Ultimate Nightmare

by Writingdragon

Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic, Cheating,

Desc: : Moral Courage, Another Phrase For- Just Plain Screwed

There is little to no explicit sex in this story.

No part of this story may be published at any other site or in any other form without the express written permission of the author. © July 12, 2007.

I would like to thank DoctorWyldcard for the idea that this story blossomed from.

The plain manila envelope Jason Tendell carried in his hand felt like it weighed a ton. With his world teetering on the edge of complete and utter collapse, the contents of that package felt like a huge millstone around his neck... and life.

Just twenty-seven, his life had been nearly perfect to this point. It was on a path that most would envy and some would kill for. He had already made more than enough to pay off his home and still afford several fancy toys. As Financial Analyst for a conglomerate of corporate investors Jason was not only well liked, but also well connected.

On top of that, for the last three years he had been successfully wooing Adeline Racine, the only child of Constance and Marc Racine. Fourteen months ago, Jason and Addie, as everyone called her, fell head over heels in love and now their wedding was just six weeks away.

His future father-in-law was the CEO of Sterling Industries. Just to have Marc mention your name was tantamount to a job offer in some circles.

After easing out of his Porsche Carrera, Jason headed up the lighted walk to the front door of Racine manor. His body was tense and all his recent nightmares seemed to lurk, ready to pounce from the surrounding darkness.

"I can't believe it's only been three friggin weeks... feels more like three fucken' years," he bitterly muttered to himself. Pausing to look up into the heavens beyond the stars, Jason mentally questioned: 'God, what did I do to deserve this... ? Which one of my long forgotten indiscretions pissed you off enough to warrant this final retribution?'

As he pressed the doorbell, its faint sound made him think, 'This must be how ancient warriors felt when preparing for a hopeless battle... One in which there would be no winners. When the 'call to arms' was finally blown, it must have sounded very lonely.' As Jason waited for the door to open, his mouth was dry and he couldn't seem to catch his breath. The moment of truth had arrived, Jason's fears were now a reality. Memories of that fateful day caused his stomach to feel unsettled as he recalled the events.

On that fateful Monday morning a very important client had called, requesting an emergency meeting in another city two hours away. He had given Jason the details and the name of the hotel where he was staying. Jason immediately cleared his calendar while gathering the information needed. In order to meet his client's busy schedule Jason decided driving would be quicker and less risky than going to the airport, catching a flight, and renting a car. But facing a long drive put him under a lot of pressure and blew the rest of his day.

Set up in a partially secluded alcove off the hotel's main dining room, the meeting went well. After taking all the information Jason presented, his client rushed off to catch a flight. Even with the two hour drive, Jason realized by hurrying he could still get back in time to beat the afternoon rush hour. That alone would cut an extra hour off his work day.

From where he sat Jason could see into the spacious, well lit atrium in the main lobby. While putting away his material, a movement through the garden area caught his eye. It was one of those things that for some unknown reason you turn your head to get a closer look. Jason's world suddenly turned upside down and his eyes widened when he spotted Constance, his future mother-in-law, walking towards him. His internal alarms were going off like crazy as Jason watched her intimately clutching the arm of a man he didn't immediately recognize. As they got closer, Jason realized it was Kenneth Undall, her husband's biggest competitor.

As luck would have it, a few moments later Constance and her male companion were seated just a few tables away. Trapped, Jason hurriedly scanned the room, quickly realizing he would be in full view no matter which way he tried to leave. With a sick feeling, but discretion being the better part of valor, Jason finished packing his equipment in hopes of an opportunity to slip out of the building unnoticed.

Jason was extremely agitated by his present circumstances. Unable to make an escape, he spent the next few minutes cautiously observing them holding hands, kissing, giggling and whispering little secrets to each other.

With an adrenaline surge, reeling fear swept Jason's body when he noticed the lunch crowd was beginning to thin out.

