I Remember Poppa

by Smut Writer

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A woman recalls her very early years at the bedside of her dying father. A tribute.


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I sat looking at the old man sleeping in his bed. His face still looked the same save the added lines of age and the extra grey of his hair as he did when I was little.

He looked so peaceful with closed eyes I really hated to wake him but it was medication time.

"Poppa," I spoke softly. "Poppa it's time to wake up and take your meds."

His eyes fluttered and then opened. Even with his age his eyes were clear and alert.

"Sorry," he mumbled, "I must have dozed off. What were you saying? Oh yeah, my meds. Damn fool doctors insisting I take these horrible pills. Won't do any good I tell you."

Just the same Poppa raised his head, took the pills and swallowed the water to chase them down. His head returned to the pillow and he closed his eyes. As I stroked his salt and pepper hair I began to think back so many years before.

I was about six or seven the first time it happened. My brother and I were playing in the front room when the ball he was tossing went wild. It landed in Poppa's lap and he sat up suddenly and leaned forward. A groan escaped his lips and a few minutes later he got up and went to his and Momma's bedroom. The door closed and I was left wondering what happened.

A bit later the door opened and out came Poppa looking none the worse for wear. He sat back in his chair and smiled at us.

"What happened, Poppa? Why did you have to leave?" I asked with total innocence.

"Poppa had a pain and needed some time for it to go away," he said casually.

"Where does it hurt, Poppa? Can I help make the pain go away?"

"I'm fine," he replied. "Perhaps later we'll talk about it."

Nothing more was said on the subject and I soon forgot all about it. Well, forgot until the following day.

"Poppa, can we talk about your pain from yesterday?"

My brother being a couple of years younger than me had been put down for his afternoon nap when I had asked my question.

We went into his bedroom and he closed the door. Poppa had me sit on the side of the bed while he lay down on his back.

"Now for you to understand what I'm going to say I must show you so you will better understand," Poppa said. "At no time are you ever to say anything about what I show you and what we do."

I nodded my head as my eyes grew wide. Poppa was opening his pants and pulling them down his legs. I'd seen him in his underwear lots of times but for the first time he pulled them down, too. He began explaining the parts of his body that before that had always been inside his pants. I saw his 'thing' but it was really huge compared to the one my brother had. And below his 'thing' I saw this big heavy looking sack that had something inside. Actually as he explained it there were two things inside.

I remember him calling his 'thing' a penis but can't remember what he called that big heavy sack. His hand gently held the sack and Poppa explained about the pain.

"You should never touch or hold this in anyway except carefully," he was telling me. "My pain yesterday was because the ball hit me right here," he was saying lifting the sack, "and it really hurt. Men are very sensitive here and it doesn't take much to hurt them."

Poppa took my hand, turned it palm up and laid that sack in my hand. I can still remember how hot and heavy it felt as he showed me how I could hold and gently play with the things inside. Thinking back it seems he called them balls because that's what they were like. The more I played with the sack and the balls the more I began to like how it and they felt. After a while I noticed his 'thing' beginning to change. It was growing longer and moving up his belly while at the same time getting really thick. I started to ask Poppa about that when he said it was time to stop.

"Maybe another day I'll teach you about a mans penis and why it gets this way. Now you go watch TV and I'll be out soon."

Being a naturally curious little girl it was the next day when I began to pester Poppa about teaching me about his penis. Again my little brother was taking a nap when Poppa took me to his room. Like the day before I sat on the edge of his bed only this time Poppa took off all his clothes. He was on his back when he told me to play with his sack and balls like he had shown me. I was enjoying the feel of his heavy sack and watching as his penis slowly began to move.

It wasn't much at first but soon I could see it become thicker as well as longer. After a few more minutes it stood right up above his belly and bounced some. As I carefully played with his sack and balls Poppa began telling me about babies and how they were made.

"Inside the sack you have in your hand is the sperm that the man puts inside the woman. If you hurt that sack then the man won't have any sperm and the woman can't have babies. Now, would you like to see the sperm? You could make me very happy and help me feel really good."

I was eager to learn and would do anything to please my Poppa. He showed me how to hold his penis. Wrapping my small fingers around the long thick shaft I was amazed how hot it felt. It was hard yet the skin very soft. I began moving my hand up and down like Poppa had shown me and then I used both hands. The was so much penis even with both my hands on it there was a lot above my tiny fists.

Poppa explained about the clear liquid that was oozing from the small slit and how when it was smeared all over the head and shaft it made moving my hands easier. Beside, Poppa said, letting my hands slip over the bulging head made him feel so much better.

My arms were getting tired as I kept my hands moving up and down Poppa's penis but I wasn't about to quit until he had been made happy. After a few more minutes I could feel his penis getting harder and thicker. Poppa said he was about to show me his sperm and to move my hands faster. I did as he told me and I heard him breathing really loud and fast.

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