The Fool On The Hill

by Harddaysknight

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: What should be a very happy time in a man's life is ruined by his wife's betrayal. Can he ever get past it?

I was having one of the best days of my life. Then it became the worst! The boss had suggested I join him for lunch at a very nice downtown hotel. This was not an everyday occurrence, so I knew something was up. To my surprise, several men in upper management were at our table when we arrived.

By the time lunch was over, I had learned I was being promoted, with a hefty salary increase. I was given direct responsibility for several important accounts. My 20 years of service to the company was being rewarded and I felt great!

I was even given a staff of three to work on the accounts. My only reservation was that one of the people named to my staff was a self-serving, ass kisser. He would be a problem but I dared not voice any negatives. I was just receiving a promotion and it was no time to complain!

I excused myself to go to the men's room. The few drinks and the excitement made me feel like my bladder would explode. I was thinking how excited Kate would be when I told her the news. We had been married for 23 years and had raised two kids. We had an empty nest and the promotion would allow us the freedom to do many of the things we had always dreamed about. Kate and I were best friends, lovers, and partners in everything.

I was smiling to myself as I opened the door to leave the men's room. Things were going so very well for me. That was when I saw Kate and a fellow from her work step out of the elevator not 20 feet from where I stood. She did not see me. In fact, she had eyes only for her coworker as they strolled toward the hotel bar. Just before they ducked into the bar, he pulled her to him and kissed her lips!

If you had taken a 2x4 and driven it into my gut, it would not have hurt as much. I staggered back into the lavatory and dropped to my knees by a toilet bowl. I offered my sacrifices to the porcelain gods for several minutes. Finally, I was completely purged. I managed to get to my feet and stagger to the sink. It took a minute or two to get myself cleaned up enough to leave the room.

I stepped from the bathroom and looked for Kate. It took a minute to locate her, but I could see her through the glass doors. She was stepping into a cab and lover boy was turning to walk back to the front desk. I pulled myself together and intercepted him before he got there. I stepped in front of him and jammed my face close to his.

"Hey, asshole," I hissed. "If I ever see you near my wife, or even suspect you have been near her, I am going to fuck you over big time!"

His surprise was complete. I could see his mind trying to place me. Then understanding swept across his face.

"Are you threatening me?" he blustered.

If I hadn't been so livid, I would have laughed.

"You have to ask, you goddamn idiot?" I blurted. "This is a serious fucking threat! I will fuck your wife, your kids, and your fucking dog. Shit, I'll fuck your cat if you have one, and then I'll fuck you, cocksucker! You'll have no marriage and a damn painful existence."

He stood there with my face inches from his and I could see the fear. I could almost smell it. Still, it gave me no pleasure. Another thought came to me as I faced the man that had made me a cuckold.

"If Kate ever finds out that I know about you and her, I will come looking for you. Your wife will know what a fucking shit she married and you and I will be going at it knuckle and skull. I don't give a shit if you outweigh me by 20 pounds. It will be mine to do and I will sure as all hell do it!"

I turned on my heel and walked away. One of the desk people was approaching as I left. I guess it was apparent that we were not best friends. I walked past him to rejoin my superiors in the dining room.

"Tom! I thought we were going to have to send a search party," laughed the boss. "You look a little pale, Tom. Are you ok?"

"I am fine, Henry. I'm just excited about the opportunity you have given me," I replied.

I was still seething on the inside and was not yet able to control all my emotions. Without thinking, I told the boss that which I had promised myself I would not.

"I do have to admit that I do not think Howard will work very well on my staff, Henry," I suggested. "If it is possible, I would prefer Steve Whiting, from advertising."

"Howard has a lot of experience in this field. Why would you prefer Steve," asked my boss.

"I have worked with Howard for several years now. I have always found him to be lazy, self-serving, undependable, and an extreme ass-kisser. Other than that, he does a decent job," I finished.

Henry looked from me to the other men sitting at the table. None of them would look him in the eye. He turned back to me and I returned his look as I waited for him to comment.

