The Ultimate Trust

by Crymsin Lilly

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Walls crash down when this couple learns how love and lust are one between them in this short erotic glimpse into their world. (Written about the same man from the true story, "Limits". This is an exploration in finding mutual acceptance and understanding the beginning of darker desires.)

Imagine a bed. Four wrought iron posts towering above it, the shadows dancing on the stone walls in the flickering candle light. Ivory candles of all sizes light the room with their warm glow. In a corner there is an old wooden chest.

You are an observer only, watching my personal fantasy play out before your eyes.

The old wooden door opens and you see a women being led in by a man wearing black. She is wearing a long ivory colored dress, perfectly made with lace and silk to show off her ample figure. The skirt flows around her ankles on the floor and you can see her toes under the hem as she steps into the room. The neckline is open and reveals the tops of her creamy white breasts. Her eyes are covered with a black silk blindfold.

The gentleman leads her to the bed then when she sits, he shuts the door and throws the latch so that none may enter or leave until he allows it. He then turns back to her and bids her stand so that he can remove her dress. It slides easily over her shoulders and to the floor in a puddle of almost white silk. Now she is wearing only the blindfold. She is slightly chilled in the cool stone room and her nipples react to the cold air that is caressing her breasts. Looking closely you see a trickle of moisture between her thighs and know she has been anticipating this time for quite a while.

The man speaks. "Tonight you are mine. Mine to toy with. Mine to please or not please. You will obey my every command without question. Do you understand?" The woman's voice is tremulous, "I understand my Lord." Around her throat he slips a collar. It is delicately wrought with black lace and black pearls but it is a collar nonetheless. It is a sign of ownership.

Gently, he helps her to lie back on the bed and loops a silk rope about her right wrist. She tenses slightly and even the soft touch of this man cannot banish her unease. He walks around the bed to tie her other wrist. Her breath is coming faster and you can see her heartbeat fluttering in her throat above the collar.

He stands at the end of the bed, drinking in the site of the exquisite creature in front of him. His eyes trace the contours of her face and hair and slide down her throat to her heavy breasts. Her nipples are still erect from the chill air in the room, the areola wrinkled. His gaze wanders down over her ample belly and wide hips. Her full thighs tremble with desire though she tries to stay still. He knows her desires. They had spoken at length over drinks days ago. She had already had a couple of drinks before he found her sitting before the fire. She seemed a to be leagues away when he took the seat across from her. He knew her desire to be controlled, to be pushed beyond her limits, to explore the many possibilities of physical, mental and emotional lovemaking. He also knew her need for total acceptance, pure and true love. All that she knew of this night was that she was going to have her sexual dreams made into reality.

Now she lay on her back wondering if she had been too hasty in acquiescing to this encounter. The only reason that she didn't use the word that he had given her to stop everything was because she believed that the mere chance of having her fantasies fulfilled was worth the nervousness.

She gasped sharply when she felt his warm hands on her ankles, moving slowly up the insides of her legs. Spreading them. Pushing them apart so tenderly. She knew that her most private, secret place was exposed to his view and to whatever else he willed. She wished she could see his face. To see if her own lust was mirrored in his eyes. As if understanding what she needed he carefully removed the blindfold. The first thing that she saw was his beautiful brown eyes. They nearly glowed with an inner light. She saw what she had hoped for and more than she ever expected. His desire was so strong that she could feel it emanating from his body like a bonfire radiates heat. She also saw his deep love for her. His need to please and protect her. This shocked her. She had never been looked at like that before. The shape and size of her body seemed repulsive to other men. She had planned to be alone for the rest of her life and here, in the eyes of this man she saw her future. Her body seemed to melt under his gaze.

Suddenly the ropes on her wrists felt softer, more erotic. The candlelight flickered and danced, alternately showing and hiding his features. His jet-black hair, full beard and mustache, his beautiful tan skin.

He lowered his lips to hers. As he did, he kept eye contact hoping that she could see everything within him. His love was so powerful that he felt his heart would burst with it. He wanted her to know. He wanted her to understand that he loved and wanted her just the way she was. That he wanted to grow old with her. Tonight he would put her fears to rest. He had made that vow to himself when he first learned of her deepest desires.

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