Cassie's Birthday

by Old Fart

Tags: Teenagers, Caution,

Desc: : Cassie's turning 16. And you know what that means. No sex but there is an enema scene.

"Mama, what can't I have some of my friends over like normal kids do?"

"Honey, you know how close our family is. This is a special day for all of us. It's not every day that we have a brand-new sixteen year old."

My father walked up behind me and pinched my bottom. "Sweet sixteen and never been kissed. Right sweetheart?

"Yes, Papa."

His smile filled his whole face, as if he was the first person to ever come up with such a thing. He put his hand on my mother's waist, pulling her in for a kiss. "Bath tub's ready."

She wiped her hands on her apron and took me by the hand. "Come along, Cassie. Time for you to get all pretty for your guests."

As soon as we left the kitchen and started down the hallway towards the main bathroom, I could smell the lavender. We made another right turn and I just stood there in amazement. The tub was full of water, topped by a layer of bubbles. There had to be at least a dozen candles on the counter, the edge of the bathtub, the window sill, even on the top of the toilet tank. The spring-loaded curtain rod was standing in the corner, next to the toilet, the curtain still attached, leaving the entrance to the tub completely open. I'd seen scenes similar to this in movies only there would be a big sunken tub with room for four and it would be in a five star hotel's honeymoon suite, waiting for the newlyweds after an evening of champagne and dancing. Not the one-person tub in the main bathroom of our fourplex at 11:30 on a Saturday morning.

Mama let me take it all in, then said, "Come on, Cassie. Time's a wasting. Your guests will all be here at 1:00 and we have a lot to do before then."

I'd thought that now I was sixteen, I was going to get to bathe myself. No such luck. Mama reached over to me and grabbed my top. "Lift your arms, Baby." I lifted them up as she slid it up until the neck got caught around my chin and wouldn't go any farther.

"Cassie, I wish you wouldn't do up all those buttons. You know it just makes it that much harder to get it off." She worked on undoing a couple of the buttons while my head was covered with the majority of the now inside-out shirt.

"There." She lifted it the rest of the way up and off. "Turn around."

I turned and was barely able to push the door closed before I felt her fingers slide under my bra strap as she undid it. It sprang forward as she let go of the straps and I moved my arms down to let it slide off.

She shuffled me around so we were facing each other again. "Oh, my. Look at that. Those marks are because this thing's too tight. We're going to have to move you up to a C cup." She sniffed and wiped a tear out of the corner of her eye. "My baby's growing up." She paused a couple of seconds and said, "OK. Enough of that. Off with the shoes and the pants."

I slipped my sandals off, pushing them over toward the wall, then pulled my shorts down, taking the panties with them.

"My, my. We're going to have to trim that hair one day soon. Can't have you looking like a wild animal down there. OK. You know the procedure. Assume the position."

I bit my lower lip as I leaned over the sink, resting on my elbows.

Mama swatted my fanny as I squeezed my cheeks together. "Come on, Honey, you know that just makes it worse. Lord knows, you should be used to this by now." I relaxed as she fed the moistened enema hose up my back passage. The warmth was soothing until the quantity became overwhelming and I felt bloated.

She removed the hose and said, "Five minutes. No cheating — I'd hate to have to do this all over again. Got a special birthday surprise for you when I get back."

She went out to the hallway, closing the door on her way. I stayed where I was, my body at an angle as I gritted my teeth and held my hind cheeks together so nothing could escape for five minutes.

I was wondering if I was going to make it when I heard the phone ring. It took at least another five minutes before Mama came back.

"I'm sorry, Baby. That was your uncle Chester. You know how he is about birthdays. I had to assure him that everything was going smoothly for your big day. He was just so excited that you're turning the big sixteen. Oh, my, here I am, yapping a mile a minute. Sit down on that toilet and get rid of all that."

I pushed myself back and sat down, voiding myself in a big rush.

Mama reached behind me and flushed the toilet. All the candles and the fragrant bubble bath combined to make it almost bearable. I cleaned up as best I could with a wad of toilet paper and she flushed again.

"Now you just stay there a minute. I got something here for your birthday."

She reached into the pocket of her apron and pulled out a plastic bottle, shook it and replaced the cap with something like a nozzle. She put it down next to the sink. "OK, Baby. Lean back and lift your legs. I need to get to your kitty."

I leaned back and grabbed my ankles, leaving myself wide open.

Mama kneeled down on the floor between my legs and opened me up with her thumbs. I jumped as she pushed in with her finger. "It's all there. Good Girl. It won't be long from now that you'll be delivering my grandchildren through here."

She reached back and picked the bottle off the counter, then faced me with it. "Hold still. I'll try not to hurt you."

I took a deep breath and held it. Mama had always been insistent that I not put anything inside me, not even a finger. "What is that, Mama?"

"It's a douche. It will make you clean and fresh. It's all part of being a woman, Cassie."

She wet the nozzle with her mouth, then eased it inside me so gently that I could hardly feel it. I felt a fullness as she squeezed on the bottle. She maneuvered it out and it immediately gushed into the toilet. It smelled — I don't know... clean.

"OK, Honey. Into the tub with you."

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