Say It Isn't So

by Omega

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cuckold, FemaleDom, Humiliation, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: What Billie has to endure because his cock is too big to fuck his wife without hurting her

After dating Kathy for two years she had finally agreed to marry me. With her long black hair, devilish eyes and pixie face I only had to kiss her to get a hard-on; not that it did me any good. Kathy had dated several guys before me and had sex with all of them. She said once they got tired of her, they dumped her for someone else. She told me she was not fucking another guy until he married her. She said all guys are the same, once they get what they want they go looking for someone new.

So, for the past two years I could not make love to her in the normal way. For her sexual relief she taught me how to suck her pussy. For my relief she made me jerk off. At first I was reluctant to jerk off while she watched but she got me to do it by saying how big my cock was and how good it would feel when she allowed me to fuck her.

After the first year we went out every Saturday night. After the movie or whatever, we would go back to her place. While I made her favorite drink, rum and coke, she would strip down, put on a shortie nightie and sprawl on the side of her bed with her legs wide open. I would hand her the drink and while she drank it I would get down on my knees and pleasure her with my tongue. Sometimes she even watched TV while I did it. My relief was jerking off on a newspaper she put on the floor.

Anyway that was all over now because we were getting married.

The honeymoon was a disaster. The first time we made love I thought it was wonderful, but Kathy cried out in pain and made me pull out. She said my cock was too big; that it hurt her when I tried to fuck her. I used to feel proud when she said things like, "jerk off that great big cock for me," but now I felt cursed because I couldn't make love to my sexy wife without hurting her.

When the honeymoon was over she went to see a doctor about what could be done. When she came home she had the answer. She told me we were fortunate that we both wanted kids, because the doctor told her that once she had a child, she would be stretched enough that both of us would be able to enjoy sex together.

The problem was how do I get her pregnant if I can't make love to her. I was thinking of artificial insemination but Kathy would not agree. She said it would have to be done the natural way or not at all. In the end she gave me an ultimatum, either I let her get a stud to knock her up or we would continue what we were doing now, me sucking her and then jerking off.

"But it's not right. I want to make love to you. That's all I thought about for the past year; there must be some other way."

"There is no other way," she said in a stern voice. "Either you let me fuck other men now or you will never get to fuck me. Yes or no; I want to know your answer right now!"

"OK, OK I guess you can do it."

"No whining, no whimpering and no complaining."

"I won't complain but I..."

"No buts, in fact I want you to take an active part with this"

"What are you talking about?"

"I am not going to walk into a bar alone like some cheap pickup. You are going with me to keep me company. When a guy comes to our table, if they ask you if it's OK to dance with me, you will say yes because you are a lousy dancer. If I like the guy I'll stay on the floor and dance with him.

"If I don't like the guy I'll come back to the table where you will be waiting for me. If I don't like any of the guys that dance with me, you can take me home and we will try again the following week. If I like the guy I'll go sit at his table and that will be your signal to get up and go home."

"But that is so humiliating. Everyone in the club will know I came with you but you are leaving with someone else."

"Maybe they will think I'm your sister; anyway, that's your problem. After all, I am doing this for you. I can always find a guy with a normal sized dick to fuck me. I don't need to have a baby to have a good time. Remember, you are the one that needs to get me pregnant."

"I know, it's just so..."

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