The Power Failure

by Tabooteller

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A very horny wife is tempted by a very manly visitor, while husband sleeps. Will she give in?

Writer's Note: I just want to state two things. First: I wrote this in First Person because I thought it would fit the story.

Second: I cut short the one sex scene for two reasons. One is to save some time in the writing and two because some of my readers think I have been spending too much time on the sex scenes. It's okay with me if I cut them down some, but I would appreciate comments about if you liked the shortened sex scenes or not.

It was a bit past eleven in the morning, and I was hard at work on my blue collar job when suddenly the power cut off. I turned off my machine and waited a minute to see if it would come back on. Sometimes the power does come back on after a few seconds. It didn't this time, though. After a few minutes of sitting without power, we did what we usually do when there was a longer power failure: we grabbed some brooms and started sweeping the floor. Some of the workers had been doing things that didn't need power, so they kept busy with what they had been doing.

After half an hour, our boss, the owner of the company, called the power company to see if they knew when the power would be back on. If the power was only going to off for a couple of hours we would stay and do whatever we could until the power came back on. Part of that time would probably include lunch, and it wouldn't matter so much if the power was off for lunch. No coffee for those who drank coffee, but most of my coworkers either had their lunch ready, or left to eat somewhere else.

This time our boss was told that they didn't know what had caused the power failure, or how long it would be out. After some waiting, our boss told us to go home. That was good news to me, with half a day off. We would have to make it up later, but still it was a nice change of pace.

As I neared my house, where I live with my wife and daughter, I was thinking that it would be nice to be home with just Mary, my wife. She works too, but for various reasons she had taken a few days off. One potential problem came to mind however. She might not appreciate me being home. Mary was busy with her hobby, and she probably would think that I would want to do something else since we were home alone. Our daughter was in school. She was right, of course, I would, but I also knew how much she wanted to finish what she was working on.

As I turned onto Oak street where we live, the thought crossed my mind to see if there was any cars parked in front of our house. Specifically a car belonging to some other guy. I shook, my head at that thought and wondered, if I had been reading too many cheating wife stories.

As I turned into our driveway, I said of course there isn't any car parked in front our house. I went inside and said hi to my wife. To her question of why I was home before noon, I explained about the power failure. She just nodded and went back to work painting a ceramic piece she had made.

However about five minutes after I put my stuff down, Mary was up and kissing me. I don't mean a peck either. It didn't take me long to deduce that she was horny. That surprised me a bit since, as I said, she had wanted to get her project done. When she was that intent on something she would ignore her horny feelings.

After a couple more long deep kisses, we were headed for the bedroom. I should add here that I didn't mind her intense horniness, I just hadn't expected it.

We quickly got out of our clothes. She spent a minute, or so sucking me, and then I was on her sucking her nipples and soon after fingering her pussy. I could tell that she was ready, and after the few seconds of her sucking, I was ready too. I slipped on top of her naked body and slipped my cock into her wet and warm sheath. All the way in with one push. She gasped in passion, after a moment I withdrew and shoved it in again.

I did that three times and she moaned each time. I soon had a steady rhythm going in and out. She gasped and moaned the whole time and before I started to get close, she had a climax.

I continued shoving it in and pulling part way out until I felt the signals indicating I was getting close. I couldn't help myself and started moving faster. A few seconds later I was moving even faster with my hands against the bed pushing my upper body up. I was jamming it in further and faster. Her mouth was open in continual ecstasy, even though my climax hit before her second one.

After I was done, I slipped off of her and laid next to her, so we could cuddle. She likes feeling my naked body next to hers, after a session like that. We laid there for a few minutes, but I felt like I wasn't done for the day, and I knew she was still horny. So I flipped partly on top of her and began licking her breasts again. She moaned her appreciation.

