Toby and Jo Valentine

by Gyffes

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, CrossDressing, Furry, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A Valentine's Day to remember for Toby and Jo.

This is a Valentine's gift to my beautiful mate, she agreed to let me put it up here for some odd reason. I'll probably write more down the road and for an idea of what the characters look like I put descriptions in another file called Toby and Jo.

He could feel something was different the moment he came in the door, of course the scent of his favorite scented oils might have been the first indication but there was also the feeling he only got when Jo was going to pounce on him from some random spot. He never could quite figure out how she did it. Chuckling to himself, he whistled a short tune as he set the flowers and bottle of wine on the counter, sliding off his jacket. The storms he could hear outside raised his already high friskiness, gods, he loved rain and storms, the raw energy of them really made him worked up. "Oh Jo, where are you silly wench?" Silence met his call through the house and he smirked softly, so she wanted to play that way eh? Slipping off his shoes Toby decided two could play that way, he wasn't a fox for no reason.

Padding softly through the living room he spotted a note lying in his favorite chair along with a couple pieces of lace. "Hm, what could she be up to?" he wondered as he picked up the note, opening it and going still at what was written. Look behind you pet. Slowly turning, Toby's jaw was in danger of dropping and he felt his pants tighten quite quickly. "Oh god Jo," whimpering softly as he took in his wife. "I think I'm in trouble," Toby mumbled under his breath. "Oh you definitely are Pet," purred Jo as she slinked across the room, her leather corset and boots making little noise as she slid against him. "You're definitely going to be in trouble," she said against his lips, pushing him softly into the chair, never breaking her kiss as she leaned over him, before gently sliding into his lap. "I love you Toby." "and I you Jo, with everything I am."

He smiled at her purr but yipped out when she pinched one of his nipples softly. "Evil wench," whimpered Toby. "Oh evil am I Pet? You were the one that left me aching and whining on the bed this morning, did you think I would forget?" Toby smiled at the memory of that morning, remembering how he had pleasured her to a peak so many times then left for work, hearing her whine as he did so. "I don't forget pet, so this is both your gift and punishment," purred Jo as she gently threaded her fingers through Toby's hair, pulling it back, exposing his neck to her lips and teeth. "I'm going to make you whimper, beg and plead before the evening is over," she growled against his neck, her teeth raking across it firmly, smirking at her mark sitting on his collarbone. "Still hasn't gone away, hmm?" "No Mistress," Toby looked down as good as he could, blushing. "It definitely got some questions while I was working out," Toby blushed deeper remembering the knowing looks he received when his mark had shown while he did his afternoon workout.

"Oh? So all your buddies saw your Mistress' mark?," she chuckled as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt, sliding it off and throwing it behind her, a growl coming to her lips at the sight of his pierced nipples. "You know I love these right?," Jo smirked, gently pulling on the rings. "I know you do Mistress, so do I," whined Toby, arching into the treatment. "I got you something pet, you had better stay here while I go get it," Jo whispered before crushing her lips to his. "I won't go anywhere." He waited, feeling his erection throb against his slacks, whining at the pressure it created. "What could she have gotten me?" Toby mumbled to himself, his attention going inward as he tried to figure out what Jo could have gotten him. "Thinking of something interesting Pet?" a voice whispered in his ear, causing Toby to startle, his thoughts breaking. "What you could have gotten me."

"Well, here you go, try it on." Jo smirked holding out a frilly corset and matching skirt, garter belt, and thigh highs for him. "Oh god," Toby whined. "You weren't supposed to know I was looking at that," he looked down blushing. "I was going to get it and surprise you." "Well, it's still a surprise, just for you instead of me Pet, you'll look so good in purple and black." Jo growled softly, thinking of how Toby was going to look, she wouldn't last long, that she knew, she would have him pinned before long. "Put it on Pet, I want to see how sexy you're going to look with it on." Toby slowly took it into his hands, glad that he had made sure his legs were shaved the day before, it would look kind of odd with hairy legs in the thigh highs. Toby whimpered as he slid the corset on, before sliding his slacks off, groaning as his erection sprang out. "No boxers today my fox?" Toby could hear the smirk in Jo's voice. "No Mistress." Toby slid the thigh highs up, fastening them to the garter belt and wrapping it around his waist, whining at the lace brushing his body. "I'm done Mistress," Toby looked down blushing, his feet moving back and forth.

The only warning he had was a deep growl before he found himself thrown on the couch and his hands pinned above his head, a panting Jo above him. Toby smiled softly to himself, he always loved it when she didn't hold back, he had tried to make her comfortable with being the stronger of them but he knew it still bothered her. He could only keep trying, he wished he could show her the feelings he got when she was that way, the thrill it sent up his spine to see her let go even just a little. "Mmm Mistress. like what you see?" Toby smirked softly and reached up pulling on his nipple rings, knowing he could keep her riled up. "Yes I do my pet fox, you are so sexy like that," Jo all but growled out, a look of desire and dominance in her eyes. Toby whimpered as his erection dragged along the skirt, drawing Jo's attention towards it. "Awww, does the poor little fox have a problem?" Jo smirked while looking at Toby spread out, whimpering and dressed in lace. All she got was a whine in response.

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