Reading Faces

by DG Hear

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: I have kind of a sixth sense. I'm good at reading faces. I'm a cop and I was worried after reading my wife's. Not much sex.

Not a lot of sex in this story. I want to thank Techsan for his editing of this story and also want to thank my good friend and fellow author Jake Rivers for his input.

"It was another day in the big city. A day to solve more crimes. You see, I'm a cop. My name is Joe Friday."

I love watching the old reruns of Dragnet. In an hour, Jack Webb and Harry Morgan could solve a crime. I wish it was that easy today. I'm a cop too, only I'm not on television. I've been on the force for fourteen years and love my job. The only thing I love more in life than my job is my wife, Lydia, and my two daughters. There is nothing in this world I wouldn't do for them.

I ran into a problem last Monday and am trying to deal with it. When I got home Lydia had my favorite dinner on the table. It was something she hasn't done for months. She then told me that she wanted to know if it was alright with me if she went out with her friends on Friday night. I usually wouldn't have a problem with that except she didn't look at me when she asked.

You see I have kind of a sixth sense about me. I can look at someone's face and know if they are telling me the truth or not. It really helped me in my career. I may not have always known the truth but I did know if I was lied to.

I have to laugh when I watch Judge Judy on TV when she tells the people, "Look at me! Don't look at the ceiling. Don't look at the floor. Look me right in the eyes when you talk." She points her finger at the people and then back at her eyes. I believe we both have that same gift.

Back to Lydia. She looked at me when she asked to go out but when I asked her who all was going she looked away and mentioned a few of her girlfriends' names. When I asked her if there was anyone else she turned away and said she didn't know. I knew she wasn't telling me the whole truth. I wasn't sure what to say next. To the best of my knowledge we never lied to each other. We had one of those marriages that everyone looked up to.

"Where are you all going?" I asked.

This time she looked me in the face. "We're thinking about going to Columbus to a couple of places. Barb's making the arrangements. We'll probably spend the night in Columbus. We don't want to be driving drunk or even slightly intoxicated. I'd hate to have to call you to bail me out of jail."

She tried to smile but was still hiding something; I just didn't know what. I'm almost positive she has always been faithful to me, but something wasn't right. I didn't want to come out and accuse her of anything. I had nothing to go on except her looking away when answering me. I needed time to think.

My girls came in and gave me a hug and of course I hugged them back. They always put a smile on my face. We all sat down and ate dinner. Lydia didn't look at me through most of dinner. I told her to go ahead and go if she wanted to. I would stay home with the girls. We'd find something to do. It'd been awhile since I did much with them.

How and when we met:

I met Lydia twelve years ago. My partner and I were on routine patrol and we decided to set up a radar gun in an area where we received reports of speeders. Jean, my partner - yes, she was a female partner and a good one; I would trust her to watch my back any day — and I set up along side the street. The traffic was rather light and most vehicles were within five mph of the posted limit. One car I clocked at eight miles over the limit and waved it over. When I went up to the car I saw the cutest gal behind the wheel. It was Lydia.

She gave me a come hither smile and asked why I pulled her over.

"You were exceeding the speed limit. May I see your drivers license, registration and proof of insurance please." I was trying to act tough but I have to say she caught my eye. "Where were you headed so fast?" I asked.

"I'm a senior at the university. I was on my way there to take a couple of finals. I'm sorry, officer, but I thought I was doing the speed limit. Your radar gun must be off."

It was the wrong thing to say to me. I went back to the cruiser and started writing out a ticket. We have our radar equipment checked every day. If she would have just said I'm sorry or something nice like that I would have probably let her by with a warning.

Jean looked over at me. "Jerry, you're not giving that young girl a ticket are you? I can't believe you just didn't give her a warning."

"I want to see her again. I have her address here and maybe I'll stop by someday when I'm in the neighborhood," I replied.

"Are you nuts?" laughed Jean. "You really think she'll go out with you after giving her a ticket? You're one mixed up officer," said Jean.