When the server arrived to take their orders, Jason was able to hear every word. After the waiter walked away, Constance almost cooed, "We still have a bit of time baby, but let's hurry. Before I go home to my boring hubby, I need at least a few more of those special quivers that only you make me feel." Giggling nervously, Constance glanced around. After being sure no one had been listening, she excused herself to freshen up.

Constance was out of sight before he decided it was time to make a move. Trying his best not to be seen, Jason was silently praying while passing by their table. Suddenly aware that Kenneth was looking in the other direction, he took advantage of the situation, making a bee-line straight for one of the entrances.

Hurrying to his car, Jason tossed his files in the trunk. After getting in, he locked the doors and just sat starring hopelessly at the wall in front of him. Jason's pounding heart was reverberating in his ears like the sound of a steel rod beating on a kettle drum. The pressure was making his head feel like it was about to explode. Fraught with fear, Jason questioned, "What the hell am I supposed to do now?"

On the way home, all he could think was, 'I am so damn screwed.'

Addie peppered Jason with fresh ideas from the previous weekend's bridal show. Even though he was sitting right beside her, she wasn't having any luck getting his attention. Unable to get Jason involved in last minute changes was making Addie very frustrated. For the last few days she had started to become very concerned over the persistent funk he'd fallen into.

"Jason... Jason... please pay attention honey, this is very important," Addie pleaded. As he continued to drift in thought, Addie's voice exploded with aggravation, "Damn it Jason, where is your head? You've been a thousand miles away... ever since Tonya, Emily and I got back from the Bridal show at Hilton Head." With her normally vibrant and bubbly voice slowly degenerating into a childish whimper, she added, "Every time I ask, you keep saying there's nothing wrong, but babe... you're scaring the hell out of me."

Seeing the concern and frustration in Addie's eyes, Jason swallowed hard, "I'm sorry hon. Please believe me, you've done nothing wrong. It's just something I found out while having lunch with a client that could have severe repercussions. The problem is right now I... we don't need that."

She leaned in close and cooed softly in his ear. "I think we've both become too distracted with other issues and we're losing sight of what is truly important... It's time to refocus on each other... What say stud?" Addie asked while seductively and lovingly rubbing her hand from his chest to the nape of his neck.

Jason shuddered, melting into a puddle of quivering flesh as she playfully licked his ear, teasing him unmercifully.

Suddenly Addie squealed in surprise as he lifted and set her on the kitchen table. As Jason began making love to her, she jokingly teased, "Well, Aunt Wendy did smile when she gave us that 'Sex Begins in the Kitchen' book." Her ensuing giggle quickly changed to a long slow moan as he gently slid into her trembling body.

Later that morning as his fiancé showered, Jason was still struggling with his dilemma, 'I've got to try and straighten out this mess... I need some proof, something that will shock Constance... maybe even get her to stop. That would be the easiest way to end this nightmare.'

After Addie left to go shopping, Jason made his decision and began checking the listings for Private Detectives. Selecting one, he called and made an appointment for later that day.

In just two days it would be exactly three weeks since life had so quickly and cruelly conspired against Jason's happiness. He was overwhelmed by how life's 'Wrecking Ball of Circumstances' was poised to destroy his ideal existence.

Jason now found himself staring at what was evidently a stack of evidence that had just been placed on the conference table in front of him. He listened intently as the P.I. began to explain, "The CD contains all the video and audio that we've been able to obtain between Constance and her lover.

"The first envelope, marked photos, is just that, pictures of them in various locations. We caught them doing everything from talking to cuddling while dining, walking, or just sitting together.

"The second envelope contains photos of them in various sex acts.

"The third and final envelope contains a printed transcript of the audio which included all conversations between them that our investigators were able to record."

'Dynamite, that's exactly what it reminds me of, a stick of pure dynamite, so damn small and harmless looking while so potentially explosive. No, in this case, it's more like a nuclear warhead, ' Jason thought as he reached for the audio transcript. The print out completely obliterated any possible doubts that Constance was having an affair or whom she was having it with.

