Size Is Not The Issue

by Victor Echo

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: Two sets of breasts are compared, contrasted, inspected and molested. As it should be.

“You’re staring.”

“I’m sorry, was I? It wasn’t intentional.”

Allison’s mouth turned up in a smirk and her eye’s twinkled slightly. Jean lay on my shoulder and looked first at me and then at her friend, who rested on the opposite armrest of the couch.

“He was staring at my boobs,” Allison said.

I shrugged my shoulders. I had been.

“OK, I admit it. I was. Purely scientific, however. Jean mentioned that your breasts were smaller than hers, but from where I am sitting, I can’t see much of a difference.”

Jean told me that Allison was a 36 B, and I know Jean is a 38 C, but either Allison had grown or the natural shape of her breasts were such that the complicated formula that was cup and bra measurement just did not quite work. Either she was not big enough to truly be a C, or close enough that on visual examination, there was no difference without a tape measure.

“I am a B-cup,” Allison said matter-of-factly.

“And I am a C,” Jean put in, the movie we were watching temporarily forgotten.

“Yes, darling, I know,” I said and kissed the top of her head. “But, frankly, from where I am sitting, Allison’s breasts look like they are the same size as yours are, but as we both know,” I said to forestall her response, “there are a hundred ways to enhance the visual appearance of them. But at the moment, she is wearing a sweatshirt, which is reducing any enhancements her bra might be giving her.”

Jean looked at me, then at Allison. Allison smiled quickly, and as one the two of them stood up. Jean wore a simple t-shirt and white bra. She peeled her shirt off and reached behind her, unhooked her bra and tossed it at me. Allison wore a basic gray sweatshirt. She quickly pulled it over her head and threw it on top of Jean’s shirt. Then she undid her white bra and also tossed it at me, and I threw it on top of Jean’s bra on the couch. Standing in front of me were two women, naked from the waist up, both proud of their breasts and taunting me to say something. Allison was smaller than Jean, but it was such a small difference that my earlier comment could stand. Allison’s nipples were larger than Jean’s. Both sets were hard and erect. I looked into the face of each lady and saw more than a little lust there.

“Hmm, an interesting conundrum,” I said, standing and looking at both ladies.

I walked around behind them and took my shirt of in the process.

“If you don’t mind,” I said

I stood behind them and slid my hand up their sides until I cupped the outside breast in each hand. Jean leaned back against me while Allison continued to stand. I held each breast in my hand, squeezed them, measured them, and felt their different weights. Jean’s were larger and heavier. Allison’s seemed to be almost air by comparison. There was that much of a difference between them. I continued to massage Allison’s breast gently, but I moved my thumb back and forth over Jean’s hard nipple, which caused her to shudder slightly and moan. Allison brought her hand up to mine and indicated that I should do the same to her. I wasted no time in doing so, slowly rolling and flicking her larger nipples. I let the ladies enjoy the feelings for a couple of moments before I started to pinch them gently, and rolled each nipple between my finger and thumb. I knew what Jean’s reaction would be; she loved this treatment. I was pinching her nipples harder than I was Allison’s, but Allison also leaned back against me and sighed.

“Well. I can’t tell,” I said, smiling behind the pair of them. “Maybe I need to look more closely.”

I came around Allison’s side, dragging my hand along her back and side until I was now facing them. Jean pushed her chest out slightly, and I slid my hand up her side, mirroring my actions with Allison. Both were breathing deeply and a little unevenly, a pink tinge spread across the upper part of their chests. While I squeezed and flicked their outside breasts, I knelt before them and ran my tongue over Allison’s upturned nipple. She gasped as I did this and then I turned my head to repeat the motion on Jean who moaned out loud. I angled the two women so that their breasts touched and I could lick and suck on both nipples at the same time. This brought moans of delight from both women. Their moans escalated when I pinched their nipples again. I did this for a couple of minutes before I stood up and kissed Allison who enthusiastically kissed me back. While I was kissing her, I reached for Jean’s hand and pulled it up to play with Allison’s wet nipple. Allison moaned into my mouth, and Jean moved me a little to the side as she bent down and started sucking Allison’s nipple. Not to be outdone, I bent down and sucked Allison’s other nipple. Allison began to breathe irregularly; her legs shook from the effort to hold herself up and while waves of desire swept through her body.

An evil thought crossed my mind, and I reached over to pinch Jean’s nipple, which had become a little pebble in the center of her breast. I let my hands wander between pinching Jean and stroking Allison’s abdomen, which raised little goose bumps on each woman.

I swiveled, and I sucked on Jean’s nipple. I flicked it with my tongue and bit it gently. This got a moan and a sigh from her and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Allison lean in and kiss Jean. I picked my time and began sucking harder on Jean’s nipple. Allison broke the kiss and bent her head to suck Jean’s free nipple, and that was enough to send her over the edge. I knew Jean had sensitive nipples and once I had managed to bring her to a small orgasm by just sucking them, and this was twice, even though I had help. I caught her as she started to slump and managed to get her to the couch, her breath coming fast and shallow. She curled against me and kissed me hard, then pulled Allison down on top of us and kissed her.

“Wow,” Jean said, somewhat breathlessly.

“I don’t think I have ever seen that before,” Allison said somewhat amazed.

I managed to adjust myself a little before Jean leaned against me, her breathing returning to normal, her chest pink from her excitement.

“I think,” I said, as if making a pronouncement, “that size is not an issue here. You both have very lovely breasts if I do say so myself.”

Jean turned her head and looked at me, smiled and then bent to suck my nipple into her mouth. I tipped my head back and enjoyed the feeling as my already hard cock received more stimulus. Allison stood watching, and I smiled up at her. She smiled back and licked her lips, just as Jean managed to find a particularly sensitive spot. I moaned and tipped my head back again. My cock throbbed more in the confined space of my jeans. I moaned even harder when I felt a second tongue on my other nipple. Allison nipped it between her teeth, and my cock surged again, hard and oozing. I slid my hands down each woman’s side. For Jean, I slid my hand under the waist of her jeans and gently squeezed her ass. For Allison, I caught her breast again and squeezed it as they continued sucking me. I was thrusting against Jean’s hip rhythmically. Something I would have to stop, or I would come in my jeans. I would have to take matters into my hands, so to speak.

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