Interview with an Angel

by msboy8

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Desc: Fantasy Story: What if an angel visited me. What would I ask? What could he answer or not answer?

This story is a work of fiction, and friction, any resemblance to living, dead, or undead people is merely a coincidence. This story may not be used for wrapping fish or any other commercial endeavor without the author's expressed permission.

Originally published in Pleasures from the Pen

I sat in my office chair at my computer desk. I sensed someone behind me and figured that my younger daughter was sneaking up behind me to scare me. I spun around and shouted "Ah ha!" After a few seconds of silence, I lowered my pointing finger and closed my wide open mouth. It was not my daughter. Standing in front of me was, an angel. There was no other way to describe him, a flowing white winged figure and he was smiling at me. I said, "Hello."

"Good evening. Let me introduce myself, I am Zzestor and I am an angel. I was ordered ... erm asked to bring a message to the people of earth from God."

"OK, so you're an angel, but why me?"

"Good question. You're an erotic fiction author, so by talking to you, I can get the message to those on the fringe. They are the ones that most need to hear God's message."

"OK, so that explains why I'm getting the message, but why am I hearing the message from you? Why not Arch Angel Gabriel, he is the messenger after all?"

The angel looked down, he looked almost embarrassed? I could not tell because his features were not easy to see. They kept going out of focus, never staying steady long enough to get a really good look at the details.

"Why not Gabriel? Well, it's exposure mostly. In the recent past people have been praying to others, Mary, Muhammad, Arch Angel Michael and so on. This visit of an angel, me in this case, is to help clarify not to further muddy the waters."

"I can see what you mean by that. So, it's just you and I. What's the message?

"You seem to be in a hurry. You must be, for a human would not be rude to a being that could destroy him with a wave of his hand."

I had forgotten what Zzestor was, where he came from. "Hmmm sorry about that, I guess I don't really have to go anywhere in a hurry. Please take your time."

"Thank you." said Zzestor smiling broadly. "Before I give you the message I want to tell you some rules. Number one, I am not here to explain any of God's mysteries. Number two, I am not here to issue any further instructions from God. Look at me, do you see any stone tablets, scrolls or even a Fax. Nope. Number three, along the same lines, I will not tell you which, if any, religion is the Proper way to worship God. He has already told you what He wants."

Zzerstor looked at me like he was waiting for me to agree. It was difficult to see if he was getting impatient, but I decided not to press my luck. "Yes I understand, three rules, got it. However, given the rules and the restrictions they impose, I can not imagine what the message could be. Please just tell me, then I will ask any questions that I have. OK?

"Yes, that is alright. The message is that God loves you and He wants you to come to Him. He is ready to forgive you for your sins. Only through God can you have eternal life. He has plans for you all and would be hurt and disappointed for each of you that does not take him up on his offer."

"God IS love and your loving Him Is very important to Him. God is disappointed that you do not love one another, as well. Even those joined together in God's name do not always love their partners. Lastly, I need to remind you that these are the end times and the coming of God may be close. That is all, now you may ask your questions."

I thought about what Zzestor had said and what I knew from my days of Sunday School that I had attended long ago. I actually had lots of questions, but the three rules put a damper on most of them.

"When talking about marriage, you used the word "partners". Does this mean that plural marriages or those of the same sex acceptable as long as the partners love each other?"

"You should be more careful in asking questions. This question violates rule 1 and/or rule 2. Please don't do that again, I do not want to have us part on less than friendly terms."

"OK, OK, don't get your feathers ruffled." I thought that was funny, but apparently he didn't. I think he actually glared at me. "Well, let me think ... you said that God has already told us what He wants." Zzestor nodded his head. "So, is it in the Bible, the Koran, or what? If it is the Bible, then which one? There are many different ones out there."

The angel stared at me and shook his head from side to side. "I'm going to give you another chance, perhaps Humans aren't as intelligent as I was told. Let me try to explain a little, but not too much." Zzestor smiled at me as he said that, talk about your white teeth!

"There has been much attributed to be the word of God. You, and when I say you I mean all of humanity, must determine for yourself what is the word of God and what is not." I started to interrupt him, but he continued. "I'll give you a hint here." I waited expecting him to tell me something profound, that I could spread to the world. He did. "Remember this always," he paused, staring at me and I stared back holding my breath. "God IS love, He loves you humans. He created you in His image and gave you a wonderful gift, Free Will. That's what I have to say in response to your attempt to get around the rules. Don't do it again!"

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