This time I continued for some time sucking and licking her breasts. I next slid around so that my face was near her crotch, and my crotch was near her face. I began to lick her clit. When I'm turned on like that I don't mind some creampie, even though I usually concentrated on her clit which normally isn't all that messy. I also like to watch my stuff leak out of her pussy; it gives me a surge of passion.

Mary started to lick my shaft. When she is as turned on as she was, she doesn't mind her juices on me; if she wasn't aroused, she wouldn't touch my wet shaft with her mouth.

The same thing goes for my mouth, after I've spent time licking her. Because of her attitude about such things the first time she kissed and licked my mouth after I had just spent ten minutes licking her, it shocked me. She not only kissed me, she licked my lips. I almost wanted to say "hey, don't you know what is on my lips?" but I recovered quickly and I find it a little bit of a turn on.

That day she sucked my shaft, as I licked and sucked on her clit for quite a few minutes. I was a quarter of the way hard before she started licking so it didn't take me long to become completely aroused. It did take a few minutes before I started to feel the intense thrills her sucking creates in me. Once the thrills started we took turns stopping to lean back and moan very loudly. By that time I was using my fingers on her G-spot, as well as licking her clit. She would alternate between sucking my whole shaft and just licking the head while running her hand up and down.

After an amount of time I wasn't sure of and two climaxes for her, she stated that she wanted me inside her. I asked if she wanted to be on top, since she had more intense climaxes that way.

We arraigned ourselves so she could straddle me, which she did. After two or three minutes of her hopping up and down on my shaft, she climaxed. It was a long, hard one from her moans. A minute or so later I had mine.

We were soon cuddling again. After two to three minutes, she was running her hand up and down my body and playing with my nipples. Hmm, I thought she really is horny. Twice wasn't nearly enough.

After a little rest she leaned in and started sucking on me again. This time she started on my nipples and after a minute she moved downward. Faster than I thought possible after two climaxes I was hard again. She was laying across my side while sucking so I reached around her bottom until I could get two fingers into her sheath. I could only get them up to the first knuckle, but she was moaning as I tickled the sides of her love tunnel.

After more sucking we fucked again with me on top. I lasted quite a bit longer than usual. I was getting tired by the time I started to feel that I was getting anywhere close to a climax. I thought about stopping and finishing later, since it was taking so long.

We had stopped before during the third fuck in a session. She had had more than two climaxes already and I knew she would be okay with stopping. Finally, though, I felt a tingle, so I continued. After what seemed like an hour, I finally went over the edge right after she had a third climax.

I could tell by her groans that hers was good, but mine had been just so so. It took a long time to get the build up and once it started it happened so fast I almost didn't have time to enjoy the build up and the end.

Afterward I flipped off of her, panting as I laid next to her. She pressed against the side of my body telling me how much she loved me and how good it had felt.

My arm was around her already, so I just said, in-between breaths, that I loved her too. We rested like that for a few minutes. I was almost asleep when someone knocked on the door. It sounded like a strong knock, and I wonder why they didn't ring the bell.

Mary jumped up, slipped some panties on and a house dress, then rushed to the door where the person was knocking again. I was still partially sleepy, and I figured it was a door-to-door salesman, or a neighbor. My wife would be able to get rid of either quicker than I would be able.

I most have dozed off for a minute or two, because I came awake suddenly. I heard slight voices from the kitchen. I wondered why she hadn't gotten rid of the person. Slipping on a pair of pants, I felt that I should go check it out. I then walked barefooted down the hallway.

As I neared the end of the hall, I could see into the kitchen. I could see my wife talking to some guy. I could see her face and his back. I moved closer to the wall, making it harder for them to see me. I quickly noticed that my wife's body language showed that she was aroused. My first thought was that it was amazing that she would still be that horny after a triple session, like we had just had. My second thought was to wonder why she was that horny in front of another man.

A thought came to mind to wonder if this was the guy whose car I had been expecting in front of our house. Maybe it was her lover after all and he had been late; she might be telling him I was home and to leave before I came out.

