Road Trip

by Sir Lancelot 88

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, Rough, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A long trip alone takes an interesting turn.

I was cruising down a long stretch of deserted highway when I slowly began to creep up on a little, yellow Corvette with the top down. I was about to pull out and pass when I noticed the long, blond hair of the driver blowing in the wind. I slowed down to match her speed as my mind began to think of the possibilities, remote as they probably were.

We drove like that for half an hour, never seeing another car. Suddenly the Corvette swerved sharply to the left as pieces of rubber flew from the vicinity of the left front wheel. The car crossed into the other lane and then swerved back across the road towards the ditch. I hit my brakes hard to avoid running into it as I expected the car to go flipping across the field beside the road, but somehow the girl regained control and came to a stop as I pulled up behind her.

I got out and walked up beside the Corvette. "Are you OK?" I asked brilliantly. She sat clutching the wheel so tight her knuckles were white. "I'll be fine as soon as my heart starts beating again", she gasped. Then she looked up at me and smiled, "Boy, am I glad you were following me. I'd hate to be stuck out here all alone. Do you know how to change a tire?"

"Sure, no problem", I said with a grin. So, about 20 minutes later the job was done and I stood up to wipe my hands. She moved up real close to me and said with a sexy smile, "I really want to thank you."

I smiled back and said, "Oh, that's Ok, I'm glad I could help out." She giggled and took hold of my hand, "You don't understand, I REALLY want to thank you!" She looked over her shoulder at my car, "Come on, let's get in the back seat of your car." Now it was my hearts turn to stop.

We no sooner got inside the car when she went to work on my belt, undoing the buckle and tugging down my jeans and then my boxers. I didn't even have a hard on yet when she grabbed my cock and popped it into her mouth. The things her tongue did to the head of my cock changed that situation in a hurry. When she was satisfied with the condition of my erection, she stopped sucking and began to wiggle out of her jeans and panties. When she was naked from the waist down she laid back on the seat and spread her legs wide. I was about to bury my face in her pussy when she grabbed my ass and pulled me towards her. "Just fuck me!" she hissed.

Orders like that I follow very well. I positioned my cock at her entrance and slowly pushed it in. She was plenty wet enough and my cock slid in easily. She moaned, "Ooooh, that feels so good, fuck me hard." I proceeded to do just that, pumping my cock in and out of her slippery cunt as hard and fast as I could. "Ooooh", she squealed, "oh, yes, yes, fuck me, oh, yes, it feels so good, oh fuck yes, harder, make me cum!"

That certainly was my goal as I slammed my cock into her as hard as I could. I watched her face as she threw her head back and her eyes rolled back. Her body bucked and jerked under me as I continued to fuck her. I felt her cunt clamp down on my cock as the spasms of orgasm wracked her body. I showed her no mercy as my cock continued to pump in and out of her cunt, prolonging her orgasm as she gasped and squealed.

Unable to hold back any longer my cock released a jet of hot, thick jism into her cunt. At that instant there was a loud rap on the window behind me. I turned my head as my cock squirted again and was looking into the face of a large, black cop. I twisted off of her as my cock sprayed more cum over her pussy. I tried to find something to cover myself as the cop pulled open the door. "Well, what have we here?" he snarled.

I looked at the girl. She had made no attempt to cover herself, her legs still spread wide and small grin on her face, "I was just thanking this gentleman for fixing my flat tire."

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