Joyous Ride With An Aunty

by Ramprabhu

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oriental Female, Masturbation, .

Desc: True Sex Story: This is my true experience which happened nearly a year back. I had to travel overnight in a bus. I had a nice fun with a lady sitting next to me in the bus. She was fully responsive to me and she spendidly masturbated me twice during the journey.

( This is a real experience to me during a bus journey when I had some joyful time with a lady who was sitting next to me and traveled with me. )

This happened a few months ago.

I was asked by my boss to go to our Coimbatore office for surprise verification of some important official aspects. He asked me in the evening of a day and I was to do the job the very next day morning when the office opens there without alerting the staff there. As I could not secure my ticket in any of the night trains to Coimbatore I decided to travel by bus as the journey takes only eight hours.

Accordingly after dinner around 9 PM I went to bus stand and got into a bus going to Coimbatore. It was semi-luxury 2X2 seater. There will be two seats on either side of aisle. I got the seat closer to aisle and the window seat was occupied by a woman of some 40 years age. She said to me that she was having slight cold and fever and she asked me whether I can occupy the window seat so that she could sit aisle side and avoid the chill wind flow when the bus moves. I agreed and we exchanged places. I asked her whether she needs some aspirin tablets but she thanked me and said she had already taken medicine for cold. Soon she covered herself with a shawl and started dozing.

After crossing the city limits the bus started going fast and also the lights were switched off except a for one or two very dim lights so the inside of the bus was practically very dark.

Normally I go to sleep by 11 PM and further during travel by train or bus I practically sleep very little. So I was awake and watching the scene through window. Being night there was nothing to see except vehicles coming from opposite direction. Soon I lost interest and turned my attention to the lady next to me.

I noticed she was dozing covering herself fully with a woolen shawl. I could not make out her features as she was fully covered. I had not even seen her face properly when she first spoke with me. I could only make out that she was a heavy bodied woman. In sleep she had moved closer to me and her head was occasionally coming and resting on my shoulders. The shawl completely covered her and a portion of it also fell on my side covering my lap. I thought that if I can move my hands under the shawl I can touch her body and if there is no resistance from her I can have some fun till I get sleep. So I watched about those sitting before and after us.

The seats before us were occupied by two men who were sleeping and snoring. The seats behind us were occupied by a couple and they were also asleep. So I was convinced that if I play with the lady in the next seat there would be none to notice it.

After a few minutes I slowly pushed my left hand inside the shawl and touched her hand. There was no reaction from her except she moved her head from my shoulder and sat upright. I could see she had not woken up. So I raised my hand and slightly touched her right breast. There was no reaction from her but I removed my hand as the position was awkward. Then I crossed my hands and moved a bit closer to her. Now with my right hand I touched her right breast. Still she was sleeping. So I got bolder and put my left hand on her lap. Slowly I moved my hand to her navel and pressed her navel and at the same time caressed her breast. I touched her nipple and just pressed it harder.

The lady woke up and sat upright. I immediately removed my hands and closed my eyes feigning I was sleeping. After sometime when I opened my eyes I found she was again dozing. I again repeated my act and this time I caressed her nipple and navel a little boldly. I kept on doing this for sometime and I was getting a nice thrill out of it and I was also getting a massive erection because of this.

The bus suddenly stooped at some place and lights came on. I removed my hands quickly and at the same time the lady also woke up. A few people boarded the bus and it started again moving. After those people got their tickets the lights were again switched off.

After sometime I noticed she was again sleeping. I got my dhoti and underwear loosened and my cock slipped out without any impediments. It was fully erect and throbbing and my lap was nicely covered by her shawl. Now I slowly moved my hand inside the shawl and touched her right hand which was on the arm rest of the seat. After a few minutes I took her hand and pulled it towards me and placed it on my cock. It simply lied on my cock and moved up and down with the beat of my cock. Now I pushed my hand to her navel and let it caress her navel. I tried to pinch her cunt but it was not possible because of the heavy folds of her sari.

Now my cock was very much erect and pulsating and I was a bit disappointed because her hand did not do anything on my cock. So I placed my right hand on her hand and made her to my grab my penis and I moved her hand with my hand so that her hand will move on my cock. This I did for sometime but as it was not satisfying I stopped it.

Now I moved my right hand to her right nipple and slightly pinched it. Simultaneously I pinched her navel also. My idea was to wake her so that she will realize what is happening and see her reaction. As expected by me she woke up and she looked at me and noticing my hands on her breast and navel she must have understood it all. She hastily withdrew her right hand and moved away from me and simultaneously I took away my hands from her. She gathered her shawl about her exposing my lap and I hastily corrected my dhoti hiding my erection. She pointedly looked at me for a minute but later closed her eyes and did not open them again.

I sat quiet for sometime and would occasionally look at her and I thought she again resumed her sleep. I was undecided as to what to do. Then I thought I must try once more. In the first time though she had withdrawn her hand from my cock she did not scold me or threaten me and she did not also create any scene. She had only quietly withdrawn her hand and moved away from me. I thought that though she had fully understood what mischief I played on her, yet she did not make an issue but ignored it and this gave me a little boldness.

So after a few minutely I pulled her shawl and covered my lap and eased out my penis which was now half limp. Then I pushed my hand inside the shawl. Her right hand was on her lap and when I touched it there was no reaction. I slowly pulled it and again placed it on my cock. I allowed it to remain there. Then with my hands I touched her nipple and navel and slowly rubbed them. A few minutes later she stirred and I remained still but did not remove my hands from her and kept them idle. Only my cock was now dancing moving her hand up and down.

