Two For One

by Techsan

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: When a man and his father-in-law return home from a 4-day business trip, they receive a rather unpleasant surprise.

The following story is fiction and any resemblence to real people is simply coincidence. The author expresses his appreciation to Copperbutterfly for her editing efforts.

"Well, it has been a most satisfying trip."

The speaker, sitting next to me in the second row of first class seats, was my boss, who also just happened to be my father-in-law for the last seven years. I called him Dan when we were by ourselves although I always called him Mr. Raddison when we were in a business situation.

I had married his one-and-only daughter just a couple of years after I had started working for his company, Raddison Controls Company. I was fresh out of college and he took a chance on my mechanical engineering skills; I knew he had a wealth of options, considering the soft job market of those days. There had to be many experienced mechanical engineers out there with a much better resume than I had. I had always been grateful that he took a chance on me.

"Yeah," I responded. "I really thought that Johnson Controls was going to take the biggest piece of the pie from these folks. Every time I talked to Kennedy or Pierce in their purchasing department, they seemed to be leaning pretty heavily to the more entrenched supplier."

"You know, I'm convinced that you were the difference, Rick," my father-in-law said. "Three times their design team threw what-if changes in the specs at us and all three times you shot back two or three alternative designs that would fill their requirements. I think they were greatly impressed with the way you thought on your feet, son. In fact, I think you deserve a nice bonus for the way you represented the company in Atlanta. I'll take care of that when we get back home."

"Just trying to do the best I can for the company, sir. Hope it helped," I replied, uncharactistically bashful.

"It did. Now all we have to do is make sure we can deliver what we promised," Dan said.

"I'm sure we can. We've got a good team and they'll be too proud of their work not to deliver," I said. "That's the advantage of a mid-sized company."

Dan laughed and nodded. We were silent for a while. After the pilot announced that we were on the approach to our home airport, we buckled up again.

"When we collect our baggage and load your car," Dan said, "I'll probably need you to help me tote the boxes of prototype items into the house before you head off to meet your little bride. I promise I won't keep you long."

He grinned at me rather devilishly. He knew how much I wanted to get home to my sweet wife after five days away from her... and our bed. In the seven years we'd been married and the preceding year while we dated exclusively, I'd never gone more than three days without her love and sex. Sure I had traveled a few times in those years but never for as long as this trip. Now I was extremely anxious to see my wife, Kayte, as soon as possible and was just as sure that she'd be anxiously awaiting my return.

All the way in on the long glide path, I turned off all my thoughts except for my beautiful wife. Kayte had been 19 years old when we first met in college. We had spent a year dating off and on and then the next year decided to make it exclusive. She was 21 when we married and she still looked about the same, except that her beautifully round bottom and her 34-C tits had put on just a little weight, making her more of a coke bottle figure than before.

That was definitely to my liking. I loved playing with those 34-Ds and holding onto her hips while pounding into her hot, wet pussy. Thinking about her, I got a hard-on just anticipating what it was going to be like to get Kayte back into bed.

I glanced over at Dan and the look on his face convinced me that he was thinking along the same lines as me. His wife was now a 48 year old and every time I looked at Karen and Kayte, I knew that the acorn didn't fall far from the tree. Karen was definitely just a mature Kayte. Her hips were a little larger, her tits were even bigger but there was little else different about them. They both kept their hair in a light strawberry blonde. They both walked and played tennis for exercise, leaving their legs strong and shapely. If Kayte morphed into a Karen over the years, I would be tickled to death... didn't someone once say that an orgasm is a mini-death?

We finally touched down and taxied to a jetway. It didn't take us long to deplane, since we were up front. However when we walked to the baggage carousels, we had to wait another 40 minutes for the baggage to start dumping out. By the time we collected our luggage and the two large boxes of prototype parts, Dan and I were both getting antsy to get home.

Fortunately the drive home on a Saturday afternoon was not bad. Karen and Dan lived only about two miles from our house so it wasn't that much of an imposition to take him home.

However we got our first surprise when we pulled into his circular driveway. There were three cars parked there, including Kayte's BMW and two cars that I didn't recognize.

"Do you know whose those are?" I asked, nodding to the other cars.

"No," Dan replied sullenly. I glanced at him and noticed that his face had turned really dark. "I've got a feeling we've got a problem. Be quiet and follow me."

We got out of the car and left the doors open so there would be no sounds. Dan quietly tried the front door but it was locked. Even after his key released the handset lock, the deadbolt lock was on. He was shaking his head as he clicked it back.

The living room was empty. So was the den but there were clothes scattered about. We heard sounds coming from the hallway and quietly walked down to the entrance to the master bedroom. The door was standing wide open and neither of us could believe what we saw.

On the bed were two naked women, both on hands and knees with their butts high in the air. Behind them were equally naked men that I had never seen before, pounding their hard cocks into the wet pussies before them... well, I guess they were fucking the pussies. I couldn't really tell; they might have been fucking the two asses.

It only took an instant to recognize that the two women were Karen and her daughter, Kayte... my wife. Just as quickly, I thought of reading about men who loved to see their wives getting porked by other men... and just as quickly I knew that I found nothing... NOTHING... erotic about what I was watching.