"Those seem like very good reasons," he laughed. "I like a man that speaks his mind, Tom. I have to admit that you only confirmed my personal observations about Howard."

Then the other senior management suits chirped in telling how they never thought Howard was very good either. They had their heads so far up the boss's ass it was a wonder they could even breathe.

"Tom, it is likely that Howard will learn that you didn't want him on your team and confront you," continued the boss. "We all know there are no secrets when more than one person is involved. What will you do at that point?"

"I won't waste any time farting around with him, Henry. I will just ignore him and go about my business," I replied. This thing with Kate was making me unusually candid and it felt good.

"That sounds good, but he may pursue it, if you understand my drift," Henry continued.

"If I have to, I'll kick his ass. Is that what you are looking for, Henry?" I asked.

Everyone looked down at the table as Henry studied my face.

"I have to say I am surprised by you, and pleasantly so, Tom," he confessed. "For some reason, I worried that you would be too timid and wishy-washy to head a team. Now I wonder why I didn't promote you years ago."

"It was only very recently that I have become more assertive, Henry," I explained. "You were probably right to hold back. The good news is I am now ready and will do a good job for you."

I was thinking of Kate with that fucking weasel as I spoke. My attitude change was very recent. It was less than an hour old! It occurred to me that I could easily handle my new position. A week ago it would have been so important that I would have lost sleep over it. Now, putting it in perspective, I knew I was the best man for the job and would not even fret over the work. I had bigger fish to fry at the moment. Everything is relative, I realized.

The gathering broke up shortly after that and I drove home. I was half an hour earlier than usual, but Kate's car was in the drive when I pulled in. Usually she got home a few minutes later than I.

"You are home early," observed Kate. "Is anything wrong at work, Honey?"

I noticed she was wearing a robe and her hair was wet. She was obvious she had washed away any incriminating evidence of her afternoon tryst.

"I just left a little early," I answered. "Did you get dirty at work and have to come home to clean up or something?"

My question seemed to surprise her for a second. Then she laughed and told me, "The air conditioning quit today and around 3:00 we all went home. I was all sweaty from the humidity, so I showered."

"So you stuck it out at work until 3:00 with no air?" I asked.

"You know our company, Tom. They hate to lose a nickel. I sat there and perspired until they sent us home at 3:00," repeated Kate.

"I'll have to rib Tony about it next time I see him," I laughed. I can only imagine how many pounds he lost today."

Tony was a coworker of Kate's that was actually obese and would break into a sweat if the temperature passed 60 degrees. Kate looked at me, but had no reply. Let her start worrying about covering her lies. It could consume her, I decided, and that would be a good thing. Right then I decided not to confront Kate. I would simply ask innocent questions and make little observations. When a person is drawn into lies, they can suffer in more ways than a truthful person can imagine. That whack-job in Salt Lake City is a good example.

Kate started dinner and was unusually happy and talkative. Her good mood made mine worse. I knew the reason for her cheer and it plunged me into the depths of despair. Still I tried to cover it up. I did not want to tip my hand too soon. As we dined, Kate made all kinds of small talk and tried to draw me into a conversation. Try as I would, I could not muster much enthusiasm for anything. I felt I was doing well to not grab a knife and slice her heart out!

After dinner we sat down and watched a movie. As soon as it was over, I announced I was going to bed. I quickly took care of all my bedtime chores and crawled into bed, depressed and morose. It was only a minute later that Kate slid in next to me, and she was naked!

"I thought you might like a little nookie tonight," she whispered as she leaned her breasts against me.

All I could think about was how she had pushed her breasts against another man a few hours prior and she was offering me his seconds. As I pictured it in my mind, I felt my stomach begin to protest. By this time, Kate was rubbing her hand over my cock, but it was not responding. I tried to think of baseball, or politics, just to ease my nerves. It didn't help.

"You seem a little tense tonight, Lover," whispered Kate. "Maybe some of this will help relax you."

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