my motion, continuing to suck her tits from time to time and being rewarded with more sweet milk. We both built to an orgasm that burst upon us just seconds apart. Although I tried to support my own weight, Emma bear hugged me until I was resting fully upon her big soft body. With my cock slowly deflating, her hands massaged my ass cheeks as if they were rubber sponges.

"Oh, baby, that was soooo good!" Emma gushed.

"It was for me too, sugar. Are you getting hungry yet?"

"Yeah, I could eat soon."

"I know a really good Italian restaurant but it's about an hour's drive through the mountains if you can wait that long."

"That's great with me. I love Italian. Would you like to come back later and fuck some more?"

"I sure would, sweetheart."

"Good. I'm still horny. I need lots o' loving."

It turned out to be a 75-minute drive but it was through beautiful country in the Appalachian Mountains and Emma sat close and said that she didn't mind. We had a great meal at a typically Italian leisurely pace and Emma talked to me about how her family came to Guam (they emigrated from the Philiplipines in the nineteenth century) and what she did for a living (she was the assistant librarian for the largest public library on the island) and how she came to have two children without ever getting married (she learned as a teenager that she loved sex but she had never found a man that she loved).

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