Yuppie Wives

by Dick Coxxx

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Pretty Yuppie Wives are seduced into forbidden interracial sex.

Maurice and Miriam Smith had it all or so it seemed. They were the epitome of the typical young upwardly mobile professional couple as known as 'yuppies.' They had been high school sweethearts and attended the same state university. While Maurice played around some in college and joined a fraternity, Miriam probably would have joined a sorority but money was always tight for her family and she felt funny living up the college life in a sorority while her parents where at home barely getting by.

They married after graduation. Miriam earned her teaching degree and taught elementary school while putting her husband through law school. After passing the state bar licensing exam, Maurice was hired by one of the prestigious law firms in Birmingham, Alabama and made a good salary working as a junior member. He worked his way up the corporate ladder quickly as his mentor, Walter White, had also been one of his fraternity brothers in college.

Walter was three years older than Maurice as Walter was a senior in college while Maurice was beginning as a freshman at the university, but Walter did marry one of Miriam's classmates, Jennifer, who would later become best friends. Walter was on the 'fast track' at the firm and had already made partner. He was instrumental in getting Maurice his junior partnership which really helped to turn on the money spigot for Maurice and Miriam. Even as a junior partner, the firm started awarding his performance with additional perks. The first thing the firm lined up was a couple of low interest loans for Maurice to ditch his old, battered pick-up truck with a new Mercedes. They also got Miriam a new white convertible BMW to replace her family-oriented minivan. Then the firm loaned Maurice a tidy sum to be able to purchase a very nice home in an exclusive neighborhood where other partners lived.

Maurice asked Miriam to give up teaching as he was now making plenty of money for both of them. She was reluctant to leave teaching but the lure of days on end at the nearby exclusive country club was very enticing indeed.

Jennifer White had also been working on Miriam to give up her job and join the country club set. She had encouraged Miriam to take golf lessons and even became a good enough golfer as to not embarrass her husband when they entertained socially on the golf course. Jennifer also encouraged her friend to join the ladies tennis league to meet the other wives which she did. Miriam played a pretty fair game of tennis in high school and picked up her game again pretty quickly. She and Jennifer made excellent partners. Miriam was left-handed and had a mean spin on the ball. The two quickly became inseparable. The pair of attractive blondes had a lot in common. Both were about the same height and weight. They both had the same hair coloring and they both had bright pretty blue eyes and a dazzling white smile that was quick to win the attention of any nearby male. These two women exuded sex from every pore of the flawless white skin but in a nice way not a slutty way. When Miriam wasn't on the tennis court or the golf course, the pretty blonde wife was relaxing in a bikini by the country club's Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Their new lives were almost idyllic. Between all of the dinner parties and many dances at the country club, life for them was like a bed of roses. But even roses have thorns. There was quite a bit of flirting going on amongst the young attorneys and their wives and with other couples but most of it was just for fun.

One evening at dinner, Maurice asked his lovely wife if she had ever thought about being with another man.

"Maurice, you have been my only love since high school. Don't you know that, my Dear?"

"Yes, I know but you know that variety is the spice of life. Besides, I think that old man Nate has a thing for you," he husband casually remarked to her.

Miriam blushed. Natas 'Nate' Maxwell, the Seventh, was the head managing partner and every partner's wife knew that he had a roving eye even though his beautiful wife, Sally, had been Miss Alabama just fifteen years ago. Nate's wife was as gorgeous today as she was back then. If there was ever a woman to be personified as a 'trophy wife, ' Sally was definitely it. She was very attractive and even had the brains to match!

It had been rumored amongst the wives that the former Miss Alabama had helped her husband close many a difficult real estate deal. Because of her assistance, or was it her 'ass, ' Nate Maxwell was one of the wealthiest men in the state.

At tennis the next day, Jennifer asked Miriam, "Did you get the invitation to the Maxwell's dinner party for this Saturday night?

"Why, yes we did. Did you get one as well?"

