Sea Stories

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A short tale of a sailor, his female executive officer and their short time together on board a ship. This is a sea story!

For centuries sailors in the Navy have passed down stories from one generation to another... these stories are traditionally called sea stories. If you ask a sailor for a definition of a sea story he'll tell you that the difference between a sea story and a fairy tale is that a fairy tale starts out with; 'Once upon a time.' A sea story starts out with; 'This is no shit!' The following tale is definitely a sea story.

Jane Curtain stepped out of the shower, grabbed her towel and began drying off. She looked at herself in the mirror and a good looking woman looked back at her. Although she was thirty-nine years old she was in better shape than 95% of the women in her age group and most of the younger women too. She could do twenty-five push-ups, a hundred sit-ups and last month she ran two miles in 11:42! Her 34C breasts had no sag whatsoever and neither did her butt. At 5' 9" and 123 pounds she was exactly the same weight as when she graduated from the Naval Academy and she was just as sexy. Oh yes, Jane is also a full Commander in the U. S. Navy and the Executive Officer of the USS Burke, a guided missile cruiser assigned to the Pacific fleet.

Jane finished toweling off and walked into the master bedroom of her and her husbands' home in Point Loma, an up-scale suburb of San Diego. Jane and Richard Curtain had been married for eleven years and they had a good marriage; at least Jane had thought so until last weekend when she found evidence to the contrary...

Her mind wandered back to last Saturday morning when Richard had left for his weekly golf game. She was fussing around in the bathroom when she heard a 'buzzing' noise coming from the bedroom. Curious, she walked into the bedroom and realized that Richard had forgotten his cell phone that it was vibrating on the dresser. She looked and saw that the call was from someone named Aaron and thinking it might be important she opened the phone but Aaron had already hung up. She didn't recall her husband talking about anyone named Aaron but he had a large number of clients and she couldn't be expected to know all of them. She was about to put the phone back down when the 'message' icon flashed and Jane, curious about the man named Aaron, opened the phone and pressed '7' and thus invaded her husband's privacy. The message center clicked on then she heard a voice.

"Richard baby, I missed you this morning. Honey I thought you were going to stop by and see me or is Jane back in town? Oh well when you get this give me a call. I love you baby."

It wasn't a man's voice it was a woman's and it became painfully obvious to Jane that Richard was involved with someone else. She closed the phone and sat down on the edge of bed and thought about what to do then an idea hit her. She opened the phone again and scrolled down to photo icon and hit enter. If Richard was having an affair, and it certainly seemed that way, he would probably have taken some pictures of her too. She opened the icon and started scrolling through the pictures. The first one was a shot that Richard had taken of her in her dress blues coming off the Burke, the second one showed a young blonde woman, maybe in her mid twenties wearing a business suit. The next one showed the same girl only now she was undressed, posing with her large breasts jutting out from her chest and she had an almost angelic smile on her face. The third one showed the girl lying on a bed, her legs spread wide apart showing off her pussy and Jane was positive that the bed in the picture was the same one she was sitting on now. The last photo showed the girl on her knees with a cock in her mouth and presumably it was Richards. Jane closed the program and closed the phone and laid down on the bed and cried until she fell asleep.

... Jane's mind snapped back to the present and she looked down at her husbands' sleeping form in their so called marital bed and she shook her head in disgust then she walked over to her dresser and slipped into her panties. Minutes later she was dressed and ready for the day. She looked at the bedside clock, 6:15 a.m., and leaned over Richard's side of the bed and kissed him. "Got to go babe, I need to be aboard Burke by eight."

Richard rolled over onto his side and kissed her back. "Okay honey, when will you be home?"

She wondered if he was asking her because he was going to miss her or if it was because he would have the house all to himself — then he could fuck his twenty-something lover. "Friday, probably at the pier around noon but I won't get off the ship until at least five or six."

He rolled back over onto his back and yawned. "Okay, see you then."

Forty-three minutes later Jane walked down Pier Six and up the gangway and on-board Burke. She saluted the flag then the Officer of the Deck and requested permission to come aboard.

"Good morning XO!" The officer, a Lieutenant Junior grade, called out.

"Morning Mr. Petty." She walked down the port side of Burke, saluting several other sailors before she slipped into a hatchway and down the passageway to her stateroom. Once inside she took off her dress blue uniform and opened her sea locker and pulled out a pair of khaki trousers and her khaki shirt and slipped them on and then went up to the bridge to make sure everything was ready when the Captain arrived so they could get underway for carrier operations.

