Marine Blues

by Silent Thunder

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Historical, Humor, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My first duty station as a Marine and the first date as a Marine

It was 1983, I had just finished basic training and advanced infantry training, and was stationed at Camp Lejuene NC. After in processing, and arriving at my first duty station, I met the other members of my platoon. As it turns out one of the guys was from my hometown area, he grew up about 60 miles from me. Dave and I became friends quickly and he asked the first payday there, if I wanted to go out with him and his girlfriend. I didn't like being the third wheel and told him so, but, he said he had a date for me, and I told him I didn't like blind dates, but he was quick to explain that she wasn't blind, and was actually the twin sister of his girlfriend. As I sat thinking about it, he dug out his wallet and showed me his girlfriends' picture, now I had to admit that she was a fox. I also knew that even though she was this girl's twin, they could look worlds apart, but Dave guaranteed that they were identical twins.

Against my better judgment I agreed to the double date. Now Dave told me he would let me use his car, a lovely '67 Pontiac GTO, and I immediately gave him a rash of crap that the only way he could get me to go out with her, was to use the car as bait. He didn't understand I was giving him a hard time and tried to plead his case, that if things went well, we wouldn't want to be together at the end of the evening anyway.

Well Saturday finally arrived, and Dave had given me directions to her house, as he and Linda (his girlfriend) were shopping at the local mall, and would meet us at the holiday inn for dinner and dancing. The local holiday inn was "THE" spot to be if you were under 25 and liked rock music.

I arrived at the address given to me, and as is common it was in staff nco country, so I knew she was the daughter of some high ranking lifer, that could probably make my life a living hell, for the rest of my enlistment, if anything went wrong with this date. I screwed up my courage and went ahead and rang the bell, almost immediately, it was answered, by none other then our own company gunnery sergeant, visions of police calls at 3am flashed in my head, as Gunny Pike invited me in and asked if I wanted a beer. I politely declined, thinking it was a test, when he actually laughed and slapped me on the back and said, "the ladies wont be down for at least 30 minutes, and y'all might as well be comfortable and have one with me." Well I wasn't about to say no to the gunny twice and quick as you can say thank you there was a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon in my hand.

We sat there chatting about being new to the corps and what it meant to be a Marine, when the gunny's wife called from upstairs, that Lisa was ready to go, now for a quick second that sounded strange to me, but the gunny was up off his lazy boy and up the stairs before I could process anything. About five minutes later, down comes the gunny's wife (I never did get her name) followed by the gunny, while carrying Lisa in his arms. Now I am sure that my mouth must have been dragging on the custom, wall to wall, green shag carpeting, that was on the floor, when Mrs. Pike asked, " are you trying to catch flies in My house?" Well I closed my mouth quickly and replied "no, Ma'am", as she pulled the wheelchair from around the corner in the kitchen. Gunny set Lisa down in the chair and I had regained my composure and was going to act like a gentleman no matter what happened tonight and then promptly whoop Dave's ass in the morning, for not telling me the complete story. So I wheeled her out to the car and opened the door and she told me to back up and she could get in by herself. So that is what I did. As soon as she was in and buckled in, I placed the wheelchair in the trunk and ran around to get behind the wheel, but the Gunny was standing in My way looking like only a Marine Gunnery sergeant could, after close to 30 years in the corps, and quietly asked "you got enough money lad? I know you just got here and it has been a bit since payday?" I replied, "Thanks gunny, but I should have enough for dinner and drinks". Well he stuck out his hand, and I shook it like the man I was supposed to be now, and got in the car. As we backed out of the driveway, they were both standing there, his arm around her shoulders watching us drive off.

Lisa started talking a mile a minute about dinner and drinks and how she hadn't been out on a date since the accident that left her in the wheelchair. Well right then and there I was on a mission, to make this the best date she had ever had. I asked if she liked Italian food, and she said she loved it, so off we went to Angelina's, it was the best Italian food in the area, according to Dave anyway. Now as I was driving I was looking her over pretty good, she has long brown hair with red highlights, the deepest green eyes I had ever seen, and would have stood probably about 5' 4" tall weighing in at about 110 pounds, but with out legs only weighed about 80 pounds, she had lovely, full breasts about a small D or very full C.