"Yes, and Walter made sure that you two were invited. The parties that Nate and Sally put on can't be beat but they do get a little bit wild and wicked from time to time. Do you and Maurice swing together or alone?"

"We used to have a little swing on the big oak tree back home but we haven't done any swinging since we where there last summer."

Jennifer laughed softly. "No, Silly. Have you two done any wife swapping?"

It took a moment for Miriam to figure out what her friend was asking. At first, she thought that Jennifer was talking about the reality show on television, 'Wife Swapping, ' where the wives switch families for a week and their wacky experiences are filmed. Then she blushed as she realized that it had to do with the husbands swapping their wife with another man for sexual reasons.

Miriam's hand flew to her mouth in horror.

"Ohmigosh," she replied. "Maurice has talked about meeting with another couple for sex and yours and Walter's name came up a couple of times but I could never be unfaithful to Maurice."

"Oh, come on, Honey. This isn't the dark ages any more, Virginia. What's the matter, Miriam? Doesn't my husband appeal to you?"

"No, it's not that," she tried desperately to explain to the woman whom she thought was her close friend. "It's just that I've never been with another man before besides Maurice."

Jennifer giggled like a little girl. "What if I had sex with your husband? Would you have sex with mine?"

"Gosh, I don't know," replied the confused Miriam.

"What if I told you that your loving husband had already fucked me? Not once but twice now. What would you do then? Would you fuck my husband out of revenge to get even with your own low down, cheatin' husband?"

Miriam stammered, "Wow, I've tried hard to always please my husband. Why would he want to look anywhere else for sex?"

"Your husband is like any other guy; they'll stick their dick into anything with a skirt. You might as well have some fun of your own."

Miriam wasn't too sure about the swinging thing but told Jennifer that she needed to think about it.

Maurice had encouraged his lovely blonde wife to buy some sexy new things for the important, special evening at the Maxwell's. It was more than just a special occasion; it was Miriam's formal introduction to the other partners and their wives.

Jennifer went shopping with Miriam and together, the two beautiful blondes picked out some very nice, expensive clothes for Miriam to wear. Jennifer put it all on her platinum American express Card and said that it was compliments of The Firm. They finally stopped in at Victoria's Secret to get some intimate apparel to include bras, panties, hose and a garter belt. Miriam confided in her friend that she had never owned a garter belt before so Jennifer demonstrated how it should be worn.

"Put the panties on after you clip the garter belt because if you don't and you have to go pee, you'll just have to unclip everything."

That seemed to make perfect sense to Miriam; besides both of the yuppie blonde wives had gorgeous legs. What better way to show them off than with a sexy, new garter belt and hose?

Jennifer was so sexy looking in her hose and garter belt. Miriam felt an unusual flutter in her stomach and even wondered if there might ever be a lesbian relationship in her own future.

That Saturday afternoon, Miriam got all dolled up for the dinner party at the Maxwell's huge mansion. She sipped on some white wine that Jennifer had dropped by earlier this afternoon.

"Have some wine, Honey," Jennifer said. "This will help you relax. You'll gonna have a ton of fun this evening." Jennifer didn't tell her friend that the wine had some 'special' ingredients in the wine to help her get ready for tonight.

Miriam lay soaking in the huge whirlpool spa bathtub. She was surrounded in bubbles and pleasingly warm water sipping on the delicious-tasting wine. The lovely blonde was completely relaxed and unaware that her bath was being videotaped by one of The Firm's secret video cameras hidden in the lighting fixtures. Nate Maxwell liked to spy on his employees' pretty wives. This was going to be an extra special video of a very pretty white wife.

The blonde beauty felt some strange sensations as she drifted off to sleep in the warm bubble bath. When she awoke with a start, the water had cooled but she found her hand between her legs stroking her enlarged clitoris. Her dreams were fleeting but they involved a Satanic ritual and human sacrifice. Miriam dreamt that she had been laying naked on a raised alter with Satan and Lucifer hovering over her. There was an audience of others dressed in dark robes but she couldn't see their faces nor tell who they were. Her husband magically appeared beside her and took her hand in his.

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