Getting Along With Myrna

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: How to get along with your mother in law.

I just got some bad news. I got home from work and before I even had time to get my coat off and put my brief case down my wife said, "Guess what? My mother is going to come and stay with us."

The announcement sent chills down my spine and in a calm a voice as I could manage I asked for how long. Cora saw right through me, "Now John, she is my mother and it wouldn't hurt you one little bit to try and get along with her." I thought Cora my love, if you only knew.

I first met my mother-in-law when Cora asked me to go home with her over Spring break so I could meet her parents. At the time we were only going steady and I had not yet decided on whether or not I was going to get more serious with her. She was a great girl, but I had seen way too many of my friends get married early with disastrous results and if things got too serious with Cora there was a chance I would break it off. Since she had already gone home with me and met my parents so I could hardly say no.

Cora's mother was a mature Cora, and if she was any indication as to what Cora was going to look like when she reached her mother's age Cora was going to be killer as an old broad. Her father was a fit looking guy and I guessed that he'd have to be if Myrna was as sexually exciting as she looked. There was a bad part however and it didn't take me long to find out what it was. Myrna was an overbearing and dominating woman and I have never gotten along well with that type. George didn't seem to care and his stock answer to everything that came from Myrna seemed to be "Yes dear." I was raised in a house where both parents had an equal say and conflicts were worked through. In Myrna's house Myrna's word was law - period!

That first evening I found out just how domineering Myrna could be. Cora and her dad had gone to town. George had asked Cora to go with him to help pick out a gift for her mother whose birthday was coming up. I was in the family room watching JAG and Myrna walked into the room, walked over to the TV and turned it off. She turned to me and said, "You and I need to have a little talk young man. I've seen too many of Cora's friends get married only to end up in divorce court within two years. I don't intend to have that happen to my daughter. So, what are your goals in life, your ambitions, your likes and dislikes and what is it that you most admire in Cora."

For the next half-hour she grilled me like she was a detective and I was a suspect in a murder case. I answered all her questions and just when I thought she was through she hit me with a real zinger, "Let me see your cock."

I looked at her in total disbelief and she said it again, "I want to see your equipment. Please show me your cock."

I sat there too stunned to move and Myrna said, "Most marriages break up because of sexual problems and before I let you marry my daughter I intend to check you out. Now you have two choices - show me your cock or leave. If you don't show me your cock and you stay I will tell my husband and Cora that you made a pass at me. Do you really want that to happen?"

Numbly, I opened my fly and took out my cock. "Bring it over here" she said as she sat down in an easy chair.

I couldn't believe that this was happening and I hesitated just long enough for her to get impatient, "Come on, bring it over here" and then she gave me a wicked smile, "Come on, I won't bite."

I finally got up the courage or whatever it took to make me move, and I walked across the room to where Myrna was sitting. She reached out and took hold of it and, not surprisingly, it started to grow. Myrna gave a chuckle and said, "It's nice to know that an old broad like me can still make a young man's cock hard." She stroked it a couple of times and then she leaned forward and licked it. She ran her tongue all the way around it and then said, "Nice. It is just a tad smaller than George's, but it looks like it can do the job."

I didn't think that I should tell her that it had been doing the job on Cora for about three months now and she wasn't complaining. Myrna gave me a couple of more strokes and then said, "Okay, let's see if you know how to use it" and she pulled her skirt up to reveal that she had already removed her panties. She leaned back in the easy chair and said, "Well, come on. We don't have a whole lot of time until they get back."

By then I was rock hard and my uneasiness was gone so I didn't wait for a further invitation. Besides, a stiff dick tends to take over when exposed to a naked pussy. Myrna was more than ready and in three pushes I was bottomed out. I took my time as I thrust in and pulled back because I had a plan of my own going here. She had made me very uncomfortable and I intended to return the favor. I kept on fucking her nice and slow even though she was starting to tell me to fuck her harder and faster. With one ear I listened to Myrna moan and beg and with the other I listened for the garage door opener to start operating. As soon as I heard it start to open I put on a quick burst of speed, got my rocks off and then pulled quickly away from her.

"Oh my God, they just pulled into the garage," I cried as I tuck my cock back in my pants. Myrna was still spread out on the chair with a dazed and confused look on her face and I debated leaving her like that for George and Cora to find, but I knew that I couldn't do it. I reached down and pulled her skirt down, "Hurry up, before they get into the house."

