Anna's Overnight

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: I knew better and everyone I knew told me I was making a mistake, but what the hell can you do when you are in love?

I knew better. I'd watched friends and co-workers make the same mistake for years and I still went ahead and did it. And even though what had happened to them also happened to me, I didn't care. In fact, what had ended in divorce for most of them ended up making my marriage stronger.

I am an airline employee and have been one for over thirty years. And among the lower orders (that is everyone except pilots) it is a basic article of faith that you never, and I do mean never, take up with a stew. A stew (they prefer to be called flight attendants, but no one in the industry calls them anything but stews) will break your heart - it's a given. Marry a stew and your life becomes one of misery and frustration. Let me hastily add here that it is not always the stews fault, a lot of the time it is the nature of a stews job and what that job will cause when it comes up against human nature. The nature of a stews job is travel, and in traveling she will sometimes be required to stay over night at far away cities and some times, depending on her seniority, her trips can keep her away from home for days. These things don't matter in the first year or two of marriage, while the full bloom of love clouds your mind, but eventually the green eyed monster will rear it's ugly head. She will become suspicious of what he is doing while she is gone, some times justified and some times not, or he will be the one to become suspicious of what she is doing, again some times justified and some times not. Anyway, I'd have to say that 85 to 90 percent of all the marriages that involve stews that I know of have ended in separation or divorce.

A case in point - my friend Jack. He and Mary were married in June of 1998. That they loved each other was clear to everyone who knew them, but in less than a year they were separated. Why? Because of time and distance. Mary would be gone three or four days at a time and when she would call home Jack wouldn't be there. Flight crews usually stay at a given hotel on RON's (remain over nights). These hotels are selected by airline management and are under contract to provide X many rooms every night for the flight crews. Jack would call the hotel and not be able to get in touch with Mary. Before long Mary got suspicious - she couldn't get ahold of Jack because he was out running around with other women. Jack got suspicious of Mary - he couldn't get in touch with her because she was shacked up with the pilot, copilot or a lover she had met and started an affair with. When Mary would get home from a trip, instead of a joyful reunion, the two of them fought, accused, and argued. Was Mary fucking around on her trips? Was Jack running around on her when she was gone? Who knows. Bottom line - don't get involved with a stew and that was a rule that I steadfastly adhered to - until I met Anna.

Our fist encounter was not an auspicious one. My shift started at eleven p.m. and my assignment for the night was to perform a Service Check on an MD-80 that included several time changes including a CSD and a Fuel Control Unit. Even with help from a couple of other guys I didn't get it done until nearly five -thirty and the aircraft had to be on the gate by six. I cleaned up and we pushed the aircraft out of the hanger and I taxied it to the gate. As was my habit, I stuck a can of coffee in the coffee maker so the crew would have hot coffee when they came on board. I took a paperback out of my back pocket and settled down in the aisle seat of the first row in the first class section to wait for the crew. About ten minutes later I heard the stews coming up the airstairs and when they got to the galley area I saw that one of them was Ramona Winters and I cursed my luck. Ramona was an evil bitch who was sweet as sugar to the paying passengers, but down right nasty to every one else, especially aircraft mechanics. She walked up to me and said, "Who the fuck told you that you could start the coffee maker?"

Having previously experienced Ramona's displeasure, and not having liked it one bit, I said, "Eat shit and die Winters. Till the captain or first officer get here this is my aircraft and I'll do what I damn well please."

She responded with, "You can't talk to me like that. I want you off this aircraft right now!"

"You sure?" I asked.

"Damn right!" she said.

I shrugged and got up from my seat and on my way to the cockpit I saw, for the first time, one of the other stews, one that I had never seen before. About 5'2", 110 pounds, soft brown hair and brown eyes, a very nice figure and a face that captured my heart. Not gorgeous, not really beautiful, but wholesome, cute, a real girl next door face. Under other circumstances I would have stopped and introduced myself, but not that morning. That morning I was going to stuff a poker up Ramona's ass. I went into the cockpit and shut down the APU. That killed all power except ground power to the aircraft and then I hit the switch that killed ground power.

"Hey! What are you doing?" hollered Ramona. "Leaving the aircraft sweetie, just like you wanted."

"Put the power back on before you go."

I laughed, "Sorry Ramona. You are trained to give first aid, serve meals and drinks, and a whole bunch of other stuff, but you don't know how to handle an APU fire and a few other things that might happen with an APU running. Since the aircraft is my responsibility till the captain or first officer get here and you want me gone, the power stays off." I got off the plane and went into the gate area where I read my book until the FO got there.

"Why is the power off?" he wanted to know. "Ramona doesn't want me on the plane so since I can't monitor APU operation from here I shut it down."

He muttered, "Fucking bitch" as he went up the airstair.

Two days later I was having breakfast in the airport employee's cafeteria when one of the other guys said, "Don't look now, but I think you have an admirer. She hasn't taken her eyes off you since she sat down."

I looked and it was the cute, wholesome looking girl who had been present during the Ramona incident. I got up and asked her to join us, one thing led to another and six months later we were married. From the beginning I could tell that our marriage wasn't going to be like any of the others where a stew was involved. I was always at home when she called, and she called every night she was gone. I rarely called her, but when I did she was always there. When she got home we were so damn glad to see each other that we some times forgot that there were other people in the world. In bed and out, we could not get enough of each other. At the end of four years of marriage we still could not keep our hands off each other. By the end of that fourth year Anna was off reserve status and had enough seniority to bid for a block of her own. Unfortunately, that block that she was flying was going to have her out of town on our fifth wedding anniversary. She tried to work a trade, but couldn't, so we planned on celebrating when she got home.

The day she left on her trip I was finally able to work a day trade with another mechanic and I caught a flight for SFO which is where she was going to overnight. When I got to the hotel where the crews were being put up I looked into the restaurant and saw Anna eating dinner with the rest of the crew and I started to go in and join them, but then I had a better idea. I went to the desk and identified myself and said that my wife was supposed to have left me a key. The desk clerk made me show him my I.D. and then he gave me a key and I hurried up to the room. There is no place to hide in a hotel room so I figured I lie down on the floor on the far side of the bed and when Anna came in I'd jump up and yell "Happy Anniversary." It was almost half an hour before I heard a key in the lock and I got down on the floor and got ready. The door opened and I heard, "Hurry up! I want your cock in me. I need to be fucked."

"Oh shit!" I thought, I'm in the wrong room.

A male voice said, "Damn it, at least let me get my pants off."

"Well hurry up and get them off while I call my husband."

It was Anna's voice. There were sounds of undressing, the phone being dialed, and a long pause and then Anna said, "He's not answering. That's strange, he's always there."

The man said, "Maybe he's out getting some strange pussy, maybe he's trying to stay even with you."

Anna laughed, "Not my hubby. When I'm home I fuck him to death. I don't leave him with enough strength to go after anyone else. Now get over here and fuck me."

For the next five minutes I laid there and listened to the sounds of flesh smacking flesh and Anna moaning "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes" and finally I couldn't take it anymore. I raised my head just enough to see over the edge of the bed and I saw a naked Anna being fucked by a middle aged man that I recognized as a captain for our airline. Anna had her legs locked behind his and her hands were on his shoulders. Her face was in my direction, but her eyes were closed and I watched for a moment more. Just as I was about to duck my head back down her eyes opened and our gazes locked. There was no change in her facial expression, but with her eyes locked on mine, seeming to stare in at my very soul, she cried, "Fuck me baby, fuck me hard. Give me your cock. Harder baby, harder. Make you're your little slut cum."

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