The Wedding Gift
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Spanking, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jessica is a newlywed, and blissfully happy with her new husband, even if he is chubby, and not well-endowed. But her Dad thinks she can do better, and enjoy better. So that's why there are four naked sexy looking men in the honeymoon suite...

Where to begin? There is so much to tell, it's a little hard to decide. I suppose I should begin by telling you about myself.

My name is Jessica. I'm 23 years old, about 5 and half feet tall, 122 pounds, 36c-26-38. I have shoulder length honey blonde hair and dark green eyes. My body is well-rounded, with pretty breasts and a very nice ass for which I receive many compliments and much male attention. I am told that I have a pretty face. I graduated last May from college with a degree in Psychology and English.

I married my husband a year ago, and that is what I'm going to tell you all about. Not the wedding, per se, which was lovely. What I want to share with you is how my marriage came to be what it is as the result of a wedding gift from my father.

I met Hugh through an online service. We chatted and exchanged emails during my freshman year at college. We took it slow and got to know each other and really got to like each other. We knew we were both in the same state but we had been corresponding for six months before we discovered that we were in the same town! It was another three months before we got up the nerve to actually meet. Hugh was hesitant, because he feared I would not like him when I saw him but I assured him I liked the person he was, not what he looked like. So we met at a local restaurant.

Hugh was 36, a big man, about 6 foot 2 and last I remember weighing more than 290 pounds. He carries it well though, and you don't really see that he is fat unless he is naked--but I'm getting ahead of myself. He is not unattractive with straight dark brown hair and a beard and mustache that glint with red and gold highlights. He has a warm and friendly face and I felt even more drawn to him from the moment I saw him, probably because of the friendship we had built online.

For the rest of my time at school we built a relationship. Things went well, we had minimal arguments, we grew closer, it was delightful. Except for two snags.

First, Hugh was a bit on the romantic/religious side and did not want to have sex until we were married, not even heavy petting. I didn't insist on intercouse, but I did want some playfulness and he just wasn't willing. I guess I resented it, though I also respected the firmness of his convictions. I wasn't a slut by any means, but I had made it with a couple of boyfriends in high school so I knew what sex was about. I bit my tongue and prayed that he might propose. Unfortunately the second problem almost prevented that.

My Dad hated Hugh. With a passion. He used to make me so angry, he would say the most disgusting things about my beloved K. Dad called him a fat slob and a lazy fatass and things like that. While Hugh might well be overweight and disorganized, he was still a sweet and gentle man whom I loved and hoped to marry. That didn't matter to Dad. He made his feelings well known both to family and friends, and even to Hugh himself.

The worst day was when Dad went on a diatribe while Hugh was visiting and called him a babydick fat boy and said Hugh's blood just wouldn't mix well with mine. I felt two inches tall as Dad went on to say he hoped I would marry a strong football jock type and I finally had to stop him. Hugh was almost in tears, being such a sensitive artistic man who had tried everything he could think of to please my father. Dad and I had a loud and angry fight after he threw Hugh out and I almost walked out myself.

Hugh and I met for lunch the next day and I apologized profusely for Dad. My honey was miffed and said that for ten dollars he'd marry me just to spite my father. I giggled and handed him a ten and hugged him and asked if that would be the only reason he would marry me. He kissed me and swore his undying love and asked me to marry him. Thus my romantic proposal!

Surprisingly, my father took the news very well. He shook his head and said he was disappointed but if I really wanted someone inferior like Hugh and he couldn't convince me I was doing the wrong thing, then he would just have to hope I would be happy. I was so pleased I even told dad about the ten dollars. He laughed at that, the deep rich throaty laugh I always enjoyed as I grew up. It usually meant he had a secret that he would delight in revealing to me in due time and I always had shivers of anticipation when he laughed that way.

It wasn't long after Hugh proposed that dad started having guests to the house frequently. He had always been a rather private person and I was surprised at this change. There were four men who came by often. Two were current athletic students from the college, and two were older men who had also been big into college sports. In addition, one of each group was black, something that surprised me since Dad had always been somewhat reserved about other races.

I n any event, they were nice enough to me and I enjoyed some pleasant conversations with them. Dad would take me out occassionally and we would meet his friends and have a good dinner and then Hugh would pick me up and we'd go out dancing.

