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Sex Story: I knowingly married a slut and I don't regret it for one minute.

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My wife Alisha is a slut, but I can't complain because she was a slut when I met her, she was a slut the whole time I dated her and putting a ring on her finger didn't change a thing.

It was my cousin Lou's bachelor party and there were eleven of us and we were drinking booze, watching porno films and waiting for the stripper I had hired. The doorbell rang and when I answered the door I found a young lady standing there. She was wearing blue jeans, and overcoat, tennis shoes and her hair was tucked up under a blue navy watch cap. She didn't look a day over fourteen and I thought she must have been selling Girl Scout cookies or something.

"Can I help you?"

She grinned at me, "No, I'm here to help you" and she bent down and picked up a boom box that I hadn't noticed. "Got a place where a girl can change? Or do you want me to do it in jeans and tennis shoes?"

I showed her to the bedroom and she handed me the boom box, "It's ready to go. Give me five minutes and then press the play button."

I was right on the ragged edge of asking her for some ID, but at the last minute I decided that the agency I'd hired her through wouldn't hire anyone under age. I waited the five minutes and then I hit the play button, the music started, the bedroom door opened and oh what a difference five minutes could make. High heels, a red peignoir covering an almost non-existent bikini and a body that looked to be 36-22-36 and solid. Her long black hair was in a ponytail that hung down to her ass and it flew around like a whip as she gyrated around the room. It took her five minutes to do her strip tease and when she was done there wasn't a soft cock in the place. The guys didn't want her to leave and I told them I would see what I could do. I approached Alisha and told her the guys wanted her to stay and she said very matter of factly, "I get fifty bucks for a lap dance. A blow job is seventy-five and a half and half is a hundred and a quarter. How many guys are here?" I told her and she thought for a minute and then said, "I'll do the whole bunch for eighteen hundred. I told the guys and before I even finished the price list they had their wallets out.

It was the wildest thing I'd ever seen. She did a lap dance for Lou that ended up with her sitting on his cock while another one of the guys stood in front of her and fed his cock into her mouth. After Lou got his rocks off everyone retired to the bedroom where Alisha took on everyone, one, two and even three at a time. It was six in the morning before the last exhausted guy staggered out the front door leaving a very fucked out Alisha lying on my bed. She looked up at me, "Well, was your party a success?"

I smiled at her, "Thanks to you I don't believe anyone who was here will ever forget it. The biggest problem is that now Lou isn't so sure he wants to get married. He's quite taken with you."

She laughed, "Well, I am looking for a husband and I haven't had much luck."

"Why not? You're gorgeous and you are fantastic in bed and while I know there needs to be a little more to a relationship than just that at least you have that much of a head start."

"Whoever marries me will have to put up with me doing what I did last night. Not too many men around who could handle that, could you?"

I just stared at her as I considered what she'd said. She took my silence to mean agreement and said, "There, see what I mean?"

I grinned at her, "Don't rush me, I'm thinking, I'm thinking. Maybe we should talk about this over breakfast. Why don't you take a shower while I go see what's in the cupboard. How do you like your eggs?"

Alisha was twenty-three and had been working as a stripper for almost four years and selling sex for almost as long. There wasn't any long, involved story behind it - she loved to fuck! She had been giving it away since she was old enough to know what it was that she had; she had developed a liking for multiple partners and that had led to a gangbang or two, but it had never been for money. She had started stripping as an accident. She was in college and was looking for a part time job. Her roommate in the dorm worked for an agency doing singing telegrams and told Alisha that the agency was always looking for new talent. Alisha had applied, taken an audition and was hired. She had been on the job for about five months when she was called into the office and asked if she could dance. The agency had gotten into a bind; they had eight bookings for strippers, but only had six strippers available. Alisha said she would give it a try.

It was a small bachelor party, only nine guys, and she had done her dance and was getting ready to leave when one of the guys asked her if she would do something "special" for the groom to be. He offered her two hundred bucks to give the man a lap dance and a blow job and she had agreed to do it. Before the night was over she had sucked and fucked every man there and had gone home with eleven hundred dollars in her purse, not counting what the agency paid her. She had thought that the dancing would be a one-time thing, but the guy who had put on the party had called the agency and told them how pleased they were with Alisha. The agency had asked Alisha if she would like to added to their list of dancers and she had said yes.

Alisha didn't always charge for sex. If she got to a party and like the looks of the crowd they sometimes got her for free. Granted - it didn't happen often, but it did happen. The bottom line was that Alisha found out that she could make money for doing what she was willing to do for free. I have to admit that sitting across the table from her I was both captivated by her looks and fascinated by her story and even though I had seen what a slut she was I wanted to get to know her better. On an impulse I asked her to have dinner with me some night and she said, "Why in the world would you want to do something like that?"

To be truthful, I didn't really know, but I grinned at her and said, "How are you going to find a husband if you don't date?"

She gave me a very strange look, "Knowing what you know you're wanting to date me?"

"What can I say? I've already told you that as far as I'm concerned you have a head start. I'd just like to see what else you got."

Most men (and women for that matter) would consider the next six months as rather strange. Alisha and I dated on the nights she didn't work and on the nights she did I sat home knowing that she was somewhere being fucked. A month after we started dating she stopped by my apartment one night after one of her jobs and asked me if I was still a prospective husband. I told her that I was considering it and she said, "The man who marries me is going to have to be willing to eat my pussy after other men have fucked me. Do you think you can do that?"

To be honest I really didn't think that I could, but she asked me to at least try. I looked at her lying on the bed, legs spread and her cunt hair looking like a white matted mess and I almost turned away. She noticed the hesitation and started to get up.

"You almost had me believing" she said, "But I always knew that no man could take me the way I am."

Be brave I thought to myself and I pushed her back down onto the bed. My stomach was turning, but I knew that it was mostly mental. It was slimy goo with no discernable taste except for being salty and I found that I didn't mind eating her at all and she seemed to love it. After several minutes she pulled me up and said, "Thanks lover, now let me give you your reward" and she spent the rest of the night trying to fuck my brains out. When we finally reached the point where she couldn't get me up anymore she snuggled up against me and said, "You know, we might even be able to make this work."

Shortly after that Alisha moved in with me and my eating her pussy after her "dates" became part of our love making routine. By the end of six months I was asking her to marry me and to her credit she kept refusing me.

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