A stronger thought had me wait to see what happened. I watched as the guy moved closer to my wife and he was saying words that sounded like he was explaining how beautiful she was, and how much he found her - emphasis on the word her - to be exciting. I don't know how long I had dozed off, but if he was trying to seduce her, they must have been talking long enough to go through the introduction and small talk phrase.

I could tell that she was getting even more turned on by his words. I couldn't believe that. Not only had we just had sex three times, but she was at home with her husband in another room, and she was falling for this guy.

Mary is pretty and she could be exciting at times, especially in a thin, short house dress smelling of sex, but she wasn't gorgeous. I would take her over any woman that was, but this guy did not know her and as much as I could see of him, he could probably have a gorgeous woman.

As I watched he stepped closer, within arm's reach of her. He was talking so low I could only understand few words. His voice was hypnotic, at the same time being low and manly.

From behind he looked dapper and distinguished while at the same time wide. Not fat wide, but with broad shoulders. His body language showed he was confident and in control, a man who got what he wanted, and by his words he wanted my wife.

I could see the desire for him on my wife's face. She tried to fight it, but as he gently touched her shoulder she lost. I thought about saying something, but held my peace and watched, wondering how far she would go.

He brushed her breasts through the thin material and she jumped. She started breathing harder and I knew that she was more than just aroused. His two touches had ignited what was between her legs. It was as if he was rubbing her clit.

By the way she looked and how she let out a small groan, I was willing to bet that even if she hadn't been dripping my sperm, her panties would still have been soaked at this moment.

He brushed her breasts again, this time with longer strokes of his fingers. She gasped and moved in closer to him. He still was speaking and soon she reached forward with her head, reaching up to kiss him.

I was shocked and at the same time felt like letting out a primal scream of warning, not so much at her, but at him. She kissed him for a second, then let him lick her ear, as he did something I couldn't see with his hand. I thought he was either caressing her breasts, or using one hand to touch her top and using the other hand, probably trying to get in between her legs.

She kissed him again longer. Suddenly she froze for a second, then pulled back with a look of horror on her face. I thought she had seen me, but she wasn't looking at me. She was still looking at his eyes.

Mary swallowed then said, "No!"

The man just shrugged his shoulders in a slight movement and said something to her. Something more about how wonderful she was and how thrilling it was for him just to be with her. He made it sound like she was the only woman he wanted.

She shook her head. He touched her shoulders again and tried to caress her breast. This time, though, at his touch she moved backwards a step, then a second step.

The expression changed on her face. Instead of passion it showed anger. 'Good, ' I thought, 'she was getting angry at him.' He spoke some more with that hypnotic voice, but she again shook her head, saying something about being married and not wanting to commit adultery, and she didn't want to hurt her husband. He said something about she deserved to enjoy herself like never before and that he - I assumed he meant me, her husband - would never find out. And he had added that he, the man with his back to me, deserved some time with the woman that appealed to him. No one appealed to him like she did with her shining personality, strong emotions, and beautiful, alluring body.

She took another step backwards and again said, "No!"

He moved closer to her, as she told him to leave. I decided it was time for me to step in. I moved back into the hallway and walked into the kitchen. This time I stamped a bit with my feet so I would be heard.

As I walked into the kitchen, I let out a friendly, "Hello".

The man spun around faster than I've ever seen a man move. I saw a shocked look on his face, for a second. 'Good, ' I thought, 'he deserved to be shaken, not pleasured.'

I noticed that my wife sagged in relief behind him.

He quickly recovered and put out his hand for me to shake. He said his name was Thomas and that he was new to the neighborhood. He was going around meeting some of his neighbors.

From the front, he looked very handsome and rugged with a man's man type of body. He was tall, strong with a confident bearing, with black hair that looked like a lion's mane. It was just the style my wife liked on men. She had tried to get me to wear my hair like that.