"Jean, I stopped her on a traffic violation. I can't let her go and then ask her out. It just wouldn't be right."

I got out of the cruiser and went back to Lydia's car. "Sorry, Miss, but you will have to slow down in residential areas," I said as I handed her the ticket and her papers.

"What? No warning, you are just giving me a ticket?" she looked at me.

"You were speeding, Miss. You have a court date if you want to fight it," I replied.

"See you in court, officer," was the last thing she said to me.

A week later when I went to court she was there. Not the young schoolgirl with a ponytail but she was dressed like a woman ready to go out. She looked stunning in her low cut dress. She didn't look slutty at all but she definitely looked sexy. I guess she was going to try to entice the judge.

Lydia looked over at me and I smiled back at her. I could see she was ready to do her "I'm sorry, the officer must have made a mistake" routine until she saw the judge. It was Judge Hazel Hawkins.

When Lydia looked back over at me I had a big shit-eating grin on my face. I could see it made her mad but I also saw something more. Something clicked between us. I gave my statements and a report of the morning's radar check. Everything was in order. Judge Hawkins then asked Lydia her side of the incident.

Lydia knew she had nothing to back up any allegations and mumbled a few words. The Judge told her she was in the wrong and found her guilty of speeding. Judge Hawkins looked over at me. I knew she was wondering why I gave this young woman a ticket. She just shook her head at me.

I headed out into the lobby to wait on Lydia. When she came out she came right up to me and said, "I hope you're happy that you got your man. In this case a woman."

I smiled at her and came out with it. "Will you go out with me?"

"What? You give me a ticket and ruin my weekend and you think I'll go out with you?" she asked.

She was looking at me and I knew she was interested. "How did I ruin your weekend? It's not even here yet," I asked.

"I was going to go out with my classmates and celebrate passing my finals but now I have to pay the stupid fine you caused," she said.

"First off, you were speeding, and second I want to take you out and this weekend would be great. I'll take you wherever you want to go and it won't cost you anything." I knew I was winning her over.

"What about my friends? What am I suppose to tell them?" she asked.

"Try the truth. Tell them you had to pay a speeding fine and won't have the money to go out with them. Tell them the cop felt some remorse and offered to take you out for dinner and dancing and wants your hand in marriage," I laughed.

Lydia laughed too. "I'll take you up on the dinner and dancing but the marriage will have to wait. Let's see how dinner goes first."

"Okay with me but you're going to love me, I can see it in your face. I'll pick you up Saturday at seven. Is that agreeable with you? Can you wear that same outfit you have on also?"

"Seven's fine and I'll wear this dress if you promise not to wear your uniform. I don't want anyone to think I'm getting arrested. Need my address?"

"Nope, already have it. I've been driving by for a week hoping to see you."

"So it's you who has been driving by my house. My mom said that the police have been protecting our area more than usual. Isn't that stalking?" she smiled.

"If anyone else kept an eye on you, it would be stalking but I'm here to protect and serve. I was protecting your neighborhood from unwanted crime. I was protecting you and your family."

"My mom will be glad to know that. I'll tell her tonight so she can sleep much better knowing you are there," she smiled.

Our date was fantastic. Even though she was maybe 5' 3" about 115 lbs soaking wet and I was 6' 3" at least 220 lbs. we were like two peas in a pod. It was damn near love at first sight or at least first date for me. From that night on we became the best of friends. It was around two years later when we got married. Two years after that was when Kiera was born and a year and a half later we had Brittney.

Her mom and dad loved me and I loved them. My parents felt the same way about Lydia. We really were one big happy family.

After graduating from college Lydia became a schoolteacher. After the kids were born her mom would watch the kids for us during the day. We very rarely argued and we would always talk over our problems.

I would tell her about what cases I might be working on and she told me about the kids in her class. She asked me if I would do a safety talk for her class. Some of the kids were acting up and she figured that me talking to them might help straighten them out. She was right. Now, at the beginning of every semester I talk about crime and punishment to her class. Lydia told me that, when she tells her classes I am her husband, they're a lot better behaved.

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