by Corner Ghost

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Coercion, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Vampires, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is the story of Jasmine a vampire, she and her human servant have just moved to a large city to have fun. - This was originally written with the view to sequels, but this has never (yet) been done.

She awoke.

The noise of the city was loud in her ears as she got up, she licked her lips, she was feeling hungry, but she knew the sun was still up — she was looking forward to the night ahead.

She rang the bell to let him know she was awake, but he would already know that, it was part of his life now, ever since she took him.

"Jasmine you are awake." He said, Jasmine smiled at him, a calm seductive smile, one which he could never resist, he reached up and kissed her, she being nearly six foot and he being 5' 2" high, although she preferred men of equal height his energy was what had attracted her.

"Good evening John," She said, "I hope you've been behaving yourself today?" he managed to get a hurt expression on his face.

"Of course Jasmine, have I ever let you down?" He said, the question being very serious to him.

"Never John, but I always like your expression when you answer," she said, kissing him back, he looked in her eyes — seeing the hunger within.

"I had expected that you would be feeling... Peckish" he said, "And so I've arranged a light snack for you." She followed him into another room, sitting on a chair, looked at them with fearful eyes was an eighteen year old, she was dressed in just bra and panties, Jasmine turned to look at John.

"She is so delicious John, where did you get her?" Jessica's eyes were boring into the girls', devouring her with her gaze.

"I was in the park when I saw her, it was the matter of minutes, and no-body even saw me" he said.

Jasmine approached the girl who tried to move, but failed — as she was tied securely to the chair. She shook her head.

"No, no please, don't hurt me!" The girl said.

Jasmine smiled at her, "Don't worry," she said, "You won't feel a thing, just relax." And she walked closer to the girl, smelling the fear emanating from her victim, she place a hand on the girls shoulders and kissed the neck.

Jasmine's hands removed the bra on the girl's body, the ropes holding the girl in the chair seemed to just unravel as she did this. Almost sleeping the girl rose up from the chair, Jasmine moved around the girl and began lightly sucking at the pointed breasts that had been revealed.

Under Jasmines guidance the girl was manoeuvred to the waiting bed, she paused to allow Jasmine to pull down the lace panties, showing a trimmed patch of hair. Jasmine smiled, "Your boyfriend likes this?" She asked.

The girl panted, "No... I've never... I mean..." She stammered but Jasmine stopped her by planting a kiss on the girls' slit.

"Hush little one, you should learn to enjoy other's attention, let me show you!" Jasmine said as she lowered the girl back on to the bed.

Jasmine laid down beside the girl and looked into the scared eyes as her hand gently moved between the girl's legs, gently rubbing along the lips of the girl's vagina, feeling it moisten as the girl reacted to her touch.

Jasmine now took her hand away hearing the cry of loss from the girl as she did so. "Don't worry little one, there is more to come!" Jasmine said with a smile.

Jasmine moved her body so that her leg was between the girls, rubbing against her mons while the action also started to work on her own, she listened to the girl starting to react as Jasmine began to lightly pull at the breasts in front of her.

Jasmine arched her back bringing her weight against the slit of the girl, hitting the eighteen year old's clitoris, the girl's eyes opened wide with the sensation and she smiled and allowed Jasmine to continue.

Jasmine lowered herself back down on the girl and began sliding her body up and down, agitating her own clitoris which was fully engorged. She started to kiss the girl's face as they felt their own mutual climax.

John thought to himself, 'This is the part they enjoy' watching the girl's sexual enjoyment being forced upon her, Jasmine was kissing the girls' neck now, feeling the excitement rising both within her and the girl, rising up and up, higher and higher. Until, finally, she was there. Ready.

Jasmine bared her fangs and entered the neck of the girl, feeling the veins opening in the sharpness of her teeth, the heat of the blood being diverted into her mouth and body, this girl was sweet almost heavenly Jasmine could feel herself drifting away with the pleasure of this, the union was two way, she fed on the girl and gave the girl rapture.

"Oh yes, yes!" The girl cried out not realising what Jasmine was doing to her. Jasmine's eyes went black as the blood began to be drawn into her body, she wanted more! More than the girl would be able to provide, but that was the way of prey!

The touch of John's hand on her face brought Jasmine back. She pulled away from the sweet liquid, the anaesthetic of her post-orgasmic saliva starting to heal the wounds on the girl's neck.