She opened her eyes and stared at me for a minute. But she did not remove her hand from my cock and allowed it to remain there. Nor did she ask me to remove my hands. After a minute she closed her eyes and reclined in her seat. I was pleased with her act and I was now feeling exhilarated. I now resumed my rubbing of her navel and nipple. I tickled her navel with my fingers and she slightly parted her legs so that my left hand will have more freedom to caress her navel. I was thrilled and pushed my hand a little deeper and caressed her navel more deeply. Then I took away my right hand and pressed her hand more on my cock. She remained idle and so I slightly tapped on her hand and pressed it onto my cock. My cock was now dancing like mad pushing her hand up and down. After a few seconds her fingers closed on my shaft and gripped my cock.

I was now immensely pleased and understood that she will cooperate with me without putting resistance. Satisfied now, I placed my right hand on her breast and rubbed her nipple. Her hand now fully cupped my cock but she just held my shaft and did not jerk it to give me pleasure and this was disappointing to me. So I moved very close to her and whispered in her ears " shake it". Then very gently she moved her hand and started jerking me.

This went on for sometime and we were doing it real slow without any hurry. I was quiet content and now felt that till we reach Coimbatore I can have this play and in my excitement I did not feel sleepy at all. I noticed though her eyes were closed she was not dozing because she did not slacken her grip on my cock nor she stopped the slow jerking. Very nicely she was keeping me in good erection and excitement but I was not reaching climax also.

At that time the bus reached Vellore were it will halt for some time. The lights were put on and we hastily removed our hands and I also corrected my dhoti in hurry. I looked at her but she was looking elsewhere. I got up and went out of the bus to piss and while going out I asked her whether anything is needed by her so that I can get it to her. She thanked for my enquiry and said if I can get her a cup of hot milk it will be fine. I got it to her and when she offered to pay me the money I politely refused to accept. Later again I resumed my seat.

I looked at her and found she was a dignified looking woman. I asked her to which place she was traveling and she confirmed she is also bound for Coimbatore where her parent's house was. To my enquiry she said her name was Vasuki. She was married and settled in Chennai. Her husband was an officer in a company and she had a son and daughter both studying in college and a daughter in school. She was traveling alone to attend a function and her husband and children would join her later. When I asked why she undertook travel alone when she had fever, she said she had to necessarily go and help her parents for the function.

To her enquiries I said my name, about my family that I was married with two daughters in school and the purpose I was going to Coimbatore. Then we sat idle for sometime waiting for the bus to start. At that time in a very low voice I said " I hope you are not angry with me for what I did". She merely smiled and did not say anything immediately.

Then she told in a very soft voice " you are young and your wife must be younger — what do you see in a old lady like me". I whispered " you are wonderful and I just want this journey to last forever". She tittered at my reply and then she closed her eyes.

As soon as the bus started moving and the lights were switched off I saw her and found she was dozing. But when I touched her she looked at me and under cover of her shawl we resumed our play. Her hand came and rested on my lap. I had let out my cock free and she gently grabbed and massaged it without my prompting for it. It appeared to me that she must have somewhat loosened her sari and petticoat when I had gone away to pee in Vellore. Because when I placed my hand on her lap I could notice that my hand had more freedom to move on her lap this time.

The slackness of her sari and petticoat allowed me to slip my hand underneath to touch the naked flesh and I could actually touch the lips of her cunt. Her cunt was covered with very thick growth of coarse hair and her cunt lips were bigger and bulging out. She was a older woman she should have had sex countless times and also should have given birth to many children. So her cuntlips was not tender but leathery and hanging out. It was quite hot to my touch, partly because of her fever also. I rubbed her cunt and tickled her clitoris which was bigger and projecting out of her cunt like a nut. When I tickled her clitoris it twitched and her whole body shook. She parted her thighs even more for my hand to freely work over her cunt and clitoris. This exhilarated me and my cock jumped and danced with more vigor.

I resumed rubbing her cunt lips underneath her sari. I tried to enter my middle finger inside her cunt to finger-fuck her but I could not do it fully because the position we were sitting was not comfortable for this act. It frustrated me a bit but I could nicely rub and tickle her cuntlips and I kept at it with more zeal. I entwined my finger in her pubic hair and pulled it. I caught her clitoris in my fingers and tweaked it and nearly crushed it and I could feel her body undergoing tremors when I did so. I pinched and pulled her cuntlips so severely that she slightly raised herself from her seat and again heavily sat. She softly farted also.

My fingers rubbed and squeezed her cunt and clitoris so much that I was sure she should have got soreness in them. After sometime I could notice her cunt had become slightly wet and it indicated that she was excited by me and this gladdened me very much. I kneaded with my fingers her wet cunt and my fingers got smeared with her juice. I took my hand and smelt it and her cunt smell gave me a stimulating feeling.

I resumed my finger play on her cunt. All the time my right hand was playing havoc with her right nipple and I gripped and tweaked it so much that often she would sit with a jolt.

The play was going nicely and I got more and more excited that I wanted to explore her body further. I wanted to catch and squeeze her bums. With that idea I took my hand from her navel and pushed it to her backside. First she did not understand my requirement but when I repeatedly pushed my hand to her back side she understood. She slightly slouched and bent forward so that her head rested on the seat in her front. Her this position gave me freedom to move my hand to her buttocks and I touched her ass.

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