While reading the report, Jason was shocked to discover the consistent verbal disrespect that Constance showed towards her husband when talking with her lover. He was stunned not only by their jokes about Marc's performance in and out of bed, but also by her professed ability to control her husband.

Constance was effectively bragging about leading Marc around by the nose. However, it had been Jason's experience when around them, that Marc was firmly, but lovingly in control. Since they had always seemed to respect each other, Jason was amazed at how easily she deceived everyone.

As he continued to skim through the transcript, Jason noticed the P.I. had caught them getting together at least four times in less than two weeks to have sex. 'Damn, ' he thought while shaking his head, 'considering their ages, she and Kenneth are worse than a couple of fucking rabbits.'

A highlighted portion of exchange between the couple suddenly caught Jason's eyes. "Constance, when are you going to file for divorce baby? I can't wait until you're all mine."

As he read her reply, Jason could just hear Constance's New England accent, "Ken, I told you. We have to wait until after Addie's wedding, that way she won't get hurt as much.

"Besides for now you're getting all the sex my body has to offer. By the way, you're the only one since my husband, Mr. wonderful, hasn't sniffed my pussy for a month. And you can rest assured that he won't, ever again if I can help it."

"Oh Constance, I do love you."

"Well sexy man, I love you too."

Jason's heart beat wildly as he began to grasp the depth of his predicament. He was just starting to fully understand her impact on his life as well. What didn't make sense, 'How could Constance even consider dumping Marc for that greasy slime ball, Kenneth Undall?'

Sighing deeply, Jason dropped his head in dejection while muttering, "Where Marc's concerned, I've got no choice. He's been good to me, treating me like a son... Marc deserves to know. But, there's no way I'm going to look at the visual evidence. I'd never be able to look Constance in the eyes again.'

While fiddling with the clasp on the package his stomach fluttered as he sat quietly thinking. 'I pray that by some miracle she and Marc can find a way to work this... this... situation out.'

After thanking the P.I., Jason rose to leave. Walking to his car, he quietly conceded, "I'm Fucked... just plain fucked."

Later, while with Addie, Jason felt a desperate need to convey his deep love for her. He chose a special way with wine, food, and song at their favorite restaurant. Afterwards, Addie conveyed her deep love by ravishing Jason's body all night long.

As the sun came up, he just smiled when Addie said, "Damn babe, keep this up and I'll have to cancel my plans for the spa this weekend with the girls. This will be the second time Tonya, Emily, and I have been out together in less than a month anyway. Or... ," she purred seductively, "do you just want to save everything up for when I get back Sunday?"

"No hon, go ahead with your plans. I can use the extra time to clear up a few lose ends before the wedding." Jason couldn't tell her that he was relieved she was going to be out of town as it would give him the perfect opportunity to unload his horrendous burden. Tired of dealing with it, Jason had decided no matter what the consequences, it was going to be Marc's problem after this weekend.

The following afternoon he picked up the phone and made the call.

"It's good to hear from you Jason. I've been meaning to call, but just hadn't gotten around to it yet." Marc's said in a strong, but strained voice.

He nervously blurted out, "Hey Marc, I really need to talk to you. I was wondering... could we possibly get together sometime this weekend?" Jason realized it wasn't his smoothest delivery and thought, 'So much for trying to stay relaxed.'

"Hmmm... , I have some things I need to discuss with you also," Marc stated. Then he inquired, "How about Saturday night for dinner? Constance is going to be at her sister's this weekend to visit her family and some old friends. Isn't this also the weekend Addie is going to the spa?"

"Yes it is Marc," he enthusiastically responded.

"So it'll only be us men," Marc replied. "Good... how about say around six? Will that work for you, buddy?"

"Sounds good to me," Jason replied, "I'll see you then."

"Good enough, I'll look forward to seeing you then," Marc affirmed.

After they hung up he sat thinking, 'God yes, let me get this over with quick as possible. It's just sad that it's always someone like Marc who gets dumped on.'