She looked at her servant, he smiled at her knowing that she still had a touch of blood lust in her eyes, "I'm sorry mistress," he said apologetically, "But she does need to go home, we can't keep her or dispose of her body, at least not today!" he said.

Jasmine nodded, 'yes' she though, 'It's always the same with a new location, having to be so careful.' She gazed into the girls' eyes.

"Sleep little one, sleep." She said slowly, "you've been exhausting yourself with running, you collapsed and was luck to be picked up by my servant, you fell asleep, but have just woken up, you have to go home and sleep again. You need to go home and sleep, sleep, sleep"

While Jasmine was doing that, John was untying the girl and placing her clothing into the girls' hands watched as she mindlessly put them on, she got up unsteadily and turned to the door, she glanced back.

"Thank you for taking good care of me, but I think I should be going home now, I feel so tired." The girl said.

"That's alright Miss." John said, "I was glad to help you, now take care." He added. The door closed behind the girl.

Jasmine licked a small piece of blood from her lips, "I liked her," she said, "such a sweet young girl, I haven't tasted such a one since — Singapore in 1920." She lost herself in the memory for a few moments and then drew herself back to the present day.

She made up her mind, the sun had set and twilight was deepening. "John!" she said, "I'm going out on the town tonight!" The smile on her face was predatory.

Even at night the city was alive, Jasmine could feel the heartbeat, beating at her frame, and it was good to be alive. Well she knew what she meant, when she felt like that she almost forgot what she had become...

It was so long ago, she was a servant girl working for, what was his name now? It doesn't matter, but that was when she met HER - Saffron, the stranger with a smile, and an invitation which a young girl couldn't refuse.

Jasmine smiled at the memory, Saffron had taken her as a lover would, praising her body, which had left its childish shape behind and was now blooming into womanhood, causing sensations that she'd never felt before, exciting her, making her blood boil — and not noticing the small pain as the incisors bit into her flesh.

Saffron seemed even more alive after that session, and Jasmine felt slightly weak, but still with the adrenaline pumping, she floated back to her chamber which she shared with other servants. However the next morning she felt so tired, but dragged herself up to do her work.

The next night was the same, Saffron called her into her chamber again for another evening of fun, this time Jasmine tasted Saffron's blood, Saffron pulling her onto her breast where a cut had appeared. At first Jasmine tried to pull back, but Saffron held onto her head until Jasmine had to lick at the blood.

There was a rush in her body, the blood seem so strange, so invigorating, she felt more alive than before, she attacked her lover with a force that seemed so un-natural, but so right, her eyes sparkled as she felt her lover reciprocating her ardour.

The next morning she felt so bad, her master had looked in at her and brought in a doctor to check on her, but the doctor said that there was nothing he could do. Saffron's servant offered her mistresses quarters to be able to look after the girl.

Jasmine didn't know how she got to the room, she wasn't aware of being carried into the bedchamber by the servant-girl, or of the feeding of blood she received that evening. However she did remember the night of lovemaking that she shared with Saffron.

The next thing she remembered was waking in the dark, she knew the sun had set and that there were people nearby, she felt Saffron and two others, could feel being Called by Saffron — there was no other word for that, Called back to the world above — she had to dig up, and up, and up until she reached air, air which she didn't need to breath anymore.

The vampire Jasmine was born into the world.

She had stayed with Saffron for 50 years before deciding to find her own way in the world, she took a male servant — which surprised Saffron as she wanted a female lover who didn't care for men — and went East away from her home, to see the world.

A noise brought her back to the present, a scream of pain — a woman, no a young woman. The sound was unmistakable, and then she heard the voices two men, and a woman's voice, she was saying.

"No, no please — take all my money, please"

"Shut the fuck up lady, we've checked your purse and there nothing in it, but we want compensation, and we're going to take it from you!" It was a young man's voice, but one with years of living on the street, and off the street from the sound of it, the second man didn't say a word, but from the feel of him he was holding the woman up.

Jasmine didn't hesitate she found the alley where the woman was being held, drawn there by her senses. The girl was barely eighteen, in a part of the city where she shouldn't have been. One man was holding her by her arms, pulling her back into him. The other was working on her blouse, tearing off the buttons one-by-one to increase her fear, she was sobbing away in helplessness.

