Slave on Mars

by David Caspian

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Slavery, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young male astronaut is captured on the far away red planet Mars. Awakening in a case naked and alone he wonders what may lay in store for him.

Part 1

Liam Fish was one of the youngest astronaughts to ever walk on the moon. An eighteen year old man he was the poster boy of NASA: incredibly smart with super male model good looks. The media loved him and he had his easy picking of young available women.

His body was of a slim build but had enough muscle to it to not make him totally slender. He stood at about 5'10 and had deep blue eyes with blond hair cut to about a medium length to keep it manageable.

If there was any feature that he wasn't totally proud of it was his hands. They were not ugly by any means but quite the opposite. He always remembered hearing the comment on how pretty they were from the women that noticed them.

In response Liam had the tendency to keep gloves on or try to stick them in his pockets when he first met women uncomfortable with this description. Very self conscious about them he would notice the difference between hands at that of others, and had performed a lot of manual labor to help callus up his palms making them more manly.

A young bachelor Liam was spending that particular morning on the red surface of the Mars with his little Mars rover alone. He had just checked in when he noticed a Mars rock of some interest. Getting out of the little vehicle he made his way up the small hill and bent down to pick it up.

You can imagine his surprise when something struck him from behind sending electric currents through his body putting him down. As he rolled over his vision growing dim Liam thought he saw a feminine figure in front of him, which was strange because there weren't any women on his team. Stunned and unable to move he found he was helpless against whoever had done this to him.

Lifted off the ground he felt as if he were being carried for some distance. The sound of an explosion could be heard as he slipped off into unconsciousness.

Liam awoke to find a metal collar on his throat attached to a long chain. Feeling a cold air touch his skin Liam shivered. Besides the collar he noticed that he was naked and in a cage of some kind in the middle of a dark room. Feeling the car he noticed it had a metallic smoothness but was warm to the touch as if accepting his heat easily like an extension of his body.

A light turned on over head as a tall black haired woman entered. She must have been over six feet from the look over and larger than him in both width and size. Her body was covered with a blue cloth that covered, and secured her breasts in place while a loincloth of the same color covered her pussy.

Unlike most human clothing it did that if just barely. Upon closer inspection Liam could see the hint of nipples even under her makeshift bra but strangely enough in comparison while her loincloth that hung freely between her long smooth legs did actually hide her pubic area.

Liam guessed the material they used for clothing was not totally dissimilar from Earth own linen fibers which their women also used especially in Ancient Egypt.

If this were any indication of their culture Liam guessed that this area was more important to hide while the breasts and everywhere else weren't. Looking at the rest of her body she had no visible scars on her bare skin or birthmarks as he could tell.

At first glance she would have looked like slightly tan Caucasian or Latin female depending how you looked at it. Liam had seen many Italian women with similar features.

The differences between this woman and human woman could be seen in her broader, and definitely taller frame as she easily towered above him.

If he were to notice any interesting adornments on her there was a bracelet on her left wrist, which was covered in a strange writing that Liam didn't recognize from any of his studies of ancient or modern cultures on Earth.

Her eyes were a deep lovely brown and her face held no hint of makeup but also seemed to have no flaw to it. Her eyebrows were trimmed to keep them from growing wild and her skin on her face was smooth without any hint of hair.

Her body was toned and in perfect shape but had a feminine smoothness to it along with all its curves. Rocked abs and toned arms and legs gave her the look of stability and strength.

Even her hands were a strange mixture of femininity and power as he could from how they looked from where he sat. Part of Liam wondered exactly how strong she was, but part of him didn't want to find out.

The woman had trimmed nails on her hands and feet that were also unadorned but manicured. She wore no foot wear choosing instead to walk bare foot just like him.

Gazing down at him she was indeed beautiful but it was her smile that made Liam curl up into a ball in a corner of the cage. It was the look of a predator open and hungry, and right now she was looking at him. When he thought about it everything about this woman seemed to match the description of Lioness beautiful but also dangerous.

