Slave on Mars

by David Caspian

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Slavery, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young male astronaut is captured on the far away red planet Mars. Awakening in a case naked and alone he wonders what may lay in store for him.

Part 1

Liam Fish was one of the youngest astronaughts to ever walk on the moon. An eighteen year old man he was the poster boy of NASA: incredibly smart with super male model good looks. The media loved him and he had his easy picking of young available women.

His body was of a slim build but had enough muscle to it to not make him totally slender. He stood at about 5'10 and had deep blue eyes with blond hair cut to about a medium length to keep it manageable.

If there was any feature that he wasn't totally proud of it was his hands. They were not ugly by any means but quite the opposite. He always remembered hearing the comment on how pretty they were from the women that noticed them.

In response Liam had the tendency to keep gloves on or try to stick them in his pockets when he first met women uncomfortable with this description. Very self conscious about them he would notice the difference between hands at that of others, and had performed a lot of manual labor to help callus up his palms making them more manly.

A young bachelor Liam was spending that particular morning on the red surface of the Mars with his little Mars rover alone. He had just checked in when he noticed a Mars rock of some interest. Getting out of the little vehicle he made his way up the small hill and bent down to pick it up.

You can imagine his surprise when something struck him from behind sending electric currents through his body putting him down. As he rolled over his vision growing dim Liam thought he saw a feminine figure in front of him, which was strange because there weren't any women on his team. Stunned and unable to move he found he was helpless against whoever had done this to him.

Lifted off the ground he felt as if he were being carried for some distance. The sound of an explosion could be heard as he slipped off into unconsciousness.

Liam awoke to find a metal collar on his throat attached to a long chain. Feeling a cold air touch his skin Liam shivered. Besides the collar he noticed that he was naked and in a cage of some kind in the middle of a dark room. Feeling the car he noticed it had a metallic smoothness but was warm to the touch as if accepting his heat easily like an extension of his body.

A light turned on over head as a tall black haired woman entered. She must have been over six feet from the look over and larger than him in both width and size. Her body was covered with a blue cloth that covered, and secured her breasts in place while a loincloth of the same color covered her pussy.

Unlike most human clothing it did that if just barely. Upon closer inspection Liam could see the hint of nipples even under her makeshift bra but strangely enough in comparison while her loincloth that hung freely between her long smooth legs did actually hide her pubic area.

Liam guessed the material they used for clothing was not totally dissimilar from Earth own linen fibers which their women also used especially in Ancient Egypt.

If this were any indication of their culture Liam guessed that this area was more important to hide while the breasts and everywhere else weren't. Looking at the rest of her body she had no visible scars on her bare skin or birthmarks as he could tell.

At first glance she would have looked like slightly tan Caucasian or Latin female depending how you looked at it. Liam had seen many Italian women with similar features.

The differences between this woman and human woman could be seen in her broader, and definitely taller frame as she easily towered above him.

If he were to notice any interesting adornments on her there was a bracelet on her left wrist, which was covered in a strange writing that Liam didn't recognize from any of his studies of ancient or modern cultures on Earth.

Her eyes were a deep lovely brown and her face held no hint of makeup but also seemed to have no flaw to it. Her eyebrows were trimmed to keep them from growing wild and her skin on her face was smooth without any hint of hair.

Her body was toned and in perfect shape but had a feminine smoothness to it along with all its curves. Rocked abs and toned arms and legs gave her the look of stability and strength.

Even her hands were a strange mixture of femininity and power as he could from how they looked from where he sat. Part of Liam wondered exactly how strong she was, but part of him didn't want to find out.

The woman had trimmed nails on her hands and feet that were also unadorned but manicured. She wore no foot wear choosing instead to walk bare foot just like him.

Gazing down at him she was indeed beautiful but it was her smile that made Liam curl up into a ball in a corner of the cage. It was the look of a predator open and hungry, and right now she was looking at him. When he thought about it everything about this woman seemed to match the description of Lioness beautiful but also dangerous.

A sudden cry of pain from somewhere down the hall outside the room caused Liam to jump at the sound of it.

"Sssh it's alright come here." The woman said soothingly opening the cage for him.

When he hesitated a smile all most sweet showed on her face as the strange woman said, "You don't want me to come in there after you do you? Your pilot did that earlier and as you can hear the results were not pleasant."

It was only then that Liam recognized the cry he had heard earlier. Slowly gathering his courage he slowly got up approaching the cage door.