"Hello boys." Said Jasmine, "Why are you wasting your time with her, when I'm here" she stood in the alleyway, her feet apart, hands on hips and a smile on her face.

"Shit Jimmy," said the man holding the girl, "Look at that, she's even better than this tart, and she's willing" he licked his lips examining the body standing before him.

"But I wanted to do this bitch." Said Jimmy - his hands were rubbing his victim's breasts beneath her bra.

"But Jimmy." Jasmine said seductively, "Just think - you can do me and then when you've finished you'll still have her here."

Jimmy seemed to think for a moment, he looked at Jasmine, and felt sexual energy rushing from her and into his brain, overriding his mind (which wasn't to difficult), causing him to want this free offer, to feel her crying out for him.

Jimmy removed his hands from his captive prize, "Come on Frankie, we'll pop this bitch, and then do the other!" he said as they both turned to Jasmine. Who only smiled as they closed in on her.

The girl didn't see what happened, just the transition of live tough brutes to unliving pieces of flesh which took seconds, she was going to hug her saviour when she saw what was happening, the teeth ripping into the necks of the two, 'feeding on them' was the thought that went through her mind, before those eyes looking at her, entering her mind.

The newspaper report the next day would describe how the police found a distraught woman who had been attacked by a gang of youths, they'd dragged her into an alley but then fought each other over who should have her first, the result was that she escaped relatively unharmed, but two of the gang were so butchered that they couldn't be identified.

Jasmine left the alley — the girl was safe, but Jasmine had to alter her perception of the events, just to cover her tracks, even here there were enemies.

She rejoined the night-life; she'd enjoyed her little snack, but still wanted a bit more to eat, to survive. She smiled — the night was still young.

Jasmine - 2

Jasmine licked her lips as she walked down the street, it felt good to help people, she knew that in some way she was supposed to be evil, but then that all depended on your perspective of thing.

Of course as a vampire she had killed, like just now, but that was in the way of playing with her food, and if she helped someone, well that was just a by-product, they should be glad of her generosity.

She reached out with her mind, searching for others of her type. Vampires don't really hunt in packs, as it tends to make the mortals hide! This was something learnt very early in the distant history of Vampire kind and kept as a type of racial memory. In a way Jasmine was happy that she was a vampire, it allowed her to learn more, - Night schools of course - Saffron was always saying that a mind needed to learn, and now that they had the time, they increased their knowledge.

Of course sometimes the teachers learnt something too, never annoy a Vamp. But such lessons were few, and always never got passed on.

She could feel 5 vampires in the area, 2 were feeding, 1 was indulging in sexual congress with a female, and 2 were fighting (and losing to) a girl. They were nearby, Jasmine speeded up her walk, and turning corners that she didn't know were there.

She felt rather than heard the sound of a vampire dying, his spirit being driven out of its body, which crumbled into dust; she could feel the fear of the second as he closed in on the girl, the Slayer. Jasmine felt as he managed to break the girl's fingers on her left hand, now she felt the girl's agony as the pain hit, causing her blood to rush faster through her veins.

This time she heard the vampire's laughter as he force the slayer to go down on her knees, her left hand brought up tight behind her back, her feet unable to lash out at her attacker. Jasmine heard the male vampire say

"Now bitch, time to retire, I will enjoy your blood as I..." then the agonized scream as the stake, held in the right hand was driven back into his chest, the spirit forced out as the body crumbled and vanished.

The girl sobbed away, "Stupid vamps," she muttered, "Always wanting the last word." She tried to get to her feet, somehow knowing that her life was still in danger, but the pain of her hand was too much for her, Jasmine pounced on to her, disarming her in an instant.

"Slayer, look at me." She ordered the girl, who tried to turn her head away, but failed, "Good," Said Jasmine, "What is your name?" she asked.

"I am Mary Jane the Vampire slayer," Came the weak voice, Jasmine could see the numerous cuts healing on the girl's body - a sign of the Slayer's powers.

Jasmine smiled at the girl,

"Do you know who I am child?" She asked,

Mary Jane nodded, "You are a vampire, one of the unspeakable people, a thing I have to kill!" And she tried to struggle in the grip of Jasmine's gaze. Jasmine was impressed; the girl had inner strength, not many could attempt that in her condition.

"How long have you been a Slayer girl?" She asked.

