I Get to Know my Stepdaughter Better

by biman4321

Copyright© 2007 by biman4321

Erotica Sex Story: This is about an extremely hot encounter with my married, beautiful stepdaughter

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

I stayed single for about 10 years after my divorce and had a great dating time. I am very much a sex addict and just had a ball with all the women available during that time. But I finally decided to get married again to a very beautiful lady about 11 years younger than me. She was 40 and I was 51 when we married and I found the hottest, best tasting, tightest, lovingest pussy that I had ever put my dick into. It was wonderful. We had some of the best sex I have ever wished for on our honeymoon because her ex-husband didn't like sex that much, so she was like a virgin. She had two daughters who were 20 and 22 at the time of the wedding, and they were also very beautiful. They also had two of the best figures on young women topped off by 36D breasts. Both of the girls worked out and stayed in great shape, as did I. My wife didn't work out but tried to stay in shape in other ways. That didn't work out so well as she developed back trouble and wasn't so interested in sex anymore. We still did some but it basically hurt her back so we had to take it easy. In the meantime, the daughters, Mary and Judy, both graduated from college, got married and started families. Their children were great and I loved them all. I never really lusted for the girls because they were kin and I don't swing that way.

Recently, Mary and her husband decided to take a job in Washington State. We were all upset because we were all close to each other and my wife lived for the times she could see her grandchildren. But the situation was too good for them to turn down so they started making their plans to move. It was going to be a complicated move since they had very young twins that they did not want to have to drive there. So finally, Judy's husband decided he would drive one of their cars there and Mary's husband and I would drive the other car with the two dogs. Judy, Mary, and the twins would fly out after Jim and I left so that they would arrive 1 day after we got to Washington. Judy's husband, Tom, would arrive several days later because he was going to take his time and see the country. So Jim and I drove across the country in 4 days and 3 nights. We got a motel room near their new house since the furniture would not arrive until about 5 days later.

We met Judy and Mary at the airport as planned and all was going very well. We did have to get another room at the motel since we couldn't all fit into the one room. It was decided Judy would stay in my room since I had 2 double beds and we both agreed that it would work fine. No problems. That night after we had all decided to go to bed, Judy realized she had one problem. She had brought only thin sexy sleepwear anticipating some great nights alone with her husband. I said "that's fine. It's not as if I haven't seen a sexy woman nearly naked before and managed to control myself". So okay, after I had showered, I put on my athletic briefs, which are very tight, not thinking that they might affect Judy. I mean, she is my stepdaughter and she is happily married. I didn't even think about that when I lay down on the bed watching some tv until Judy finished her shower and was ready for bed. I did notice that Judy seemed to be a little nervous as she went into the shower but didn't really think anything about it. After all she had a very long day.

After about a half hour, Judy came out of the shower wearing a black, extremely sexy, short teddy and looked unbelievably good. My eyes and everything else got very big and my dick shot up faster than I could ever recall. She looked fantastic and she was not embarrassed at all about showing it. That is not what I expected and my reaction was not as I expected either. At that moment she was the sexiest, loveliest woman I had seen maybe ever, and I was seeing it all. Judy noticed my reaction and said," now Ron, cool down, remember what you said". "Oh, I know," I replied "but I did not realize just how great looking you are and how sexy you are. But I will stay away". "Good, that's the right thing to do". Judy turned off the lights and the tv and I tried to go to sleep with a huge hard-on just aching to be satisfied. I even started to go into the bathroom and relieve myself.

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