An Unexpected Relationship

by David Caspian

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A story about step-brother and step-sister who have only known each other for three years, and sexual encounter that leads to an unexpected romance.

Justin and Vivian for three years had been living together, and did not like each other. Normally people living under the same roof would merely leave finding some place better to live. For these two this wasn't really an option.

The fact was the two of them had been forced into this situation by their parents who had married each other, and while Martin and Mary Miller loved each other, Justin and Vivian despised each other at least on the surface.

They were complete social opposites: Justin was a nerd with few friends, while Vivian was popular with lots of them. They didn't travel in the same circles, and as far as they knew shared none of the same interests.

While they might tolerate each other in front of their parents, in private they took great pleasure in tormenting the other. In school Vivian would make fun of Justin calling him a "loser" and whatever else she could think of, and her stepbrother in one particular incident caused a breakup between her and one of her boyfriends. He had done this by hacking into her computer, and retrieving private photos off her hard drive and emailing them to her man. Making sure none of it could actually be traced back to him, he sat back and watched the mayhem enjoying every minute of it.

When the Captain of the football team Eric Lexington found the pictures in an mysterious email, he tracked down the kid in them and kicked his ass in the parking lot, getting both of them suspended.

After that little debacle Vivian's previously deep well of guys to pick from dried up. No one else wanted to end up like Max Peters, no matter how hot she was.

Whether she could prove it or not Vivian knew that Justin had his hand in her little problem, and had probably set it up. Try as she might, Vivian couldn't manage to set up Justin who was just too paranoid.

The few girls he did hook up with were from rival schools, and none of those girls would listen to her. In the end she marked it as a defeat in their private little war.

As the year wore down something unexpected happened for Justin's junior year: he had a growth spurt blooming late in his teenage years.

Now standing 5'10 instead of his former 5'6 some of the coaches at the school started taking notice, starting with the football coach.

"Hey Miller how would you like to join the team next year? We could use some new blood, and you have good grades." Coach Emerson a well-built sandy brown haired man in his mid-thirties said catching him after school.

Many of the high school girls had crushes on him, including some of the single women on the teaching staff. All would line up if he ever broke up with his steady girlfriend Julia who was an attractive little red head, and also on the teaching staff and Emerald High in Northern California.

Walking alone as he rushed to catch up with his buddies before continuing home Justin couldn't believe Emerson was talking to him. Normally he saw the guy sub for one of the P.E. teachers when they got sick, but before this he had never seemed to take an active risk in Justin's life.

"Me?" Justin asked.

"Yes you Miller. So how about it? Feel like joining our little weight training program over the summer? It will help you get ready for the season." Emerson said with a friendly smile.

In truth he saw potential in the kid: he was a hard worker, and actually had great grades not just good ones. Emerson would have been surprised if Justin was not nominated for Valedictorian when he graduated.

Sure he was not as popular as his step-sister, but that could easily change given a chance. Smart and driven he seemed a natural leader, which was something Emerson's team was lacking.

When push came to shove the coach predicted that Justin wouldn't fold under pressure. He might even be the next Lexington who would be graduating this year even after his little fight in the parking lot though under close supervision.

"Sure coach if you want. When do we start?" Justin asked actually eager.

How many times would he be given a chance like this? In the end why not make the best of it? Emerson handed him a flier and a permission slip and Justin rushed home excited to have something new and fun to do over the summer.

Opening the garage door Justin set down his backpack down, as his room was actually the garage itself. It was one of the reasons he didn't like Vivian so much.

When she and her mom moved in, he had lost his room to the little princess who was spoiled by his new step-mom.

While he couldn't blame his pops for wanting to be happy, he didn't have to make it easier on Vivian for moving in on his turf. The fact that he hated her guts despite the fact that he found her incredibly hot only made him want to cause trouble all the more.

While she might appear in his dreams more often than he would like, he would be damned if he was going to show it to her privately or in public.

So far he had stayed ahead, winning far more battles in their private little competition than he had lost. Cunning and inventive he saw through just about any trap Vivian set for him, and managed more times than not to make it blow up in her face.

He had known his step-sister would make her move trying to sabotage him with one of his former girlfriends, but in the end none of them ever believed her. If anything they only confirmed what he had told Jessica and the others about Vivian.

"I realize you might dislike your brother, but really how far will you go? I know he wasn't cheating on me yesterday night, because we were out at the movies last night." Jessica said.

This came as a shock to Vivian who had thought she overheard him talk about seeing another girl the night before. What she hadn't realized was that this had in fact been a set up for her benefit. Justin figured the best way to end Vivian's little quest for revenge was to simply discredit her. It was an activity he enjoyed above all others.

Waiting at home after she had made a fool of herself Justin said innocently as she entered the living room coming through the front door, "What's the problem sis? Something happen?"

He knew quite well that she hated being called that, and had in fact done it on purpose.

For all her good looks Vivian still seemed too conceited to realize that she could not hope to match wits with him. Her beauty and charm at best only managed to level the playing field.

"I hate you!" Vivian said filled with rage.

Looking back at the television as he continued to flip through channels Justin replied in his usually smart ass tone, "Can you imagine how much that bothers me?"

Storming off to her room Vivian slammed her door behind her. Of course if Martin or Mary ever hear this they left things alone figuring it was the usual sibling rivalry.

