All Steamed Up

by Llew Corniach

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A late night at the fitness center and a hot woman.

Due to my working second shift, I needed to join a gym that had 24 hour access so I could get in a workout after wards. Most of the ones I could find in the phone book were too far away from my apartment, but as luck would have it, my neighbor told me about the one she want to. "It's just over near the mall", she said, "and it's open 24 hours". The reason I asked her where she worked out was an obvious ruse to initiate a conversation with her. You could definitely tell she worked out... One glimpse of her in that crop top would tell you. From her toned arms, small but perk breasts, her flat belly, and down her tanned legs, you could tell she was no stranger to the treadmill.

"Thank you for the info, " I replied, "maybe I'll see you there sometime". Her response was "I'm usually there after work... around 5 or 6pm". "Oh shoot." I said, "well, maybe not then.""I go after work as well, but it's not till around 11pm." "Oh, OK", was her reply with a flip of her blond hair. I watched her walk away. That was one of the joys of being her neighbor, watching that beautiful bubble of an ass of hers saunter off.

It was nearing midnight as I was finishing my workout one night. Not too long after joining the club my neighbor recommended. I had as yet to see her there, but chalked it up to timing. Although, I do have to admit I was looking forward to watching her do lunges. I had been working my muscles pretty good that night and decided that a trip to the sauna was what I needed before I headed home for sleep. Little did I know then that my night was going to get a lot more interesting.

With a towel wrapped around my waist, I walked out of the men's locker room and headed for the sauna. When I looked up after opening the door, there she was. "Hey there neighbor", she said, "I had a thought you might head here." "Well, Hi", I responded, "How did you come to that conclusion?" "Welllll, you were working out pretty hard there and I figured you might head to either here or the steam room after wards", she said with her eyes gazing up at me through heavy lids. "You were watching me?", I asked confused, "I thought you were here only in the late afternoon?" Her answer took me completely by surprise. "I have a confession to make. I have been wanting you in the worst way and have been too afraid to say anything, so I figured I'd catch up with you here and see what might happen." Trying to keep my jaw from hitting the floor, I said, "There are easier ways to do that than this." "Yes, but not as much fun", she replied as she dropped her towel to the floor and let her hair out of the scrunchy that it had been tied back with.

Her body glistened with her sweat from the sauna as she shook out her golden mane, her b-cup breasts crowned by rapidly hardening chocolate nipples. A small stripe of hair the only marking above her womanhood as my eyes moved downwards. "Aren't you afraid of being caught?", I asked her. "That's part of the fun silly" she replied, "but if you want, let's go into the steam room." "Which one?", I asked as there was one in each of the men's and women's locker rooms. "Let's try yours first", she said. With that, she replaced the towel around herself and we padded off across the tile, hand in hand, towards the entrance to the men's changing area.

I cautiously peeked my head into the room, but saw a couple of the other guys who are regularly there at this time of night. "No luck here", I said with a frown, "Yours?" She walked over to the women's locker room and looked inside. "Nobody in here", she said with an impish grin. "Sounds good to me", I replied and we headed off into the locker room and into the steam bath.

The steam in the room was thick. Providing a cloud of mist to cover our carnal activities. "Mmmmm", she moaned as she dropped the towel again, "I love a good steam bath". "I do too", I said, "especially when it's shared" as I unwrapped my towel from my waist. My cock already starting to pulse at the sight of her naked body across the room. "Oh my!" she exclaimed as she caught sight of my rapidly stiffening manhood, " It seems that somebody still has some energy to burn off", she said as she crossed the room to kiss me. Our mouths locked, our hands running up and down each other as sweat beads formed on our skin providing a lubrication as our bodies pressed had against each other. My tongue softy passing in and out of her mouth as hers did mine. Her arms wrapped around my neck as my hands cupped her ass and pulled her even tighter against my now rock hard cock. My lips moved away from her mouth and down her cheek to her neck, alternating kisses and nibbles working my way from her neck to her shoulder. She lifted her head back and softly groaned as I continued to bite her neck and shoulder... tasting the sweet saltiness of her body. After I had worked my mouth back up to hers, she began the same with me, except she began to circle around behind me, finding my "secret spot" on the back of my neck that drives me wild. "oh my", she said when she noticed my reaction, "what have I found here?" I could only moan as she repeatedly kisses and bit it. her hands reached around my chest and traced her fingernails down through my crotch, eliciting yet another shiver from my pleasure racked body. After running her nails up and down my chest from behind as I could feel her hard nipples teasing my back, she gently cupped my balls and tickled them with those nails of hers. "AHHHHHHHH" was all that could escape my mouth. Her hands then began slowly gripping my rod and stroking it. "Well", I said, "you woke him up... now what?" and with that she turned me around and dropped to her knees.

The steam cycle must have started over just before that because as she took my cock into her mouth, I could only see the outline of her face. My hands and fingers running through her now wet hair as her mouth encompassed my dick and her tongue danced over the head of it. I moved to sit down and she followed, never allowing my manhood to exit her mouth. there on her knees in front of me, her head began to bob up and down on me as one hand softly stroked my shaft. Her mouth and technique were so good, my moans escaping my mouth as she worked my cock over... stopping only to gently suck on my balls and I moaned even more. "Oh God that feels so good!" I exclaimed, "Mmmmm, I'm gonna cum soon if you don't stop." That seemed to spur her on to completing the act as she doubled her efforts. Her mouth concentrating on the head as she stroked my shaft... I scooted my butt away from the wall as I began to unconsciously thrust my hips in rhythm with her bobs. "Oh god... I'm... gonnaaaaaa..." was all I could get out, her finger slipped into my asshole and probed against my prostate, before my cock unloaded my cum deep into her mouth.

My legs still shaking as she finished swallowing my seed and gently kissed the head of my now spent cock. "Oh dear lad that was awesome!" I let out in gasps. "Mmm, I'm glad you liked getting it as much as I liked giving it", she said. "Although, I do believe you owe me one now", she said as she sat down on the bench and spread her legs invitingly.

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