Even though it seemed strange, Jason thought Marc sounded relieved that it would be just the two of them. He questioned, 'I wonder if Marc already knows something? Maybe this isn't going to be that big of a surprise after all.' But for now, Jason had other urgent things on his mind. How Addie would handle all this was another major concern at the moment.

At that moment waiting for the door to open, weeks of nervous anxiety had him feeling like he was about to explode. Jason apprehensively said to himself, "Damn, this is going to be even more painful than I thought." Suddenly he was jarred back to the present by the sound of a deadbolt as Marc opened the door.

"Hello Jason, excellent timing... why don't you go into the den and make yourself at home while I grab us a couple of beers," Marc said.

His mouth went bone dry as Marc's eyes suddenly flick downward to the envelope. Before Marc could ask, Jason quickly replied, "Thanks, I could sure use one." At the same time thinking, 'Six would be better with a big shot of bourbon, but I'll take whatever I can get.'

Glancing around the den, he could easily tell that Marc used the room for a home office. Moments later his host returned with their beers. After shaking hands and exchanging a few pleasantries, Marc walked around to the other side of his desk and sat down.

He could tell by the way Marc dropped into his chair that Addie's father was deeply troubled by something. 'I bet he already knows, ' Jason thought.

Marc slipped on his glasses and leaned forward to read the name on Jason's envelope now lying on the desk in front of him. "It would appear you already know," Marc said in a wooden voice. "How did you discover the situation? I stumbled onto it completely by accident."

Before Jason could answer, Marc continued, but with sudden anger, "Damn it, the simple fact you know should make me feel better... but it doesn't. With a lot of very important people scheduled to be here over the next few weeks, it was imperative to inform you. I had no alternatives considering the strong possibility of public exposure that's hanging over us.

"Honestly Jason... I am amazed this hasn't already made the gossip columns. I'm just sorry that both of us have to deal with the pain and fallout of this sleazy mess," Marc said as he stood and walked over to a large picture window.

Overlooking a huge pool and patio area below, he continued, "Jason, dealing with this has been very difficult for me. Trying to figure out what to say and to whom has left me so damn frustrated I could spit nails." Just as he finished speaking, Marc's words were emphasized by his fist slamming into the window frame which caused Jason to jump.

"Sorry," Marc snapped, "but damn it... it's hell watching my family fall apart right in front of my eyes. Especially when there's nothing I can do to prevent it. I knew it would be a case of damned if I did and damned if I didn't, no matter what.

"What could I say to Addie that would help... what should I say to you? With your current marriage plans and all, I feel like a heel as it is. On top of that I've been loaded with problems at work. Now this mess at home, I've been really tense lately.

Jason nodded his understanding even though he felt like an intruder trespassing on Marc's turmoil. 'But I know how Marc feels... in spades, ' Jason thought. 'I'm not even married yet and my future family is already in a major crisis. Worse yet, the evidence that could destroy my future mother-in-law is laying right here in front of me. In spite of that, Marc seems more concerned over my feelings than his own. He's probably known about this from day one.'

"When I first saw them together Marc, I couldn't believe my eyes. After my insides had finished twisting into knots, I almost wished I hadn't found out. I've been going nuts trying to figure a way to tell you. Since I know how much you love her and how close you are, I realized you wouldn't believe me without proof.

"Reluctantly, I felt I had to hire a PI and have them followed. He was able to secure audio and video, but I purposely haven't looked at the visual evidence. I've only read parts of the transcript, they are damaging enough."

Marc returned to his chair and slowly eased into it. Still lost in thought, he absentmindedly reached over and lightly ran a finger around the base of his ornate desk lamp. Suddenly his eyes flickered between the label on the envelope and Jason's face, momentarily pausing to study each.

"Jason, there's probably more dirt in that package than any one person could ever want... ' Then with a sigh, Marc added in afterthought, "Or not want to see in a life time.'

After taking a moment to collect his thoughts, Marc continued, "She didn't realize I overheard her on the phone one afternoon in the den. Upon hearing that conversation, there was no doubt in my mind what was going on. For the next few days, I was forced to do some serious soul searching. The rest," Marc said, "is history," as he animatedly pointed to the envelope in front of Jason.

