Army Wife

by Omega

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including BDSM, MaleDom, Humiliation, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: What a newly married wife is forced to do while her husband is posted in the Arctic

We had been married 3 months and I was so happy. Marriage was even better than I had expected. Bill was only the 3rd guy I had dated and he was by far the best. He was tall and lean and moved with an easy grace. He was dark complexioned, like he must have Italian or Spanish blood in him, and as the saying goes, "tall, dark and handsome," that's my guy.

When he received his draft notice we decided to get married right away. His first posting was Fort Chimo for training. We were fortunate to get PMH housing on a training base. Maybe it was because he was a little older, 27 and most recruits were not married. I was 5 years younger, and thrilled to have our own home.

The 4 months of basic training went all to quickly. Then the bad news, he was being posted to an Arctic base. Since there was no hospital and few facilities wives could not go; however it was only for one year. After a tearful goodbye, I watched him board a plane for the far north. I promised to write him every day.

A month later I was surprised to be called into the base commander's office. He told me bluntly to vacate my house. PMH was for married couples only. I was almost in tears, "But I have nowhere else to go. My husband is only a private; I can't afford to rent an apartment. Isn't there some way I could stay here until my husband returns? It's only for one year."

Was it just my imagination or was he checking me out? I know I am good looking. I have long dark brown hair, and big boobs compared to my small waist. I like to wear my hair with a part in the centre so the bangs hang down almost touching each eye. It gives me a mischievous little girl look that my husband loves, so it probably turns on other men as well; but there is only one guy I want to turn on and that's my husband.

"I'll see if there is anything I can do. Come back tomorrow at 5pm and we will go to the officers club and talk further."

I was worried. If I lost my house I would have to go back home and live with my parents. Neither one of them wanted me to marry Bill, so I would have to listen to all the, "I told you so's." I just had to make the commander let me stay in my house.

The next day as I got ready for my meeting, I thought wearing something a little sexy might help. I had seen the way he looked at me yesterday. I wore a miniskirt, a blouse with the top button undone and no bra. I tied the blouse under my breasts so that my midriff was bare.

I got to his office twenty minutes early. I watched him as he ordered people around. He was so different from my husband who was rather shy. At 5pm he locked his office and took me over to the officers club. I had been in the enlisted men's club once with my husband but this was sheer luxury compared to that. There were soft leather chairs, a big bar, and a stage for dancing. He ordered rum and cokes and we sat down in a booth. I guess he could tell I was nervous as he had me down two drinks before getting down to business.

"There is one way, and only one way for you to continue to live in that house. We will soon be starting an officer's training course here, and since we don't have enough officers' quarters for all of them, we are looking at housing some in PMH housing. If you agree to accept an officer you can stay in your home and you would become a temporary wife for your officer. You would cook his meals, do his laundry and of course the most important thing, look after his sexual needs."

"I couldn't do that," Kathy replied, I am a married woman."

"We pay you 50 dollars a week for looking after an officer in your home and your rent is free. Remember, these are not enlisted men, they are officers and gentlemen. They are under a lot of stress because they have to make important decisions. You are doing your patriotic duty by giving them comfort and sexual relief while your husband is away."

"I couldn't do that. I would never cheat on my husband."

"Look at it this way. As long as you have a gentleman staying with you, you are making money and living rent free. Otherwise you will have to leave the base, find an apartment, and pay rent and no extra income"

"But that would be adultery, wouldn't it? I love my husband."

"It's only adultery if your husband is here. This way you are making some money, keeping a good home for your husband, and looking after the needs of some nice men. When your husband gets back, you will have a nice little nest egg saved. The program does not start right away, but meanwhile you can start earning money by working as a waitress here in the officer's club."

"Are you sure there is no way Bill can find out? It would crush him if he knew I was having sex with other men."

"Absolutely; you have my word of honor."

"Let me think about it for a few days."

"No way, I have to have your answer right now. I have several women that would love to move into your home and play part time wife for officers. So, either agree right now or start packing."

"But, but, I..."

"No buts, yes or no, right now!"

"Ok, Ok, I'll do it."

"Good girl; that was a wise decision. Tomorrow report to Captain Arnas, the station photographer; he will take some pictures of you for the officer's temporary wife program book.

As I made my way home my mind was in turmoil. Did I make the right decision? Could I even do what they expected? Still, Major Harris said that the training course would not start for a while and meanwhile all I had to do was work as a waitress. That wouldn't be so bad.

The next afternoon, wearing the same outfit I wore the day before, I told Cpl. Dorkas that the captain was expecting me. He had a definite smirk on his face as he went to get Captain Arnas. A short time later the captain arrived and escorted me to his photo studio.

"Strip down to your panties while I set up the lighting."

"But it's for a temporary wife program. Shouldn't that be head and shoulders?"

"You are so naïve. I want two pictures with your panties on and two without them. Now hurry up, you are wasting my time."

I took off all my clothes except my panties and stood awkwardly in front of him.

"Put your right hand under your right breast, and your left hand on your panties with your fingers touching your pussy. Good, now open your mouth, slight smile, eyes open wide and stare at the camera. Lower your head more so you are looking up at the camera; good."

The next one had me lying on the floor, on my side, panties half off, and my knees bent so my pussy was hidden. I had to have my shoulders back so my breasts were thrust out. Again I had to have my mouth half open and stare up at the camera.

