Surprise Visit

by Agena

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Cutting his losses after discovering a cheating wife.

This is a short cheating wife story about the risks of married individuals committing adultery while traveling on company business. I read somewhere that many spouses find being unfaithful much safer away from the home neighborhood and that is what triggered this writing.

I want to thank WhiteWave48 for her editing skills on the story.


The alarm went off at its usual time, 6:00 AM, and my wife, Anita, and I got up to start our day. I groaned audibly as I sat up on the edge of the bed and swung my feet to the floor.

"What's the matter? You sound like an old man." she teased as she headed for the bathroom.

"I feel like an old man after what you did to me last night."

I heard her laughing inside the bathroom as I recalled the evening before. She'd given me an energetic fucking and topped it off by a very sensuous blow job.

Today she was leaving on a business trip and would probably be gone all week and I would be alone by myself at home. I wasn't looking forward to it.

I heard the shower running and thought about joining her then decided I wasn't up to it. She'd taken too much out of me the evening before.

Coming back into the bedroom later she seemed upbeat whereas I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself.

"C'mon old man. Get up and get going. We need two breadwinners to pay the mortgage on this place."

All right, all right. I'm moving." I told her as I stumbled into the bathroom to relieve myself and shower. Later we met downstairs for breakfast before she headed to the airport and I headed into work.

Anita is an attorney and we both worked for a medium size manufacturing plant in St. Louis. She specializes in negotiations and travels with teams when they work off plant and this trip was to negotiate a new subcontract with a major aerospace firm in Denver. She traveled several times a year on similar negotiations and would be gone at least a week every time.

She was 35 and had graduated cum laud from the state university twelve years prior. Anita is very attractive at 5' 4", 125 lbs with lovely feminine attributes: 34, 24, 35 and I'm crazy in love and lust with her.

I'm Jack Fillmore and work as an engineer in the same company as my wife. I'm 37 and stand 6' 1" at 165 lbs. I work out to stay in shape. We both enjoy playing golf and make up a foursome often with friends.

We'd met at a company picnic and it was love at first sight for me. It must have been the same for her, because after a whirlwind courtship we were married six months later. We've been married for seven years now and have just bought the house we been living in now 3 months ago. It was the home where we planned to start our family and Anita was going off her birth control pills when she got back from this trip. We were excited about having a family and she was planning to be a stay-at-home mom until the kids started school. Our parents both lived in the area and I know they were anticipating us to start a family soon.

After breakfast I loaded Anita's travel bag in her car and kissed her goodbye. She had tears in her eyes as she got in her car to leave.

"Pretty soon I hope I won't be traveling sweetheart, then I won't have to go through these goodbyes. I hate them."

"I hate them as much as you do honey. I reassured her. I'll see you Friday evening and we'll just have take-out so you can rest."

"Sounds good. Bye"

I watched as she backed out of the garage and into the street. I waved as she left and then trudged into the house to complete my preparations to go to the office.

Arriving at work I made my way up to the engineering department and picked up a cup of coffee from the break room before heading to my desk. I was hardly seated when my phone rang.

"Fillmore" I announced to whoever was calling.

"Jack, can you come into my office for a minute?"

"Sure Evan,. I'll be right there."

Evan was my boss and I picked up my coffee and headed for his office. Entering he waved me to a chair.

"Jack, I think you'll like this. I remember your telling me last Friday Anita would be traveling this week so I have a little trip for you if you're interested. Gil Hawkins, our field service engineer in California, is sick and can't handle a problem a customer in San Jose is having with one of our models. You've got more experience on that model than anyone so would you like to head out to San Jose and check it out?"

"Hey, there's nothing much doing here right now and you're right, I'm batching it this week. So when do you want me out there?"

"Right away, Get Kathy to get your reservations and tickets and you can give the customer a ring to find out what the problem is andlet them know you're coming."

"Sounds good. I'll get right on it. I was beginning to feel a little more enthusiastic about life. "I can get home, pack and pick up a flight out of here this afternoon and then be at the customers place in the morning."

OK, have a good trip."

I stopped at the desk of Evan's secretary, Kathy, and told her what I needed in terms of flights and reservations and then stopped at my desk to call the customer and define his problem before heading home to pack. I grinned to myself on the way home because a plan was forming in my mind that if I finished quickly I could surprise my wife with a stop in Denver on my way home. The prospect of spending a couple of days with her in Denver was becoming more exciting by the minute.

While awaiting my flight to depart at the airport I called Anita's cell phone but she didn't pick up on it so I left a voice message that I'd be staying at my folks for a couple of days and to reach me on my cell when she called in the evenings.

Everything worked out fine, I was in at the customer's place Tuesday morning, made the necessary adjustments to the equipment and had it checked out and running satisfactorily by afternoon.

Going back to my hotel I called the airline and got on a flight that would have me in Denver at 9 PM mountain time. Checking out of the hotel in San Jose I headed for the airport in San Francisco where I had dinner. While I was eating, Anita called me on my cell and we conversed for a few minutes. She asked me how my folks were doing and I responded as though I were at their house. She told me that negotiations were moving ahead but she was tired and would spend a quiet evening in her hotel room. We said our goodbyes with expressions of love and after eating, boarded my flight.

At 9:45 I checked in at the desk at Anita's suite hotel and after verifying my identity they gave me a card to gain entry to her suite.

Quietly entering her suite there was a lamp on over the computer table and her lap top was on it-closed, but no sign of Anita. I put down my suitcase and looked in the bedroom but it was empty also as was the bathroom.

Oh well, I figured, she hasn't gotten back to her room yet, I'll sit down and wait or maybe I'll go down and check the lounge to see if she's there. Then I noticed that the door to the adjoining room was ajar.

I went over to it and it opened quietly on well oiled hinges. Looking around the living room in the adjoining suite, but saw no one. Puzzled I stepped into the room and suddenly heard a groan from the bedroom.

My gut took a wrench and I suddenly broke out in a sweat as I made my way quietly to the bedroom door. My heart may not have stopped but my breathing did at what I saw there in the dimly lit room.

Anita was naked facing me, astride a man, whose face I couldn't see, on the bed with his cock deep inside her. Her eyes were closed and she was gently riding him in apparent ecstacy of pre- orgiastic bliss as his hands were tweaking her breasts and nipples.

My first impulse was to rush in and confront her and beat the guy to a pulp but reason overcame my emotions as I slowly backed away from the door and I returned to her suite. Opening my travel bag I took out the digital camera I'd brought along to get some souvenir pictures and returned to the other bedroom door. I turned off the flash and set the camera for dim light photos then stood there, calmly, taking several pictures of the scene on the bed without either of them noticing my presence. The two of them were so involved with their activities that they had their eyes closed and were totally unaware of their surroundings.

Before returning to her suite I checked the briefcase open on the table and found a business card and checked the name. Sam Harris, the chief negotiator for our company. I put the card in my pocket.

Going back into her suite I took out a camera/computer interface cable I carried with me and attached the camera to her laptop. Our laptops had the same photo program so it was a simple matter to down load a picture from my camera and set it up on her desktop. Then I repacked my camera in my travel bag and quietly left her suite. Before leaving I heard her cry out as she had an orgasm. I almost broke down and cried right there, but kept going to the elevator.

It was slowly becoming apparent as I got in the elevator that our marriage was most likely finished. How could we stay together and have children if I couldn't trust her? When you decide to have children a marriage has to be based on unshakeable trust in one another, otherwise a breakup later on would be devestating to the children, expensive for the husband and the difficulties of being a single parent for the wife. No, there was no other way except divorce now. The years we had invested in one another were lost I thought.

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