A Fine Collection of Sluts

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Just some of the sluts I've been exposed to in my life.

I was sixteen when I discovered my first slut wife. I'd actually known her all my life as Aunt Marge. She wasn't really my aunt, she was married to Earl who was my father's best friend, but both my sisters and I had grown up calling them Aunt Marge and Uncle Earl. Marge was a voluptuous thirty-four and every time she and Earl would come to visit I would find some pretext or other to 'accidentally' bump into her and feel her ass or tits. In my young, stupid state I thought I was being slick and getting away with it, until the night I heard Earl say, "Are you gonna give the kid a taste or just tease him forever."

Marge giggled and said, "You would like that wouldn't you?"

Earl laughed and said, "I know you would."

"Honestly Earl, he's just a boy."

Whenever Marge and Earl came to visit they would go out and party with my mom and dad and all four of them would come home blitzed (this was late forties/early fifties before DUI's became a factor) and party some more. One night, just after I had turned eighteen, I had gotten out of bed to go to the bathroom and I heard strange noises from down stairs so I walked over to the stair railing and looked down into the living room. Earl was passed out on the easy chair, my mother was zonked out on the couch and lying naked on the living room floor were Marge and my father. Dad was eating her pussy and Marge's head was rolling from side to side and she was moaning. I don't know if I made a noise or what, but suddenly Marge was looking right at me. I panicked and started to back away, but at that instant Marge winked at me and for some reason that froze me in place. I stood there and watched as my dad ate and then fucked Marge while their respective partners were sleeping only a few feet away.

When he was done my dad rolled off Marge and inside of a couple of minutes he was snoring. Marge woke him up and made him get dressed, "Honestly Jim, what if they woke up and saw you sleeping on the floor naked."

Dad got up, dressed and then got on the couch with mom. Marge picked up her clothes, winked at me again and then started up the stairs toward me. Still naked she took me by the hand and led me to my bedroom and said, as her hand closed around my erection, "Tonight is our little secret, right? Only you and I know and we won't share the secret with anyone else, okay? Aunt Marge can be real nice to you if you can keep a secret."

She took her hand off me and bent her head and took me in her mouth and a minute latter I exploded. She tucked me back into my pajamas, "Goodnight baby. I'll see you in the morning."

Twice during the next day she caught me alone and let me play with her tits. That night the four of them went out to party again and when they came home they drank and talked until Earl fell asleep on the couch and then Marge went on up to the spare bedroom and mom and dad went to their room. I was sneaking around hoping to see something again and about half an hour later I saw my dad come out of his bedroom and go into the room where Marge was. I crept up to the door and peeked around the doorjamb and saw Marge giving my dad a blow job. Then they fucked and dad went back to his own bed. I waited another fifteen minutes or so and then I went into the room with Marge. I don't know what I expected to happen, maybe have her put her mouth on my dick again or let me play with her tits some more, but what she did was pull me on top of her and giggle, "Like father, like son."

She took my cock and lined it up with her pussy and then said, "Push baby, just push" and then she grabbed my hips and pulled me to her. I didn't last very long that time either, but when I went to get off her she held onto me, "Not so fast lover. You still have plenty more in you."

By the time I was nineteen Marge had taught me how to eat pussy, taught me how she liked her tits handled and had let me fuck her in her ass. By that time I was I was fucking Marge every time she came to visit. When mom, dad, and Earl went out to party she would tell them she had a headache or something and then stay home and we would fuck until they got home. I don't know if mom and Earl ever found out about dad and Marge, but I suspect that maybe they did because all of a sudden Earl and Marge never came to visit anymore and my parents ended up getting divorced.

I met my next slut wife when a guy I work with offered me his wife. He didn't know that is what he was doing, but that's the way it worked out. The company we work for sent him out of town on a job that was going to last about two months. He couldn't take his wife with him because she had recently been in an accident and was confined to a wheel chair. Since we only lived two blocks apart he asked me if I would look in on her from time to time and see if she needed anything. He'd been gone two days and she hadn't called so I figured she was okay, but that afternoon as I was driving home from work I figured that it wouldn't hurt to stop and check up on her.

Ralph had already warned me not to use the front porch because the wood was rotten and needed to be replaced so I went around to the back door. I was about to knock on the door when I looked in through the kitchen window and saw Jackie, Ralph's wife, lying naked on the kitchen table. Her right leg was in a cast and was sticking straight out and being held up by a guy who was also naked. A second naked guy had his cock buried in her and was pounding away at her pussy. I probably should have just turned and walked away, but I didn't, I just stood there and watched. The man fucking her finished and then traded places with the leg holder and ten minutes later they swapped again. They were still going strong when I quietly backed away and went on home.

The next day I got a phone call at work from Jackie asking me to stop by on my way home from work. I knocked on the back door and I heard her holler, "Come on in. I'm in the front room."

She was in the front room, stark naked, her bad leg propped up on some pillows and her hand working on her pussy. She looked at me and said matter of factly, "You know what I want. I saw you watching yesterday and I recognized the look on your face. You wanted to come in and join the party and I'm sorry you didn't. I was super horny yesterday and could have used another man. You up to a party today?"

