Her Turn In The Barrel

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Anita is an up and coming black lawyer in Montgomery, Alabama who has taken on the white establishment, the police department and the DA's office - with success. Now she is a shoo-in for the vacant state senate seat, that is unless the police have something to say about it.

Anita Loos is a black woman working in a white, male dominated profession; nevertheless she is planning on going very far in life... partially because she is good, maybe even great, but mostly because she is a very determined woman! She is a brilliant defense attorney who has been making it her life's work to defend as many black clients as possible - regardless of their guilt or innocence. Her determination to defend black clients has been based on the belief that the white establishment has, over time, imprisoned blacks just because of the color of their skin. Its Anita's hypothesis that by ensuring that blacks do not go to prison, even guilty blacks, it will only slightly makes up for generations of white oppression, and after all, for Anita it's all about justice for her people.

Anita graduated magna cum laude from Duke University Law School and immediately relocated to Montgomery, Alabama because she still considered Montgomery to be a hot bed of racial injustice. In just five short years of practicing law she had become the darling of the ACLU as well as the majority of Montgomery's liberal legal community and she has managed to win almost ninety percent of her cases. After each of her victories Anita gives, what has become known to the law enforcement community at the Loos adage, she smiles at the cops and the DA's in the courtroom and tells them that she is sorry but that 'it was just their turn in the barrel.' Yes everyone in the liberal community in Montgomery, Alabama loves Anita Loos, but not everyone in law enforcement feels the same way!

Tonight is a special night for Anita as the Montgomery County Democratic Party hosts a reception especially for her and her new venture in life - politics! Anita was extremely pleased with the reception as she flitted from group to group and table to table pausing only long enough to make sure that they knew her point of view on the issues and that they contributed heavily to her campaign fund, a campaign that had begun last week when she had made her announcement, to a stunned crowd on the Montgomery County courthouse steps, that she, Anita Loos, a black woman, was entering the race for the vacant Montgomery County State Senate seat.

After her stunning announcement most of the talking heads in the media and most of the political hacks felt that she was virtually unbeatable and those in the liberal community desperately wanted to be on her bandwagon no matter what the cost and tonight that had proven true as she cajoled almost $2.5 million dollars in contributions out of the high rollers. As Anita worked the room she was sipping Champaign cocktails and enjoying herself and her good fortune and on one occasion she and the mayor's wife had snuck off to the master bedroom and shared a line of coke. Yes indeed it was a great night for Anita!

Anita finally said her goodbyes to her hosts and the guests and left the party just after midnight. She walked down the driveway to her jet black Jaguar convertible and eased inside and leaned back against the leather seat and drew in a deep breath. "Damn but I'm good," she said aloud then she realized that she was as high as a kite, partially from the thrill of knowing she was a shoo-in for the Senate seat, partially from the Champaign cocktails but mostly from the line of cocaine she had snorted. Realizing that she needed to relax before trying to drive home she opened the glove box and took out a joint and fired it up. It took her two deep drags before she felt the tension leaving her body and when that happened she thought that she was competent to drive. That thought was going to prove to be a mistake! Anita sighed, started the Jag and took another toke on her cigarette then slowly drove down the circular driveway and out into the night.

Across the street sat Montgomery Police Officer Josh Rocker. He was behind the wheel of his black and white police cruiser... waiting. He was parked, partially hidden, in an alleyway just off of Michelson Drive. The more he thought about what he had to do tonight the less he liked it. He shook his head sadly because he didn't want to be here tonight and in fact he would have rather been in a knockdown, drag-out shooting that to be here but he had drawn the short straw so the job was his.

As he watched and waited the acid in his stomach wouldn't quit churning and trying to escape up his throat. He reached over to the dash and slipped another Tums out of the package, chewed and swallowed it then chased it with a swig of milk. He looked at his watch and saw that it was just after midnight and he assumed that she would have to leave pretty soon, so he continued his vigil. Josh nervously glanced over to the passenger seat at the box containing the evidence that he would plant in her car when the time was right then he reached up and for the umpteenth time made sure the dash camera was working. Tonight Josh Rocker, and by proxy, the Montgomery police department would finally put a stop to the black bitch that had been a thorn in their side for the past five years.

