The Underground Cuckold

by Craig88

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Blackmail, Mind Control, BiSexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Humiliation, Sadistic, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Who knew waiting for the train could be so fun?

It was a warm Thursday night as my girlfriend and I strolled home from our friends house and we had been drinking, I felt quite tipsy. My girlfriend Madison looked so hot tonight. She was wearing a pair of heels and short plaid schoolgirl skirt that left little to the imagination. I was kind of glad we had left our friends house as one I had such a hard cock looking at her bronzed thighs and two I wasn't very comfortable with the way my friends were looking at her. She was sat directly opposite them and they couldn't take their eyes from her legs, I had hoped she was wearing underwear but she is very spontaneous so who knows. She was also a very strong person and she certainly wore the trousers in our relationship.

Our friends lived quite far away and as my car was in the body shop we had to rely on public transport, in particular the underground. Madison was also wearing a tight plain t-shirt and no bra, she didn't have to rely on bras as her breasts are lovely and perky.

We approached the underground and moved briskly down the stairs into the dimly lit underground section. It was late and it wasn't a particularly nice neighbourhood. Litter, newspapers and pretty much any other garbage that you usually found in crappy areas was all to apparent here. It was generally quiet apart from the slight hum of a train pulling away.

After descending another flight of stairs we approached our platform. It was situated right on the far side in quite a dim area. There was the odd one or two people dotted around waiting for their train but other than that it was almost deserted.

"It looks dead", Madison joked.

I smiled back, "What do you expect, its 10.45, its bound to be."

We stood at our platform and I walked up to the time table, our train wasn't due until 11.20, we'd just missed one, that would explain Madison and I being the only ones stood at this platform.

"Looks like we gotta wait about half an hour babe."

She sighed, "well we might as well sit down".

We approached the bench and sat down. It was a little chilly as the wind did whistle down the tunnels. Madison then lightly elbowed me to get my attention. I looked at her and she motioned her head. I looked and saw a homeless guy asleep on another bench. I felt sympathy for the guy, laying there in dirty clothes, using a newspaper as a quilt. My thoughts were interrupted by a hand rubbing my cock through my trousers.

"What are you doing?!" I said in a surprised tone, although I'd seen that type of grin across her face before so I kind of had an incline as to what was going through her mind.

"Come on baby, I'm horny."

"We can't do it here, we'll get in trouble."

"Oh come on don't be a wimp, I know you're horny too."

She was right and the erection in my pants couldn't hide the fact either.

"I wanna fuck in front of that bum, please come on."

I didn't have a chance to reply, and plus I was feeling tipsy and a little naughty so she unzipped me and pulled out my hard cock. She wasted no time getting her lips around my head, and cupping my balls in her hand. My cock was already oozing precum and she licked the tip of my cock clean. She then pulled off her t-shirt to let her beautiful tits bounce free, they looked so good. She then knelt before me and thrust out her ass in a very provocative manner. I gazed over to the tramp and saw he was still asleep. Madison was sucking my cock all the way to my balls, she loved deep throating my cock. Her blowjobs were always magnificent, she was now running her tongue up and down my shaft before plunging it straight to the back of her mouth again. I let out a moan of pleasure.

My moan seemed to awake the tramp a little. He moved a little then opened one of his eyes to scan the area. Madison looked up at me and guessed that as I was looking at the tramp he must be awaking, so she stood up, then whilst stood up, arched her back forward and took my cock in her mouth again. Her skirt had almost ridden up over her ass and it was only a matter of a time until the tramp caught a gaze of my girlfriend's magnificent ass and thighs.

His face was a sight! His jaw dropped and his eyes were wide open, you wouldn't of thought he was asleep!

Madison was letting out moans and groans as she worked my cock. She had rested her hands on my thighs and was just bobbing her head up and down on my cock.

The tramp had now sat up and was watching, mouth wide open. Madison pulled away from my cock and told me she was gonna ride my cock. She turned away from me to face the tramp. I don't know what face she pulled but he smiled at her.

Facing away from me she lifted her skirt up some, I saw she wasn't wearing any underwear, she must have been flashing my friends her trimmed little cunt, no wonder they couldn't keep their eyes of her. She sat back and with her left hand grabbed my cock so she could direct it into her cunt, her pussy was so warm and tight I felt like I was going to come right away.

She slowly built up a rhythm and eventually she was sliding up and down my shaft effortlessly, her juices were really flowing, I could feel the coolness of it running down my balls. I grabbed her smooth thighs as she fucked me. I could see the corners of her C cup tits beautifully bouncing away.

The tramp was now rubbing the front of his trousers. I got a better look at him, he had short dark hair and looked quite good looking.

Madison was really enjoying herself, she was moaning away presumably looking at the tramp straight in the eyes as he was her. She moved her hand to her face and I could just about see that she was sucking her finger. She was very wet now, and was grinding down all the way on my 6 inches.

Oh no. I could feel my balls tightening and before I knew it I was blowing my load in her hot wet cunt. I let out a loud groan as I came. Madison stopped and I knew she was disappointed I had only lasted 5 minutes. She stood off me and my cum leaked from her cunt and down her bronze thighs.

"For fucks sake Darren, I was enjoying that."

"I'm sorry baby we can go again."

We both knew this wasn't true, my cock was getting limper by the second.

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