by Sasquatch in Fla

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, 2nd POV, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Romantic fantasy with a bizarre twist at the end.

You just logged off after spending 2 hours on the computer talking with me, feeling very happy and tired. You walk into the bedroom, changing into what you are wearing to bed, and crawl into the covers. You start to dream of what we talked about...

Walking along a nice wooded path, listening to the sounds of nature as we walk. Coming to a pond with a small waterfall we stop and sit. Hold one another close, letting my lips softly touch yours. The kiss going from one of love and compassion to one of passion and lust. My hands are in your hair, pulling your mouth closer to mine. Yours are around my waist and upon my ass, pulling our bodies closer together. We start to pull one another's clothes off, not caring where they land. Soon we are both naked and diving into the water. You come up for air looking about to find me and not seeing me, then suddenly I break the surface next to you wrapping my arms about you and kissing you deeply.

You are suddenly startled awake by a sound you hear, looking you see nothing but can smell the faint aroma of fresh roses. You settle down and fall back to sleep.

We are now back on the shore behind the waterfall, our bodies pressed close together, feeling the passion building as we kiss and caress one another. You slowly rise and straddle my waist, lowering yourself onto my cock. Feeling it slowly slide into you, it's so hard and you are so wet. We slowly start moving our bodies together feeling the passion build once more. We start moving faster, thrusting to meet your hips. Our bodies crashing together as the water splashes upon us. Not able to hold out I feel you starting to get tighter, which sends my feelings over the edge. I thrust hard into you, keeping my cock buried deep into your pussy filling you with my cum. I can feel you starting to cum as I start to fill you with mine, watching your head roll back, your eyes staring out into the emptiness of space. We slowly come down off the natural high we are on, you collapsing against my chest, me kissing your forehead softly then your nose then kissing you. We lay there for what seams an eternity before even moving, and when we do move I feel my semi-soft cock slide out of you.

You awaken once more in a cold sweat, feeling the after effects of the dream. Feeling like you have just come down off the orgasm for real. You look about cause you still have the feeling someone is there, but there is nothing but that aroma of roses. Settling down once more you fall back to sleep. Dreaming once again...

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