Mary Jane frowned, how long? It seems like forever, she could feel the knowledge of slayers in her mind, always fighting, always screaming defiance, always dying in agony, over and over again. A voice like hers, but not hers, spoke through her mouth, "I am the Slayer, it is my destiny to fight the undead and any other supernatural being that dares to inflict itself on the realm of man! When you kill me another will be born to assume my mantle! I have always been here, since time began, I will remain here when time expires, this is my life, my dream, my duty."

Jasmine sighed, it was always like this, she spoke again, "I was talking to the current host, not the living being, now don't disturb her, let her talk."

Mary Jane found she could talk again, "I was called a month ago, when a slayer dies, a new..."

Jasmine interrupted "I know, a new slayer is called, she is the only one in her generation. I do know the script girl, where is your watcher?" It was surprising that he hadn't appeared yet! Jasmine knew that the watchers normally did just that, watch. But some were known to take an active part in the slaying.

"She couldn't make it tonight, she had a business problem, and I thought I'd be okay alone this time... it looks as if I was wrong." Mary Jane's voice sounded ashamed, she knew she had failed and it was her turn to die, she kept looking into the vampire's eyes hoping that it wouldn't hurt.

Jasmine saw the surrender in the girls' eyes, and then surprised herself, she scanned the mind and found Mary Jane's home, and she also read the name and address of the watcher. Gathering the girl in her arms she picked her up, using her power to cloud the minds of any she might meet up with she walked off, following the directions in the girl's mind.

Her hands busy on the girl's left hand, straightening out the broken fingers, while stopping the pain from registering, roughly splinting them to allow the bones to heal normally, she knew that the slayers could heal 10 times faster than normal, it was part of their heritage.

When she arrived at Mary Jane's home she rang the doorbell, a woman answered the door she saw the form in Jasmine's arms and invited her into the house, Jasmine told the mother that Mary Jane was alright she just had a fight with some boys and had hurt her hand, she took Mary Sue up to her bedroom and placed her on the bed, she made sure the girl was sleeping before she left the room. As she left the house she turned on the steps and spoke to the mother.

Repeat these words, for your own safety, "EREH DEMOCLEW TON ERA UOY" the mother did as asked, and Jasmine felt the house reject her, she smiled, but now she had a visit to make.

The door read

Rachael Smith

Rare and Antique books

A sign below said open - as this was a shop where people came and went frequently there was nothing barring Jasmine from entering.

Rachael Smith was behind the counter, she smiled as Jasmine approached, and then something made her change her demeanour. The smile was dropped and she started to get agitated.

"What do you want here?" She asked, Jasmine looked round the small shop and then back to the proprietor.

"You are not doing your job properly are you?" She said, at the woman's puzzled look, Jasmine smiled, showing the fangs. "Where is your charge at this moment?"

Rachael started to get up, but Jasmines eyes had hold of her, keeping her in her seat, "What have you done to her?" Rachael demanded, "If you've killed her, I'll never..."

"Relax." Said Jasmine, the force of her eyes causing the woman to do just that, "Mary Jane is safe at home, I took her there myself, her mother was kind enough to invite me in. She was injured but has not suffered any harm."

Rachael tried to struggle, but was no match for Jasmine, "And what did you do to her family?" it was well known that vampires took revenge against the Slayers and their families.

"I made the mother recite a little rhyme, and now I can no longer enter their house, until I'm invited in next. You may call them if you wish." And she released the woman. Who rushed to the phone (with a bottle of holy water hidden beneath)!

"Hello, Florence, its Rachael, Yes fine thank you, how are things? Oh! What's wrong with her? Really, did she? At least she safe, what about the woman? She did what? Well what were the words, no... no that's alright. No I'll visit later. Goodbye Florence." She hung up the phone, but held onto the bottle.

"Why did you save her?" Rachael asked, Jasmine laughed.

"My dear she's such a delightful thing, I almost wanted to taste her, in more ways than one, but she was so good with the two she killed, it would have been a pity to remove her just yet, but she'll need more training, you should be teaching her, the next time might just be her last." Jasmine turned and started to leave the shop.

Rachael cried out, "Wait, just one thing, who are you?"

Jasmine turned and spoke, "I am Jasmine of Hangzhou, and my sire was Saffron, killed by Lui-Ci the vampire slayer 90 years ago, I killed her shortly afterwards and drank her blood. I am just visiting this city and do not expect to be troubled by you or your kind!" and with that statement Jasmine left the shop.

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