Double Dog Dare

by Gia 1978

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Size, .

Desc: True Sex Story: A not-so-short story (3,683 words) about how I spent the birthday of The United States. I went to a party with a plan to masturbate in public, but I got a little more involved with a couple of party guests. This story is dedicated to my favorite female smut writer DeeDee18.

Here is the genesis of this story:

I sent a letter to DeeDee18 first thing in the morning on the 4th about me being too tired and sore from a masturbation marathon she and I were having. Here is an exerpt from my letter to her:

"Well darlin - I am done for the 4th. No way I am even trying to touch myself today! I have a couple of parties I have been asked to attend... I will let you know how they were. Lots of sexy people, wearing very little on a hot day like today! I am gonna wear something real sexy too. Not sure what yet tho..."

Then she sent me a mail back right away with a challenge:

"So you plan on abstaining, huh? Well just remember when you are out that at one o'clock, Pacific Daylight Savings Time, I am going to stroke my white little tummy and belly button and soft, smooth cunt and clit, no matter where I am, and think about you, and make myself cum, while Angie stands guard and watches me, okay? If that doesn't do anything to mess up your concentration and get you 'undone' touching yourself for the Fourth, then I give up! lol."

So the gauntlet was dropped, and I had to rise to the challenge. Here then is the letter I sent to her of my 4th of July and how I tried to meet my cyber-buddies "Double Dog Dare"!

My darling Dee Dee -

What a stunning holiday it turned out to be! First off, I went to a huge party in the Hollywood hills. There were more than a few famous people there! The guy who owned the place works for Guns and Roses, and bands like that. So, I get there just before 12:00 noon, and start scoping out victims! Lots and lots of hott guys and girls, so I'm thinking my chances of getting laid are looking pretty good.

I had a couple of ice-cold wine coolers straight away, plus it was really hot and I did not have much to eat that morning. Needless to say, I was kinda ripped by 12:30. Oh yeah, I need to tell you about the outfit I finally picked out. I wore an old, faded pair of Levi shorts that were cut in half circles about half way up each of my ass cheeks, and the front just barely covered my pussy lips. Of course I had no undies on, so whenever I sat down, whoever was in front of me got quite a good show. For my top, I chose my Wicked Weasel, baby pink top. Here is the link so you can see what it looks like:

I had the bottoms in my purse, in case I decided to go swimming. Now the thing about these suits is, dry, they are kinda see thru. Wet, well I might as well be naked... but I will not get too far ahead of myself. If you guys are not hip to these yet, you and Angie will go nuts for their stuff! It is sooo you two!

Anyway, I started talking to this really cute guy and then I asked what time it was. He told me it was 10 min. till one! I excused myself, and went into the house to join you in your little challenge. Unlike you, I had no one to guard or lookout for me. I wandered into what looked like the owners office. No one was around, so I closed the door, sat down behind his desk, and slipped the crotch of my shorts to one side. Now I gotta tell you, my lil' puss puss was pretty sore from the day before's workout, but I had to meet your dare! I spit on my fingers and started rubbing my lips and clit. Doing this sort of thing sitting at a total strangers desk was so naughty that I was wet n' ready in no time at all!

With my left hand, I pinched my fat nipples through the thin material of my bikini top, one then the other, as I got busy with my swelling clit. I started grunting as I pictured you under that desk working your four tiny fingers inside of me, and before I knew it, I made a sizeable puddle under that poor guys desk! giggle

I calmed down, grabbed a tissue from the desk to dab my dripping pussy dry, straightened out the crotch on my jean shorts and headed back out to the party, leaving the puddle of my squirt under the poor guys desk. I strolled thru the big house, smiling at the guys who were checking out my sweaty body, shining as I strolled past them, grinning in a post orgasmic bliss.

