Rape and Romance on the Pacific Crest Trail

by RitalinUnderdose

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: A wildly unlikely tale of rape and love in the wilderness. Two souls each not quite seeing the point of view of the other, but still made for each other.

Andy's Story

I'm a pretty typical guy.

I love the outdoors but live on the eastern seaboard, so the outdoors I can get to you might not recognize as outdoors. Even so, I grew up in a small town on a non-working farm, so camping, hiking, horseback riding, pig-slopping, cow-tipping; these were all in my youth. I've never had the time to take off for a summer and have fun with nature. Well, now I have the time. I just got laid off and since I got a nice package based on my years I could finally take that summer. Pacific Crest Trail here I come!

I'd been on the trail for a few weeks, southbound because I enjoy trees more than desert. If you've ever hiked you know you spend more time alone than with others. So when I rounded a turn on the trail and saw a vision I stopped dead in my tracks. She was sitting on a blanket snacking on some GORP, her pack leaning on a rock. She was medium height, perhaps 120 pounds with an athletic build. She had light brown hair and piercing dark eyes. Her complexion was dark, like she was half Indian or something. She looked like an Indian Princess just stepped out of a historical romance novel.

I approached her and asked if I could rest my legs and share her blanket.

Getting a nod, I sat and opened my stash of candy bars and offered one to the exotic beauty sitting beside me. She accepted it with a smile and said "Thanks! My name's Carla."

I introduced myself and we talked about trail conditions and recent weather. Really exciting stuff, right? But every time I looked at her she looked better. She turned to get something from her pack and I caught a glimpse or her right breast through the collar of her tank top. She turned back and caught me.

I muttered "Busted" with a wry smile to put a little humor in the situation, but she frowned and said she should be on her way.

I held her pack for her and she slipped it onto her shoulders. The breeze shifted and I caught her scent, which immediately caused me to harden. Carla noticed my growing erection and turned away to leave.

I knew I should leave well enough alone, but by now I wasn't thinking too clearly. I reached out and held her pack with my hand. She turned back and started to shout at me to leave her alone.

I pushed her back and the weight of her pack pulled her down. I lay on top of her and held her arms down.

It was starting to percolate through my brain that this hadn't been well thought out, but it was too late to stop now - she would run straight for the nearest ranger and I would head straight for jail. So if I was going to do the time, I might as well do the crime...

I ripped her tank top off and stared at her petite breasts tipped with delicate brown nipples. I bent and bit them one at a time, tasting them and feeling them harden. Carla was swearing now and still batting at my head. I smacked her and she quieted down.

Carla's Story

After eating my GORP and candy bar, I reach into my pack for a bottle of water to wash them down. You never get tired of "Good Old Raisins and Peanuts" when you're on the trail long enough. I turn back in time to see the stranger starring at my breasts. I realize how truly alone we are out here, and I become uncomfortable. I try to excuse myself, so I can continue down the path, but suddenly find myself on the ground. Before I realized what was happening the man was on top of me.

"What the hell is wrong with you?? Get off of me!" I scream, as he shifts his weight, pinning my legs underneath him.

The man smiles down at me, starring at me. I try to claw his eyes, but he grabs my hands, and holds them down above me. I realize that he is much stronger than I am. Suddenly, he rips open my tank top, practically drooling over my breasts. I thrash around underneath him, trying to break free, as he bends down and kisses my breasts. I scream loudly when he bites down into each of them.

"Oh god, please, please don't do this!" He is too strong for me, and I know that no one is around to hear my screams for help. I felt his fist bash against my head and I was stunned. I lay still, trying to regain my senses, and my strength. The crazed look in his eyes tells me that he has no intention of stopping. I shake my head no, as he runs his hands up and down my slender legs. His tongue traces slowly around my nipples, and I can feel the bulge in his pants.

"Please, please let me go. Please don't hurt me" I beg. Terror begins to take over my body. I wonder if he would stop if he knew that I am a virgin, or would that only encourage him?

I feel him tugging on my shorts, trying to pull them off as he slides his mouth down my across my stomach.

"No, Oh god, please, No!!" I plead...

Andy's Story

The beauty had a terrified look now in her eyes, and perversely this turned me on more. I had wasted 8 precious ounces of pack weight on a pair of handcuffs, because I sometimes liked to fantasize about being bound and I thought they would be fun props jerking off in my tent at night They hadn't actually gotten any use yet, and they actually had a button to release them if you knew where to look, but I figured Carla wouldn't know that. I slipped the handcuffs over her wrists and hooked them to her pack, which was still holding her down.

My cock was hard now and I pressed the front of my pants hard against her so she could feel the bulge.

She stiffened and then began crying.

I pulled at her shorts and moved down her body, smelling her body and tasting parts of her as I moved. Her belly tensed as I ran my tongue lightly across it, into her belly button and continued lower.

