A Short Swing

by Techsan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Swinging, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: An invitation to attend a local swingers' club brings satisfaction even though the results are not quite what was expected.

Author's note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Copperbutterfly for her editing to make this a better story.

"Hey, Eddie. How are ya?" the soft voice asked.

I recognized her voice even though I didn't remember the phone number. It was Lara, a woman a couple of years younger than me who worked in the same complex as I did, although we were in different departments. We had dated a few times off and on and even wound up in bed together for some casual sex on a couple of occasions. Still there wasn't anything serious between us.

"Doing okay," I replied curiously. "How about you? Haven't run into you at work lately."

"Nah, I'm fine. It's just that Sherman has me working on a special assignment for a few weeks. I'm working out of the Thompson Street office instead of my own cube so I haven't been around. Nothing really new though. How about you?"

"Actually I thought about you the other day. Jason assigned me a new project. Guess what? It's those new accounting enhancements you were telling me about a couple of months ago. I got the job of designing them and implementing them into the system."

"Hey, that's great!" she said with enthusiasm. "Now I know they'll be done right. I hope you'll keep me posted on your progress."

"Sure, I'll do that."

"Hey, listen. The reason I called is... I have a favor to ask."

"Uh, huh?"

"Are you busy this Friday night?"

"Uh... Friday night? No, I don't think so. What's on your mind?"

"Well, it's like this, see? I got an invitation to a club meeting. I've been to a few of their meetings before and it is a lot of fun. The only thing is... I have to have a partner to go with me. So-o-o... I was wondering if you'd be interested in going with me."

"Well... maybe. Tell me more about the meetings. Are they formal or informal? Is it mostly social or business? What's the deal?"

"Well... I was a little hesitant to ask but... okay, it is strictly social, no business. And totally informal. In fact it is a small swingers club with only about eight to twelve couples usually in attendance. Everybody is very friendly and they'll provide some snacks and drinks. All we have to do is go and enjoy. I thought... if you wanted to, you wouldn't have to bother with me... you know... just go with me and then you can have fun with two or three or four of the ladies there. I really want to go. What do you say? Interested?"

"Wow! I've never been to a swingers club. I don't know if I'd... fit in."

"Oh, come on, Eddie," she wheedled. "You'd fit in just fine and I know you love to fuck. There's always a variety of ages in men and women both so there'll probably be some older and some younger. There'll be all sizes... and most of the women have bigger boobs than me. I know you'd like that, Eddie."

"Well, I have to admit it does sound intriguing. Okay, I'll go. When do you want me to pick you up?"

"They start at 7:30 so be here at seven, okay?"

"See you Friday. Bye."

After I hung up, I spent the rest of the evening watching the TV with the sound off and the picture not registering in my mind. I had often dreamed of what it would be like to experience swinging with several ladies but had never had the experience. Now my imagination ran wild. And so did my doubts — doubts about whether I could perform up to expectations with a number of opportunities presented.

Just as I hauled myself off to bed that night, I made myself one vow: If I failed to perform up to expectations, it wouldn't be from lack of trying!

The rest of the week just crawled by. It was like I was constantly watching the clock so it never moved. I had problems concentrating on my computer design work and only made sporadic progress. Finally time to leave the office Friday afternoon arrived and I hurried home to shave, shower and change into shorts and knit shirt.

Lara answered her door dressed similarly to me and I have to admit that if there hadn't been prospects of something better, I would have been tempted to try to relieve my week's frustrations between her legs sometime that night. However I was hoping to meet someone who appreciated me a little more than Lara did.

The drive was rather quiet, with Lara fiddling with my CD player until she found something she liked and then the rest of the drive we were both lost in our own thoughts, with Lara occasionally interjecting directions. When she pointed out our target house, I admit I was impressed. It was a very large, rather new two-story house that probably would have swallowed my modest abode three or maybe even four times.

We were met at the door by a rather tall fortyish guy who greeted Lara warmly with a hug and a kiss. After she introduced me to Randal, he gave me a strong handshake and invited me into his house. In the kitchen, he introduced me to his wife, Susan, who appeared to be a few years younger than him and in very good shape.

Susan escorted us into the den, where we met Karen and George, Linda and Ken, Trudi and Paul, and Mavis and Tom. We sat down and joined the conversation, immediately accepted as part of the group. Within the next ten or twelve minutes, three more couples joined us: Crissie and Len, Joanna and Jay, and Pattie and Terry.

