The Cabin

by Crymsin Lilly

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Two people, very much in lust, head for a cabin in the woods for the weekend. A short story, but not shallow. (This was written for my dear friend Simon. He of the sexiest accent I've had the pleasure of hearing. Had we ever met in person, this would be a true story.)

The setting sun lights the mountain road. I've given you no hint of where we are going this Friday night so all you know is that we'll be there for the weekend. For the last couple of hours you've followed my directions and have given up on learning our destination. Throughout this time I've been sitting close to you on the bench seat of the truck. I've enjoyed touching you, teasing you, and feeling my own passion rise.

Your hand on my thigh sends shivers through my body and I try to urge your hand to my swollen pussy but you won't let me. Squirming on the seat I beg you to touch me, while your hand remains firm just inside my thigh. An idea occurs to me and I drop to my knees on the floor of the truck, unzip your pants, and very slowly take your semi-hard cock into my mouth. It doesn't take long for you to grow to full thickness between my lips I bask in the feeling of you growing against my tongue as I suck gently.

From the way I'm positioned I know that you can't reach much of my body easily so you settle for taking a handful of my hair as I slide my hot wet mouth up and down the length of your hardness. I love listening to you moan your pleasure as I make love to you. Looking up at your face I take my middle finger and slide it into my pussy. When I pull it out, it's shining with my wetness. The look in your eyes is priceless when you realize what I want to do. Wiggling down in the seat a bit you make it easier for me to get my hand into your pants. I'm not worried about you wrecking the truck since you're driving slowly up a dirt road getting nearer our destination.

As my finger slides into your ass my mouth slips down to the base of your rigid cock and you moan again, deep in your throat. I keep up a tantalizingly slow rhythm of fingering and sucking you while the taste of your precum fills my mouth and my own juices run down my thighs in anticipation. Soon I feel your balls tighten and know that you're going to fill my mouth and throat with your hot seed. I increase the suction and swallow all that I can before you shoot your load. Kissing the head of your cock and slipping my finger out of your ass, I zip your pants back up as best I can over your raging hard-on.

I look straight ahead, looking for the cabin that we should be getting close to and see you glancing at me out of the corner of my eye. Trying hard not to chuckle out loud I hear your heavy breathing. My cunt is soaking my skirt with sweet/salty fluid and when you tell me that you're going to pull to the side of the road and rape me, I feel another heavy gush between my legs. My hand rests, trembling slightly, on your thigh as I look at you and tell you that the cabin is around the next corner and you can have your way with me when we get there.

The sound of the wind in the trees greets us as we step out of the truck and into the sunshine. The warm air is full of the scent of pine though there is an underlying hint of sex. We slide our arms around each other and walk up the steps to the porch. While I dig my key out of my purse you move behind me, holding tight to my hips and pressing your cock against my ass. I fumble with the key at the lock then slide it home and open the door.

As soon as the door closes behind us you push me into the corner, kissing me fiercely. My legs go weak as I take your tongue into my mouth, sucking it much like I did your cock minutes before. The kiss breaks and starts again over and over as we undress each other. My body aches for your touch as you unbutton my blouse and toss it on the couch, my nipples strain against the soft fabric of my bra. Pulling your shirt over your head I take advantage of my chance to touch you, to kiss your chest, arms, and belly. The heat of your skin is intoxicating. You put your hands on either side of my face and I stand straight again, looking into your eyes. The lust that I see destroys my restraint. My desire to have you buried inside me is all that I can think about.

Kissing me again, but not so deeply, you reach behind me to unzip my skirt. I want all of you. I need to feel you in every way possible. A small whimper escapes my lips as you let my skirt drop to the floor and roll down my thigh high hose. Before you stand up, you kiss my inner thighs, flicking your tongue across my flesh tasting the cum that has been leaking from me since we met this morning.

Only when I stand before you completely nude do you remove your pants. I have to stand very still because I don't trust myself to touch you at that moment. My body shivers from both restraining my desire and the slight chill in the room as you take my hand and lead me to a nearby chair.

This particular chair is a good choice because it has no arms but is still soft and comfortable. As you settle yourself in the chair I stand waiting, trembling with desire. My heart skips a beat as you take my hands and pull me towards you. Quietly I stand over you, looking deep into your eyes, with one leg on either side of your hips, waiting to see what you want me to do even though I'm sure that I already know. I feel no surprise when your hand slides up the inside of my thigh and gently parts my labia. My lips are swollen with need and I moan slightly as you slip a finger into me and feel my wetness. No words are necessary as I lower myself onto your hard cock.

Slight shivers are running up and down my body as, inch by inch, we become one. With a sigh, I settle myself snugly against you and your arms go about my waist. Slowly I lower my lips to yours. Our tongues meet and part as we take our time teasing and tasting each other. While we kiss my pussy strokes your cock. I don't move my hips at all; I only use my internal muscles to stimulate the both of us. After all of the teasing in the truck I had expected our first time at the cabin to be a hard and fast fuck and I am pleasantly surprised that we our taking our time.

The sunlight outside is dimming as we make love to each other on that chair. The feeling of your hands on my body is electrical and I tremble as you caress my back and shoulders. When your hands move down to my ample backside and pull my cheeks apart I can feel you sliding even deeper into my tunnel and I moan quietly into the side of your neck. Hardening even more, my nipples ache for your touch as they brush against your chest. I sit up a bit as I feel and hear your breathing quicken. It's only then that I start moving on your rock-like dick. Rocking my hips very, very slowly I enjoy the feeling of you buried all the way inside me and holding onto your shoulders I speed up a bit.

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