I found Mr. cute-boy again (his name is Matt) and turned on my slutty charm to 10! About 15 minutes into my very slutty flirting, Mrs. cute-boy joined our conversation. At first I was bummed, cause it was looking like I had my meal for the evening all lined up (My boyfriend is outta town, so - oh well... his loss). But after he introduced me to his girlfriend Ginger, I started to take a second look at the 'both of them'. He is about 6'1", black shaggy 70's hair and skinny. Several "Hollywood" tattoos' and piercings... you know the type? But her... OMFG! She was a real crotch-melter! She is about 5' 4" and 117 lbs., dirty blonde wavy hair and stacked. Totally store bought tits, but really, really good ones! She was VERY friendly, and touched me on my shoulder when Matt introduced us. ZING As we continued to talk, she made contact a few more times, lingering a little more with each touch. You know as well as I do what a good sign that is, right?

The three of us decided to go into the guesthouse, (also huge) and sit down. I grabbed another wine cooler (my third) and followed them inside. We sat at a table beside the pool table and continued to talk, while two other couples played a game. It turns out that Matt (he's 32) is a session drummer here in town. I was careful not to mention my boyfriends name in case they knew each other. Ginger (24 years old) is a cocktail waitress at a popular nightclub in Hollywood. We ended up sitting at that table for the next four hours! Surprisingly, I discovered that all of us were L.A. natives (very rare), and that Ginger and I even went to the same High School! (5 years apart though). Every now and again, she would touch me with her hand or her foot, and I pretty much knew by then where this flirting was heading for all of us.

Around 5:00 or so, we got up and grabbed some BBQ (I had the chicken). We ate at a big table by the swimming pool and the conversation turned back to sex at some point (I was pretty drunk, so it might have been me who did the turning... I dunno). Ginger offered up the fact that she was bi, to which I squeaked like a bimbo, "ME TOO!". This drew a huge grin from Matt (no shit, huh?).

We finished eating and we all had a cold beer and smoked a joint that Ginger produced from her backpack. We went back to the guesthouse and played several of games of 9 ball. Ginger and I played as a team against Matt and he only beat us twice out of five games! By then, the sun was almost down and Ginger suggested that we should watch the fireworks from the Jacuzzi. Most of the crowd had split by then, and only one couple was in the huge thing! I said I was gonna run in the house to change my bottoms, and Ginger said she would go with me Tingle.

She took me by the hand and led me into the main house. As we passed thru the kitchen, she introduced me to the guy who lived there. I thanked him for letting me come to the party, and I blushed as I remembered the surprise I had left him under his desk! (The girl who had invited me never showed up, or at least I never saw her). We went into the bathroom and closed and locked the door. I pulled my bottoms out of my purse and turned to see Ginger standing naked behind me. OH DAMN! What a beautiful body she has. She is a 36D- 22-34 or so, and both of her big nipples are pierced as well as her belly button and her long clit hood (yummy again!). She has a really cool tattoo of the prism from Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon on her hip.

She is shaved smooth, and has an all over tan (like me!). My mouth must have dropped wide open because she winked and asked me, "Like what you see?" I dropped my bottoms and my purse on the floor, and she reached out and kissed me like we had been together for years! I totally gushed inside my shorts as we kissed (Her tongue is pierced too) and I reached up to play with her fantastic D cup boobies. She unbuttoned my jean shorts, and they dropped around my ankles like they were made of lead! I don't really remember how long we made out for, but she broke the kiss and said, "Let's not miss the other fireworks" shiver (She really said that Dee Dee... 'other'... oh shit!). She pulled out a tiny little black two-piece from her backpack and we got changed and ran out to get in the Jacuzzi with Matt.

We got in the huge Jacuzzi and I sat between the two of them (the other couple had gotten out while Ginger and I were changing). I looked over at Matt and followed his gaze down and remembered that my suit was now totally transparent! My nipples were hard already, but now my clitty came out from her hood to join the party too... Oops! Ginger put her arm around my shoulder and asked me where I got the delicious suit. I told her about the website and Matt laughed and said, "I guess I will be buying a few of those!" I glanced down to check his crotch, and his shorts were baggy, but defiantly not empty.

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