I've always been an admirer of the opposite sex. Every woman I've ever met has at least some features that make her desirable; of course some have more than others but nobody I've ever met has been completely left out. Yet this group was better than a typical group of nine women. By my guess they ranged in age from late twenties/early thirties to mid-forties. The tallest was about 5' 9" or maybe 5' 10" while the shortest was maybe 5' 3". Although none of them would be classified as model-type beautiful, I thought every one of them was gorgeous in their own right.

Body styles ran the full gamut. Joanna was the one that most caught my eye. With her lightweight summer dress, I couldn't really see her figure but I could see that she was substantially built, with a nicely defined, well-rounded bottom, and perhaps the largest pair of mounds on her chest I'd ever seen. I'd have to reserve final judgment until her clothes came off but I was certain I would like what was under that dress.

As for my competition, they were just as varied as the women. The guys seemed to range from early thirties to late forties/early fifties. Most of the guys appeared to be in "golf" shape — that is, they looked like they walked a golf course once a week. A couple were beginning to show a bit of a beer belly. I knew I wasn't the best looking of the guys but hoped I wasn't the worst either.

At about 7:40, Susan walked into the middle of the den and held up her hands for silence.

"For those of you who are first timers or those who need a refresher on the rules, let me lay it out for you. Since this is the ladies' night, the women will make the choices of first partners. Men, you will stay here and undress. The ladies will adjourn to the living room, where they will undress and draw for choice order and starting location. In order drawn, the ladies will enter the room, chose their first partner and go to the room designated.

"After the first time, choice of partners is completely open. The only rule is to remember that no means no. Anybody who violates that rule will be tossed out and never invited back. Understood?"

Everyone nodded their agreement and the ladies shuffled out of the den and down the hall to the formal living room. As soon as they were gone, the guys began pulling off shoes, socks, pants, shorts, shirts or whatever they were wearing. I folded my clothes and stacked them neatly on the floor by a wall where they were unlikely to be disturbed.

It seemed like the guys stood around forever waiting for the women to begin appearing, although it probably was just a few minutes. Linda was the first one in. She looked very sexy and I wouldn't have minded going with her but she picked Paul and led him out of the room with a hand clamped firmly around his erection.

Patti was the next one to enter, another very sexy woman that I'd have been honored to escort. However she looked over the whole group, picked Randal and led him downstairs.

The third lady in the room was Joanna. She looked over everyone but stopped in front of me, giving me a nice soft smile. She stepped up close and leaned toward my ear as her hand circled my throbbing cock. "Would you be my partner?" she asked.

"I'd be delighted," I croaked softly, my voice catching in anticipation of playing with this curvy woman.

Joanna turned and, with my cock still in her hand, led me upstairs to a bedroom with a nice queen-sized bed. When she closed the door behind us, she turned and lifted her face to me. Our lips met in a passionate kiss and her tongue was soon exploring my mouth. I pulled her to me and felt her big breasts mash into my chest. Then my wandering cock nestled into the soft warmth between her legs.

"Mm, baby, I think I'm going to like this," she said softly, tugging me toward the bed.

We laid down facing each other and resumed our oral explorations, with all four hands wandering over new territory.

Some minutes later, she pulled back and looked at me seriously. "I hope I didn't misread you, sugar. When we first met, I noticed how you looked at my tits. I hope you don't think they are gross or something. I know they are huge but they are very sensitive and I like them to get lots of attention. Do you like them?"

"Oh, sweet lady, I love them! They are magnificent. Do you mind if I... uh, suck on them?"

"Oh, no, honey! That's what I want!" she replied earnestly.

I scooted down just a little and, as she hefted one of her bit hooters in both hands, I licked and kissed all around her nipple, which grew hard and nearly as long as the last joint of my thumb, with the areola around it becoming pebbly like a cobblestone road. I clamped my lips around her nipple and began to nurse, occasionally taking time out to lick the little pebble road before going back to the main course. Her hands alternated at pulling the back of my head or shoving the big globe toward my face.

Joanna began to moan softly, "Oh, yes, yes, yes, sugar... just like that... I love it... please don't stop... I never get enough of this, baby... oh, yes, yes, YES!"

In the meantime, my right hand was exploring her back, and the curve of her buttocks and the tops of her thighs. Finally feeling moisture between her legs, I slipped my hand between her thighs, touching the soft wet lips of her pussy. She helped me by propping her left knee over my hip, leaving her pussy easily accessible to my fingers.