"Jason, long ago I was told by a friend whose wife had an affair, 'If there is any chance for a reconciliation, don't look at the visual evidence.' I didn't understand it then, but I think I do now."

Marc continued, "I don't want to look because no matter what, I could never face Constance again. Plus I love my daughter and have too much respect for you."

Jason nodded as Marc finished, but looking confused stated, "Don't worry about me Marc. How you deal with Constance is your business. You do what you have to."

A little befuddled, Marc replied, "I have been terribly concerned about Constance's reaction when she finds out what I know. But I've been waiting to spring it on her until I found out what you plan to do about Addie."

Bewildered, Jason said, "It's more a question of how Addie wants to proceed than what I want. I love her, I'll do whatever she thinks is best."

Marc replied, "I am surprised at your attitude, although I can't disagree, after all, she is my daughter... my baby... my little girl, and always will be, in spite of what she's done."

"Sorry Marc, but I have no idea what Addie may have done to upset you." As Jason picked up his package, he shook it for emphasis. "I only know what Constance and Kenneth Undall have been doing."

Both men sat staring at each other briefly, their faces both masks of confusion. Marc went pale with understanding first. He backed away from Jason's envelope like it was a poisonous viper. His voice became a strangled gasp, stammering, "Noooo... not Constance... I'm talking about Addie and her lover... that Country Western singer... Bart Greenwald. What are you talking about... what are you saying... what is this about Kenneth Undall and my wife?"

Jason was confused, "What are you talking about Marc? It's not Addie that's having an affair, its Constance..." The look of sorrow and pain on Marc's face forced Jason to grasp the unthinkable. As Jason's hand lost its strength, the package dropped, landing with a plop on the edge of Marc's desk.

With a sad face, Marc reached into a desk drawer and pulled out a package similar to Jason's, complete with identical name stamp.

In a desolate voice, he said, "By the way Jason, like you, I've only read certain portions of the transcript. Since she's my daughter, I couldn't bring myself to look at the rest... TMI is what I believe you kids call it."

Pain more tangible than any his body had ever endured coursed through Jason. "Addie... my Addie... is fucking around... But we are supposed to be getting married," Jason said as he stood and stumbled backwards while shaking his head in denial.

As tears began to fall, Jason almost tripped twice, staggering blindly towards the direction of the downstairs bathroom. Although he made it in time, his stomach didn't feel any better afterwards.

In spite of still being light headed, when the room finally quit spinning Jason stood. After splashing some cold water on his face and rinsing out his mouth, he reluctantly made his way back to Marc's office. Jason found Marc just as he had left him, still sitting in his chair. Marc's eyes had a strange wounded look as his appearance seemed to have aged years in just the last few minutes.

"How long has this been going on?" Jason asked while sitting back down. When he looked up he could see that Marc was lost in the shock of his own thoughts and pain. "Damn it Marc, how long has she been fuck... cheating behind my back?" Jason demanded to know.

"I overheard the phone conversation three months ago," Marcglumly replied. "How long before that... I don't know."

Overriding feelings of desolation, Marc looked up at Jason and demanded, "How long has Constance been cheating on my ass?"

Jason shrugged, "I first saw them together about three weeks ago, but they appeared to be very familiar with one another. So... your guess is as good as mine."

Marc pushed the package across the desk to Jason and said, "Son I don't care what you do with it, but it's yours now. I'm just sorry that this has happened... to both of us."

Picking up the envelope, it felt a thousand times heavier to Jason than the one he carried in earlier and had just slid across the desk to Addie's father. "Marc, I felt there were a few things in the transcript you really needed to see. I made sure they were highlighted."

Since he didn't respond, Jason wasn't sure whether Marc heard him. A few moments later Jason stood, ready to leave, when he heard Marc say, "Sorry Jason, but you have some nasty surprises in your package too."

"Good-bye Marc," Jason answered.

