The High School English Teacher

by Jakelyon

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is a fantasy room series story. Randy has always wanted to fuck his high school English teacher and now he can thanks to the fantasy room.

Mark met with his next client, a man named Randy Edwards. "So tell me Randy what brings you to the Fantasy Room?"

Randy was blunt and to the point, "I want to fuck my high school English teacher."

Mark answered just as bluntly, "As you know we can create any fantasy for you to meet whatever desire you might have. All it takes is $25,000 to do the programming. I have a detailed questionnaire for you to fill out, and we will do a brain scan to get the information that we need. Does that sound like it will work for you?"

"Twenty-five grand is a lot of money. How can I be sure it will work the way you say it will?"

Mark answered confidently, "If you are not fully satisfied we will work out a refund of all or part of the funds. I have not yet had a customer who was not satisfied beyond their wildest imagination. So, do we have a deal?"

"Yeah, let's do it," Randy answered quickly. Randy spent the next few hours filling out a questionnaire on what he wanted, and allowing Mark to perform the brain scan needed to pull the information from his mind. As Randy was leaving the office, Mark said to him, "Give me thirty days and we will have your fantasy ready to go."

Randy got the call exactly thirty days later and he was ready to go the next morning. He could hardly sit through the couple of hours of orientation to get him ready, but soon enough he was sitting in the chair ready to be transported to the fantasy room. Mark and his assistants hooked Randy up to the machine, and then everything went dark and suddenly he was transported back to high school.

He was sitting in a desk in the back of the room, his usual place. Up front was the woman who had haunted his dreams then and every day since, Miss Karen Winston. She was tall, at least 5' 10", with long blonde hair, big grapefruit sized tits, a tight ass, long shapely legs, and a mouth that just seemed to say, "I want to suck your cock." She seemed older to him at the time, but he realized she was only in her mid twenties at most.

She was wearing a tight black skirt, with a red silk blouse. Her big nipples were poking out the thin fabric of the blouse, as they seemed to every day. His cock grew hard and hot in his jeans as he looked at her big tits. Then he realized that something was different, he was young again, just turned 18, his senior year in High School. He also realized that Mark had made his cock bigger like Randy had asked. He reached under the desk and realized he had a thick 8 incher now. Man, he could hardly wait for things to progress.

Randy looked up and saw that the class was almost over, perfect he thought. The bell ran a few minutes later and right on cue Miss Winston said, "Randy would you stay after class for a few minutes please?"

"Umm, sure Miss Winston," Randy answered.

When everyone had left the classroom, Miss Winston came back to where he was sitting. Randy could not take his eyes off the beautiful young woman, and her incredible body. "You have not been paying attention in class Randy. I want you to stay after to catch up on your reading. I would not want to have to fluck you, I mean flunk you."

Randy smiled at her little flub, perfect he smiled because I want to fuck you real bad teacher. He answered her in his best high school whine, "I don't see why I have to stay after, I will do better Miss Winston."

She answered him in teacher command voice, "Well you can sit right there and show me that you will do better young man." Then she turned around and headed back up to her desk at the front of the room. Randy watched her shapely ass as she strode away from him. He sat for a moment and then he got the book out of his bag and made a show of starting to read it. Then he started staring at Miss Winston, he wondered how big her tits looked out of her bra. Her nipples must be huge to stick out the way they did. Randy could feel his cock harden as he thought about how nice and pink they would be, how it would feel to suck one of her stiff nubs into his mouth. He started to rub his erection through his jeans, and his huge cock swelled hard as stone as he touched himself. He unzipped his jeans and squirmed around to where he could stick his boner out through his zipper. His new cock was slippery with pre-cum and he jerked off slowly as he stared at his teacher's tits, and ass.

She got up to get something from across the room and she glance his direction as she walked. At first, she looked away, and Randy continued to jerk off as he watch her tits bounce while she was walking, then she got to the other side of the room and turned around, the realization of what Randy was doing finally dawning on her.

She walked towards him, her big tits swaying and said, "What on earth are you doing young man. Are you masturbating in front of me? Are you jerking your little cock off thinking about fucking me?" She had reached his desk and had put her arms and the edge and leaned forward causing her blouse to gap so Randy could look down at her tits. Her bra was black, and her tits were as big as he had imagined. He reached orgasm at that moment and he climaxed, "Uhhh, I'm cumming," he moaned as his cock shot a long string of cum that splattered Miss Winston's black leather pump. He shot his wad, spewing three or four more streams of goo onto her black pumps, staring at her big tits while he did so.

Miss Winston looked down at her cum covered black leather pumps and said to him, "Did you enjoy yourself young man? Did you enjoy looking at my tits while you jacked your hard cock? So tell me exactly what you think about when you masturbate. Tell me your fantasy so I can understand your perverted little mind."

Randy's cock had already swelled back to full erection and he was slowly fisting it under the desk as he listened to her words. She was still leaning forward exposing her bra-encased tits to his view. He decided to go with it, what the heck this was his fantasy. Randy was amazed at how real this all felt. He was trying to fight down his sense of embarrassment at having been caught jacking off. He had to fight to remember that this was not real, it all seemed so real to him. "I like to think about your big tits, how big your nipples are, what color you nipples are, that type of thing."

"Are you looking at my tits right now Randy? Do you like the way my nipples stick out?" She reached one hand up to stroke across her left breast causing the nipple to swell to full erection. "Would you like to see my tits Randy?"

"Yes," Randy moaned out as he stood up to allow himself to jack off better.

"Oh my Randy, you have a nice big cock don't you, Miss Winston said. Then her hand went to the buttons of her blouse and she slowly unbuttoned the red silk blouse that she was wearing. She un-tucked the blouse and pulled it away from her massive tits so Randy could see her bra.

"Do you want me to unclasp my bra Randy? Do you want to look at my nipples? I bet you would like me to pull my nipples for you wouldn't you? Do you want me to touch my breasts while you watch and masturbate your big cock?"

"God yes, please let me see your tits," Randy moaned so close to orgasm again. He was slowly fisting his cock, holding off his orgasm.

Miss Winston continued her nasty talk as she slowly unclasped front hook bra, "You know what I like Randy? I like big cocks. I like to watch men jack off their big cocks. I like the way that men stare at my body, I know they all want to fuck me, they want to jack off on my tits, they want me to suck their cocks until the cum runs down my chin. Is that what you want to do Randy? Do you want to fuck me?

She pulled the bra away from Randy revealing her perfect round tits to Randy. The aureoles were big, perfectly round, and soft pink like Randy had always imagined. Her nipples were big and erect, sticking up hard and straight from the center of her aureoles. The perfect round globes of her breasts sagged almost not at all, even as she released them from her bra.

She continued talking, "Your cock is big and hard Randy. You must be ready to shoot your load. Do you want to watch me pull my big nipples Randy?" She used her hands to pull both of her nipples as she said this. She pulled them hard, stretching her long nipples away from her breast, pulling and twisting them. "Ohhh, that feels so good Randy. I love to touch my nipples; it makes my pussy so wet, so ready for me to be fucked by a big cock. What do you want to do to me Randy?"

"I want to fuck you," Randy moaned out in frustration. His cock was seeping pre-cum and he could tell that he was about ready to blow his load.

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