The Girls Go To A Strip Club

by R

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: One of my Wife's friends wins a free night out with 14 of her friend's to a male strip club, complete with limo bus transportation. While they're out I fall asleep thinking about a very sexy fantasy. I wake up in the middle of the night to the surprise of my life!

My wife is not the kind of woman that goes out with the girls to strip clubs. That's why I was very surprised when she told me she had been invited to go to one with a large group of local girls. One of the girls had won 15 tickets to a male review show in the City complete with a limo ride down. I really wasn't very keen on her going but she seemed pretty excited about it and besides, she really didn't get to go out with the girls much.

Lori spent a very long time getting ready and even bought a new outfit to wear. When her girlfriend arrived to pick her up she was really looking good. She had on a pair of tight jeans and a sheer white button top. She had quite a bit of cleavage showing and I made a comment about her tits hanging out. Her girlfriend Cathy laughed and said "hey, you never know what might happen at one of these things". Cathy was also wearing a pair of tight jeans and a snug fitting top that showed off her tits.

They headed for the door and Lori told me not to wait up since the show was downtown and didn't end till well after midnight. Cathy said that I should be ready for Lori when she came home since these shows always made the women horny.

After the girls were gone I settled down to relax and watch some TV. Our son was sleeping over his cousin's house so I lit up a joint and kicked back on the couch. There really wasn't anything good on the tube so I just flipped through the channels mindlessly. I finished off the joint and put on one of the porn channels. The action was pretty good. Some guy was laying on his bed sound asleep and his wife was outside the room talking with another woman. They were going to play a little trick on him. His wife's friend was going to sneak into the dark room and try to have sex with him without him knowing.

My mind started wandering as I watched and I fantasized about that same thing happening tonight when my wife and her girlfriend came back from their night of watching hot guys dance around and put "it" in their faces. I remembered what Cathy had said before they left about how horny these shows made them.

I could barely stay awake for the whole movie. Not that it wasn't pretty hot but it was late and the weed I smoked had really done me in. I turned off the TV and strolled off to the bedroom. I took off my clothes and just put on a t-shirt with no bottoms. I figured what the hell... maybe Lori would come home horny and want to jump my bones. I thought about the movie I had just watched and fantasized that I was the guy in it. With those thoughts drifting through my head I slipped into a deep sleep.

I woke up at about one AM and looked over at the other side of the bed for Lori. She wasn't there. I got up to pee and found the roach from earlier. I finished it off and went back to bed. The scenes from the movie I had watched were still dancing around in my head and my cock was semi-hard. I reached down and gave it a couple of strokes. I hoped that when Lori came home she would wake me up with her lips wrapped around it. With those thoughts in my head I drifted off into a deep sleep.

I started to wake up slowly and was dreaming about what had happened in the movie only I was the guy in it. As I woke I felt as though my cock was really being sucked. I slowly came out of my sleep and realized that it really was. The room was pitch black and my wife was slowly and softly sliding her hot mouth over my now rock hard cock. I didn't want her to know that I was awake so I didn't move a muscle. I couldn't believe the way she was running her mouth and tongue all over me. I always enjoyed the way she sucked my cock but tonight she was really into it. I figured she was extra horny from the show. She licked and sucked my cock and balls for quite awhile and I had to really concentrate to keep from blowing my load. I wanted to make this last as long as I could. She was doing things that she had never done before and I couldn't believe it when she took every inch of me down her throat! Then I started to think about what was happening. The way she was going at it was not like her at all and her mouth didn't feel quite the way it usually did. I thought to myself that it would really be a trip if Lori and Cathy were playing the same game with me as the girls in the movie had done.

I was busting to know if I was right and wondered how I could find out without ruining the moment. I moved my hips slightly to see if things would stop but whoever was working on my now rock hard and throbbing cock kept right on going. Slowly I slid my hand down. If I could feel her hair I would know right away if it was my wife or Cathy down there. Just as my hand was about there she stopped sucking on me and pulled her head back. I froze hoping that I didn't ruin everything. At first she didn't move. I tried to control my breathing and wondered if she was going to finish what she started.

I opened my eyes a little and tried to see who it was but the door was closed and the room was pitch black. At least if I couldn't see her then she couldn't see that my eyes were open. I felt her move and then felt a hand gently wrap around the shaft of my cock. That was it. I was sure that wasn't Lori's hand. Now I knew that Cathy was on the bed in the dark and was stroking my cock slowly. I wondered just how far this would go. I had thought about fucking Cathy for quite awhile and Lori had joked with me about it too. I would never have made a pass at her since she was Lori's friend and besides I wouldn't have cheated on my wife.

I wanted to make this last but I was having trouble holding back. I knew this definitely wasn't my wife and figured it had to be Cathy since they left together and would probably come home together. All at once the hand that was stroking me so wonderfully let go of my cock. I felt whoever it was slowly get off the bed. I could hear the rustle of clothes and then only silence. Nothing happened for a long time and the suspense was driving me crazy. Then I felt a leg pass over mine and I was being straddled. A hand guided my cock into a very warm and very, very, wet pussy. As my cock was engulfed I could tell this was definitely not my wife's pussy.

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