Ultimate Nightmare

by Writingdragon

Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic, Cheating,

Desc: : Moral Courage, Another Phrase For- Just Plain Screwed

There is little to no explicit sex in this story.

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I would like to thank DoctorWyldcard for the idea that this story blossomed from.

The plain manila envelope Jason Tendell carried in his hand felt like it weighed a ton. With his world teetering on the edge of complete and utter collapse, the contents of that package felt like a huge millstone around his neck... and life.

Just twenty-seven, his life had been nearly perfect to this point. It was on a path that most would envy and some would kill for. He had already made more than enough to pay off his home and still afford several fancy toys. As Financial Analyst for a conglomerate of corporate investors Jason was not only well liked, but also well connected.

On top of that, for the last three years he had been successfully wooing Adeline Racine, the only child of Constance and Marc Racine. Fourteen months ago, Jason and Addie, as everyone called her, fell head over heels in love and now their wedding was just six weeks away.

His future father-in-law was the CEO of Sterling Industries. Just to have Marc mention your name was tantamount to a job offer in some circles.

After easing out of his Porsche Carrera, Jason headed up the lighted walk to the front door of Racine manor. His body was tense and all his recent nightmares seemed to lurk, ready to pounce from the surrounding darkness.

"I can't believe it's only been three friggin weeks... feels more like three fucken' years," he bitterly muttered to himself. Pausing to look up into the heavens beyond the stars, Jason mentally questioned: 'God, what did I do to deserve this... ? Which one of my long forgotten indiscretions pissed you off enough to warrant this final retribution?'

As he pressed the doorbell, its faint sound made him think, 'This must be how ancient warriors felt when preparing for a hopeless battle... One in which there would be no winners. When the 'call to arms' was finally blown, it must have sounded very lonely.' As Jason waited for the door to open, his mouth was dry and he couldn't seem to catch his breath. The moment of truth had arrived, Jason's fears were now a reality. Memories of that fateful day caused his stomach to feel unsettled as he recalled the events.

On that fateful Monday morning a very important client had called, requesting an emergency meeting in another city two hours away. He had given Jason the details and the name of the hotel where he was staying. Jason immediately cleared his calendar while gathering the information needed. In order to meet his client's busy schedule Jason decided driving would be quicker and less risky than going to the airport, catching a flight, and renting a car. But facing a long drive put him under a lot of pressure and blew the rest of his day.

Set up in a partially secluded alcove off the hotel's main dining room, the meeting went well. After taking all the information Jason presented, his client rushed off to catch a flight. Even with the two hour drive, Jason realized by hurrying he could still get back in time to beat the afternoon rush hour. That alone would cut an extra hour off his work day.

From where he sat Jason could see into the spacious, well lit atrium in the main lobby. While putting away his material, a movement through the garden area caught his eye. It was one of those things that for some unknown reason you turn your head to get a closer look. Jason's world suddenly turned upside down and his eyes widened when he spotted Constance, his future mother-in-law, walking towards him. His internal alarms were going off like crazy as Jason watched her intimately clutching the arm of a man he didn't immediately recognize. As they got closer, Jason realized it was Kenneth Undall, her husband's biggest competitor.

As luck would have it, a few moments later Constance and her male companion were seated just a few tables away. Trapped, Jason hurriedly scanned the room, quickly realizing he would be in full view no matter which way he tried to leave. With a sick feeling, but discretion being the better part of valor, Jason finished packing his equipment in hopes of an opportunity to slip out of the building unnoticed.

Jason was extremely agitated by his present circumstances. Unable to make an escape, he spent the next few minutes cautiously observing them holding hands, kissing, giggling and whispering little secrets to each other.

With an adrenaline surge, reeling fear swept Jason's body when he noticed the lunch crowd was beginning to thin out.

When the server arrived to take their orders, Jason was able to hear every word. After the waiter walked away, Constance almost cooed, "We still have a bit of time baby, but let's hurry. Before I go home to my boring hubby, I need at least a few more of those special quivers that only you make me feel." Giggling nervously, Constance glanced around. After being sure no one had been listening, she excused herself to freshen up.

Constance was out of sight before he decided it was time to make a move. Trying his best not to be seen, Jason was silently praying while passing by their table. Suddenly aware that Kenneth was looking in the other direction, he took advantage of the situation, making a bee-line straight for one of the entrances.

Hurrying to his car, Jason tossed his files in the trunk. After getting in, he locked the doors and just sat starring hopelessly at the wall in front of him. Jason's pounding heart was reverberating in his ears like the sound of a steel rod beating on a kettle drum. The pressure was making his head feel like it was about to explode. Fraught with fear, Jason questioned, "What the hell am I supposed to do now?"

On the way home, all he could think was, 'I am so damn screwed.'

Addie peppered Jason with fresh ideas from the previous weekend's bridal show. Even though he was sitting right beside her, she wasn't having any luck getting his attention. Unable to get Jason involved in last minute changes was making Addie very frustrated. For the last few days she had started to become very concerned over the persistent funk he'd fallen into.

"Jason... Jason... please pay attention honey, this is very important," Addie pleaded. As he continued to drift in thought, Addie's voice exploded with aggravation, "Damn it Jason, where is your head? You've been a thousand miles away... ever since Tonya, Emily and I got back from the Bridal show at Hilton Head." With her normally vibrant and bubbly voice slowly degenerating into a childish whimper, she added, "Every time I ask, you keep saying there's nothing wrong, but babe... you're scaring the hell out of me."

Seeing the concern and frustration in Addie's eyes, Jason swallowed hard, "I'm sorry hon. Please believe me, you've done nothing wrong. It's just something I found out while having lunch with a client that could have severe repercussions. The problem is right now I... we don't need that."

She leaned in close and cooed softly in his ear. "I think we've both become too distracted with other issues and we're losing sight of what is truly important... It's time to refocus on each other... What say stud?" Addie asked while seductively and lovingly rubbing her hand from his chest to the nape of his neck.

Jason shuddered, melting into a puddle of quivering flesh as she playfully licked his ear, teasing him unmercifully.

Suddenly Addie squealed in surprise as he lifted and set her on the kitchen table. As Jason began making love to her, she jokingly teased, "Well, Aunt Wendy did smile when she gave us that 'Sex Begins in the Kitchen' book." Her ensuing giggle quickly changed to a long slow moan as he gently slid into her trembling body.

Later that morning as his fiancé showered, Jason was still struggling with his dilemma, 'I've got to try and straighten out this mess... I need some proof, something that will shock Constance... maybe even get her to stop. That would be the easiest way to end this nightmare.'

After Addie left to go shopping, Jason made his decision and began checking the listings for Private Detectives. Selecting one, he called and made an appointment for later that day.

In just two days it would be exactly three weeks since life had so quickly and cruelly conspired against Jason's happiness. He was overwhelmed by how life's 'Wrecking Ball of Circumstances' was poised to destroy his ideal existence.

Jason now found himself staring at what was evidently a stack of evidence that had just been placed on the conference table in front of him. He listened intently as the P.I. began to explain, "The CD contains all the video and audio that we've been able to obtain between Constance and her lover.

"The first envelope, marked photos, is just that, pictures of them in various locations. We caught them doing everything from talking to cuddling while dining, walking, or just sitting together.

"The second envelope contains photos of them in various sex acts.

"The third and final envelope contains a printed transcript of the audio which included all conversations between them that our investigators were able to record."

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