"Good-bye Jason... if you don't mind, I'll let you see yourself to the door." Marc almost whispered.

As he drove away from the Racine manor, Jason said to himself, "I was correct, I'm completely and royally fucked... Why Addie... in God's name... why?" Then in a flash of anger, he suddenly realized, 'I bet Addie's with her lover right now.'

Tightly gripping the steering wheel and staring straight ahead, Jason's mind was going even faster than his car as it sped through town, headed home. In a burst of reality, Jason was startled out of his zombie like state by the sound of a blaring car horn. Without thinking, Jason had run a red light, just barely missing another driver.

Quickly pulling to the side of the road, his heart beat wildly as he cursed himself under his breath. "Shit you stupid moron, get your head out of your ass or you'll end up getting killed." Jason took a moment to get his bearings and began to slowly calm down.

Still a few miles from home, he remembered a parking lot just down the road that butted up to a dance club Addie had brought him to on occasion. A few minutes later Jason parked his car in an isolated corner of that same parking lot as he tried to unwind.

In spite of his pain, Jason found himself unable to resist and began glancing through the transcript. Even though a bottle of water was helping quench his thirst, it was unable to flush the bile taste left by the reading material.

Tears rolled down his face as the reality expressed on the pages began to sink in. The four times Addie and her lover had been caught together were so vividly described, it caused his grief to grow and spread like cancer.

Jason could just hear Addie's lust filled comments as her voice rang in his ears as he read. "Yes Bart... yes deeper, I want it all... Fuck me lover, fuck me till I can't walk." Every word she had used to encourage her lover, Jason had personally heard hundreds of times before. Each one now pierced his heart like an arrow.

Reeling in misery, Jason lost track of time and looked up in shock to find the parking lot had filled up. A group of people were amassed at the front door of the club waiting to get in.

The music from the club brought to mind the last time he and Addie had been here. Jason could still seeher swaying and undulating in that tight red dress which made her look so sexy. Even though dancing with each other, they were still very much a part of the crowd and its energy. At the time he thought, 'This is so erotic.'

In the back of his mind Jason knew that getting home was tantamount to being able to relax and take the time to think things through. So after shaking free from his nostalgic interlude, he began rapidly flipping through the remaining pages. Suddenly, like a moth to a flame, his eyes were irresistibly drawn to a highlighted section of conversation.

"Damn it Addie... after this weekend I'm going to feel very slighted. In spite of how much I want, the only other time I get before your wedding is when you go to the spa."

"Believe me Bart, that isn't going to be our last time. After my honeymoon, you and I are going to find ways to get together a lot more. You're too damn hot and after this weekend Baby, there's no possible way I'm going to give you up. So don't worry, for a long time to come you'll be getting more of me than you can handle. Trust me... I've got everything under control, it will all work out."

"Baby I do trust you and I can't give you up either. Addie you're not only the sexiest, but also the most adventurous little hottie I've ever met. Now get up on your hands and knees lover, we're going make some puppies."

(giggling and laughter) "Ohh Bart... ohh yeah... put it inside me... now." (moaning) "Yyyeeeaaahhhhh baby, that's perfect."

The words began to blur as Jason's eyes filled with tears just before they trickled down his face. With heart pounding in his ears, Jason's breath became tortured gasps. As he stared unseeing at the cars parked around him, the transcript slid from his grasp.

His world shifted as Jason's life with Addie crumbled under the weight of his pain and loss. The picture perfect life he lived up to this moment was crumbling all around him, like a sand castle being systematically ravished by decimating waves.

"Why Addie, why?" Jason repeatedly asked while rocking back and forth, slamming into the headrest.

Jason didn't know how long he had been staring into space when he noticed a movement near the club. Looking up, his eyes narrowed. The churning pain in his gut suddenly turned into a searing anger.

Two of Addie's very close friends, Tonya and Emily, were walking unsteadily from the club towards the parking lot. It just so happens, that they were the very same two who were supposed to be with Addie at that very moment.