She was so hot and so wet with her own juices, I wondered if it was time to change tactics. However when she said, "Now suck the other one, baby," I followed her lead and switched to sucking on her right tit when she rolled over onto her back. At least that left her pussy even more open to my fingers and three of them checked out her inner contours while my thumb played lightly around her aroused clit, already standing up like a hard little marble.

It seemed that Joanna appreciated my efforts, because she was concentrating on stirring my own genitals, pushing my cock this way, pulling my balls that way and around and around until I thought I was going to shoot my first load into her hand. Just as I was about to abandon hope for retaining control, Joanna's hand clamped around the base of my cock extremely hard as she bowed her back, pushed her pussy up to meet my fingers and screamed that she was cumming. And cum she did. Where my fingers had been wet with her juices, now I was wet up past my wrist.

I scooted back up and pulled her into my arms, holding and kissing her for several minutes while her breathing returned to some semblance of normal. However before she could get too settled, I decided it was time to taste something else, so I moved between her legs and down, until my face was even with her glistening wet pussy. Lifting her unresisting legs to my shoulders, I buried my face into the wetness of her sweet snatch, letting my probing tongue clean her up.

I was fascinated with her clit. It was undoubtedly the most prominent one I'd ever seen and it intrigued me. However I was concerned about making her too sensitive, and I surely didn't want to do that, ending my night with her before it got started good. So I contented myself with drawing tongue-circles around it most of the time, softly sucking it occasionally, and sometimes teasing it quickly with the tip of my tongue. The rest of the time my tongue explored as much of her soft pussy as I could reach; at times like this, I really wished my tongue was much longer!

Still it was gratifying when, after several minutes, Joanna announced that she was going to cum again. This time I managed to capture much of her ejaculate directly into my mouth, although she pretty well coated my chin too. That was good because I loved both the taste of her and the smell of her sex, a heady aroma which had my head floating in a red cloud of lust not unlike the sensations of being high on some kind of drug.

I went back in search of any of her nectar that I had missed, finding a few drops here and there. When I pushed her legs higher and wider, I found a nice trail over her perineum and into her anal valley. When my tongue lashed over her anus, she jumped as if she had been whipped although she quickly eased back and let me continue; the only sound she made was a noncommittal, "Umm."

For the next few minutes, I expanded my eating of her pussy to include from the top of her mound to the far end of the pucker around her anus and I could feel her body gradually tensing as another orgasm slowly approached. She finally peaked as I rapidly tapped the tip of my tongue into the center of her puckered opening, shuddering and expelling air from her lungs like a punctured balloon.

With my jaw hurting a bit from the long minutes between her legs, I slid up her form and guided my prong into her core. Propping my weight on my forearms, I lowered myself enough to cover her face with kisses. At first she was so engrossed in just trying to breathe that she didn't respond, other than a weak grin, but then she began to return the kisses. When I felt her pussy squeeze my cock several times, I figured it was time to get back to loving this sweet woman.

I started out slowly so I could continue kissing her face and neck but, even at a slow pace, her tits were a constantly moving cushion between us. Not that I minded; every time I felt those globes moving against me, my cock tried to thrust deeper into her center. I know some guys swear that more than a handful is wasted but not me; I dearly love women with big tits and Joanna had the biggest pair of any woman I'd ever been fortunate enough to fuck. I loved the soft texture, the smoothness, the thought of their intended use.

The more I felt her curvy body under me, the hornier I got. With encouragement from her, I got harder and faster until we were rutting like animals. Yet when we came just seconds apart, that didn't seem to matter to either of us — we both loved every second of it.

When I started to roll off her, Joanna pulled me down on top of her, covering me with kisses while her legs wrapped around me to keep me in place. For several minutes, I struggled to breathe, still interspersing my attempts with sloppy wet kisses. We were both covered with a sheen of perspiration but neither cared.

Joanna finally let me roll over and we lay facing each other again. Her arms remained around my neck for some moments before she whispered, "If you'd like to, while we rest you can suck my titties again."

When I nodded that I'd like to, she eased up enough to feed me one of her nipples. For many minutes, I thought about how much I was like a newborn babe, sucking occasionally on his mother's breast but mostly resting in between times.

I'd been at it for quite some time — time having long since become a completely relative factor — when Joanna whispered, "Honey, if you want to change partners, you've certainly earned it. But I'd like it if you'd just stay with me. I love what you do to me."

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