We arrived shortly, and to my and Lisa's dismay, there were five steps up to the front door, with no handicap ramp available, so I took her wheelchair to the inside of the door, and the maitre de told me I couldn't leave that thing there, I looked at him with rage in my eyes, and told him he shouldn't start anything he couldn't finish, and walked out to the car and picked Lisa up into My arms, and carried her in and set her in the wheel chair with a look at the maitre de that said up yours buddy. We were seated and brought glasses of wine by the manager that said he was sorry for the rudeness of the maitre de and that dinner was on the house, and he could clearly see we weren't old enough to drink anything besides beer.

Dinner was wonderful, as we talked and laughed, and lost all track of time, Lisa told me of her dreams to be a gymnast before the accident, and now that they were gone, she was looking at the up and coming computer field. I didn't have a clue about the computer field, as the last computer I saw, was a giant wall looking thing in high school, that had a little one color screen, that we used to play the Oregon Trail on by putting the telephone handle in this little cup thing and off we went.

Dessert was followed by another glass of wine, and she started licking her full lips, to chase the wine around and I think, to give me a hard on and if that was her intention, it worked.

I carried her out of the restaurant, with envious looks from all the men and from the women I got long looks of admiration. Once we arrived in the car and the chair was stowed away, Lisa leaned over and gave me a long, slow, deep, French kiss and said, "Thanks for dinner".

We arrived at the holiday inn and were ushered to the front of the line by the bouncers, where we quickly found Dave and Linda's table, as they were getting up to dance. I ordered a pitcher of beer and as we waited for the pitcher, we watched Dave and Linda dance, now remember Linda is Lisa's twin and she was all but fucking him on the dance floor and as I looked to Lisa, she was watching with sad puppy eyes, so I asked her to dance and got a very nasty look that said I was a major jerk for asking, but that didn't stop me, as I grabbed the handle on her chair and wheeled her out onto the dance floor and started twirling and rocking her, in the chair, as if she weren't even in it at all. All the other dancers gave us a wide berth, and we were out there for about 4 or 5 songs, when a slow one came up and she said she was thirsty and wanted to go back to the table. I wheeled her over, she took a drink of beer, and as she set the glass down, I scooped her up in my arms and she grabbed on around my neck and I walked out to the dance floor for the rest of the song. She had her head on my shoulder and her arms around my neck as I twirled her around that dance floor, with one hand one her back, and the other, cupping her ass. It was a fine and tight ass I might add.

Well we danced and talked and drank, the rest of the night, until the bouncers started pushing us toward the doors, Lisa said she didn't want to go home yet and asked if we could go for a drive. Well I was having a great time, and had a serious hard on most of the night, from having her pussy pressed against my cock, for every dance and was glad to go for a drive.

I asked her where she wanted to go, since I didn't know my way around yet, and she said she would give me directions.

I drove down a highway, then onto a county road, then onto a two lane black top, then onto a township road, then down to a one lane path, and then she had me turn onto this little trail through the pines trees. The trail opened up on this little pond, in the middle of a clearing, in these pinewoods.

It was completely romantic, with the moon and stars shining bright, I turned off the car, and Lisa fiddled with the radio for a bit, then glided into my arms, she tasted wonderful and smelled even better, we kissed for what seemed like hours, as I stroked her everywhere, I sent little kisses down her jaw to her ear then down her neck as she squirmed on the seat. As I opened her shirt, she moaned and pulled it completely off, along with her bra, as I made my way down her chest to her magnificent nipples that stuck out at least an inch, and were as hard as steel, I licked and sucked and molded them with my mouth, tongue and hands, while she writhed and moaned my name over and over again.

Lisa was pulling my shirt over my head, as I was making my way south, for some serious munching, as I was opening the buttons and pushing down her bottoms and panties. Through the moonlight, I could she her pubic hair, shaped into a heart at the top of her mound, the rest completely shaved smooth. I placed little kisses and licks all around her mound and upper thighs, before sliding my tongue up and down her dripping lips, she was moaning and breathing hard, and crying out now and then, when I would run my tongue over her clit. I always thought I was an enlightened guy, because I knew of a couple spots on a woman, thanks to a mature lover I had in high school, who taught me a spot on the inside, top of her pussy that would drive her insane. As I was sucking on Lisa's clit I worked my finger into her very tight pussy and started massaging the spot I was shown and she started screaming and Cumming and I thought for a moment she was peeing in my mouth, when I realized she was a squirter, so I redoubled my tongue and finger work until she just went limp like a rag doll and I finally let up on her and slide up into the seat again and held her until she got her breath and senses back.

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