Listening to both of the women urging their lovers on with words like "Harder, baby!" and "Yes, honey, fuck me faster... deeper!" indelibly printed on my mind that Kayte and Karen were not being raped. They had consented to this breaking of our wedding vows, both of them.

I felt a touch on my arm and looked at Dan. He indicated that I should be quiet and nodded back the way we had come. I followed him back to the den, where he opened a closet.

"Son, I think I know you well enough to know that you won't put up with what we just saw. Is that right?"

"No, sir, I won't. That just ripped our marriage apart!"

"Yep, me too. I've been concerned that Karen might be stepping out on me but I never saw any evidence of it until now. Okay, here's what we're going to do." He reached into the closet and pulled two aluminum softball bats out, handing me one. He reached up onto a shelf and pulled out a digital camera. "We're going back in there. You take the far side. I'll take the near side. Let me get a couple of pictures and then we're going to tee off. I want to hit both of these fuckers just below their asses."

I almost laughed. I knew what Dan meant. The target was their balls.

Just as we got back to the open bedroom door, I heard Karen say, "Oh, God, baby, I just love getting some strange cock. Pound that big thing into me, honey."

Kayte's voice was muffled as she responded, "Oh, yeah! Mamma, I love you! Think of all the cocks I'd have missed out on if you hadn't shown me what..."

Her voice trailed off as Dan's camera clicked. I don't think she saw him because her head was buried in the mattress but the sound got through. Suddenly she was struggling to get up.

Before any of the four could materially change positions, Dan put down his camera and as one we swung the bats. The sounds of illicit sex suddenly were overcome by the high-pitched screams of two guys in extreme pain. Both of them suddenly scrambled off the bed onto the floor, curling into a fetal ball and covering their testicles with their hands.

Our wives scrambled to the head of the bed, turning onto their backs to try to protect themselves. Karen mumbled, "Oh, my God! Please don't hit me!"

I heard Kayte say something but it didn't penetrate my enraged state of mind. I drew my bat back and prepared to take another swing at the guy that had been screwing my mother-in-law.


I looked up at Dan. He motioned me to put the bat down. He picked up two pairs of pants that had been discarded on the floor, searching the pockets until he came up with two sets of keys. He walked to the window that fronted on the street, opened the window and pushed the storm screen back. He drew back his arm and fired a fast ball, consisting of the two sets of keys, through the window. I didn't hear them hit so I assumed they found the grass somewhere between the house and the street.

Dan turned around, grabbed the guy on his side of the bed by his left hand and shoulder. Giving him a yank toward the window, he got the guy moving and heaved him through the opening. I heard him scream as he fell into the rose bushes outside but I was busy picking up the other guy. Using the same technique, I gave him the bum's rush and tossed him out the window. Similar screams quickly followed but Dan closed and locked the window.

The women were both trying to talk at the same time. Both of them were trying to declare that it wasn't what it looked like, that they loved only us, that this was the only time they had made such a mistake.

"Shut up!" Dan said with venom in his voice. "You just admitted that you've done this same thing many times. You can't back out of it now. And you can be damned sure it was just what it looked like. You two were both screwing someone you weren't married to. Well, babe, I've got good news for you. As of right now, you are free to fuck anybody you want to. You've also got ten minutes to get anything you want out of this house. After that, anything you leave here will be dumped in the garbage... just like you!. The clock is running. Be gone in ten minutes."

I looked at Kayte. "My dear sweet wife, the same thing applies to you. You'd better get to the house pretty damned quick. And when you arrive, you have ten minutes before you get tossed out on your cheating ass. Now MOVE IT!"

I turned to Dan and said, "I'll talk to you later. I'm heading to the house."

He just nodded and rechecked his watch.

Like I said, it was just a couple of miles to our house but I had to stop twice to toss my cookies before I got there. I had to struggle to take my baggage into the house and then I dropped into my recliner in the den. It was five minutes before the front door opened. Kayte walked in tentatively. I had my left wrist across my middle looking at my watch.

In a very conciliatory voice, Kayte said, "Rick, isn't there some way we can work this out?"

I looked at her with disbelief in my expression, my mouth gaping open in surprise. "No, there isn't! I had no intention of marrying a whore and that's exactly what you are, whether you charge for it or not. You're down to nine minutes."

She tuned up and started to cry. I just shook my head, amazed at her betrayal.

"But, honey, you're the only one I love," she whined. "You can't just throw what we had away."

"Kayte, you idiot! I'm NOT the one who threw it away. YOU did!" I yelled. "Eight minutes."

In a flood of tears, she turned away and headed to our bedroom. She was moving so slow, dead lice wouldn't have fallen off her. I sat and contemplated how my life had just taken a 180 degree turn in such a short time. My stomach was churning again but I was determined that I wasn't going to heave again.

I waited until a good fifteen minutes had passed before I got up and trudged down the hall to our bedroom. Kayte had put two open suitcases on the bed and put a few clothes in them but she was taking her time and they were no where close to full.

I walked over to the two suitcases and closed them both, zipping them up. As I started away with them, Kayte screamed, "What are you doing?"

"I told you ten minutes. I gave you fifteen. Now you are outta here!"

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