Hugh didn't like Dad's friends. He said they gave him a funny feeling but I dismissed his worries as a bit of jealousy on his part and did my best to relieve his fears. I had to admit that all four guys were rugged, sexy muscular types that were nice to look at, though, even if they were black--or maybe because of that. On the other hand they were not the kind, gentle, intellectual type like Hugh and so I didn't feel much for them beyond a physical attraction that was easy to ignore. After all, the brain is far sexier than a hot body when push comes to shove. Isn't it?

I remember one conversation where we argued about that very thing. Dan, Bill, Steve and Alonzo not surprisingly took the view that any woman could have her thinking turned to wild sexuality by a hard stud, while Hugh and I stood firmly behind the notion that the imagination is far more powerful. Alonzo suddenly stood up, pulled off his shirt and stood there bare chested. I must admit he was a very very sexy looking black man, with firm pectoral muscles and a washboard tummy and muscular arms. He crossed them and said, "Now let's hear Kevy there top this with his imagination!"

Hugh didn't say a thing, he just stared at Alonzo and the guys as they laughed and joked and I'm embarrassed to admit I chuckled a little too. "All right, I have to say that a firm body is very nice," I said, glancing at Hugh and wondering why he didn't speak out forcefully as he did when we were alone. "But the mind is still very powerful."

I heard Dan mutter to Bill, "And mind is all she'll get out of tubby shortdick there." Hugh surely heard it as well but he didn't say anything so I let it go.

As for Dad, when I didn't take his bait and get all head over heels for his friends he just surrendered gracefully and turned his attentions, he said, to finding me an appropriate wedding gift.

The wedding itself was glorious! All of our friends came for it, many from the online community. Dad looked dashingly handsome, and Hugh was nicely done up too. Dad gave me away and actually told Hugh to "take good care of my little girl." Of course I saw the naughty little smirk on his face when he said it and thought he as just being a little crude. Later I would find out it was all partof his wedding gift to me.

Among the guests were dad's friends. I was surprised when they showed up at the reception because I didn't recall inviting them. Dad told me that he had invited them himself, knowing how well we had all gotten along and he was sorry and hoped I didn't mind. Well of course how could I get upset? They were nice enough guys after all, and as I said, very nice to look at.

In fact I ended up dancing with one or the other of them frequently during the evening. Looking back, I had the bride's dance with dad, and then it was Dan, Bill, Steve and Alonzo over and over, and excellent dancers they were too. I was surprised to realize later that evening that I hadn't gotten to dance with my new husband at all! Of course Hugh wasn't big into dancing anyway, and he wouldn't admit to being disappointed though I'm sure he was a little. In any event I would make it up to him when we went to the hotel.

Hugh stood and chatted with Dad much of the time. I was hopeful this meant they had mended fences and we could become one big happy family.

After the reception, we got our things together to go up to the honeymoon suite. Just before we left the hall, Dad came over and kissed me and handed me an envelope. "This is the beginning of your wedding gift," he said. "It's for you, dear, don't show it to chubby boy until after you've had a chance to look at it. I hope you like it!" He said not to open it until I was in our room.

That was where we headed, after a last round of kisses from the holdouts who had waited around for the end of the reception. Dad's friends all took the opportunity to give me big, warm, juicy kisses and I was so happy in my just-married state that I didn't fight it. In fact they kissed very nicely and inspired visions of Hugh and I finally enjoying our wedded bliss. I also have to admit that the feeling of their firm, muscular bodies, white and black, was very nice, given how keyed up I was for the wedding night festivities. I suppose I wasn't thinking straight.

One thing happened that I wasn't sure I should say anything about. Well, four things actually. When each of the men kissed me they all accidentally grabbed me in rather intimate places. Dan stumbled a bit and his big black hand slid over my breasts. Bill was bumped by Steve while he kissed me and that made him drop his hands looking for support and he ended up holding my ass. Steve was all apologetic but seemed to sag against me (too much to drink?) and I felt his hand slide from my shoulder to my right breast down my tummy. Alonzo--well I'm sure about Alonzo. He HAD drunk too much and he grabbed my crotch. I let his hand sit there for a minute as he kissed, then gently pushed him away. "Maybe you should go lie down for a bit Alonzo, you may have imbibed a bit too much," I said, smiling to take the sting from my words. He smiled back, but it seemed a little leering.