We chatted some, and I didn't let on about what I had seen. At one point the conversation turned to him staying for a cold drink, even though I'm not sure who brought it up. I glanced at my wife, who was still behind him, and she was shaking her head hard. I pretended not to see, but I told him it was nice meeting him but we had things to do. He finally left. I got me a beer and my wife sat down after getting a glass of water.

I still didn't say anything about what I had observed. I wanted to see what she would say about it. As I studied her, I could tell she was shook.

I started to fix a bit to eat, and after a few minutes with her not saying anything, I said, "He seemed like a nice guy."

Mary shook her head, then said, "I don't think so."

"Oh? Why not?"

"Woman's...", she said with a frog in her throat. She cleared her throat and said in a normal voice, "Woman's intuition. He was hiding something."

"Maybe so," I said, then changed the subject. We both ate something and she went back to her ceramics. I went outside to finish up some yard work I hadn't finished the previous weekend. Later when I went back inside I noticed that she hadn't gotten much done. Maybe she was thinking about what almost happened.

The rest of the day was normal, except she seemed to be preoccupied, a couple of times I caught her sighing with a sad tone and once I saw her shaking her head with an expression that said she couldn't believe something.

I ignored the sighs and looks, while I thought about what I had seen. I wasn't sure how I felt about it. She had rejected the guy finally, but she also had kissed him, and for a moment had given in to his charms.

The next day I went to work as usual and once there I asked if anyone knew what had caused the power failure. The owner said he had been told that no one knew what had caused it. The Power company had told him that the power had come back on by itself two hours after we left. He was told that the engineers said this type of failure shouldn't happen, but it did. The only thing they could think of was that something was about to fail, or it had been a computer glitch. They were planning to keep an eye on things for the next few days, just in case it happened again. Me and my coworkers talked about it for a while as we worked.

Four weeks later my wife came into my study. It was a Saturday and our daughter was out playing at a friend's house.

Mary said, "We need to talk about something."

'Oops, ' I thought, 'I wonder what I had done, ' but her tone was different than usual when she used those words. She sounded sad, and fearful.

"Does it have something to do with why we've only had sex twice in the last month?"

And, even though I hadn't said it, those two times had been quickies, not the love making we usually had.

She said, "Yes, it does have to do with that, and once I explain you may not want to have sex with me again."

My subconscious suddenly sent the forefront of my mind a picture of her kissing that guy. A knife went through my heart. Did the guy come back the next day? And did they have sex after all? Has she been having sex with the guy every day since then?

The more rational part of my mind said that wasn't it. She had gone back to work two days after that incident, and if she had been having an affair, I knew I would have seen some sign of it. She couldn't hide the guilt feelings from me all this time.

"I... I'm not sure how to say this. I... kissed Thomas."

"Thomas? Oh, you mean that guy who visited us the day I came home early. What do you mean you kissed him?"

I asked that last a little bit more forceful than I wanted and she looked at my face with a little fear showing on hers.

"I mean I kissed him full on the lips."

She had a pained expression on her face, as she was talking.

I was just starting to say "Why?" when she continued in a rush,

"I didn't mean to... Um, I mean I knew what I was doing, but I didn't want to... that is I wasn't thinking... I"

She got flustered sometimes when she was upset, so I interrupted her by asking, "Did you do more than kiss him?"

"No, I didn't. I mean I touched him, but I never had sex, any type of sex, with him."

I felt relief at that admission, but I wasn't going to let her off the hook that easily.

"Tell me everything that happened."

She opened her mouth, but I added, "calmly... Take a deep breath or two and calmly tell me what you did do."

She breathed in twice filling her lungs with air. I thought maybe I should have her do that more often; it caused her breasts to push out rather nicely.

She said, "You remember after we made love three times that day someone knocked on the door?"

I nodded to indicate that I remembered.

She went on, "I slipped on a pair of panties, so I wouldn't drip and a house dress. I went to the door and Thomas was there. He introduced himself, saying that he was new to the neighborhood and was going around meeting some of his neighbors.

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