Not realizing Tonya had parked just a couple of rows over, Jason watched in surprise as they approached. For a few brief seconds he was unsure what to do while wondering, 'Is Addie with them and still in the club?'

After a night of dancing, the girls were arm in arm without a care in the world. Reaching Tonya's car, the two young ladies relaxed by leaning on the hood. As they joked and laughed when Emily motioned towards the club, neither noticed Jason get out of his car. Obviously hearing footsteps on the gravel as he stormed towards them, both turned to face Jason just before he got there.

Caught by surprise, their eyes went wide with shock as Emily in an alcohol slurred voice said, "Jason. You're s'posed to be with Mr. Raacinee. Whhatt... ?"

Tonya suddenly snapped, "Can it, Em," which caused Emily to quickly cower as Tonya asked, "What can we do for you Jason?" Her tone was barely polite.

Jason stopped a few feet from Tonya, who he had never been very chummy with. Their relationship over the years would best be described as mutual toleration. But under the current circumstances, he could give a rat's ass who she is or what she thinks.

Staring at the two girls, Jason's smoldering eyes finally locked on Tonya. "You seem to be missing somebody. Nightlife at the spa must have been pretty dull to spend four hours driving back here just to dance." Jason retorted with a snarl.

Emily's eyes grew larger as she blurted out, "Oh gooshh Tonya... he knoooss... I'm goinnna beee sick."

Shaking in open disgust, Jason fought to keep under control. As his hands clinched into fist, he spouted through curling lips, "Knowssssss... !!! Why ever would you think I know anything Emily? Oh, you must be referring to my precious Addie and Bart Greenwald?

"Em, get in the car," Tonya ordered before turning to face Jason. Looking him straight in the eye, she said, "I told Addie flat out that I would not, I repeat not, lie for her. As you can see, she isn't here with us. So draw your own conclusions, but don't ask me any more questions, then I won't have to lie." Emily stumbled into the car as Jason backed up so Tonya could do the same.

Still seething Jason turned to go when Tonya unexpectantly rolled down her window and said, "Jason, I'm sorry and Emily is too. But Addie didn't go looking for this, it just happened. She never started out to do this on purpose... , but it just got out of control. I know it doesn't make sense but she really does love you."

He waited for a few moments then his shoulders dropped as he looked back. They knew his original rage had subsided when in a very tired voice, he replied, "I appreciate your candor, but it doesn't change a damn thing."

Just as Tonya revved her engine, Jason caught a brief glimpse of Emily dialing her cell phone before they peeled out headed for the exit. He could guess who she was calling.

Suddenly feeling decades older than his twenty-seven years, Jason walked slowly back to his car. After getting in and starting it up, he pulled out into traffic and headed home.

While pulling up to his house, Tonya's parting words came drifting back. 'Addie didn't go looking for this... it just happened... but got out of control.'

"Was that supposed to make me feel better?" He wondered out loud. "Whether it happened on purpose or not, she let this Bart guy have her and repeatedly went back for more."

Suddenly remembering the transcript, he angrily railed, "On top of that, Addie then tells him they will get together after she's married."

After turning off the ignition, Jason stormed into the house. The first thing he did was double lock all the entrances and flip off the garage door opener. "No way is Addie getting her little ass into this house again without going through me first," he viciously proclaimed. After checking his phones, Jason didn't know why, but felt relieved that there were no messages on either yet.

"Well one thing's for sure, now Addie can not only do whatever she wants, but also whenever. Because as of this moment, she no longer has a fiancé, at least not one named Jason," he tearfully snarled.

Crawling into bed, Jason lay there languishing in his own anguish, "Why Addie? For god's sake... why?" He curled into a ball, just wanting the mind numbing pain to stop. The feeling of aching emptiness was throwing his raw emotions into a caldron of sheer agonizing turmoil as they vacillated wildly between rage, pain, fear and hopelessness.

Jason checked his cell phone one more time, seeing there were still no messages, he snapped it shut in frustration. Certain she was with her lover Jason angrily spat, "Well it is difficult to talk with someone's cock in your mouth."

