Window to a Dream

by Les Lumens

Copyright© 2007 by Les Lumens

Erotica Sex Story: Andrea has fallen in love/lust with the computer tech at work, but she's afraid to take the plunge. She gets a surprise when the house next door finally sells

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Andrea's eyes darted toward the elevator across the room when it opened, but she turned back to her computer with a silent sigh — once again disappointed. From the cubicle across the way, she could hear Emily's desperate, frustrated curses and the sound of fingers tapping keys far harder than necessary. Glancing at the clock, she saw only ten minutes left until quitting time.

Far from her normal reaction to the final countdown before a scheduled day off, Andrea felt nearly as frustrated as her friend with the malfunctioning computer — for much the same reason. Emily's computer had broken down over two hours ago, and the tech had not yet arrived to fix it. While Emily needed her files to finish her work for the day, Andrea was only interested in the tech.

Absently twirling a strand of her shoulder length brown hair, the cubicle around Andrea faded out of focus as she daydreamed. She'd been in nearly the same state of frustrated panic when Alex had stepped into her cubicle with his little bag of miracles. Thankfully, her state of mind at the time of his arrival covered her stunned stare.

That has to be the most beautiful man I've ever seen in my life, she'd thought as he informed her that he was there to fix her computer. Unable to force a single word past her lips, she'd simply nodded and moved from her chair, tearing her eyes away from his handsome face and incredible body. Afraid that she would say something absolutely ridiculous in her current state of mind, she'd crossed to Emily's cubicle to whisper and steal glances as the dark-haired tech went to work on her computer.

He'd fixed her problem in less than five minutes, but Andrea felt as though she'd spent hours staring at him. Since then, she'd come to welcome the sound of someone screaming in frustration at their computer, knowing he would soon arrive. For weeks now, she'd tried to summon up the courage to approach him or provide some evidence of her interest, but she'd always succumbed to fear of rejection and had hidden away in her cubicle instead.

The sound of the elevator opening snapped Andrea out of her trance. Her eyes turned toward the sliding doors before she could even form the thought. Her heart sank in disappointment when a woman emerged from the elevator, carrying the bag Alex had brought in so many times before.

Is he off today? Is he assigned to another floor? Did he quit? Did I wait to long? Will I ever see him again? The rush of questions flashed through Andrea's head as she mentally kicked herself for not just taking the plunge the first day she'd seen him.

"Oh, poo. Where's Alex?"

Andrea focused on the sound of Becky's voice, eager and fearful at the same time to hear the answer.

"He took a couple of days off to move into a new place. He should be back on Monday. Sorry it took me so long to..."

Andrea didn't even hear another word the replacement tech said. She breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that he hadn't taken another job and moved to Wisconsin or something. Seeing the clock turn over, she picked up her purse and turned off the computer monitor, determined to make some sort of a move the next time she saw Alex. She couldn't stand to think of another what if moment like this one.

She walked over to Emily's cubicle to offer some sympathy for her friend who would end up working late today, and then headed for the elevator.

Pulling into her driveway still made her smile, even though she'd lived in the house for nearly six months now. A family friend owned the house in the beautiful little Willow Wind subdivision, and had only recently decided to refurbish the rental property and sell it. Hoping to help his daughter get an early, solid start on life, Andrea's father had persuaded his friend to let her rent-to-own the two-bedroom house.

She had all the benefits and simplicity of renting for now, but ten years down the road, she would own it at only a fraction of the interest a bank would charge. Considering the ever-increasing home values in the area, it would likely be worth a great deal more than she paid for it down the road. Owning a home in a nice neighborhood at only thirty-two years of age would certainly increase her chances of creating a comfortable life.

Pulling the car into the garage, she tapped the remote to close the door. Quickly moving from the hot garage to the door, she stepped into the welcome comfort of the central air and hung her keys on a peg by the door. Tossing her purse on the couch, she headed toward the kitchen to make something to eat. As she passed the side window of the front room, something caught her eye through the gauzy curtains. Walking over to peek out the window, she thought, How in the world did I miss that huge moving truck parked next door when I came in?

Empty with a for sale sign in the yard ever since Andrea had moved in, the house was unoccupied no longer, and the sign now read sold. Uniformed men with nametags shuttled furniture into the house, so she stepped away from the window, guessing she wouldn't catch a glimpse of the new owners at the moment. Nice stuff, she thought as she walked to the kitchen, having seen the movers carry in a glass top metal coffee table as she watched.

Walking from the bathroom after brushing her teeth, Andrea slipped into bed, reveling in the feeling of her silky new pajamas. She'd stayed up late watching a romantic movie, but she'd planned to sleep in and relax on her day off, anyway. Glancing out the second story window of her bedroom, she saw lights on in the house next door, and guessed her new neighbors were busy settling in, despite the late hour. She'd heard the truck start up and leave a few hours before.

With a yawn, she slipped into bed and turned out the light. The movie played through her head as she closed her eyes, the leading man replaced by the handsome tech from her office in her languid half-dream. Andrea felt the tingling of wetness gathering between her legs as her nipples stiffened against the slippery material of her pajamas.

Knowing she would never fall asleep while she was in such a state, she opened a drawer of the nightstand and retrieved her best friend, George. Her pajama bottoms and panties soon bunched at her ankles as the vibrator slipped into her wet heat, a fantasy of Alex joining the phallic toy to bring her to a gasping climax a few minutes later.

She had little trouble falling asleep after her orgasm, and the handsome tech continued to tantalize her in her dreams throughout the night.