He was just about to light another cigarette when he saw the black Jaguar with the personalized license plates that read 1-AQUIT-AL pull out of the driveway. He let her drive by his darkened cruiser then he hit the starter and eased out into the street giving the Jaguar about a half a block of headway. Twice in the next two blocks the Jaguar eased over the double yellow centerline as she drove toward her condominium still Josh let her drive on, waiting for her to make the turn he knew she would make. Three blocks later she turned onto Jackson Street and he knew that now was the perfect time. Jackson Street was only three blocks long but it was an expensive high-end residential neighborhood where most of the mansions were well back from the street which, at the owners' insistence, remained unlit. When the Jag was half way down the darkened street Josh turned on his 'Christmas tree' of roof lights and watched as the Jag pulled over to the curb and parked.

Anita had been driving well within the speed limit since leaving the party; after all it was better to be a little late getting home than to get stopped by a cop especially now that she was a little high. She thought about what a great night it had been then she took another toke on her roach. Anita was caught completely off guard when the lights of the police cruiser flicked on and shown brightly in her rear view mirror. Oh Christ she thought... shit, what am I going to do now? She took the marijuana cigarette and snuffed it out in the ashtray then reached into her pursed and pulled out a breath mint and popped it into her mouth. She pulled over to the curb and parked and waited as the police cruiser pulled up behind her, parked and the roof lights went out. In her side mirror she saw the cop get out of his car and she noticed that he wasn't wearing the usual heavy belt with a sidearm and all that other stuff, strange she thought. He closed his door and walked towards her, his flashlight in his left hand.

Josh slipped the package of cocaine he would plant in her car into his right pocket, got out of his car and walked up to the drivers' window and tapped on it with his flashlight. The electric window silently slid down and Josh could see the woman and then he smelled the distinctive odor of marijuana wafting out through the open window. Christ he thought, this is going to be even easier than anyone thought. He pointed the flashlight in the window and turned it on temporarily blinding the driver as he looked inside the darkened car. The first thing he noticed was a wisp of smoke coming from her ashtray then he saw her skirt... it was pulled up significantly and showing a whole lot of leg... nice long black legs he thought. "Excuse me ma'am, may I please see your drivers license and registration?" He shone the flashlight around the car and saw that it was empty except for the marijuana cigarette still smoldering in her ashtray. When he looked down at her he noticed a few white speckles of what he supposed was cocaine on her black blouse. He wanted to laugh out loud thinking that he had planned to plant evidence in her car but now that wouldn't be necessary. Shit there is no need for the planted evidence, she's been using tonight just like the Captain thought!

Anita reached into her purse and dug out her wallet and removed her drivers' license and handed it to the cop. "Excuse me," she said, "but what exactly what have I done to be pulled over?" She asked in a tone of voice that sounded more like a demand than a question.

He thought for a minute then decided that he wouldn't answer her question, at least not yet. "I'll need your registration too ma'am."

Anita reached across the seat and over the center consol and fumbled in her glove box until she found the registration then she handed it to the cop. "I asked you what I did wrong that you stopped me. If this is some type of racial profiling I'll have your God damned badge!"

He watched her carefully and when she reached across to her glove box her skirt hiked up even higher up until her butt was almost showing and he definitely liked the view... still she was a snotty bitch, just like the Captain had told him. "No need to get angry with me ma'am I'm just doing my job."

Anita was irate that the cop wouldn't answer her question. "Do you have any idea WHO I am?"

"No ma'am I don't and frankly I don't care."

"Oh really! Well I'm Anita Loos! Now do you know who I am?"

He tried not to smile. "Nope, not really... should I recognize you?"

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