Addie came speeding down the street. She had been in a panic all the way home. Unintentionally Addie accidentally braked her car into a sideways skid, coming to a stop in front of Jason's house. Before the smoke even cleared from her tires, she was out and running to the front door.

Her normally flawless makeup was a disaster from crying, but matched her red swollen eyes. It was one of the rare times that looks didn't matter to Addie, her only concern was getting to Jason. She tried to push her key into the lock several times without success. In growing frustration, Addie sobbed, "Dear God... please let him be here," then pleaded, "Jason... please," as her open palm pounded in panic against a deaf door.

Turning to push the doorbell she noticed her name in big red letters on an envelope tacked to the wood framing. In spite of her sudden desire to be somewhere else, her trembling hand slowly reached out and with steady pressure gingerly pulled it loose. Addie paused for a moment to fight off her growing spasms of nausea and fear. Finally she opened it and began to read.


Don't try your key, the locks have been changed. Forget the doorbell I've already left. I will be at your parent's house later this afternoon if you want to talk.


After reading it several times, she stared at the door of what previously was going to be her future home. Sadly she firmly suspected that it would probably never be part of her life again. Noticing that the curtains were open, Addie looked into a couple of the windows to make sure Jason wasn't home. The warmth from the good memories as she looked inside caused her to fall to her knees, sobbing.

As Addie unsteadily made her way back to her car, she kept looking over her shoulder at the door. Praying and pleading for Jason to open it and make everything alright.

Her body, wracked with convulsive sobs, Addie collapsed over the steering wheel wondering in grief, 'What have I done... ? I've lost my heart and soul.' In shock, she sat for a long time just staring at Jason's house before finally starting her car and slowly driving away.

At the very moment Addie was reading Jason's note, he was sitting in a restaurant across town, his face drawn and etched with sorrow. Unable to taste a thing, Jason was forcing himself to eat as he mechanically picked at his food.

Jason's emotional whirlwind of the last few days had left him completely drained and he sat lost in thought, staring out the window. Even though it was a late spring day filled with bright sunshine, it felt bleak and cold to him.

Although Addie's affair had fractured their relationship, its final desecration was her desire to be with her lover after the honeymoon.

Knowing in his heart what had to be done didn't make Jason's pain any less intense. For the first time in his life, he knew what people meant when they said, "I just want to die and get it over with."

The experiences of life told him that 'time' would work miracles, albeit slowly. All Jason could do now was wait patiently in the wake of time's relentless march. Praying that when his new life arrived, the old one, along with its pain, would be completely gone.

Glancing up at the clock, he listlessly grumbled, "Hmmmmpp! one fifteen... damn, only five minutes later than the last time I looked."

Jason received his first surprise after arriving at the Racine manor, when the door opened before he could even ring the bell.

"Tonya... !" Jason said, as he addressed his second surprise.

The young woman standing in front of him nodded slightly as she bowed her head. Tonya's eyes refused to meet his as she informed him, "With her folks in an uproar along with everything else, Addie needs all the support she can get, that's the reason I'm here. Addie's in the garden, she's been waiting for you... Nobody will bother the two of you there."

While heading for the back door, Jason heard his future ex-father-in-law's angry voice blaring through the hallways. 'Marc has too much energy, ' Jason thought as he realized, 'I'm too damn tired to get that worked up.'

Jason found Addie standing on a grassy knoll overlooking the lake behind the manor. Even from a distance he could tell she was crying and for a brief moment felt a tremendous urge to try and comfort her... Then remembering Addie's actions had all been of her own choosing, Jason paused and thought, 'Having to pay the piper really sucks.'

Taking a hard look, he couldn't help noticing her hair and dress were a disaster. For some reason, the fact she was hurting didn't make Jason feel the least bit better, even though the thought crossed his mind that it should have.

When just a few feet away, he stopped and said, "Addie I'm here... , but I don't know for how long. So if you've got something to say, make it quick."

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