Heading South

by Dick Coxxx

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A pretty blonde teacher watches a new movie with a group of teachers about white women 'Heading South' to Haiti for some taboo interracial sex. It changes her life as it turns real.

Miriam Smith looked forward to her Friday nights with her fellow teachers from school. She and several of the other teachers got together for a ladies night out to let their hair down and celebrate the start of the cherished weekend. The pretty blonde wife taught English at the high school and enjoyed her work but she also enjoyed having a good time as well. She was definitely no 'stick in the mud' when it came to partying on the weekends.

Sometimes the group went out for drinks at a bar or pub outside of the school district boundaries as the school district frowned on having its teachers seen drinking at bars. Other times they would go to Broadway shows or other live performances. They even went to the roller rink from time to time as well as the bowling alley. They called themselves. 'The Party of Six, ' because there were usually Miriam and five of her friends going out together and at restaurants, when they were called for dinner it was always, 'Miriam, Party of Six' or one of the other gals and 'Party of Six' being called out so their group became known as the 'Party of Six.'

Sometimes, her friends would joke and say that they were called, 'Party of Sex, ' because it always seemed that their heated discussions would, sooner or later, come to the hot topic of sex. They would talk about which of their students were having sex with whom as well as who so and so was fucking this week behind her husband's or his wife's back. Their own sex life would turn up as a topic of debate from time to time, especially after imbibing a few Margaritas or glasses of white wine.

Tonight, one of the ladies had suggested going downtown to one of the 'art' cinemas to watch a new movie that was recently released. Miriam was interested in going as one of her favorites actresses, Charlotte Rampling, was in the movie. Charlotte, as you might know, was in the movie, 'Georgy Girl, ' back in the sixties when Miriam was a young girl. The name of Charlotte's new movie was called, 'Heading South.'

The Party of Six met at a little sports bar on the edge of downtown coming directly from school. The ladies tended to dress down on Fridays and be more casual but even in blue jeans and a white blouse, Miriam still looked fabulous. She had kissed her husband goodbye that morning after fixing him some early breakfast as she didn't have to be at school until eight o'clock.

"Don't wait up for me, Maurice, as the Party of Six is going to see a movie at one of the theatres downtown."

"Have a good time tonight, Dear," he called out as he jumped into his Mercedes and drove off to work.

Maurice really didn't want his wife to work as he made plenty of money with his own real estate business but his lovely blonde wife wanted to make a difference in the world by teaching young people. "They are our greatest asset," she would say to him.

The left the bar with plenty of time to get to the movie theater and pay for their tickets. Miriam was surprised to see so many women her own age there at the movie that she felt right at home. There were quite a few couples already seated in the theater but it was mainly white women in their thirties, forties and fifties. Miriam found it odd that there were even several single white women with a Negro as well as a number of white couples with black men. She didn't consider herself a racist but she didn't believe in white women dating black men and the mixing of the races.

It didn't take long for Miriam to figure out the plot of the movie. The pretty white women in the film were teachers spending their summer vacation away from school at a resort where the impoverished local beach boys serve as gigolos for the rich white, American women. The black youths devote themselves to nourishing the women's starved libidos in exchange for food, gifts and temporary refuge from the perils of the island's repressive regime of Jean-Claude Duvalier. The movie was set in the seventies. There were three white women who went on summer break from teaching every year to enjoy some illicit sex away from their husbands. These women, as well as others, would go down to Haiti to find lovers. The problem was, these married white women were down in this repressed Caribbean island looking for local young men, that is, local young black men. Miriam was embarrassed by the way that the white women talked and carried on with the young blacks. She wasn't prejudiced, but proper white women just didn't act like sluts around Negro men. Miriam had always liked Charlotte Rampling but the way she threw herself at the young black boys was outrageous. Charlotte was old enough to be their mother, for Heaven's sake!