"That's it. Such a good boy. My aren't you lovely. Much better than the others." She said as he crawled out.

The cage had been too small to stand up in and Liam found it a relief to stand up.

"There you go. Doesn't that feel better? Now turn around for me so I can have a good look at you." She said looking him over taking a seat in a cushioned chair.

Glancing at the open door as he turned around Liam made a sudden break for it. Right when he reached the threshold a hand that seemed to come from nowhere caught him, and threw him back inside.

Landing hard on his back pain shot through his body. Before he could rise the same hand grabbed a handful of his hair lifting him up.

Turning to see who it was Liam saw a brunette who was little shorter than the black haired one, but held a strong resemblance to her. Liam guessed that they were sisters by the look of them. The second one was dressed similar to the first one except that her clothes were green.

Even her hair and eyes were the same color adding to the uncanny resemblance between the two women.

"Don't look at me slave!" The brunette said snarling and giving him hard slap to the face.

Now he was experiencing first hand the power hidden in those beautiful hands of theirs, and it hurt like hell.

Wincing in pain he immediately turned away from her. This did not seem to stop her from wanting to punish him further.

"You shouldn't have run." The second woman said grasping his throat from behind while twisting his right nipple hard.

Pain shot through his body and he tried to get away but the brunette held him in place choking him when he struggled too much.

Liam stopped struggling and instead stood there whimpering as she continued to twist, and pull his nipple until it changed color. Judging by her breathing she was quite enjoying this.

"That is enough Sen'ya. I believe he has learned his lesson. Now come to me my precious." The first woman said motioning to him.

Looking back fearfully at the second woman Liam was eager to get away from her. Moving hurriedly at first he slowed as he neared the woman sitting before him.

Patting her lap she indicated she wanted to sit down. Doing as he was told he trembled as she stroked his chest softly gasping as she touched his still pained nipple.

"Sen'ya is very cruel isn't she my lovely? But I'm not. I reward good behavior. My name is Sanna'ya but you can call me mistress.

We Harreden females alien to your home planet of Earth. Out of curiosity we wanted to meet some of your males, and see what you might have to offer.

Out here alone it will be sometime before your people can even confirm you disappearance especially when we are mimicking your progress reports at the schedule times. By the time they figure out you are missing it will be far too late.

Now I want you to do something for me." The dark haired woman said whispering in his ear.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself Liam decided submission was the best policy right now.

"What is it mistress?" Liam asked.

"There is my lovely boy. Your mistress wants you to taste her and make her cum. Can do that for me?" Sanna'ya said.

When Liam thought about it that didn't sound so bad. Glancing back the smiling Sen'ya he would have done just about anything to keep away from her at that moment. When comparing the two of them Sanna'ya seemed the safer option between them. At least she didn't seem out to hurt him.

Nodding Liam said, "Yes mistress."

"Good. Now get on your knees in front of me." Sanna'ya said giving him his cheek a kiss before letting him up.

Getting up Liam immediately turned to face her, sinking to his knees. Spreading her legs Sanna'ya waited patiently for him to start licking.

Deciding to move her light blue loincloth out of the way Sanna'ya revealed her lovely clean shaven pussy. It was a breathtaking sight Liam had to admit and he had to admit that he might enjoy this.

Kneeling before her Liam noticed his cock hardening almost immediately as he smelled her pussy. Curious he moved in giving her lips a testing lick. What he found was a sweet glorious taste that sent his taste buds wild.

No longer hesitating Liam immediately moved in licking fervently at the tall woman's pussy trying desperately to get as much of her sweet cream as he could.

Sanna'ya gasped in delight at her eager slave who was quickly bringing her to an orgasm. Even as she came Liam did not stop but kept going; wanting more.

Gasping Sanna'ya's breathing increased as she experienced her first time ever receiving head. In their studies of human culture she had heard about it and wanted to experience it herself. Now she was glad she had as Liam seemed well adept at it.

The feeling of his wet tongue on her pussy made her adore her little slave all the more for being able to do this to her.

Harreden males love making technique was fairly straight forward just like most Harreden. The main purpose of sex was breeding not pleasure like this. Pleasure was merely a side effect not the focus.

The humans had a different outlook on sex and Sanna'ya found herself envying their females.

"Oh he's so eager. I have never felt this good. But enough my sweet come here." Sanna'ya said, "I want to reward you."

Now Liam was reluctant to leave despite the promise of a reward, but still he took a seat on her lap as she commanded.