She finally woke up to what was happening and she quickly sat up. She gave me a stern look and said, "We will finish this before you leave."

She got her chance sooner than I expected. The next day George went to work and Cora borrowed her mother's car to go shopping and meet some of her girlfriends for lunch. Cora wanted me to go with her, but I begged off, "You know how much I hate to go shopping and besides, I'd just be a wet blanket when you have lunch with your friends."

To say nothing of the fact that I plan on fucking your mother while you are gone. Myrna had the same idea and Cora was no sooner out the door than Myrna came into the guest bedroom and started taking off her clothes. No "Good morning" or "Would you like to finish what we started last night?" She just stripped and lay down, spread her legs and looked at me. I had thought that since the ice had been broken the night before that a little kissing and foreplay might be in order, but apparently not. She just looked up at me and said, "Well?"

It was a no frills fuck and it was a long one. Cora and I had made love three times the previous night, the last time just before we got up, so I lasted for a good fifteen minutes. The last five of those minutes had Myrna being pretty vocal in asking for me to fuck her harder and make her cum again. I told her when I was ready to cum and started to pull away from her, but she locked her legs around me and her hands grabbed me, "I'm safe and besides I need your cum in me for the next test."

The next test? I was beginning to wonder if maybe I'd better get out of this household as soon as Cora got back. When I was soft and had pulled away from her to get up Myrna said, "You aren't done yet." She grabbed a pillow and put it under her ass, "Eat my pussy" she said, "Don't just stand there, eat my pussy."

I shook my head no and said, "You are just too weird for me lady. I'm going to get out of here until Cora comes back and then we are going to head back home."

I started to get off the bed and she said, "Get back here and eat my pussy. If you don't I'll tell George and Cora that you raped me. It will be your word against mine and if I go to hospital for the rape check up your cum will be inside me. I've lived here over thirty years and you are just passing through so who do you think the police will listen to. Now get over here and eat my pussy."

I actually like eating pussy and I eat Cora's all the time, even after we have just made love, so it wouldn't be anything new for me, but I just didn't like Myrna's bossy ways. On the other hand, looking at her lying there was causing my cock to find new life so I gave Myrna what she wanted. I licked and sucked on her for a good five minutes and then she said, "Okay, now fuck me again." Again, not asking, but demanding, telling, ordering me to do it. Okay, I know I was being picky there. Most guys my age would have thought that they had died and gone to Heaven if a fox like Myrna was after them, but damn it - her bossy attitude was taking all the enjoyment out of it and her constant threatening didn't help matters much. The more I fucked the longer I lasted and since this was my sixth time in twelve hours I was particularly long lasting and Myrna had three or four orgasms before I finally busted my nut. I hadn't even started to go soft when Myrna said, "That was nice. Now go down on me again and clean me up."

I didn't waste any time acting reluctant or looking put out because I knew that all it would get me was some threat or other so I just went and did it. After about five minutes Myrna said, "That's enough for now. I have an appointment to get my hair done in an hour and since Cora has my car you will have to drive me. I'll be ready in thirty minutes" and she got up and left the room. I had been dismissed.

When we arrived at the hair salon Myrna told me to go inside with her and I told her I would just wait in the car for her and read the book I'd brought along.

"Nonsense. I want you were I can keep an eye on you. If I leave you out here alone you will probably do something stupid like driving away and leaving me here. Now put the book down and come along."

There is nothing in the world like waiting for a woman at the hairdressers. I couldn't even read my book because I kept getting distracted by all the giggling and laughing. If you want to get some idea of what it must be like to be a piece of furniture in a room just be a man sitting in a beauty parlor. The women totally ignore you like you are not even there. I listened as they talked about their husbands, boyfriends and lovers and compared dick sizes using terms like 'equipment' and 'package' and holding hands apart to indicate size. At one point it got very quiet and I looked up from my book to see all five of the women there staring at me. As soon as I looked up they all looked away and I wondered what had been said that I'd missed. Then suddenly the ordeal was over and Myrna was ready to go. We got back in my car and I asked what was the quickest and easiest way back to the house and Myrna said that we weren't going back to the house just yet.

"We have one other stop to make first. Turn right at the next corner. She directed me and soon she said turn here and I found myself in a motel parking lot. I looked over at her and she said, "Don't just sit there, go in and get us a room."

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