Two Heads Are Better Than One
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Slut Wife, Swinging, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kandy and John have a sexy satisfying sex life. However they wanted to spread their horizons and try some new things. So they went online looking for a swuitable playmate.

Meet John, a fifty-eight year old big handsome man. He stands about six foot one, and has the features of an American Indian. One of the first things that attracted Kandy to him was his enchanting smile. After a brief conversation with him, she was captivated by his confident attitude and generous heart.

John remembers the first time he saw Kandy. She was walking across the parking lot of the local restaurant toward him. God, she was gorgeous! Her emerald eyes and an enchanting smile captured his heart.

Meet Kandy, a fifty-five year old woman who stands about five foot-four. She has a full figure, emerald eyes, red hair, and a vivacious attitude towards life. She reluctantly decided to meet John on a blind date about two years ago. However when their eyes met, his charismatic spirit and gentle attitude mesmerized her. When they were together, it felt as if they had been friends forever. Their relationship soon progressed from friend to intimate lovers.

Last year, John married Kandy. Although both of them have an active, exciting sex life, they've decided to spread their horizons and try some new things. So, they went online in search of a suitable playmate.

In their search, they met a man from the United Kingdom named, Cedric. Kandy suggested they all become friends at first, then later on take it to the next level, and become intimate. In their conversations in getting to know one another, it was apparent that they had many things in common' they were upfront, honest and could talk openly about sex.

Like them, Cedric wanted to experience a threesome. However the ocean miles separated them and it was not likely that they would ever meet let alone to have a hot, exciting rendezvous'. That was all about to change.

One day Kandy was talking to Cedric when out of the blue he said, "Babe, how'd you like me to visit you in the states?"

"What, you mean you'd actually come over here to meet us? Won't that be kind of expensive, to travel all this way for sex?"

"Well not really, you see, I come to the states about every two years. This time, I'm thinking about flying into Nashville to do some bird watching and visit a few of my online friends. I would love to meet the two of you while I'm there."

Kandy felt her heart skip a beat as the beads of sweat trickled down her back. "Oh my God, you're serious aren't you?"

"Yes, I'd love to meet you and John and have a night or two of hot wild sex!"

Kandy thought to herself, "Oh my God! If Cedric was as hot in real life as he was in chat, she was in for an exciting sexual encounter!"

As she sat there mulling over his words, Kandy envisioned John on one side and Cedric on the other. Each of her hands would be wrapped around a cock as the men were each sucking and biting a nipple. She quivered from head to toe and felt her nipples harden as her juices soaked through her panties and ran down the crack of her ass.

Kandy shook her head and came back to reality and told herself it was time to tell John what was going on. He already knew that she played online, because she always told him about their hot cyber chats.

John would respond by saying, "You know something honey? If Cedric lived close, we'd meet for real and drive you crazy in bed. After all two heads are better than one."

Kandy then told Cedric to hang on a minute because she wanted John to join in the chat.

Cedric replied, "Ok, but hurry up babe, my cock is throbbing to hear about his reaction."

Kandy went into the living room and asked John is he had a minute, because she had something important to tell him.

"Sure, what's on your mind?"

"Do you remember me telling you about Cedric from the United Kingdom?"

"Yes, I do. He always makes you hotter than hell and we fuck like crazy when you come to bed. Why?"

"Well I'm in a chat with him right now and he just told me he was thinking about coming to the states on vacation. One of the cities he would be visiting was Nashville, Tennessee. He wants to know if we can all get together while he is their."

John cocked an eyebrow and looked her straight in the eyes, "Hum, are you serious or just teasing me?"

"I'm not teasing you, this is real. Why don't you come join the chat and we can discuss the details."

"Well you know I don't really care that much for chat's honey. Why don't you speak for us both and tell him that I'd love to meet him for dinner, drinks, and sex."

"Okay, let me go tell him."

She returned to the den and typed the following words on her computer screen. "Cedric, John thinks it's a marvelous idea. When do you plan to come over here?"

"I'm not really sure, but I was thinking about maybe sometime around May."

"Oooooh that's just a few months away. I for one cannot wait to meet you."

"Me neither babe, now I have to get ready to go to work. As soon as I decide what to do, I'll email you the details."

After they bid each other farewell, Kandy sat there for a moment going over the conversation in her mind. Oh God, the thought of meeting Cedric electrified every inch of her body with desire. She glanced around the room and slid her fingers inside her panties.

By that time, John's curiosity got the best of him and he wondered what Cedric and Kandy were talking about, or were they just playing via cam-chat. After letting out a sign, he chuckled mischievously and slowly crept toward the den hoping to catch Kandy and do a bit of teasing.

When he was just outside the doorway, John paused for a moment and listened, but didn't hear anything. He popped his head around the corner and noticed Kandy's eyes were closed and her fingers were inside her panties.

