Pregnant Sister Cravings

by Lola

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Lola

Erotica Sex Story: An interesting Sunday with my pregnant sister, who desires someone close.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   .


It started with a family gathering for my 6 month pregnant sister(Jenny), My wife, son and our parents traveled to see my sister, with the emphasizes being on shopping. Well we all showed up and settled in for the night as the shopping would start first thing tomorrow. My brother-in-law (Keith) my dad (Steve) and myself Dave stayed up late drinking a few beers and watching some TV, when on popped one of those girls gone crazy video ads. Keith started talking about jenny and her cravings and hoping we could help with that. Well dad and I looked at each other and said sure we will help all we can. Keith just smiled and said thanks, again puzzled dad I just shrugged and didn't think about it the rest of the night.

We all awoke to the smell of breakfast cooking, pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage filled the air. There seemed to be a lot of excitement in the air as we met in the dining room, Jenny had awoken early to make a feast for the rest of us, she was acting unusually happy for a person who likes the grumpy side, so we all took caution as we sat and started filling up on food. The whole meal was great as we were all surprised be this. As I looked at Jenny I noticed that she had on a low cut blouse covered by a apron that seemed to show off her milk filled glands. I felt weird looking but when she caught me she just smiled at me and seemed to show more breast if that was possible.

Soon we had all had our fill dad and I moved into the living room to relax and watch the race. As we prepared to go out shopping Jenny suddenly claimed to be too tired or not feeling well and decided to stay home if anyone wanted to stay with her, well not wanting to miss the race my dad and I quickly volunteered to stay.

Soon after everyone left, Jenny came into the living room moved over to dad who was sitting a big overstuffed chair and forced herself onto his lap. I thought it was a little strange to see my sister sitting across dad's lap at this age and in her condition but I turned my attention back to the race.

A few minutes later I looked over and had to adjust my eyes as I thought I was seeing my sister with her tongue down my dads throat. Her right hand was rubbing his chest as her left was wrapped around his neck while also grinding her ass onto his crotch. Dad's body language seemed like it caught him by surprise, as it did me.

As I watched stunned I had to notice the tightening in my pants, dad seemed to be getting into it as he started running his hands all over Jenny's body. Jenny moved herself so that she could slide her right hand down dads pants and he was adjusting to accommodate the intrusion.

Jenny then looked back at me and asked what I was looking at and that I should get my cute little ass over there and show her what I got. So without hesitation I moved over to her and dad and as I did she reached up with her left hand grabbed my shirt pulled me to her and gave me a kiss like a woman possessed. Her tongue searching out mine as her hand slid down my chest to my waist and then to my crotch at which she started groping my growing semi hard cock. I was quick to help her out as I reached down and started opening my fly and dropped my pants.

Not wasting any time Jenny grabbed my growing 8 incher and jammed it into her mouth. I thought I would lose it right there but I knew there would be future pleasures. As I looked over I noticed that she had dad's dick out between her legs and was stroking it to full glory. I reached a hand down to my sisters left tit and began massaging her breast and engorged nipple, I met dads hand halfway in between as we went back to the tit we came from.

Jenny was going at my dick like she hadn't eaten in a week and I wasn't sure how long I could hold out, she was deep throating me all the way just as fast as she could, backing off then nose deep into my public hair with every couple of strokes a tongue across the underneath of my balls. She then slowed down enough to suck on my head then lick from the head down the shaft to my nuts sucking first one ball then the other while my cock brushed up against her nose and face.

Dad not wanting to be left out, slide out from under Jenny and came around to my side so jenny could take us both. Jenny would suck me while jerking dad and then change to sucking dads cock and jerking me off.

We quickly removed her maternity shirt no bra letting lose her breast for our pleasure. Her nipples were bright red hard and out about an inch long from our attention received earlier.

I then dropped to a knee as I wanted some of Jenny's swinging tits, she continued sucking dads dick while I grabbed a tit and started running my tongue long her areola and slightly biting her nipples causing her to moan.

I reached down to help her out of her panties only she didn't have any on and I felt her heat even before I got to her pussy. When she felt my hand she grabbed it and shoved it onto her dripping cunt. Caught by surprise as she grabbed my hand and pulled I fell forward into her, running my cheek into the side of dads cock which he mistook as my willingness to get involved

He grabbed my head forcing me over to jenny's mouth that was filled with his dick, not ready for that I reached up grabbed dads balls and yanked thinking it would cause him to back off only thing is he liked it and before I knew it he pulled out of jenny's mouth and shoved his pulsating 7 inches into my mouth.

I had never thought of sucking any dick let alone my dads, but there I was, well that didn't set well with Jenny so she grabbed dads prick back and shoved it deep into her mouth. I quickly stood up as to allow her access to my raging hard on once again.

When she returned her attention back to me dad moved back to the chair and started his own attack on my sisters pussy. He slide back up under Jenny into the chair raising her up and then back onto his lap fingering her soaking wet cunt as he did. As I watched he raised her skirt lifted her up and planted her on his rock hard cock all the while she never let go of my prick.

Jenny was facing and riding dad while sucking me, I watched as her ass just kept rising up then slamming down on dads lap. I knew I wouldn't last long at this point but my sister's mouth was just too good. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my dick as far as I could down her throat and let loose the first of many orgasms that day.

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