Does My Ass Look Fat?

by David Caspian

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A husband with an ass fetish's response to the age old question.

George Harris a young average dark haired married man secretly had an ass fetish that he had never told his wife about. Part of him was worried that she would never understand how deeply he loved her curvy ass.

One morning as he got ready for work he noticed his wife looking herself over in the mirror paying close attention to her ass. Off the side he couldn't help but admire it but quickly pretended to do something else when she turned around.

Heading down stares he poured himself when he heard his wife calling him. Setting the box of cereal on the table he put the milk back in the fridge and headed up to their room.

Once there he found Lexi Harris looking worriedly at her ass.

"Honey does my ass look fat to you?" Lexi asked

This was not the first time she had asked him this question and he had told her before that her ass was fine, not wanting to give away too much, but now something told him to take a chance.

Acting like he was exasperated from having to do this one more time George said, "Fine come over here and I'll take a look."

In her present state of mind Lexi didn't think anything of it and came over to the bed where he was now standing.

"Looks fine from here but bend over so I can get a different view of it, and take off your panties." George said barely managing to keep his voice calm.

He was about to get a close up view of his wife's ass: something he had never been able to do before in their one year of marriage.

It took all his self control not to tremble as he felt Lexi's ass for firmness.

Lexi was nicely tanned Italian woman in her early twenties just like George who kept herself in good shape. With small tits a small body hers really was a focus. Beautiful firm and curved it too was tanned with a small tan lines where she wore her bathing suit.

George had tried to convince her to wear a thong but she was too self conscious about her ass and didn't feel comfortable showing it off without a little support.

Not too big but definitely not small, George loved how it filled a pair of jean pants making a heart shape. Like an upside down heart it started at the waist, and branched downward and out forming two fine curves at the bottom. Even now he could not help but bask in its magnificence as it was free from the confines of clothing.

As he brought his face closer looking like he was studying her cheeks his focus drifted to his wife's tight asshole. Licking his lips he decided to go for broke believing he would never get an opportunity like this again.

Grabbing her ass he buried his face between those gorgeous cheeks licking her asshole.

Lexi's response was almost immediately as she began to moan gripping the bed sheets. She had never felt anything like it and found it a welcome surprise.

"What are you doing to me?" Lexi asked her breath ragged from the pleasure his tongue was giving her.

"Just worshipping your beautiful ass baby. I can't take it anymore. I have wanted it for the first time I saw it. Please don't make me stop." George confessed.

Looking back at him she saw the desperation and lust in his eyes.

"Okay but be gentle." Lexi said giving in to the whole situation admitting to herself that it felt so good.

Going back to her asshole George tongued her ass licking it with a combination of short and long strokes of his tongue. He loved this as it was a dream coming true.

Slipping his tongue he began face fucking her ass making Lexi cry out her eyes wide as she came. Pulling his tongue out George's hands lightly rubbed her cheeks giving her light slaps on each of them.

Wetting one of his fingers he slipped into her ass slowly forcing it in. Once it was totally inside he began to rub her clit as fucked her ass with his finger. In less than a minute Lexi was coming again and this time much harder than before due to the double stimulation he was giving her.

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