Seeing his chance, he shouted, "Well don't keep me in suspense doll. What'd he Cedric say?"

Kandy bit her tongue, jumped, and almost fell out of the chair. "Yikes!!! Dang-it John, I wish you wouldn't startle me like that! "

"You know me, I just couldn't resist that!"

"Oooh you just wait sweetheart, paybacks are fun. Ok, here's the scope, Cedric told me he was thinking about coming to visit for a couple of weeks in May. I for one, wish he was coming tomorrow, because I know the three of us will have a great time!"

"I know! I can see it now. After dinner we'll rendezvous in his hotel room. You'd excuse yourself to change into something more comfortable. As you head for the bathroom, we strip and sit on the bed. Our throbbing cocks standing at attention, drooling in anticipation.

"As I sit there naked on the bed with him, I begin daydreaming of things to come. I'm quickly brought back to reality by Cedric's whistle. I look toward the bathroom. There you stand all decked out in that red skimpy baby-doll outfit."

Kandy slithered her tongue across her lower lip as her eyes sparkled with lust. "Oooooh God, how about a dress rehearsal honey?"

"Ooooh baby, I like the way you think! You always know how to make my blood boil and my dick throb. I'd say, let's skip the outfit and fuck!"

Kandy arose from her chair, walked over to John, and placed her arms around his neck, "I'm game, lets go!"

John turned and walked toward the bedroom with Kandy following him, both of them discarding clothing as they went. Once inside the door, he pulled her into his arms, kissed her passionately, and then laid her on the bed.

They spent the most of the night making love and talking about what the three of them could do when they met. As the morning sun crept over the hill the two of them were asleep wrapped up in each others arms.

Cedric and Kandy continued to chat and cyber as usual over the next two weeks. Each time she asked about the trip, Kandy would be disappointed, because he still hadn't decided on a date.

The following weekend, Kandy logged into her computer. The first thing she noticed was an email from Cedric. With shaky fingers Kandy opened the letter and gasped when she read the following words.

Greetings babe,

Kandy, I'm sorry it took me so long to set the date for my trip. I'm finally on my way to the USA. It's going to happen I made all the arrangements today. Whooopeeeeee I can't wait! God, I can't wait to kiss and hold you babe!

Well here is my flight itinerary; I'll be in the states from May 20th through June 1st. I'm flying out on US Airways 733 and depart London Airport at 7 a.m. When I first get to the USA, I will arrive in Charlotte, North Carolina. There I'll change planes to US Airways 3293. After that I should be landing at Nashville Airport around 7p.m. I will then check through customs, pick up a rental car and stay at the airport hotel for that night.

The next day, I plan to drive to the Motel 8, you told me about, which is about a half four from you guys. When I get checked in, I will call you. That way, we can decide where to meet for dinner. Oooooh fuck, I can see it now babe, if all goes well we'll rendezvous in my room for a hot night of wild fucking.

By the way, I want to do something special for you guys while I'm there. I remember you telling me how much you both loved the Grand Ole Opry. So, I took the liberty of purchasing tickets. Here is the date; Saturday, May 28th, 2007 at 6:30 PM, seats, MF-1 ROW B seats 10-12.

Hugs and Kisses, Cedric

As time passed Kandy became more excited. On this particular day, she was home by herself and thinking about what the three of them could do. As her nipples hardened and clit began to quiver she decided to go into the bedroom and masturbate.

She stripped and lay on the bed. Kandy started enticing her swollen clit between the fingers of one hand as the other brought a hardened nipple to her mouth. After sucking on it for awhile Kandy held the nub between her teeth and bit it. This made her tremble all over as pussy juice oozed down her thighs.

She closed her eyes and squealed, "Oh God, I wish Cedric was here!"

Kandy couldn't wait to feel, taste, and fuck him as John watched. She knew that her actions would not only turn her hubby on but in return she'd get sucked, fucked, and tantalized by her two favorite men.

Kandy was oblivious to the world around her and didn't hear John come home. For a moment, he said nothing, and just stood there watching Kandy as she climaxed.

John then ran his fingers down his pants caressing his swollen member and asked, "Is this a private party?"

Kandy jumped and replied, "Damn-it baby! You nearly made me pee the bed! How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to hear you talk dirty about Cedric. I take it he's that hot huh?"

Kandy blushed. "Oh God is he! I can't wait for you to meet him. I have been counting the days when I can hold each of your cocks in my hands as the two of you seduce me."

John raised an eyebrow and with a seductive tone said, "Why you little cum slut! How about showing me what you want to do to Cedric's hot body."

Kandy licked her lips and purred as she patted the bed next to her. "Drop those clothes baby and I will."