Our suite was gorgeous, luxurious, a hedonist's heaven. Hugh smiled and lifted me and staggered across the threshold with me. I had thought he was stronger than that, after all I don't weigh all that much. I frowned a little, but at least we got in and it was still romantic of him to do so. I kissed him gently as he set me down. He puffed a little and held me close. He was so sweet!

Hugh went and pulled the bottle of champagne from the ice bucket which the hotel management had left for us and asked if he should pour us some. I was delighted to stand with the man I love and share the drink with him, hooking our arms in that wonderful romantic way and drinking from each other's glass. Then he pulled me close and kissed me.

His beard tickled, and the champagne had got up my nose and I giggled. I think I hurt his feelings because he drew back looking hurt. Seeing his face made me giggle even more. Honestly, sometimes my new husband was a little too sensitive. I told him how sweet and caring he was as I thought of Dad's friends. I couldn't imagine them being this way with me, they would simply have been brutish and crude and demanded their conjugal rights. The boors.

I began to slide my wedding dress off but Hugh stopped me, asking if I would like to shower or bathe first. He felt the need of doing one or the other, he said, wanting to come to our wedding bed clean for me. He was so thoughtful, though I don't mind a man who smells musky and sexy as a man should. Dad's friends sure wouldn't have bothered cleaning up for me. The poor schmucks would probably die single.

I told Hugh to go ahead and take his bath and I would go later. But before I let him go, I pulled him close and undressed him. I quickly got his tux jacket off and his pants down, the coyly undid his shirt and slipped it off his shoulders. I had to giggle again since Hugh just blushed terribly as the shirt fell to the floor and I saw my husband's almost nude body for the first time.

He was a little pale, though I knew he had been visiting the tanning salon. I admit that I knew he was fat, I suppose around 300 pounds that day, but you couldn't really tell when he was dressed, he carried it so well. But without his clothes his large belly and plump titties were exposed, as well as the sparse light brown hair that covered his body. His legs were okay, though again his thighs were plump.

I smiled a little as I looked at him. He was rather embarrassed I suppose, which would explain his flush and stammering. I looked pointedly at his briefs and tried to give him a reassuring grin but I guess I giggled a little again. Dad's friends certainly had more muscular bodies from what I had seen that day we had argued. But this was the man I loved and had married so I hooked my fingers in his underwear and pulled it down.

I was amazed. I don't think I showed my surprise, but Hugh did look a bit stricken as I looked down at his almost hairless crotch and his cock. Well, perhaps that is overstating the case. His dick. The poor man not only had a large overhanging belly, but his dick was so small and cute! Perhaps 4 inches long, he was quite hard as I undressed him. It looked like a little boy's penis since it had almost no hair.

I recovered well and kissed my husband's cheek. "Go take your bath, love," I said. "Relax and enjoy. I'll be waiting..." He turned and went to the bathroom and I stared at his plump, jiggling ass, shaking my head in disbelief.

Disappointed? Well no, I don't think so. I mean I loved him dearly, I married him, I knew he was heavy and all. I was just caught a little off guard, he rather led me to believe he was... well... more studly, like Dad's friends. Oh well, sex isn't everything, and I knew we would have great passion in our lovemaking and everything would be wonderful.

I went over to the bed and turned it down and was just going to begin changing to the sexy outfit I bought for our wedding night when my eye was attracted to the manila envelope that Dad had given me just before we left the reception. Dad's wedding gift to us. Well, to me anyway.

I opened the envelope and pulled out a number of sheets of paper. First there were papers with what I recognized as Internet IP addresses. It appeared to be a log of some sort, detailing--well I think they were downloads. Pictures, text files... what caught my eye was the IP address of the downloader. If I recalled correctly it was the static DSL address of my husband! To deal with my confusion, I looked at the other items that had been in the envelope.

There was a letter from my Dad: "Sweet Jessica, this is the first part of my wedding present to you: proof to you that your supposedly wonderful husband is really not all that wonderful. Frankly he frequents porn sites on the internet. I fear your hubby is a bit of a pervert. And a fat pervert, probably with a tiny dick too, hardly enough to satisfy my daughter who I am sure has inherited the deep and passionate desires of both her parents. Far be it from me to say anything more about it, but honestly look at the titles of some of those files. Is this really the man you want fathering your children? I think you could find better genes for your kids if you tried. Well you may not like this part of my gift, but I'll bet the rest of it you will love. Your mother did when she was your age, and I'm willing to bet you will too. Love Dad"

I was fuming. I could not believe my father, even on our wedding night, was still trying to come between my new husband and myself. I tossed the envelope on the bed and two sheets fluttered to the floor. I went to pick them up and stopped dead looking at them. The top one was a title and description of a downloaded file. My eye had been caught by the title: "Jessica's Chubby Hubby". Without even stopping to think I read the summary about a wife who submits to men other than her husband, who is overweight and inadequate to please her, and loves treating him very, very badly. The thumbnail was pretty graphic and I could hardly believe my loving, gentle husband had sought out this file about a cheating wife.

