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Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Tear Jerker, First, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Erotic Pen Mini Contest #5 - "Write a scene with the theme Loss of Innocence. The story must involve a female, between 16 and 25, losing her sexual innocence. Extra points for making it sweet or romantic. The point of the exercise is to write deep, heartfelt characters blossoming into their sexual prime." Here is my entry. "Angel of mercy" is a phrase that can mean a lot of things. For James, Mary fulfilled his utmost desire, and greatest need.

Mary slipped her plain cotton panties off, folded them carefully, and added them to the neatly organized pile of the rest of her uniform.

"You don't have to do this," James whispered.

"It's not something I have to do, it's something I want to do." Mary leaned forward and kissed him. "Are you ready?"

Mary followed James's gaze down to his midsection, where his raging erection, looking as hard and straight as a totem pole, left no doubt as to his readiness. She took one more deep breath before climbing onto the bed. She threw her leg over his midsection and knelt above his body. Her pubic hair tickled his balls as she held him in her hand, wondering at how hot and rigid it felt. She teasingly played with his hardness for a moment, drawing sighs of impatience from the man below her; the man that in the year she had known him had gone from being just a patient, to a friend, and now almost inevitably to a lover.

She hesitated before taking the last step toward consummating their relationship. Her reluctance had nothing to do with any moral dilemma. It had more to do with her uncertainty about being the sophisticated, experienced woman James was expecting. Her lack of experience, something that a woman from her conservative upbringing might see as something to be proud of, only made Mary unsure of herself now. She was almost ashamed to admit to that at twenty-two she was still a virgin, but she had never met anyone like James before, and had not been tempted. But now she knew the time was right, and James was the right man.

When he had first asked her to give him a kiss two weeks ago, his face red with embarrassment, she had been surprised but not shocked. In her brief career she had already developed a skill for becoming something more than just a caregiver for her patients, and James had not been the first to profess his affection for her.

Mary had tried to appear mildly upset by his boldness, but she couldn't hide her own happiness at finding that he felt some of the same emotions toward her as she did to him. Gladly, she had let her lips caress his, her mouth lingering as that first experimental kiss grew into a full erotic, tongue-entwined meeting of souls. Over the next several days, Mary had slowly and shyly revealed parts of her body to James's gaze and touch, letting him explore her most intimate parts in a way she had never allowed any man.

"Don't tease, Mary," he pleaded, as his cock twitched from the feel of her fingernail being drug across the tight skin of his erection.

In response to his plea, and to her own need, she moved over him, positioning her entrance over the shiny, purple head. She pushed all doubt from her mind, and still with no real knowledge if she was even doing it right, let the weight of her body push her down onto James's phallus. She felt herself being stretched open, but not uncomfortably. There was a slight hesitation as she felt him pressed against her barrier, but when she pushed harder the slight tearing of tissue was much less traumatic than she had expected. Still, she did utter a slight cry.

"Mary... are you... I didn't know... oh my God, Mary, what have I done?"

"Shh," she said, placing a hand over his mouth to stifle further protests. "I'm doing just what I want to do, what I've needed to do for quite a while now."

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