Despite her intention to sleep in, Andrea still awoke at ten ready to start her day of doing nothing. After almost a year without a day off, she was ready to just relax and enjoy a long summer weekend.

Pulling on a pair of fresh panties and some jean shorts, she searched through her drawers for a clean bra. A few seconds later, she remembered that she didn't have one other than her sports bras and a few designed for strapless dresses. Shrugging her shoulders, she pulled on an orange top and walked downstairs to start a load of laundry. She had no plans to leave the house today anyway, so the bra was really unnecessary.

Her finger brushing across the still damp crotch of her panties as she picked them up to take them downstairs reminded her of her toy, still sitting uncleaned on the nightstand. So much for my day of doing nothing. I'm starting it out with doing laundry and cleaning George, she thought with a chuckle.

With the first load of laundry started, she returned upstairs to fetch the alcohol and clean her vibrator, determined it would be the last thing resembling work that she would do today. The bras in the wash now would be enough to let her put off the rest of the wash until Sunday.

With the toy clean and hidden away in her nightstand once more, Andrea started toward the door, planning to go downstairs and watch soap operas, a luxury she hadn't enjoyed since college. Catching a glimpse of someone in front of one of the windows next door, she moved closer to see if she could get a good look at one of her new neighbors.

Her mouth dropped open when she saw Alex tying back the curtains of a window facing her house. Andrea's eyes widened because he wasn't wearing a shirt and she could see that he looked even more amazing bare than he did when clothed. Even across the distance between their houses, she could tell he had six-pack abs.

As he stepped away from the window, out of view, Andrea shivered and let out a little gasp. She continued to stare for a few seconds, and then quickly scanned the other windows of the house, hoping to catch another glimpse of him. Unfortunately, he didn't reappear.

Stepping away from the window, she muttered, "I don't believe it." Yesterday she was afraid he'd moved away, and now she knew that he lived right next door. The man she dreamed of and lusted after was only a few yards of grass away. Reaching for the phone, she picked it up and hurriedly dialed Emily's work phone.

"Call me to torture me with what a wonderful day you're having?" Emily asked with mock irritation when she picked up the phone, obviously having seen Andrea's name and number on the caller-id.

"Oh my god, you are not going to believe who just moved in next door to me."


"Alex, the tech from work."

Emily's voice dropped into a whisper, "Dreamy eyes? Oh my god, I don't believe it."

"I just saw him out the window. He had his shirt off. I thought I was going to have a heart attack."

"So now you can have angst fits every day, instead of just when he comes up to fix the computers."

"Don't be a bitch," Andrea laughed. "What am I going to do?"

"Go talk... Morrison's coming, I've got to go."

Andrea let out a little growl of frustration when the line went dead, but could hardly blame her friend. If their supervisor caught her taking a private call at work, he would dump all sorts of annoying tasks on her.

Soap operas forgotten, Andrea stood back from the window, just close enough to see out to the house across the way, counting on the curtains to keep her hidden from view. Her eyes roamed from the front of the house to the back, hoping to catch a glimpse of him.

She saw him again, passing in front of a window toward the rear of the house, still bare-chested. She only saw his back for a moment as he passed by, and eagerly trained her eye on the window and the nearby rear of the home behind the privacy fence surrounding the backyard pool.

Only a few seconds later, she covered her mouth and gasped, seeing him walk into the back yard. He carried a small cooler and a towel toward the edge of the pool next to a deck chair, bending slightly to set them down — giving her a perfect view of his naked backside.

Her nipples immediately stiffened against the fabric of her top and her intimate muscles reflexively contracted, wetness and heat building between her legs. She watched him step to the edge of the pool and stretch, giving her a perfect, eye-popping view of his whole body in profile. Her eyes immediately fell to his endowment, causing the corners of her lips to turn up in a smile. The dangling organ was every bit as perfect and stunning to her as the rest of him.

He dived into the pool, and Andrea leaned in closer to the window to watch the play of his muscles when he surfaced to swim toward the opposite edge. When he made an Olympic quality turn at the other edge of the pool, she moved back a little once more, but again leaned in when he started back the other way.

She watched him swim for what felt like hours, her body on fire with desire and her eyes locked on him, almost unblinking. She hesitated before moving away from the window when he climbed the ladder out of the pool. Too caught up in the sight of his muscular, dripping body, she didn't even register that the ladder pointed directly toward her house, and the window from which she watched.

Snapping out of her enraptured trance, she scrambled back away from the window, almost losing sight of him. She again moved closer when he turned to walk toward the deck chair. He lay back in the chair and pulled a bottle of beer from the cooler, opening it and taking a sip before picking up a baseball cap to pull it down over his eyes.

Andrea pressed her fingers against her aching sex through her shorts, unable to tear her eyes away from the sight of him lying naked, the chair pointed directly toward her. His thick cock lay across his thigh, droplets of water still sparkling all over his body in the sun as he drank his beer and relaxed in the bright sunlight.

For nearly a quarter of an hour she stared, drinking in the sight of his body as she unconsciously moved ever closer to the window. She nearly fell backwards trying to move away from the window when he lifted the brim of his hat and she swore that he locked eyes with her.

Pacing and staring at the window, Andrea knew she should stop, but she could still see him in her mind's eye. The image refused to go away, calling to her to feast her eyes upon the real thing once again. Biting her lower lip, she risked a quick glance and saw him lying with the cap pulled down over his eyes again.

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