Locking herself in her room Vivian was frustrated, but incredibly turned on. Though she would never admit it, she found her step-brother's intelligence very sexy.

Sure he wasn't the strongest, let alone even really physically fit compared to the guys she normally dated, but he had something else going for him though it wasn't his clothes.

Justin wore glasses and had no fashion sense whatsoever. He liked wearing loose fitting plaid button down shirts and blue jeans, which made up most of his wardrobe the rest made up of a couple of t-shirts.

An avid roller blader he had a few scars from trying some of his more death defying tricks off of rooftops and railings. She had noticed he was actually quite good now and rarely fell.

Entering a few competitions after school, he had won some awards and money using it to buy a nice old van to drive his friends around.

Justin's body was slim and had deep brown tan where his skin was exposed, which was very different compared to Vivian's own buxom figure, and pale skin with a nice set of breasts and a lovely ample ass.

Vivian had blond hair and blue eyes, with a cute smile and a presence that could draw the attention of many men.

Only Justin himself seemed to be the only young man she had ever met who resisted her charms. Time and time again she would watch him as he slept masturbating only a few feet away, but he never woke up even though sometimes she wished he would.

She loved his mixed features from a combination of African and Caucasian ancestries which gave him his brown tan and soft brown eyes. His mother had been a white brunette haired white woman while his dad was definitely black.

Both highly intelligent men Vivian had no doubt that this was what had also attracted her mom to her step-father. It seems mother and daughter were not very different in this regard when came to being attracted to men.

Today had been her last chance to break him up with his current girlfriend due to her own jealousy, though she hid her motives behind revenge.

It wasn't Vivian's way to go after a boy openly. She preferred suggestion and using her smile to bring him to her, finding being hunted usually more preferable.

The trouble was Justin had never really liked her seeing Vivian as the interloper. Deciding finally she would have to actively take matters into her own hands, Vivian planned to make her move when their parents went on their cruise giving her plenty of opportunity to have Justin all by himself.

Justin came home late one evening tired from building muscle in the weight room, and running on the football field and the track.

Normally his body would be hurting a lot, but he actually thought he was getting the hang of this. Justin had always been good at running (a useful skill when try to avoid bullies), so it wasn't that much of a surprise really.

Now he was always finding himself at the head of the pack when they ran in groups with the skill guys vs. linemen. The skill guys made up quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, etc.

This naturally made them the better runners of the two groups. Linemen were built to move in short bursts, not long periods so had a natural disadvantage, because they tended to be heavier.

Justin was already being eyed by the coaches as a future running back. His ability to change direction during drills, and his quickness on his feet was phenomenal. There was no doubt in their minds that he would be one of their number one starters in the coming season.

Taking a shower to relax Justin slipped under the covers in his boxers falling asleep. When he awoke later it was the middle of the night, and he felt something warm and wet was licking his shaft. Peeking downward he kept his eyes slit so he could see what was going on, but hide the fact he was awake.

What he saw nearly caused him to suck in an involuntary breath: Vivian his step-sister was gently licking and stroking his shaft while playing with his balls. Closing his eyes Justin decided just to go with it.

When Vivian started sucking on his balls he could no longer keep from moaning.

Giggling Vivian said, "I see you are finally awake. Good I want you to enjoy every minute of this."

Opening his eyes he watched as moved to the tip of his member licking and sucking on it.

"Oh fuck!" Justin said feeling her warm driving him crazy.

He couldn't focus on anything else while she played with him like this.

Even thoughts of their normal animosity towards each other slipped away at that moment. For some strange reason the girl he had always despised, this hot girl was giving him the best blow job of his life.

"Ummm. You haven't seen nothing yet baby. Try to get any of your girlfriends to try this." Vivian said looking into his eyes as she opened her mouth wide.

Justin had no idea what she was doing, and was about to ask when she started taking his cock in her mouth. He expected her to stop after the first few inches like all the other girls he had sex with but she kept going.

Justin could only watch in awe as she managed to take in the entire thing in right down to the base, where her lips met trimmed pubic hair.

Slowly sucking and using her tongue Vivian moved back up his shaft to the very tip again looking into his eyes, once she got there as she paused licking and sucking him. Then without warning she back moved down again this time fast than before, moving back up repeating the pattern. Justin moaned louder and louder as she moved up and down on his cock quicker and quicker without pausing.

"Oh shit! Oh shit! I'm gonna cum." Justin said expecting her to get off him and stroke him off the rest of the way.

Vivian just smiled and kept on going. Feeling the cum building in his balls Justin couldn't hold back even if he wanted to, the stimulation way too much. Moaning loudly he came in her mouth coating its insides.

Vivian sat up as he watched drowsily swallowing the entire load while the amazed Justin could only look on. Using her tongue to lick up a little that had spilled over her lips Vivian tried to get up, her job done.

Grabbing her as she passed heading toward the door leading into the kitchen and back into the house Justin moved in behind her completely naked.

Holding her around the waist with one arm he used his free hand to slip into her wet panties.

"Where do you think you are going? I haven't finished with you yet." Justin said as he rubbed her clit with his fingers.

Now it was Vivian's turn to moan, her breathing soon becoming ragged.

She expected to be able to leave without further action or comment after he had cum. Most boys didn't care after they got there's.

What she had failed to count on was that Justin was extremely prideful of his sexual prowess. It was the main reason why he got as many girls as he did.

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