The first thing Kandy did was have John lie on his back. She started by kissing him as her fingers stroked his body with a soft feathery touch. Afterwards she moved downward with wet butterfly kisses to his nipples. Kandy paused long enough to suck each one and bite them gently before lapping her way lower. She felt as John quivered in response when she came near his pubic hair. Kandy noticed his cock was already oozing pre-cum.

While sensing she was near his cock, John closed his eyes and shuddered, moaning in pure delight. He then placed his hand on the back of her head and said, "Suck my dick, cum-slut."

Kandy shook all over and felt the sweat running down her back. She looked into John's eyes, purred seductively, opened her mouth, and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. Little by little she engulfed his dick as her fingers rolled his balls until her lips touched his pubic hairs.

Kandy sucked his cock for awhile. All of a sudden she stopped, sat up and shrieked, "Ooooooh John! I need to feel your cock inside me now! FUCK ME!"

John winked at her, "Now how can I pass up an invitation like that, doll?"

He moved and positioned himself between her legs, took an ankle in each hand and spread her as wide as she could go. Afterward looking up into her face he exclaimed, "Ready or not baby, here I come!"

Kandy giggled and said, "Don't yah mean C-U-M," as she guided his cock into her hot hole. She was quivering as her vaginal muscles began milking his throbbing member.

As she bucked her hips into him she shrieked, "Oooooh fuck, that's it, just like that!"

They fucked like a couple of wild animals. It wasn't long before John shouted, "Oooooh, aaarrrggghhh, yessssss! God, you're one hot fuck doll!" He filled her with so much cum it ran down the crack of her ass.

Kandy simultaneously climaxed. "Wow, I needed that! You know something? I can't wait until Cedric joins in the fun."

"I can't either doll. Just think, in a month, he'll be here."

May 20th finally arrived. Kandy sat on the couch trying to pass the day reading as she anxiously awaited Cedric's phone call. When the phone rang, she nearly jumped out of her skin.

"Hi sexy, this is Cedric. I'm in Nashville and settled in my hotel room. You know something, sweetie, I cannot wait until tomorrow to meet the two of you! By the way, I'm laying here naked and my cock is rock hard and throbbing."

Kandy swallowed hard and felt her juices soak her panties. "Oh God, I wish I was there baby! I'd be sucking that cock of yours."

"Ooooh I do too babe! You make me so fucking hot! Where's John honey?"

"He's not here right now. Why?"

"I just thought he'd like to join in on the phone fun and watch you masturbate as you talk dirty to me."

"Ooooooh you horny devil, he'd love that! God, just thinking about it makes my nipples harder and my clit throb more!"

"Good! Now take your clothes off babe, and rub your clit for me! Then lick those fingers and tell me how sweet you taste."

She did as he instructed and began tantalizing her clit. "Mmmm, my fingers taste as sweet as honey love. Stroke that dick and think of sliding it deep into my hot wet cunt! That's it Cedric, harder, deeper, let me hear how hot you are, baby."

"Ooooh my sweet cum slut, my dick is throbbing! You know something I wish I were shoving it in your mouth first, then inside your cunt. Aarrgggghhh, it feels so fucking good jacking off for you like this."

"That's it baby! Stroke it hard, I want you to cum for me baby!"

As Cedric laid there jacking off her replied, "Rub your clit harder babe as you shove a finger inside you. I can see you in my mind. Ooooooh God, I want to hear you scream for me. Do it, cum babe!"

Kandy threw her head back and ran her fingers feverously around her clit and then pinched it. "Ooooh I love how naughty you make me feel. Fuck, your dirty talking is going to make me climax. Let's do it together!"

Cedric felt his balls rumble and then explode as he shouted into the phone, "Oooooooooooooh fuck, yesssssss, here it cums babe!"

Kandy shouted, "Oh fuck, I'm cumming! Wow I needed that!"

After a brief pause Cedric said, "Thanks. Wow you're awesome babe. I can't wait to do the real thing. Now I need a shower and some rest, this jet lag is a catching up to me. I'll call you tomorrow after I get settled into the hotel near you, then we can talk about where to go for dinner. Love you babe, good-bye."

Kandy blew a kiss into the phone and answered, "You're hot baby, I can't wait to meet you and do this for real either. Now you get a good night's sleep and I'll talk to you later tomorrow. Bye-bye, baby."

When John came home Kandy filled him in on the details. As usual, He couldn't resist teasing her. "What, you started the fun without me?" After a brief pause John asked, "Did you cum hard, baby?"

Kandy blushed, gave him a seductive look and replied, "Yes I did. The only problem I had was that you weren't here to see it or join in the fun."

"Oh there will be time for that later doll. I can't wait to meet Cedric. What time are we meeting him tomorrow?"

"I'm not sure. He is supposed to call after he's settled into the hotel near here. What do you think about going to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner?"

"Sounds like a great idea. I bet Cedric would love it there."

Kandy laughed, "Yeah, I can order dickheads and rice."

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