The second sheet was a picture and I was shocked to realize it was Hugh, coming out of the local sex store. It was dated just two days before. Even worse was that he carried two video cassettes and the titles were plainly visible: Wimp Husband and Wife Loves Other Cocks.

I had no idea what to do. I didn't know what to think. Why was Hugh downloading stories like those off the net? Why was he watching videos like those? Did he like those things? Why was Daddy using these things to embarrass me? What did he hope to accomplish? I surely wasn't going to leave the man I loved just because he might have an odd fantasy or two! I supposed I could talk to Hugh about the papers and the picture but really, did I want to hurt him in that way? In the back of my head was a niggling voice too, which said "I bet Dad's friends wouldn't be caught dead reading stories like those or watching videos like that! They're gorgeous manly men!"

I shook my head and pursed my lips in disgust. Sometimes my imagination got me in so much trouble! Dad's friends indeed! Why the whole thing could be a setup by my father to try and force my husband and I apart. The logs were probably fake and the picture doctored up.

I decided to say nothing to Hugh and confront Dad after the honeymoon.

As I stood there shaking my head, I heard a key in the lock of the suite's door. I turned to see who could be coming into our private paradise and was shocked to see Dan, Bill, Steve and Alonzo step into the room. I also felt a tremble of... I don't know what. All four of them wore terrycloth robes with the hotel monogram and somehow I knew that they were naked underneath. And my mind flashed with images of these four, strong, sexy men, two black and two white, naked before me.

Oh god, I shook my head to drive away the image and scowled at the four men. "What are YOU doing here, and how did you get in here?!" I demanded, walking toward them, still clutching the picture and the paper.

Dan laughed and pointed to my hand. "See you got your Dad's wedding gift," he said. "What do you think of 'sweet gentle Hugh' now?"

"These are just so much bull shit," I said. "I expect they are fake. I'm really disappointed in Dad that he would stoop so low, especially after we're already married."

Alonzo laughed, a deep, rich, manly sound that made me suddenly weak in the knees. "Baby doll, whether they real or not, you gotta face facts. You dad wants you to have the best, and the best is hot guys with big, thick cocks, not a fat white pussyboy with a worm for a dick." I was torn, my body responding to the presence of these muscular, sexy men, but my will wanting to deny everything and defend my man My emotions tossed and tumbled, not sure which way to turn.

Steve held out another envelope. "Take a look at these, Jessica love. Get a look at who your gayboy hubby REALLY is!"

It was like I didn't have a mind of my own. My hand was reaching for the packet even as I was saying "No, I don't want to see anymore of this fake garbage, I... OH MY GOD!!!!!"

The pictures were blurry, but you could see clearly enough. First was a man laying on a bed. He was fat, bearded, naked, had a dick you could barely see which he was apparently stroking like crazy, and he had a huge black dildo sticking out of his ass. It was Hugh.

What had caused me to shout was the second picture. Hugh was on his hands and knees, naked, in this picture. He was not alone. All around him were people. No, not just people. Men. Naked men with their cocks in hand, and some of them—my god I could not believe what I was seeing. My sweet, innocent husband was pulling his fat ass cheeks wide apart and a big cock was being shoved into his hole. Two other men stood in front of him and he was clearly licking and sucking at their pricks with a great deal of energy. I moaned softly and sank down to sit on the bed, the pictures falling from my hand as I looked up at the four men my father had sent.

I got another shock.

They had dropped their robes while my attention was turned and they stood nude before me, posing. Four athletic, incredibly virile men, letting me see everything they had. And they had a lot, from handsome faces to firm, rippling pecs, to long, thick, half-hard cocks at least 8 or 9 inches long (probably more when hard) hanging between their legs. Their legs weren't bad either!