For the 3rd picture he wanted my panties off and kneeling with my legs spread. That was too much. I was prepared to pose for a program book but this was pornography. I told him I wouldn't do that.

"Fine I'll let Major Harris know you have changed your mind and he will have your possessions thrown out on the street in the morning. I want you off base by noon and if you ever try and come back I'll have you arrested for trespassing on government property."

What else could I do but do along with his dirty picture taking. Finally it was over, I thought.

"It's customary to tip the photographer."

"I don't have any money on me. Tell me how much it is and I'll bring it tomorrow."

"I don't want money; I want a blow job."

"No way; nobody said I had to have sex with you. Haven't you humiliated me enough already?"

"No problem; I'll just send one set of pictures to your husband and another set to your parents."

That bastard; he was using the very pictures I didn't want to pose for in the first place, to blackmail me into having sex with him. I had not even sucked my husband, but now I had to do it with a complete stranger. What he did was fuck my face. He twisted my hair in his hands, jerked my head on his cock, and shot his dirty cum down my throat. Feeling totally degraded I left the studio for home.

The next morning I received a phone call from Lt. Collins, the bar manager. He was short a waitress and wanted me to start right away. My shift was from eight in the evening until two in the morning. He told me to come in a half hour early to get my uniform and have my duties explained.

I arrived feeling a little apprehensive. "My name is Lt. Collins, but you can call me Sir, and I run this establishment. Do what I tell you and we will get along fine. Here is your uniform." What he handed me looked more like silky baby doll pajamas than a uniform. I really didn't want to wear it but I had gone too far to back out now. After looking me up and down he went on to explain my duties.

"Your job is to take the food and drink orders for the officers in your section. Give them good service and act sexy at all times. I pay you twenty dollars a shift, but you can easily make 5 times that amount in tips if you are co-operative. You know what I mean by co-operative don't you?"

"I'm not sure," I replied.

"It means if a male or female officer feels you up a bit while you take their order, finish taking the order and then gently push their hand away. If they pull you on their lap and give you a kiss, kiss them back before getting off their lap. When they try to feel your tits or pussy, reluctantly push their hand away saying you have other tables to serve. The secret to being a good waitress is being a good actress. Make every officer feel he or she is your favorite. Make them think everything they do turns you on and you will get along just fine."

It was a long night. Whoever said, officer and a gentleman, didn't know what they were talking about. I was probed and fondled all night by those animals. The other waitress, a blond bimbo called Judy, seemed to enjoy all the attention. I am neither blond nor a bimbo. I have a college degree and the worst frat party I ever attended was tame compared to this.

The next afternoon I was called to attend another meeting with Lt. Collins. Three other women were there. There was Judy who I knew from the night before, and Jane another blond, and Diane a black girl. All of us were army wives who had husbands posted to isolated sites.

Lt. Collins started his lecture by saying, "We have decided to renovate the officers' lounge. To help raise money we are going to sell $25 table dance tickets. At the end of the evening for every ticket you hand in we will pay you $5. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to make some extra money. It does mean a little extra work for the four of you because I want all of you here every night, no days off, so that the officers can have a good selection to choose from.

"Now you probably don't know how to table dance, fortunately Judy does. She used to be a table dancer before she married, so she will be your trainer and manager.

"Judy, as manager I'll give you 20% of their pay meaning you will get one dollar from each dance ticket they hand in. If they don't follow your instructions, you have the right to discipline them."

"Oh goodie, thank you Ralph; let me show you my appreciation."

I could not believe it. She went over to Lt. Collins, dropped to her knees in front of him, and took out his cock and started giving him a sloppy blow job. After a few minutes he grabbed her head, held it tight to his groin and from the look on his face, came in her mouth. What a slut she was.

"That ladies is the proper way to give a deep throat blow job. Pay attention to Judy, she can teach the 3 of you a lot. When your husbands get home they will be thrilled at your new sexual skills."

"I have another idea Ralph. (Lt. Collins was Ralph to her and sir to the rest of us) At the Moonglow Club we had 3 rooms upstairs where we could take customers for intimate encounters. We would give half of the money to the club and keep the other half. I bet the four of us could make a lot of money for your club renovations that way."

"I like the way you think Judy. I will talk it over with Major Harris."

This was too much, I had to speak up. "I don't know about the others, but I am not going to humiliate myself that way."

"Here are the facts Kathy; either we get full co-operation or we leave your husband in the Arctic for another year. That goes for the rest of you as well."

"Sir, sir, I'll do whatever you want," Diane pleaded. "Just let my husband come home."

Of course that's what we all wanted so we agreed to his demands.

Judy dressed us in shortie nightgowns and had us practice lap dancing. Lt. Collins and two other officers were the "customers." Jane, Diane and I all got fucked that afternoon.

The evening was worse. Those slime balls didn't want to be teased; they had their cocks out and made us sit on them until they shot their cum in us. I was mad, sore and embarrassed. Judy seemed to be having fun doing those perverted lap dances, and I noticed she took Lt. Collins home with her.

The next afternoon we were called in for the 3rd time. Lt. Collins was upset because some of us were getting fucked for the price of a lap dance. This was a loss of revenue for the officers club so until Major Harris got back from his trip and decided what to do there would be no more lap dances.

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