"You are such a darling little man. You should really try one of these humans sister. Of course you'll have to be nice to them first, that should pose as a problem for you." Sanna'ya said gently tilting his head back, so she could kiss his lips.

"They do seem to enjoy our sexual fluids a lot more than normal. I wonder..." Sen'ya began then stopped looking at the other woman.

Looking from one to the other Liam got the sudden feeling that they were communicating based on changes in their facial expressions. It took only a few moments before they were done.

"An interesting idea. I shall have to try it." Sanna'ya said beginning to stroke Liam's already erect penis.

Taking a hold of his member Sanna'ya started to jack him off starting out slowly, before gradually increasing the speed. Soon her hand was a blur her pheromones causing Liam to provide much needed lubrication as he started to have mini orgasms.

Sanna'ya like her sister was quite adept in her mental abilities and experimentally used them on Liam's pleasure centers in his brain. In less than a minute Liam was cumming spurting semen all over the place gasping for air. Sweating heavily he leaned his head back his hair and body soaked.

It was a first time for Liam as well since it was the first time a woman had jacked him off like that and he found it such a turn on. Sanna'ya's fingers had done their work expertly not hurting him once during the entire thing.

The cool air from the room quickly began lower his body temperature back to normal. While Sanna'ya smeared some of his cum on her hand bringing it to her mouth Liam was only beginning to recover.

"Ummm he's delicious. I have never tasted anything like it. So sweet and tasty." Sanna'ya said closing her eyes with a smile relishing its creamy and sugary texture and taste on her tongue.

"An interesting feature in relations between our species. It seems we share a taste for each other. Perhaps you should run a study on it." Sen'ya suggested her eyes locking with Liam's in a way he didn't like.

Something told him she was trying something but her sister was too preoccupied to notice.

"I suppose I could. Hand me a test tube for the collection." Sanna'ya said trying to hide her excitement at the thought of this discovery.

A proud scientist she lived for things like this. Secretly she was also curious if breeding worked both ways not just Harreden male to human female. Technically there was no law or custom among her people that said they couldn't do such a thing, but it still wasn't looked highly on.

According to her culture Liam was considered an inferior species. While having sex with them to improve their species genetics was encouraged as Diun'ja was doing right now on their world walking among them, breeding with them in the way she was thinking was not.

One didn't invite an inferior sentient to share in all their advantages, not until they had proven themselves worthy. Unfortunately for everyone else concerned Sanna'ya was becoming quite attached to this male.

While he was physically lovely she sensed a certain potential in him. It was not surprising in her mind bearing on the fact that their two peoples looked so much a like. Humans were not unlike her own ancestors in the beginning, before they had begun their genetic advancement.

While smaller and weaker physically they were the closest species in relation the Harreden had ever encountered to themselves.

Sanna'ya's thoughts were interrupted from further scrutiny on the subject when her sister entered. Making sure her mental shields were firmly in place she smiled at her, and reached for the container.

Sen'ya handed it to her with her own mind equally blank to her sister. It was not an unusual occurrence for Harreden to be very private blocking all others out. Open minds revealed weakness and strength was the only admired among their general society.

Making Liam cum one last time Sanna'ya had him stand up while she left to begin her experiments. Getting up Liam was left facing Sen'ya has her older sister was leaving.

"Do not abuse him sister or you will feel my wrath! Take him to my room I will return there in a few hours." Was all Sanna'ya said as she left the room.

"Oh I wouldn't think of it." Sen'ya said looking at Liam the whole time a feral smile appearing on her face.

Closing the door behind her Sen'ya said, "Well it seems we are alone, and to put it bluntly I too am curious about you. I have studied your human culture and found many interesting things."

Her eyes looked away towards the wall behind him. Turning around Liam noticed a table covered with a black cloth sitting against it. Looking back at Sen'ya he wondered what was under there.

"Oh you'll find out soon enough slave. Now place your hands on this wall and spread your legs." Sen'ya said pointing to the wall to her right not far from the door.

Doing as he was told Liam heard her say, "Stay there and don't turn around or you'll regret it."

Making sure to do just that Liam waited for whatever she planned to do the tension building. When he felt something press against his asshole he involuntarily jumped which earned him a hard smack to this ass.

Sucking in a breath he heard Sen'ya say, "I said don't move bitch! Now hold still."

Taking a deep breath Liam tried to steady his nerves before Sen'ya started to force the object she was holding in. Slipping it in inch by inch Liam moaned as new nerve endings seemed to come alive making the entire experience highly pleasurable.