I liked Ralph, but it wasn't like he was my best buddy. At first working around the cast took some getting used to. The problem was that I kept trying not to touch it because I was afraid that if I bumped it Jackie would be caused pain. Finally in exasperation she cried out, "Will you just forget about the god damned leg and fuck me!"

Things went much easier after that. Jackie had the tightest pussy that I'd ever been in and she was insatiable. She gave great head and loved to take it in her ass and I ended up spending the night with her. For the rest of the time Ralph was gone I stopped at Jackie's every night on my way home from work and more often than not I stayed the night. She seemed to get her biggest charge out of talking to Ralph on the phone while I was fucking her. One day I asked her how we were going to go about seeing each other once Ralph came home, "We won't sugar. Party's over when he gets home. You can hope that he gets sent out of town again and I can find some excuse to stay home, but when he's home I'm his and his alone."

I called in sick for the last two days that Ralph was to be gone and never left Jackie's bed. I changed jobs shortly after and never saw Jackie again.

I met my next slut wife three months after I started my new job. Alex, one of the guys I worked with, asked me if I would like to join him and some of the other guys we worked with at a poker game he was going to be having on Friday. I like to play poker so I said yes. Liking to play poker wasn't the only reason I had for saying yes; I'd seen his wife when she came to pick up his paycheck and she was drop dead gorgeous and that was wearing a heavy overcoat. I hoped to get a much better look at her at the game. I was disappointed; she had gone shopping and wasn't there and if that wasn't bad enough my luck wasn't there either. I'd had what at most times would have been great hands, but some one always had one that was just a little bit better. The final straw was when I bet my last dollar on four sevens and got beat by four jacks. I threw the hand in, "That's it for me guys. If I can't win with a hand like that I'm wasting my time sitting here."

Alex laughed and said, "Your luck is a whole lot better than you think, right guys?"

The rest of the guys all smiled and a few of them gave me thumbs up sign. Alex looked at his watch and said, "In fact, your luck should change almost any minute now."

I was tapped out so I just watched the next hand and just before it was over I heard the front door open and a voice call out, "Honey I'm home. Give me a couple of minutes, okay?"

About five minutes later Lois walked into the room and the sight of her took my breath away. Her long black hair was loose and it hung down to the middle of her back. Green eyes sparkled out of as beautiful a smile as I'd ever seen, but what had taken my breath away was her absolutely spectacular naked body.

"I told you your luck was changing" Alex said. "She saw you when she picked up my check last week, liked your looks and asked me to invite you."

In a voice that curled my toes Lois said, "Cat got your tongue sugar? Well, the cat will have to let go because I want it."

She came over, took me by the hand and pulled me off the chair and then led me to the bedroom. She laid down on the bed and said, "I'm a wicked bitch sugar. A first time lover has to do two things in order to get invited back. He has to eat my pussy before he fucks me and then he has to eat my pussy after everybody has fucked me. Are you up to it sugar?"

I'd never eaten a cum filled pussy in my life and I didn't know if I could do it with out barfing, but I wasn't going to pass up a chance at Lois, not on your life! Besides, if what she said was the truth, all of the other guys here had done it and it hadn't killed them. Lois had the sweetest tasting pussy that I had ever encountered. It actually tasted like clover honey. I don't know if it was natural or if she used some lotion or ointment, but I didn't care. I spent almost five minutes with my face buried in her and I did something that I had never done before - I got her off with my mouth - twice! Lois pulled me up on her and said, "I'm damned glad I found you sugar. You can do that to me anytime that you want. Now sugar, it's time to fuck me."

As I was busy trying to prove to her that she really needed to have me back the rest of the guys came into the room and started undressing. I'd never had an audience before and I was nervous until Lois said in my ear, "Ignore them sugar, you're doing fine. Make me cum sugar, just make me cum."

Two minutes later I did and thirty seconds after that I joined her. The rest of the night was a new experience for me as, among other things, it was my first gangbang. Lois sucked cock, got fucked in her ass and pussy for the next four hours. I took part in a threesome, and a foursome and listened as Lois screamed out in pleasure as she had one orgasm after another. When all the guys were finished and leaving Alex said, "I'll see the guys out and leave you two alone to finish up" and it was moment of truth time. Lois smiled and said, "You can do it sugar. All the others have and it hasn't hurt them one little bit."

I took a deep breath and dove in. It wasn't bad; the clover honey taste was long gone and she tasted salty, but I liked it. In fact I liked it a lot and I managed to make Lois cum again using only my mouth. When I was done Lois gave me a strange look and said, "It doesn't seem like you minded that at all."

I told her that I didn't and if that were the price I had to pay for being invited back I'd gladly pay it.

"Oh, you can count on being invited back sugar. The other guys did it only because it was the price of admission and I could tell that their hearts weren't in it. Besides, not one of them, not even Alex has ever gotten me to cum by eating me. You just became my favorite sugar, my absolute favorite!"

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