My body shuddered and I could feel my wetness gushing from my pussy, under my wedding dress. I stared at them for a moment, licking my lips. My god they were gorgeous! I guess I must have looked really vulnerable just them because Alonzo said in a very seductive tone, "Hey babe, we showed you ours, how about something in return?"

It was like I was drugged or something. I felt a little naughty smile play across my lips as I pulled up my dress and slipped off my white thong panties. I didn't let them see my pussy, but I did throw my panties at them, just as I snapped back to reality.

"There, you have a souvenir, now please get out!" I demanded. Alonzo easily caught my underwear and brought it to his face, breathing deep.

"Oh yeah, that's the scent of a bitch in heat who wants what she sees REALLY bad," he chuckled, handing the panties to the other guys. They all nodded agreement, and Bill took my panties and wrapped them around his cock, stroking it to hardness—all 11 inches of fat, pink meat.

I was totally shocked, but my body was suddenly pulsing with lust. I managed to maintain my control. That lust was for my husband, not for these interlopers. Whatever these pictures might or might not show, Hugh was my husband and I loved him and I was not going to let these guys and my Dad spoil what he and I had. "All right, that's enough, I demand you leave," I said, trying to sound firm.

All four of them laughed at me. "We're not going anywhere," said Bill, and he began to stroke his fat, gorgeous cock. "What we are going to do is go over to the bathroom door and wait for your hubby to come out, and when he does we're going to grab him. If he isn't naked, we'll rip whatever he is wearing off. Then we'll let you compare him and us. If you nod when you have had a chance to compare us, we'll beat the crap out of his fat belly and tie him to a chair with a dildo in his ass and let him enjoy a great show—you fucking all four of us, willingly. You understand?"

I stuttered and sputtered and stammered and I know I must have looked like an angry little girl stamping my feet. They just moved across the room to the bathroom door and took up their positions, ignoring me. And I heard the shower shut off.

I stood up and started toward them but Alonzo turned a cold and commanding face to me and stared me down. I recoiled as if slapped. My eyes were drawn to the four men, their backs to me. Oh my god, their muscular backs were smooth and sexy, their asses were tight and compact and firm, and the line between them actually looked delicious! The contrast between the rich blue-black flesh of Alonzo, the chocolate brown of Dan, and then the tanned smoothness of Bill and Steve was incredibly erotic.

I felt my mouth and my pussy start to water and I must have moaned out loud because Steve looked back at me and nudged Dan who poked Alonzo who tapped Bill. They all looked at me and Steve pointed. I looked down and gasped with embarrassment.

The front of my wedding dress at hip level was stained, soaked through really. I knew what it was. It was my treacherous cunt, which had not been at all excited when I stripped Hugh, but was absolutely flooded with juices at the sight of these four, hot studs.

I was about to put my foot down and order them out of the room, telling them if they didn't leave I would begin screaming rape and bloody murder, but that's when the bathroom door opened.

Hugh came out. He was not naked, he was wearing a nice dark blue robe and had taken the time to comb his hair and make himself nice looking. It didn't last long though. First he looked at me standing there, and smiled. Then his mind registered the incongruities of the scene: my dress soaking wet down the front, the four angry looking naked men standing between us.

Alonzo and Dan were closest and they grabbed Hugh with their strong, black hands. Bill stepped up with my panties and stuffed them in Hugh's mouth as my husband started to say "What the hell is going on here!" They dragged him across the room to stand in front of me, and they took up positions, two on either side. Steve grabbed the edge of Hugh's robe and pulled, hard. It came apart like it was made of paper, and my husband stood there with the four studs, naked.

They were right. There was NO comparison. In fact, Hugh looked quite pathetic next to those muscular, thick cocked men. I stared, looking first at my new husband's fat, laughable body, then at the sinuous, hard-bodied forms of Dan, Steve, Bill and Alonzo. And I wanted them. Not my husband.

I know my eyes were glistening with my incredible lust, and the front of my dress was getting more wet by the moment. Almost as if my mind was not my own, I slipped out of my lovely white gown, letting it fall to the floor. All five men, or rather the four men and my chubby hubby, groaned with delight as my body was revealed, wearing only a lacy white bra and my white stockings.

I sank to my knees and looked up at the five of them, gazing into the eyes of each one. Hugh whimpered pathetically as I gazed at him last of all. "I can hardly believe," I whispered to him, "that the man I thought was a deeply religious, sweet and wonderful person is actually a filthy, cocksucking pervert who wants to whore his wife to other men." The way he blanched when I said it told me that my father's revelation to me was true. He stuttered and stammered, but I ignored him as a wicked smile settled on my face. "Oh, it's ok, baby, I don't mind, not really, not since I saw your tiny dick. I'm glad to know you love me enough to let me get what you won't be able to give me."