I positioned myself so my torso held down her legs, and I lowered her white panties, finally exposing her pussy. I gazed in awe...

Carla's Story

I thrash about wildly on the ground, trying desperately to throw him off.

"NO!!, Please stop! Please" I scream as his tongue continues lower across my stomach.

"You can't do this, Damn you! Get off of me!"

The man only laughs at my feeble attempts to get away. I feel his hands running up and down my thighs, pulling my shorts all the way down. I can feel his hot breath on my skin through the thin cotton panties I have on. I feel can feel the man's hard cock pressing into my leg through his clothes, and I begin to cry. The man grins wickedly as he pulls my panties down, "let's see how you taste, bitch" he says harshly. "Oh God, please don't" I beg "I'll do whatever you want, just please don't do that, please!!" All I can do is scream as he begins to lower his head to my pussy. He spread my lips and held his nose close to my slit and sniffed, like my cat would sniff my leg when I came home, teeth sort of bared. I swear I did not want this but even so I felt a surge of warmth flood my pussy. His nose came very close and I could actually feel the hairs on his skin wisping on mine.

Andy's Story

I looked down at Carlas pussy. The hair was cropped close and shaped into a V pointing to her clit. I reflected that whoever she was grooming herself for was a lucky man. Well until now, anyway.

I spread her legs apart and examined my prisoner. Her lips were still together, just a hairline crack leading into the crevice of her ass. At the top her hooded clit stared at me, daring me. I spread her lips with the fingers of my left hand. I watched as the tender flesh began to separate. Tiny folds of skin would be stuck together with the natural moisture and suddenly split apart, revealing deeper depths below. I saw her vaginal sheath at the bottom of her slit, with just a hint of moisture inside.

I pulled back the hood covering her clit and placed a kiss on it. Carla tried to buck her hips away from my face but she could not get the leverage. I made an O with my lips around her clit, and sucked it into my mouth, and gave her a taste of what was to come. I chewed at her clit, not caring at the sudden screams. I only cared for the taste of the spread open pussy below me, the smell in my nostrils, and the texture of the saliva-wet folds of skin.

I dropped my head slightly and tongued her sweet hole, bringing tart bursts of moisture to my taste buds. I put a finger inside her and pressed deep. It seemed tighter than it should be. I wondered if she could be a virgin, but then why the carefully trimmed pussy? As beautiful as this girl was she had to be sleeping with someone. I laughed. She'd be sleeping with me in a few minutes.

I shouted at her, "Is that why you're fighting me? Are you a virgin? You're 25 years old. Do you get off on cock-teasing guys and then leaving them cold? You Bitch!"

I roughly pulled my shorts off and showed her the cock that would finally take her virginity. Her eyes riveted on it. My cock is about 6 and a half inches long, and very fat. It is circumcised, with a dark fleshy ring just below the helmet, and a smooth white shaft below that. My balls are large, hanging in an ample sized wrinkled bag of skin. The hair around it is clipped very short and my cock and balls are hairless.

Carla was still staring at my cock; she started to cry again and pleaded with me not to do this. She could tell it was a losing game, my cock was hardening as she spoke.

I lowered myself onto her body and probed with my cock. She was moving too much to get inside her so I struck her again and used my hand to guide it in. I held it just inside the opening of her sheath, not moving, just letting her feel my cock inside her. I looked into Carla's eyes, kissed her tenderly on the mouth and then sank into her in one strong surge. I felt her whole body tense with the pain of her hymen breaking, and felt incredible heat washing over my cock. Deep inside her body, I held still again, and after a moment, I started to thrust. Carla looked at my face and mouthed the word, Why?.

Carla's Story

My pleas went unnoticed by the man. He shoved his finger inside me, and I flinched in horror. "Please, please don't do this" I begged softly. As he began to lower his head, I realized what he was about to do. I closed my eyes, praying that this would end. Suddenly, I felt his mouth on me. My eyes flew open and I began to buck wildly beneath him. He locked his arms around my thighs, pinning my hips in place as his tongue explored my secrets. Hysteria began to build inside me, frantic to stop what I knew he would do. He groaned softly, as he began to lick and suck greedily at my pussy. I hate this. I hated him. I looked down at his beautiful face pressed against me and felt his tongue dancing inside me. I felt his strong hands cupping my ass and bringing my hips closer to him.

Slowly, you start climbing up my body, I try to bring my legs together, but you kept me pinned in place. I can barely concentrate on what you are saying, but I know now that you have realized that I am a virgin. I see the gleam in your eye as you begin to unfasten your pants. You grin down at me as your hard cock is exposed. I can't stop staring at it. Long and beautiful and horrible.

"This is what you want, isn't it, bitch?" you growl harshly, as you lower yourself into position, your tongue running lightly across my neck. "Stupid little cock teaser."

I try to arch my hips away from you, when I feel your hard cock pressing against me "No, oh please don't please" I scream.