While it was all fun and games within the comfy suites and confines of the pristine resort and along the pure, crystal white shores of the resort, within Haiti itself is a miserable environment of suffocating poverty and brutal repression from 'Baby Doc' Duvalier's regime. When some of the women venture beyond the resort setting to see where there black Haitian boy toys actually live, it is an experience that jolts them back to reality.

During one of the first of many interracial love scenes in the movie, Miriam leaned over to one of her friends sitting next to her and asked in a whisper, "My God, is that boy's huge penis real?"

Her friend, Julie, laughed at the question.

"Of course it is, Silly," her worldlier friend whispered back. "Don't you know that most black men are hung like horses?"

Miriam was amazed at what she saw. These were young black men who were probably about eighteen or nineteen years old with some of them younger, who had cocks on them that would make a stallion proud. They knew that they were big and that was why the American women flocked down to see them. Miriam was aghast when she saw that the huge black penis that these boys sported were much bigger than her very own husband's. She had previously heard several of her teacher friends talking about how large Negroes were; now she knew what they had been referring to.

True to his form, her husband was already in bed that night when she arrived home from the movie and found him sound asleep as he lay snoring loudly. Miriam slipped under the covers without waking him. The movie had been highly erotic and she couldn't get the images out of her pretty little head about all of the naked young black boys with their massively stiff cocks. Miriam felt an unfamiliar longing between her thighs. The pretty blonde wife did something that she had never done before. She got up and searched in her lingerie drawer for one of the gag gifts that one of the 'Party of Sex' had given her for her recent fortieth birthday party. She found it under some of her panties. It was a rather large black dildo. Miriam had never used one before but she knew what it was for and she used it now.

Miriam went into the den and lay down on the couch. She put the Afghan over her just in case her husband stirred and came out to the den and caught her in 'the act.' Miriam figured that she could say that she had fallen asleep on the couch and her witless husband would be none the wiser.

The aroused wife hurriedly slipped off her dampened panties and pulled aside her sheer negligee. The dildo had a battery that caused the dildo to vibrate. She flipped on the switch and quickly found her moist opening. She jumped and cried out when the tip of the vibrating faux-penis touched her swollen clitoris. Miriam had never used a dildo before but it didn't take her long for her to catch on and figure it out. She imagined that the large black vibrator was the black boy from the movie. It didn't take long, however, for her to bring herself off with her own amateurish ministrations. Her heartbeat raced as she climaxed. It was as if a huge black cock was really fucking her for the very first time. She even imagined that she had the blessing of her own husband to be with her new Negro lover.

Miriam got off of the couch, slipped her panties back on and wiped down the slickened dildo with a wash rag before putting 'Ole Black Joe' back into its carrying case. She remembered when her close friend, Julie, had given it to her. Miriam didn't know what it was and held it up for the other ladies at her birthday party to see. When they all started snickering, she knew her friends were making fun of her. Afterwards, Julie, who had given it to her, explained the dildo's use and functionality. Miriam blushed to the roots of her long blonde hair. She never imagined why any married woman would want something like that. Now she knew.

Miriam never refused her husband sex but Maurice didn't fuck her as often as he used to, however, whenever he did insist, she dreamt that she was Charlotte Rampling getting royally fucked by, Legba, the black teenager in the highly charged, erotic movie.

The 'Party of Six' usually did something together as a group at the start of the summer break from teaching school. Miriam was having lunch with Julie at La Madeline's, a little French bakery and restaurant downtown, when Julie broached the subject of the Ladies Group's next trip.

"Miriam," her friend said after a wonderful lunch of a small salad and a warm French baguette with melted cheese, "One of the gals in the group suggested that we go 'Heading South' for this year's summer trip. There's a nice little resort at Jamaica's Rio Ochos that specifically caters to white American women. She has already booked us space for the first week in June. Will you join us?"

Her friend's question took Miriam by surprise. She had thought a lot about the movie that they had seen earlier together but had never dreamed that she would actually go some place as decadent as that.

Julie saw her naive friend blush.

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