A sudden cry of pain from somewhere down the hall outside the room caused Liam to jump at the sound of it.

"Sssh it's alright come here." The woman said soothingly opening the cage for him.

When he hesitated a smile all most sweet showed on her face as the strange woman said, "You don't want me to come in there after you do you? Your pilot did that earlier and as you can hear the results were not pleasant."

It was only then that Liam recognized the cry he had heard earlier. Slowly gathering his courage he slowly got up approaching the cage door.

"That's it. Such a good boy. My aren't you lovely. Much better than the others." She said as he crawled out.

The cage had been too small to stand up in and Liam found it a relief to stand up.

"There you go. Doesn't that feel better? Now turn around for me so I can have a good look at you." She said looking him over taking a seat in a cushioned chair.

Glancing at the open door as he turned around Liam made a sudden break for it. Right when he reached the threshold a hand that seemed to come from nowhere caught him, and threw him back inside.

Landing hard on his back pain shot through his body. Before he could rise the same hand grabbed a handful of his hair lifting him up.

Turning to see who it was Liam saw a brunette who was little shorter than the black haired one, but held a strong resemblance to her. Liam guessed that they were sisters by the look of them. The second one was dressed similar to the first one except that her clothes were green.

Even her hair and eyes were the same color adding to the uncanny resemblance between the two women.

"Don't look at me slave!" The brunette said snarling and giving him hard slap to the face.

Now he was experiencing first hand the power hidden in those beautiful hands of theirs, and it hurt like hell.

Wincing in pain he immediately turned away from her. This did not seem to stop her from wanting to punish him further.

"You shouldn't have run." The second woman said grasping his throat from behind while twisting his right nipple hard.

Pain shot through his body and he tried to get away but the brunette held him in place choking him when he struggled too much.

Liam stopped struggling and instead stood there whimpering as she continued to twist, and pull his nipple until it changed color. Judging by her breathing she was quite enjoying this.

"That is enough Sen'ya. I believe he has learned his lesson. Now come to me my precious." The first woman said motioning to him.

Looking back fearfully at the second woman Liam was eager to get away from her. Moving hurriedly at first he slowed as he neared the woman sitting before him.

Patting her lap she indicated she wanted to sit down. Doing as he was told he trembled as she stroked his chest softly gasping as she touched his still pained nipple.

"Sen'ya is very cruel isn't she my lovely? But I'm not. I reward good behavior. My name is Sanna'ya but you can call me mistress.

We Harreden females alien to your home planet of Earth. Out of curiosity we wanted to meet some of your males, and see what you might have to offer.

Out here alone it will be sometime before your people can even confirm you disappearance especially when we are mimicking your progress reports at the schedule times. By the time they figure out you are missing it will be far too late.

Now I want you to do something for me." The dark haired woman said whispering in his ear.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself Liam decided submission was the best policy right now.

"What is it mistress?" Liam asked.

"There is my lovely boy. Your mistress wants you to taste her and make her cum. Can do that for me?" Sanna'ya said.

When Liam thought about it that didn't sound so bad. Glancing back the smiling Sen'ya he would have done just about anything to keep away from her at that moment. When comparing the two of them Sanna'ya seemed the safer option between them. At least she didn't seem out to hurt him.

Nodding Liam said, "Yes mistress."

"Good. Now get on your knees in front of me." Sanna'ya said giving him his cheek a kiss before letting him up.

Getting up Liam immediately turned to face her, sinking to his knees. Spreading her legs Sanna'ya waited patiently for him to start licking.

Deciding to move her light blue loincloth out of the way Sanna'ya revealed her lovely clean shaven pussy. It was a breathtaking sight Liam had to admit and he had to admit that he might enjoy this.

Kneeling before her Liam noticed his cock hardening almost immediately as he smelled her pussy. Curious he moved in giving her lips a testing lick. What he found was a sweet glorious taste that sent his taste buds wild.

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