You only laugh as you wrap your arms behind my shoulders, and begin pulling me down to meet your first thrust. I open my mouth in a silent scream as I feel you tear through my body. You kiss me deeply, your tongue exploring every aspect of my mouth. I try to turn away from you, but you are too strong. Tears flow down my checks as you begin to thrust in and out, forcing my hips to answer your rhythm. Your tongue runs down my neck, to capture one of my nipples. Sucking slightly at first, then more demanding. You meet my eyes, and smile at the confusion and pain you see there. I close my eyes and look away from you as you thrust in and out of me. Increasing your pace slightly,

"That's what you have been wanting, isn't it bitch? You like the way that my cock feels deep inside you?" You whisper.

I know there is no point in fighting him, I realize the sun is going down, and I am afraid of what the darkness will bring, so I lay perfectly still, to let you finish, and I hope you will soon let me go.

The feel of you inside me is incredible. I wept as my pussy became wetter for you.

Andy's Story

She wasn't fighting me anymore; she just lay there and accepted what was happening. She had turned her face away and tears streamed down her cheeks, but she had stopped screaming.

The blood provided all the lubrication I needed and I was having trouble holding back - I wanted to prolong my pleasure as long as possible. I was thrusting hard and fast now, every time I pushed in I forced myself as deep as I could. I felt the slight stubble alongside her vaginal lips press into my skin. I moved my hand and felt the small patch of hair just above her clit. The hair was now matted with my saliva and her blood. I took a curl in my fingers and pulled hard on it. She jerked in pain and surprise, and her pussy tightened for a moment, giving my cock a loving squeeze.

I slowed my fucking and began pulling almost out and slowly pushing in as far as I could. I was close to cumming now and I think she knew it would be soon. I felt her pussy involuntarily tighten on my again - it began a slight rhythmic squeeze. I don't think she even realized she was doing it.

I knew the next stroke or two would bring my own orgasm, and I pushed hard into her, and held still - no longer thrusting. After a few seconds, my orgasm started and semen began flowing from my still cock. My cock pulsed as it emptied into her, but I kept still.

I wanted to feel every twitch of her body and sure enough, her hips started to move ever so slightly against me. The expression on her face was a mixture of pain, shame and a hint of excitement.

When my cock finally stopped flowing, I gave a few more half hearted thrusts and then pulled out of her. I looked down and saw less blood on her than I expected, but I had never had a virgin before so I didn't really know what to expect. As I watched her pussy, a lump of white cum emerged from it and began to slide down toward her anus. I touched it - scooped the load into my fingers and held it to her lips. She looked at me in revulsion but when she saw my eyes she opened her mouth and I let the cum slide onto her tongue. She closed her mouth and said nothing.

I moved higher and straddled her head - I pushed my flaccid cock against her mouth. Again, without words she knew I would hurt her if she did not submit - she opened my mouth and took me into her. She cleaned my cock of the blood and drying cum. I pushed it into her mouth and felt her nose pressed into the hair above my cock.

Carla looked at me with an expression of resignation.

In the darkening gloom I could see she was past caring what I did and just wanted this experience to be over.

Carla shuddered and closed her eyes.

Carla's Story

My head was spinning with emotion as the man moved in and out of me. I tried to block out what was happening, but every thrust made me painfully aware of what was happening. I just wanted this to be over, so I stopped fighting. I knew that when he was finished he would let me go. When he finally stopped, and began climbing slowly up, I felt relief at first, but then disgust at what I knew he was going to do next. I saw no mercy in his eyes as he smiled down at me. He waved his cock in front of my face, it glistened in the setting sun. I closed my eyes and tried to turn away from it, but he gripped my hair, and pulled me back to face him. I knew there was no point in fighting, so I opened my mouth. He shoved himself all the way in. I nearly choked, I wasn't sure I could breathe. I thought about biting down, but was

afraid of what he would do if I did.

"Suck it, bitch" he growled and slowly began rocking in and out of me. I thought if I could make him cum again, then this would be over faster. I began running my tongue up and down his cock, flicking the tip with my tongue. I knew he liked what I was doing because he was moaning, and laughing. I felt his cock begin to harden again, as he slid in and out of my mouth. His whole body stiffened, and then a warm liquid flowed down my throat. I choked and gagged as the liquid continued to shoot down my throat. Instinctively I tried to close my mouth, and my teeth raked across his cock. He yelled and fell over. I spit out as much of the cum as I could, and was trying hard not to throw up.

"You fucking little bitch!" he screamed, and began taking a step toward me.

My senses suddenly returned, and my only thought was to get away. I jumped to my feet, and ran down the path, screaming for help. I knew that no one would hear me, but I had to try. I couldn't let him catch me. I didn't want him to hurt me again... or worse. I heard his footsteps closing in fast, and I realized that my nightmare hadn't even started. My steps slowed.

Andy's Story

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