The Idiot

by Kjm

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Spanking, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man returns home from a business trip, makes love to his wife, but has to travel again.

I'm an idiot, I thought for one more time when the plane bumped on the tarmac. I didn't even like to fly. Why couldn't I settle once and for all?

I extracted my long legs from under the seat in front of me hearing clearly the cracking sound emanating from my knees. I got my computer bag from the overhead compartment and helped the old lady at my side that spent the two and a half hours trip informing me about that stupid daughter-in-law of hers to get her bags as well.

Than it was to follow the cattle, collect my luggage, cue for a taxi and suffer the forty-five minutes of heavy rush traffic and chatting about football, politicians, economy, traffic and weather not exactly in that order until we got to my small suburban house. Before I even paid, the doors of my house slammed open and a small girl came running. "Daddydaddydaddy." My beautiful young wife followed.

I gathered her in my arms and kissed her eyes while Mary ravishing in her summer embraced me tightly.

After disposing of the luggage, not an easy task when you have a three-year old bundle of energy in your arms and a curvaceous twenty-something tightly clinging to your side, we sat on the floor to look at the presents. A beautiful doll for Rose, a flask of fragrance for Mary. A coloring book for Rose complete with color pencils and a delicate patterned blouse for Mary. A pretty dress for Rose and a matching necklace and earrings for Mary.

Presents distributed, I took a long shower to scrub the travel from me while my girls prepared the feast.

When I got down from our bedroom, dressed in comfortable clothes and feeling much better, the table was ready with a flower center and three places. Rose's high chair was in place and she beamed with pride telling me: "daddy, daddy, I set the table alone!"

"She did it all by herself," confirmed Mary pretty like the flowers.

We dined. After dinner I played with Rose and way after her bed time I tucked her under her covers. She finally was asleep exhausted from excitement of having me home again. Finally I could dedicate my time to Mary.

We sat for a while on the comfortable living-room sofa kissing and telling each other what we did past week. Then it was the time. Arm in arm we took the steps to our bedroom. We tip-toed in front of Rose's door, but she was fast asleep.

Mary closed the door to the bathroom while I changed into a pajama. When she returned, she took my breath off attired in a sensuous short night gown that flowed around her body hiding it but revealing it at the same time. Her shoulder length natural blond hair shined around her heart-shaped face. Her coral lips were parted inviting the kisses. She was using high heeled slippers and her long legs glittered inside a sheer hose which certainly was held tight by a garter belt. I was hard and ready for her. But first a few things had to be attended to.

I opened a notebook and got my pen. "What have you to tell me, young lady?"

She took her position in front of me, her hands joined, her lashes lowered and her mouth pouting. "Nothing really... I was a little lazy on Sunday, so I skipped the church."

"Shame, on you. Is it an example to Rose? Two points. What else?"

"I burned your checkered shirt..."

"No big deal, I intended to throw it away anyway... But you should be more careful. One point. What else?"

"I scolded Rose too hard when she broke a dish and she cried, and I was feeling so guilty..."

"I understand how you feel. But you should curb your temper a little better. One point. Anything else?"

"You were away for so long, and I was feeling so lonely so I used a toy on me..."

"This is no sin at all. I'm pleased that you were missing me."

"But when I was using the toy I was seeing that gorgeous actor... George Clooney... naked with me..."

Well, this IS serious. You have no permission of introducing strangers in our relationship. Five points. Anything else?"

"I don't think... No."

"Very well, over my knees, young lady."

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