Looking then at my four sexy studs, I smiled. "Will you leave us alone for a few minutes, please?" I asked. They looked at each other, then back at me before nodding and stepping into the just vacated bathroom.

I crawled over to Hugh as he stood there and gazed up at him. "Hugh, my love, my one true beloved," I said softly.

"How can you say that, after you've stripped naked in front of those men," he asked, a catch in his voice. "How can you say you love me when you've ridiculed me in front of them, laughed at my manhood?"

I slid my hand up his plump thigh and circled it around his 5 inches. I stroked it slowly as I gazed into his eyes. "I can say it because it is true. I love you more than life itself. Doesn't this prove it?" I sucked his cock into my mouth, slowly sliding my lips down his shaft as I swirled my tongue around his swollen flesh. He groaned.

I took his stubby length fully into my mouth and slid a hand to his very large balls (ah, now if only they were proportional, he would have at least a foot of cock and be truly perfect). I fondled them as I sucked him, and Hugh tossed back his head to moan loudly.

"Oh my god, Jessica, that's so good!" His hand slide down into my hair, stroking and tugging lightly. "Suck my cock, oh fuck yes!"

Suddenly he was gasping and his dick expanded in my mouth. I felt him begin to cum, his slimy juice oozing from the tip. I swallowed eagerly, savoring the salty taste of my man, even though there wasn't much. When I let him slip from my lips a moment later, he was looking down at me with a dazed expression on his face.

"So you'll tell them to go? I'll get to have sex with you first, like a husband should?" He sounded like an eager puppy, wanting my approval.

My pussy was dripping wet with the thought of my four studs, and I dropped a hand between my legs to rub at my swollen pink lips. "Oh honey," I whispered seductively, brushing my cheel against his softening prick. "You DID have sex with me first, ORAL sex. I give that to you as my special gift, beloved!"

"But-but I want to slide my cock inside you," he said, looking very hurt. I stood slowly, pressing my nude body against him, kissing my way up his fat tummy and biting at his titties before pressing my mouth to his and letting him taste himself on my lips.

"You did, my love, into my mouth," I said sweetly. "And you will slide into my pussy too!" Hugh looked like a criminal given a last-second reprieve. He smiled and ran his hands down my body, fondling my breasts. I stepped away from him and shook a finger. "Not yet, sweet Hugh, my sweet pervert. First I want to fulfill your fantasies! Dan, Steve, Bill and Alonzo!"

I called and they immediately came back into the room, gleamingly naked. They must have oiled their bodies while they waited! They looked good enough to eat.

"Your wish is our command, Jessica," Steve said with a smile.

"Good! My husband wants to watch me enjoy myself, would you help him get in the mood please?" Dan stepped over to the table near the window and got a chair which he slid up directly behind Hugh. He shoved it against the back of my husband's legs, and I smiled as he flopped down in it. I stepped over to him and leaned over, kissing him sweetly. "Now love, I need these gorgeous cocks to fill me and pleasure me. When they are done, when I have had enough, then you will come to bed and we will enjoy our private pleasures for the rest of the night. But for now, please tell my friends that you want them to fuck me."

Hugh looked stricken. I reminded him that he had had me first, just as it should be. I stroked his cheek, wiping away the tears that began to form, and kissed them away as well. Then I got up on the arms of the chair, spreading my legs so he could see the wet, pink spread of my pussy, and let him smell how excited I was at the thought of those four fat cocks. Finally he looked up at me, resigned, and raised his hands to carress my breasts.

"If that is truly what you need, Jessica, then do what you must. I want you to be satisfied," he said softly.

As strange as it sounds, I loved him even more strongly for this. He really was devoted to my happiness, and we all knew that his tiny worm would never be able to satisfy my rapidly increasing desires. So he would make the best of it, allow me to fuck whomever I needed, and be there to support me afterwards. What more could a woman ask?

In fact I had two wonderful men who loved my so deeply they would do anything to make me happy: my husband and my father. I was such a lucky girl!

Now I turned to my four, thick-cocked studs, smiling hungrily and stepping between them, feeling their stiff shafts pressing hotly against my flesh.

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