When Sen'ya had the dildo all way in she switched it on, causing Liam to grit his teeth to keep from moaning.

"I know you like this bitch now tell me how much of a whore you are, and how you love this." Sen'ya said whispering into his ear.

It took all of Liam's self control not to say it. Secretly he knew she was right but he wasn't about to admit how turned on he was. He refused to give that final satisfaction no matter what the cost.

When he didn't say anything Sen'ya started to withdraw the dildo slowly saying, "Well I guess if you don't want it I can always stop."

Without realizing what he was saying Liam cried, "No!"

Pausing the dildo almost out of his ass Sen'ya said, "What is it slave? Do you have something to say to me?"

Closing his eyes Liam fought with himself part of him not wanting to submit. The pleasure she promised was far more than he had ever felt in his life, and already he could feel his will weakening.

"Well?" Sen'ya asked patiently.

"I am a whore and I love it." Liam said choosing to give in.

"And whose whore are you?" Sen'ya asked.

"Yours mistress." Liam said.

Kissing the back of his neck Sen'ya said, "Such a good little slut. Here's your reward."

Slipping the toy back in all the way Sen'ya began fucking his ass slowly and deeply building a rhythm. As she worked his tight hole Sen'ya would look at the look of pure ecstasy on his face, and how he closed his eyes moaning like a whore.

As these feelings grew more intense Liam felt his legs turn to jelly and he began to slip slowly to the floor, his legs weakening. The fucking did not stop even as ended up on his knees the constant slow in, and out motion of Sen'ya's thrusts into his ass continuing to bring him pleasure.

Sen'ya began kissing his back leaning body weight behind each thrust causing the toy to travel further in than ever before.

This caused Liam to cry out, "Oh fuck, oh fuck!"

As new nerve endings were exposed to the toy fucking him as it traveled deeper and deeper. Just as he felt himself building to an orgasm Sen'ya stopped withdrawing the toy.

Tears came to Liam's eyes at the loss of fulfillment. Whimpering he was not sure what he had done to deserve this.

All he wanted was the final release that was being denied to him, and felt so open and vulnerable.

"Please mistress." Liam begged.

"Silence slut! Now get on your feet and turn and face me." Sen'ya barked.

Rising as he had been told Liam turned around letting the tears fall his body and mind broken. Taking him by surprise Sen'ya grabbed him by the waste hoisting him clear off the ground before he knew what was happening.

Opening her mouth she engulfed his hard cock in one movement taking him into her mouth and down her throat. Liam quickly wrapped his legs and arms around her head afraid of falling looking back down at the ground.

As Sen'ya began licking and sucking him Liam's eyes grew wide at the incredible sensation. As Sen'ya's mouth began to suck and lick him harder Liam found his orgasm was fast approaching, her tongue and the suction she was giving him working their magic.

The closer he got the weaker he became as all of his strength was going directly to his building orgasm, and soon he let go his arms and legs growing slack as the first climax took him.

Only Sen'ya was keeping him from falling at that point as he began spurting in her mouth. With each massive spurt Liam's body contorted and relaxed powering it down Sen'ya waiting throat his prostrate pushed to its limits.

Held there completely helpless and dominated Liam's mouth hung open in a voiceless series of cries as he continued to come again and again.

When Sen'ya gulped the last bit of his creamy fluid down into her belly she set him gently down on the ground. As his feet touched the floor she saw that his legs could not support his weight at first and his eyes were in a daze.

His body was burning up from being overworked and the strange collar he was wearing seemed to take on the coldness of the surrounding air using it to bring his body temperature back to normal levels.

A light slap to his face brought him back to his senses as he looked drowsily at her his face and body now totally drenched in sweat. Even his hair was completely soaked as she looked him over.

Holding him up until he started to recover she soon released him watching him stumble as he tried to stay on his feet.

Lifting his chin with one hand Sen'ya looked directly into his eyes saying, "This will be our little secret won't it my little slut?"

Liam was only able to nod, his mouth now incapable of forming coherent words.

Satisfied with his answer she patted him on the butt, before jerking on the chain to lift him onto the balls of his feet.

"That's my nice little whore. Now kiss me." Sen'ya said holding the chain tightly so he could go back down.

Bending her head down she stopped inches above his uplifted face. Understanding what she wanted Liam stood on his tippy toes, and kissed her lips tasting the saltiness of his cum on them before she let him back down.

Sen'ya led him out of the room by his chain taking her down the simple, and cold metallic hall to a door that looked just like the others.

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