What Are The Odds

by Marina Tete

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: an unexpected incident sparks a new realtionship between two strangers.

What are the odds...

Sitting in this city's cafe, I see several couples holding hands, touching, looking lovingly and appreciably at each other. My mind wanders on what they are thinking about. Could it be possible that two persons in love could think in the same way? Many people will disagree but I have a different view to offer. Of course this view doesn't apply to all cases at all times but it has some truth in it.

Let us consider imaginary M & S.

M is a beautiful young woman local to the city we are in while S is a shy young man coming to study in this city. They bump into each others at the same caf' I am addressing you from. M spills her soft drink right on S's clothes. His beige pants and blue shirt get soaked with the dark colored beverage. Although many might expect anger but S was very calm and sweetly smiled at her.

Feeling bad, M offered to clean up his clothes after the mess she caused. S agreed without thinking just to get to know this beautiful girl, and since he was shy and couldn't come up to talk to her this small accident worked to his best. M was the opposite of S, being sexy and always showing it off. Normally she dressed in revealing items to satisfy a deep pleasure from hungry stares.

At her house she asked S to change into some light shorts she produced, he shyly complied and went to the bathroom. In a few moments he called on her to come and take the things but she shocked him by opening the door and getting into the bathroom herself.

His face got beet red from embarrassment and his arousal started to rise in the soft shorts. M looked briefly at him then grabbed the clothes and pushed them into the washing-machine. This got them to stand there and do nothing, and of course she didn't stop herself from kneeling down every now and then to give him an amazing view of her bottom, not doing much help to his now evident arousal.

The situation in the bathroom was awkward, and S was the one mostly affected as he sat silently on the floor and tried incessantly to cover up his erection. While M kept on her subtle teasing and bending. She didn't understand what has gotten into her but this wanted a piece of that guy. The simple incident at the caf' has now evolved in a craving need within her.

She sat there quietly in front of him and devised a plan; she needed to him that instant and was going to do anything to get what she wanted. Next began the stepwise seduction, first she started to stretch her arms and holding them behind her head causing a major lift and expansion to take place in her already larger than average breasts, without any doubt S began to feel threatened. Reaching the wall she hit her hand against it and then faked her finger was hurt. Following supposedly the natural course she began to lusciously suck and lick her finger making him unconsciously groan.

Suddenly she stood up and faced him; in his hesitant state he got up and tried to exit the bathroom. But she was quick and held him between her and the wall. His eyes were fixed on her face but his whole body was shaking. She held his shoulders with her elbows forcing him to stand still in his place. Taking her time she felt up the young masculine face in front of her, passing her palms on his cheeks eyes and lips. At the last place she paused to softly pull them forwards and comment on their amazing thickness.

He was strangely calming down, usually he would have freaked out and almost faint from the intense excitement. M herself was amazed, due to opposite reasons, normally she would have made any guy please her at that point but this time her dominating power is falling in favor of gentleness to this man.

At that specific moment of time M &S shared the same thought of '' this one is really special'' Without knowing the exact effect they had on the other person was identical to their feelings.

S's hands awoke from their stillness and began to roam his captor, she was delighted with his actions and her moans rose in encouragement to persuade him to keep it up. Soon his work succeeded in removing her dress and she stood proudly in her white simple underwear. Her body was revealed and he took the chance really look at her for the first time.

He was speechless in front of her toned fine body, and her heaving breasts urging him to free them, he was wondering if she'd actually let him see more. She didn't keep him waiting, and her dominating side rose in attention. Stripping him out of the shorts without any struggle by him, His privates were exposed to her ogling eyes; happy with his endowment she immediately pushed him into her bedroom.

Once there, S took control and began to touch and massage the exposed parts of M's body. The feeling of her fair smooth skin was extremely satisfying and arousing to his horniness. It also caused goose pumps to spread all over her skin and moans to rise above the sound of their ragged breath. After minutes of this massage he decided that he wanted to see more, thus began the struggle to free her breast from their bindings. He was impatiently handling the straps till he unleashed them. Next he slid the panties down her legs.

M spread her naked glory on the bed before him; S couldn't take it in all at once and spent more minutes trying to ogle her beauty. She decided to urge him on by starting to touch herself; first she held her nipples with thumb and forefinger and lifted her breast to the max. he stared at her and even stepped close to heron the bed to see her actions closely.

Seeing this she moved her fingertips over her white rich skin, on her tummy and dwelled for a while tickling her own bellybutton. The poor boy didn't realize where she was heading and gasped in surprise when she spread her thighs lightly releasing some pink hues of what is hiding inside there. His attention was immediately swept towards the spread thighs and the treasures hiding in there. Of course he knew women had vaginas but all what he saw before we merely anatomical biology book pictures.

But now he was faced with the real live version, which made his brain burn with desire and his mouth water with lust and need. Her fingers reached the upper part of her wet treasures, she fumbled a bit with the scarce brown hairs she had there. S stared openly at what ever her hands touched, eager to learn her moves. He heard that females are very sensitive in these areas so he needed to understand how she does it.

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