FST - Rewired

by XTremeInk

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Lesbian, Science Fiction, Horror, BDSM, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Water Sports, Body Modification, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: This is a wacked out story, for sure. Not exactly like my usual stuff, but there's lots of BDSM. It's set in the Future Sex Tech universe after the fall of the CCCP (Conservative Christian Coalition Party). Fun with technology and biosculpting.

"Ah my dear, you're finally back with us," smiled the woman at Christine.

Christine tried to make some sense of what was going on. Her last clear memory was of being in a club in Rome. She'd met this beautiful red-haired woman -- Tasha -- who'd been very nice to her. Most of the Europeans avoided her, as American's were not very well liked. The repression and religious fanaticism of the last hundred years made Americans very unwelcome pretty much anywhere but a few places in the middle-east -- which was also a Theocracy.

The revolution, overthrow, and execution of the Theocratic leaders of the CCCP (Christian Conservative Coalition Party), and the gradual restoration of sanity to the country was the only thing that saved her from being immediately deported. She was still on a restricted visa, but the fact was that if you wanted to learn anything about the biosciences, you had to do it in Europe. The US had outlawed all bioscience years ago as the CCCP Theocracy rose to prominence.

Her parents hadn't been happy with Christine's choice of study, but Christine had always been willful. She'd also grown up hating the CCCP with all her heart, as she read about all the advances in bioscience that the European's were discovering and implementing. No doubt her parents would have stopped her, but they'd died in a crash at the beginning of her senior year in high school. She'd come under the care of the state. Since US corporations desperately wanted into the biosciences market, they were sponsoring people who wanted to go overseas to learn. As long as the people worked for them for fifteen years once they returned. Having no other future, and having no property under the law (she was a female, after all), she'd taken them up on the offer.

She had arrived in state of Italy in the beginning of June. School, over here, wouldn't start until mid-September, but the schools required that Americans have an 'adjustment' period to the European way of life before starting school. Some Americans went nuts with the freedoms they had in Europe, but most reverted to their prudish, preaching ways. The European States weren't fond of having Americans trying to export their brand of religious conservatism, so they made even students spend time 'adjusting' to the freedoms of ES life. If they fucked up, they were deported. No second chances.

Christine had never been to a bar in her life. As an unmarried female, or even a married one, it was unlikely that she ever would in the States. The Theocracy was gone, but the old guard still supported female repression. So, just for the heck of it, she went to one and met Tasha, a very nice Italian woman. Things got really blurry after that.

"So," smiled Tasha, "it's time to introduce you to your new life. Oh, I know you must have many questions. And no, you can't talk, not right at the moment. Don't worry, it's not permanent, it's just the collar you have on. It's a wonderful toy, just like you are my dear."

Christine tried to move, but she was pretty well immobilized. She was currently upright and her wrists and ankles were attached to two large 'C' shaped pieces of chromed metal by short chains connected to restraints on her limbs. She had no idea what the big metal pieces were attached to, all she knew was that she couldn't move. Even her head was immobilized, the straps of a large ring gag also attached to the metal supports. Her body was spread in a large 'X', leaving her naked and totally vulnerable to this woman.

"We had such fun with you," said Tasha, with a delightful little laugh. "My people here have rewired you to my specifications. Of course, we corrected all the little medical problems that living under the CCCP left. Can't have you scarring so easily or healing so slowly, not if I'm going to get the most out of you. Oh, and I should mention that we've installed fertility controls. You'll still bleed once a month -- I so love period sex! -- I control when you'll get pregnant. Of course, considering the state of birth control in the US, this shouldn't be a problem for you. As I recall, they still haven't repealed the anti-birth control laws."

Christine shivered as the woman ran her fingers over her stomach. It was hot and humid in the room, and it smelled of... something. Something that was slowly turning Christine on, despite the insane circumstances she found herself in.

"I guess I can start by explaining that in more detail," said Trisha, removing her hand from the soft flesh. "The first thing you should know, is that some of the changes we made will be passed on to your children. The second is that you will only have girl children. And the final thing is that you will have children, because I plan to breed you -- eventually. Not that I'll let you know when you'll become pregnant. It could be the first time you are fucked, or it might be years from now."