It was three days after they had departed San Diego and the operations of Burke and the carrier task force the ship was attached to were going well; still the round-the-clock operations were starting to straining the entire crew. They were operating about a hundred miles off the California coast and Jane was finding herself spending 18 to 20 hours a day, either on the bridge or in combat central and it was taking a toll on her too. The Captain had noticed her fatigue and finally pulled her aside on the bridge.

"Look Jane you're a fine naval officer and an excellent executive officer but you can't run forever on coffee, peanut butter sandwiches and three or four hours sleep. He glanced down at his wristwatch, "Jane, it's almost eight and nothing is going to happen for the rest of the evening, take the night off and get some rest... and I'll see you at 0500 - on the bridge."

"Yes sir." Jane left the bridge and walked down to her stateroom. Once inside she picked up her phone and dialed the officer of the deck.


"Yea, well this is the XO. I'm headed to bed, captain's orders, but I'll need a wake-up call... have someone come down around 0330 and bang on my door."

"Yes ma'am, 0330, I'll have someone there."

Jane slipped out of her khaki's and took off her bra and panties and walked over and took a short shower. After she dried off she started to put on her old cotton nightgown but it was so hot she just slipped under the sheets naked. She rolled onto her left side and closed her eyes and tried to sleep but the image of her husbands young lover crept into her thoughts. She wondered if they were fucking right now. Was the blond bimbo better in bed than she was? What could she do for Richard that I can't, Jane thought, then she realized that the young woman's advantage was that she was always there, not out to sea on a God damned ship! Jane slipped her fingers in between her legs and stroked her clit and thought about her husband until she finally fell asleep.

She didn't hear the knocking on her cabin door and she didn't hear the sailor calling out her name, she just slept like she was dead. The first thing she knew there was someone shaking her shoulder and calling her name.

"Commander Curtain? Commander Curtain, its three thirty! The OOD told me not to come back until I woke you. Commander are you all right?"

Jane was lying on her side and she slowly opened her eyes and tried to focus on the voice then she looked up and saw a young sailor, maybe eighteen or nineteen, standing next to her bunk and shaking her shoulder. "Huh? What... ?"

"Commander... ma'am, it's three-thirty. You wanted a wake-up call!"

Jane looked at the sailor and saw that his mouth was open and his eyes were as big as saucers and she wondered why, then she realized that she was lying in her bunk and the sheet had slipped down to her waist and her breasts were on display. She grabbed the sheet and pulled it up covering her nakedness. "Uh... a wake-up call, sure." She sat up on her bunk and pulled the sheet up with her and rubbed her eyes. The boy was still staring at her with his mouth open and the front of his dungaree trousers tented out. Well at least someone finds me attractive she thought. "Look," she looked up at his uniform and saw the name Eaton above his right pocket and a single chevron on his right arm, "Petty Officer Eaton, thanks for the wake up call, sorry that I didn't answer the door."

"No problem ma'am. I'll be going now."

Jane watched him turn to leave and without know why, she said, "No... wait Eaton!" She stood up pulling the sheet up with her.

He turned around and faced her. "Yes ma'am?"

What could she say? What did she want from the young sailor? "Look Eaton I saw you looking at me and I was..."

"The boy looked down at the front of his pants which were still tented out. "Uh... I'm sorry XO! I mean I've never seen a..."

She laughed at the boy's naivety. "Well I guess that you've never seen a half naked naval officer?"

"No ma'am, I've never seen a half naked woman at all!"

Jane was stunned! The boy was a virgin? "How old are you Eaton?"

"Nineteen ma'am, last month."

"I see." Jane thought about what she was going to do and knew that if anyone found out, or even suspected, her naval career was all but over. She took a deep breath and let the sheet slip out of her fingers and flutter down to the floor and she was standing there naked. Although her hair was mussed up from sleeping she didn't think the boy would look much farther up than her pussy or maybe her breasts. "So what do you think Eaton?"

He stuttered. "Uh... uh... uh I... I think you're beautiful XO but I don't think I should be here with you like... like this."

She took two steps forward until she was a mere foot in front of his face then she reached down and stroked his hard cock through his dungarees. "Not only do I think you should be here I think you ought to get out of those clothes Eaton. Then you can come over to my bunk and help your XO out."

He looked at her for a long time then answered. "Ye... yes ma'am."

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