Christine watched as the long fingers of the other woman returned to her body and slid slowly and lovingly under one of her large breasts. Christine had always loved her body, and despite her upbringing as a strict Christian, she'd been playing with her pussy from the time she was eight. Ten years of practice had taught her the pleasures her pussy could bring. She was very familiar with her body, and looking down now, she could see at least one difference: Her nipples were much, much larger and darker than the small pink spikes they'd been.

Tasha's nails were artificial, gleaming claws that replaced her original nails. Christine couldn't believe the level of pleasure she felt as those sharp nails slid over the soft flesh of her breast. In fact, it was a level of pleasure that she usually only associated with playing with her inner pussy lips. That was odd.

"Now, I mentioned that we did a bit of rewiring on you, but calling it just that would really be doing my biosculpt team a disservice," said Tasha, lightly tweaking Christine's nipple. She gasped because if felt like someone had just tweaked her clit, although she didn't actually feel the sensation in her clit. To her surprise, a small drop of thick, clear liquid oozed from the large, very erect, brown nub. Her body was responding sexually at a level she'd only felt when she was seriously horny. Her mouth started to taste funny as well, the saliva somewhat thick, and her tongue felt odd as too. "They did an immense amount of work on you, and now you are the perfect sex toy. For me, anyway."

The fingers lightly started flicking both nipples now, squeezing and rubbing them. Slick, hot fluid began to ooze faster from her nipples, and Tasha spread it around each breast. Christine's mouth was starting to salivate heavily, thick strands of spit slid over her lips and down her chin. As Tasha continued to milk her nipples, Christine began panting in earnest. She noticed the sexy scent increasing as she started to sweat. She could feel her pussy lips swelling and adding to the amazing feelings from her breasts. Her body felt so alive!

"We gave you the high end sensitivity package, of course," said Tasha, milking Christine's nipples harder. She was bucking her hips slightly as the woman did that, more strands of drool joining the flow of slimy fluid being released from her nipples. "But that was just the start of it."

Christine was nearing an orgasm now. Her hips were trying to move and she could feel her virgin pussy clamping down on the non-existent cock she suddenly, desperately, wanted to feel spearing her body.

"I'm going to show some of the basics of your new body today," smiled Tasha, "but we'll have a long, long time for you to learn your place as my new sex toy, my slave, if you will."

Tasha leaned forward and took one dripping nipple into her mouth, gently sucking and biting. Christine couldn't make a sound and was helpless as, just using her nipples and breasts, the woman brought her to the most shattering orgasm she'd ever felt. Tasha didn't stop once Christine had cum though, she pushed the girl right up to the edge of an orgasm again, then stepped away. Christine would have moaned, if her voice worked.

Her mouth tasted really strange, and her breasts and chest were now coated with both her saliva, and the think, slippery fluid her nipples were dripping. Tasha walked away and pulled something down off the wall, then returned. She had an odd looking length of something in her hand.

"Time to introduce you to your new friend," smiled Tasha, then lashed out with the thing.

The weighted end of it smacked right into Christine's left tit. It felt like she'd been hit with a baseball bat and stung by a nest of hornets at the same time. Her whole body tensed as she let out a silent scream. Then pleasure, as intense as she'd felt moments ago, spread through her body, almost making her cum. She looked at Tasha in astonishment, as the pain and pleasure mixed. Tasha only smiled and hit her other breast with the whip, this time, the tip sliced into her skin causing her to bleed. Once again, intense pleasure followed the pain seconds later. Tasha kept working her over, slashing at each breast, often cutting the soft flesh until the first time the tip slammed into a nipple.

Blinding pain, worse than anything she'd ever felt engulfed her, mixed with the previous pleasure until she couldn't sort them out. Then the pleasure from her nipple hit, and she convulsed with a huge orgasm. She was still in the throes of that when the tip scored on her other nipple, and the pain came again. She thought she'd pass out from the pleasure this time and was dimly aware that her nipples were actually squirting fluid as Tasha stood and watched her helpless body strain against her bonds.

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